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Undertow is Realm’s premier horror podcast channel, showcasing original works of elevated audio horror. Hosted by audio horror pioneer and creator, Fred Greenhalgh.

Golden Globe winner Joanne Froggatt stars as Police Sergeant Jackie O'Hara in The Harrowing.
A once-in-a-century storm hits the remote Scottish Island of Toll Mòr. As the isolated community takes shelter, a barbaric crime sets off a chain of events which heralds the rise of an ancient evil and threatens to change the course of history.This 8-part supernatural thriller is created by acclaimed writer and director Mark Healy and produced by Storyglass.

Starring Joanne Froggatt, Alec Newman, Stewart Scudamore, Regé-Jean Page. Also Starring Sorcha Groundsell, Rosalind Eleazar, Adam James, Hilary Maclean, Blair Kincaid. Additional voices by Tom Crowley, Scarlett Maltman, Jamie Michie, Stuart Martin, Lewis Howden, Alex Graydon, Maya Graydon. 

Sound design is by Rich Evans and photography by Helen Murray. The executive producers are Robert Delamere and Sarah Doole and the series is produced by Ben Walker for Storyglass.

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  • kyrajoh
    Well Produced & Creative!
    I typically don’t listen to narrative-type podcasts like this, but now I feel like I’ve been missing out! Really thoughtfully produced and creative stories with interesting characters and plot lines! My only feedback would be to do even more character development, which I think would mean that episodes/the seasons would need to be longer.
  • amazed1009
    Great show! The Harrowing! 5 stars!
    The Harrowing has me hooked! Great show, love the mysterious quality to the story and where the story is set! Can hardly wait for the next elapsed! I look forward to the new episodes all week! I even Re listen to catch little bits that I might miss. Highly recommend “Sisters”!
  • Nathan is winning
    Woke garage
    Identify politics from the start. 👎
  • Twe£v€. ..'
    Good show. Enjoyed it.
    5 stars to help counter the people that complain of too many ads. Pay for premium if you don’t like ads. Creative minds need to make a living as well. On to the show…I really enjoyed it. Episodes were fast paced enough to keep it moving along briskly without a lot of pointless filler. Love this format because creatives are free to create episodes that are as long or short as they need to tell the best story they see in their mind. 60 minute drama is a forced constraint that requires filler, even if not needed, and worse, prevents from completing a thought, when needed. Sorry, the show is great. Characters are interesting to me, even if I’m terribly annoyed by some. Keep it up. 👍 more please. 🙏
  • <D.B>
    Too many ads, not enough story
    There are like 7 minutes of ads in every ~22 minute episode
  • Woozy woowoo
    Season 2 rocks
    Highly recommend enjoyed season 2, stoked for the rest
  • Chaaa masta
    Worth it.
    Season 1 was a ehhh season for me but still liked it. Season 2 was on point! Loved it! Now to finish the rest of the seasons. Update: season 3 was perfect. Season 4 almost finished but it was a turn from everything dark. Still good I’d say. Update: season 4 wasn’t necessarily for me but finished it. Season 5 was nice to hear to familiar characters. Hope you continue that story. Season 6 was super good. Season 7 was ehhhh my second least favorite Now for season 8.
  • Magnolia Parks
    Hard to follow
    Great sound effects and acting but the story is a little hard to follow. It felt like some parts of the story were missing or cut out.
  • E's Will
    Good but Episodes Too Short
    Good story. The episodes were too short for such a short season. I enjoyed it but feel it was rushed.
  • HorrorScifiGaming
    Short and full of ads, had potential
    Good actors and the story had a lot of potential, but the episodes are so short and some feel as if they have more ads than content.
  • Patchoulidrop
    Good short episodes with lots of ads
    Good stories and acting and sound design, but the episodes are so short with so many ads, each season is really just the length of an episode of another podcast just spread out over weeks with tons of ads. Worth a listen, but be prepared.
  • dukelovesjosh
    Loved it 😍
  • Bbtemp
    Great storytelling
    The only thing I really can’t stand are all the Boston accents!
  • kifhterhvcyhv
    Bad Editing
    Season 3 skips all over the place sometimes in keys points of a story. Very disappointing.
  • V in Sunnyside
    S6 is fun and effects are good.
    But Frankie is super, super annoying. Like a melodramatic child, hard to take seriously. Her character and the acting ruin what could’ve been a superb spooky story.
  • dpart2
    Narcosis FTW !
    This is a really fun show. Worth a listen or sub. Check it out.
