Undertow: The Sisters

Fiction #32Drama #9

Undertow is Realm’s premier horror podcast channel, showcasing original works of elevated audio horror. Hosted by audio horror pioneer and creator, Fred Greenhalgh.Veronica West never planned to come back to Sinclair. But when her estranged childhood friend goes missing at sea, Veronica returns to the remote island to lead a dangerous recovery dive – only to find herself trapped in a series of underwater tunnels with her oxygen dwindling. But that’s the least of her problems. There’s something unspeakable down there with her. Something the mainlanders don’t want her to find…Narcosis was created by Fred Greenhalgh and Chris Bernier. Written by Chris Bernier, Additional Writing by Fred Greenhalgh. Directed by Fred Greenhalgh. Produced by Fred Greenhalgh and Rhoda Belleza. Executive Producers: John Brooks and Molly Barton. Production Manager Devin Shepherd. Production Coordinator Angela YihVoices by Molly Hager, Shalini Bathina, Eian O'Brien, Zoe Glick, Erin Neufer, Matthew Jaeger, Jonathon Buckley, Kimberly-Sue Murray, Kenny Myles, Kristolyn Lloyd, Christina Telesca, Rey Goyos, Woody Fu, Gina Vitori, Jeannie Bolet, Josh Cole, Allen Enlow, Robert Younis, and Masayuki Yonezawa.Casting by Sunday Boling Kennedy and Meg MormanDialogue editing by Cory Barton. Sound Design and Mixing by Rory O’Shea.Original music by Marcus Bagala and Sam Bagala.Narcosis is a Realm Original Production.Undertow: Narcosis is a Realm original production. Listen away.For more shows like this, visit Realm.fm

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