  • Original Roman
    I love this entire network & this series as “SISTER’S” was wonderful! This new series is a great story I’m on edge of seat each 8 minutes the listener actually hears of the confusing 19 minute total episode that once ALL the commercials play it’s about an 8 -10 minute show at best! What I don’t get is all the other seasons were what I’d call “normal” timed episodes compared to not only previous seasons but with other podcast episodes as well.. Is this a play to make listeners buy patreon to skip commercials which would still be useless here as the entire dialogue is about 10 minutes?? Full episodes used to be 30 plus minutes easily and that’s all dialogue not including commercials… I’m just saying I love your podcasts and writing but please make the episodes long enough to get into and enjoy as if episodes/seasons aren’t ready listeners will listen to another show on same network I promise and come back for the longer episodes of a finished season .. Thanks and keep writing superb content just longer shows! Thanks
  • newamerykahn
    First episode was great, goes downhill
    This had great potential. The first episode was well paced and created a great atmosphere. The sound production and actors are also great. Unfortunately, the story goes down from there. Too many gaps, too quick paced with plot holes, and an escalation without much of a background that has been fleshed out a bit. It made it super difficult to get back into. Also, the little girl, Anne or whatever, just ends up sounding crazy even though we know what she’s saying is true. Without much explanation and fleshing the mystical parts of this thing out, it continues to sound like the nonsensical fantastical ramblings of a kid. Finally, I have no idea what happened in the cave. This part with the divers was the most interesting part, but once Veronica went down it accelerated too quickly and it was difficult to discern what was actually happening. All in all, i’d pass on this.
  • Robbycporter
    Beautifully written show. And voice acting is top notch. Put your head phones in and turn out the lights
  • MsMushie
    I’ve always wanted to dive but now I’m not sure—pretty scary, especially the underwater scenes. I’ll finish it still bc I want to know what happens.
  • NoellyBell
    Love this podcast
    I love just about every season that’s been released. The stories this podcast releases keep me on the edge of my seat! Literally! I’ve jumped and squirmed at the description of some of the characters' demise. I was just getting into season 7 but it is only 2 episodes. What happened!? Please make more for season 7!
  • Cole123-
    Loved how spooky The Sisters was and now loving the eeriness of Narcosis! Next episode pleaseee.
  • AlexDGreek
    This is my first exposure to the world of the Dark Tome. So, after listening to three episodes and realizing that there was more to the story that I didn’t know, I went back and listened to all of the Dark Tome podcast. Not only is the world they built an interesting and terrifying place it also has an incredible amount of beauty to it. The representation of non-white people, as well as non-hetero normative individuals gives this story the bite of a real world with palpable dramaAnd show – don’t – tell perfection. If you are a listener who is interested in horror/fiction podcasts this podcast is the one for you.
  • Durk4.2.0
    Needs to be made into a show!
    I absolutely love these stories I wanna see them on the big screen!
  • JuneBJones
    Undertow consistently delivers great shows!
    I just finished Sisters and highly recommend. Great storytelling, pro voice acting, actual character development. Creepy, good twists and turns. Great job!
  • Holidaytown
    Great listen!
    The stories were all interesting, except for the last one. The last episode of the camp serial killer sounds more like the killer would annoy the life out of you. I understand the humor that’s in it, but What an irritating character! His voice, his lines in the story… it all wants to make a killer out of you! That one gets a 0, but the rest are worth the listen!
  • Rit2407
    The Sister season 6
    I only listened to The Sisters and it is very enjoyable.
  • Moiriss8
    Love it
    Enjoy this story from the beginning. Love the creepiness of the story can’t wait for the next episode.
  • kayakborat1906
    Best Narrative Podcast Series I’ve Listened To
    I write this mostly about Season 6, “The Sisters.” I’ve listened to a ton of “troubled adult finds/rediscovers a mysterious object that in turn recalls a buried past” media (Candle Cove is a critically underrated example of this), yet the writers and actors of this series make it fresh and engaging. Whoever wrote this definitely did their research, and it shows in the product, while simultaneously avoiding being overly didactic. A lot of writers, when they find an interesting topic, will over-explain it, yet this series manages to ground the information in what its CHARACTERS would find interesting and pertinent. The writing truly keeps you guessing, and uses the typical form of “researcher becomes obsessed with a mysterious artifact” to lead the listener away from what I am going to assume is the final twist of the series (only seven episodes have been released as I write this), while subtly hinting at it. They also do a great job of making it haunting without stooping to cliche horror tropes. I would also like to say that Mae Whitman’s performance is extraordinary. She truly gives her all to the character, and manages to portray a complex personage very well. Episode 7 was a standout performance. I was also pleasantly surprised to see David Morrissey on the IMDB page; he is a truly underrated actor and his casting just shows the entire productions dedication to portraying complex characters. I’d also say that the Orla McDonough, the actress for Mary and Maude is one of—if not the best—child actors I’ve ever witnessed give a performance. I was so impressed that for a second, I didn’t believe that it wasn’t a child actor, but some Grey DeLisle type actress. I only lived in the North for two years, and am originally American, but it is my understanding that this actress is Irish, and her Northern accent (at least to my American ears) is very impressive. Overall, highly, HIGHLY recommend this podcast; everyone gave their all for it, and it shows.
  • Glassfest1978
    Excellent Show
    I really enjoyed this show - the story line is fascinating, and even more incredible given that it is based on real events. The build up over the series was so suspenseful, and the attention to detail with the audio effects really tied everything together. Excellent outcome that I highly recommend. -RG, NYC
  • MaverickAbundance
    Informative and Interesting
    Listen to the entire Podcast. You might relate to it. It’s so good. Highly recommend.
  • mspassell
    4578666 stars!!!!
    The acting and sound are SO good.
  • Atotheizzo
    Not A Sensitive Person From Philly
    I’m not a sensitive Philadelphian so I will give this podcast 5 stars. Also, if you are going to call out a podcast for mispronouncing something, make sure you know how to spell! It’s Ripley’s not Ripely’s!! Now that I got that off my chest, let me right a review about the actual story. It’s great! Captivating. Gripping. Scary. I was immediately drawn in and I love how the story jumps from past to present. Great job Realm!
  • Nickname-SalPal
    The Sisters
    I am hooked after the first episode!
  • selven7
    Trigger warning for any recovering Alcoholics.
    I’ve enjoyed listening to the show even though it goes off the rails in the 3rd season. For some reason alcohol is heavily present in all episodes. It would be the perfect podcast to play a game where every time alcohol is mentioned you take a drink. It’s just confusing why it is so prevalent.
  • caitie_ee
    We should all calm down
    So I just started listening to this podcast on a whim, and didn’t read any of the description. So going into it I had no idea the Mütter was a real place. The story had me captivated! Hooked! I listened to all of the available episodes in one evening because I couldn’t stop! I just saw all these one star reviews and they made me laugh. Understandable that people who are from Philly or know of the Mütter Museum are salty. But one star? I mean the sound quality? Outstanding! The story itself? Definitely riveting! The voice actors? Should’ve done some research but still do a good job! I guess it’s all opinion based, and y’all definitely have the right to your opinion, but we should all calm down a little bit with those one stars. Also all you “Mütter fans” learn how to spell it right! The ü makes all the difference in how it’s pronounced!
  • saminphila
    Put some respect on Mutter’s name
    The actual current head of the Mutter is doing enough damage, don’t disrespect this historic gem further by comparing it to Ripley’s (and pronouncing it wrong). I was excited for this podcast but no longer interested, there are plenty of fiction podcasts out there that don’t throw shade at my favorite real life places.
  • OhWhoKnows
    Pronunciation is key
    When a lead character is head of the Mutter museum but she mispronounces the word “Mutter” it does not bode well. And then when she further discusses how disrespectful it is to head up the Mutter compared to other museums all credibility is lost and so is interest in the narrative. The Mutter is one of America’s most distinctive museums and a major tourist attraction in Philadelphia. It’s part of the legendary and reputable College of Physicians. If you’re gonna make a scary story then respect the places scary story lovers go.
  • Shf_7
    I am loving the story and it is sufficiently creepy even though you are pronouncing Mütter incorrectly and have described it as a Ripely’s Believe It or Not type of attraction. LOL
  • ShePens
    The Sisters is excellent!!!
    I have not listened to any other season of this and can’t speak to them, but The Sisters is absolutely brilliant!! Great writing, great acting and such a spooky, sinister tale!! I can’t recommend enough!! No spoilers, but I would LOVE another season of this story because I have some questions that need answers!!!
  • bookmoviepod
    The Sisters has me gripped!!!!!! (!!!!)
    Undertow never fails to bring the creepiest content, and The Sisters is no exception! This might just be the scariest podcast I’ve ever listened to. Not to mention it’s based on a real story, so the spooky factor goes up 110%. I freaking love Mae Whitman and David Morrissey is made for playing the bad guy (sorry not sorry) — loved him in The Walking Dead. Can’t wait to see how this story ends! So many twists and turns! And evil twins!!!
  • srobinon
    Do your research! You are pronouncing the museum name incorrectly.
  • Wpfrizzle58
    This podcast was recommended to me by a friend and after the first few minutes I was hooked. Looking forward to following this journey as the mystery unfolds. Friday can’t cone soon enough!
  • ryanxm2
    One of the best
  • ohgodireveiwedsomething
    lol the mütter is tiny and carpeted, it does not echo. i have complicated and changing feelings about the museum itself but if you’re going to do a podcast like this, try pronouncing it right and maybe walk around the place first??
  • MikeMac123
    Unbelievable listen, can’t get enough of this and would recommend to anyone!
  • tennis tom
    Must listen
    Such an amazing podcast. Unique story written with a different take on telling short stories. Recommend for everyone!
  • lmredd86
    voice can make your watd bleed
    this girls voice is nails on a chaulkboatd, sich a good ahow its a ahame she ruined the whole season . whoever chose this voice actor should be fired immediately
  • Andrewdavidk
    Sucked me right in!
    Original and captivating.
  • J789789126
    By far the best produced podcast I have ever listened too. Took the long way home just to finish it!
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