The Official Gilded Age Podcast


Join TCM’s Alicia Malone and Tom Meyers from The Bowery Boys on HBO’s official Gilded Age podcast. After each episode, they discuss what happened on screen and the real people, places and events featured on the show. Each week they’re joined by some of the cast and crew who bring the show to life, sharing exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews and fun-filled history.

Recent Episodes
  • S2 Ep. 8: “In Terms of Winning and Losing” with Gareth Neame
    Dec 18, 2023 – 59:12
  • S2 Ep. 7: “Wonders Never Cease” with Luke Harlan and Sean Flanigan
    Dec 11, 2023 – 01:02:54
  • S2 Ep. 6: “Warning Shots” with EP David Crockett, Bernard Telsey, and Adam Caldwell
    Dec 4, 2023 – 01:00:43
  • S2 Ep. 5: “Close Enough to Touch” with Dr. Erica Armstrong Dunbar and Harry Gregson-Williams
    Nov 27, 2023 – 55:17
  • S2 Ep. 4: “His Grace the Duke” with Lauri Pitkus and Douglas Purver
    Nov 20, 2023 – 57:18
  • S2 Ep. 3: “Head to Head” with Michael Engler and Kasia Walicka-Maimone
    Nov 13, 2023 – 01:00:26
  • S2 Ep. 2: “Some Sort of Trick” with Deborah Kampmeier and Bob Shaw
    Nov 6, 2023 – 58:14
  • S2 Ep. 1: “You Don’t Even Like Opera” with Lord Julian Fellowes
    Oct 30, 2023 – 56:31
  • Coming Soon: The Gilded Age Podcast Season 2
    Oct 22, 2023 – 01:45
  • S1 Ep.9: “Let the Tournament Begin”
    Mar 22, 2022 – 01:08:14
  • S1 Ep.8: “Tucked Up in Newport” with Denée Benton and Bob Shaw
    Mar 15, 2022 – 01:10:31
  • S1 Ep.7: “Irresistible Change” with. Carrie Coon and Michael Engler
    Mar 8, 2022 – 01:09:58
  • S1 Ep.6: “Heads Have Rolled For Less” with Taissa Farmiga and Michael Jortner
    Mar 1, 2022 – 01:06:35
  • S1 Ep.5: “Charity Has Two Functions” with Louisa Jacobson and Thomas Cocquerel
    Feb 22, 2022 – 01:04:13
  • S1 Ep.4: “A Long Ladder” with Audra McDonald and Dr.Erica Armstrong Dunbar
    Feb 15, 2022 – 01:06:11
  • S1 Ep.3: “Face the Music” with Cynthia Nixon and Salli Richardson-Whitfield
    Feb 8, 2022 – 56:21
  • S1 Ep.2: “Money Isn’t Everything” with Morgan Spector and Lauri Pitkus
    Feb 1, 2022 – 58:19
  • S1 Ep.1: “Never the New” with Lord Julian Fellowes and Christine Baranski
    Jan 25, 2022 – 01:10:45
  • The Official Companion Podcast for HBO’s Gilded Age
    Jan 14, 2022 – 04:07
Recent Reviews
  • Noname2543
    Love this show!
    I love all the extra history this show gives about the era. I would love to see a list of all the books and sources mentioned so I could read them myself. I listen in the car so I can’t write it down when I hear it.
  • maggie_the_cat_lady
    Love this show
    This show is so good. The hosts are so smart and informative and the guests seem very happy to be interviewed. Keep up the good work. Only downside…..only 2 seasons of reviews🥲
  • MaizeyT9
    This podcast is very well done. I enjoy the history behind the stories. The behind the scenes maker interviews are all great. I look forward to hearing this show after every Sunday episode.
  • SeamusTown
    Always a Great Listen!
    I love listening to these recaps! All of the additional information the hosts give regarding architecture, social mores, fashion, and culture of that time is so, so interesting. I hope GA gets a third season!
  • Bernadette58
    Great podcast!
    I really hope there is a season III. My husband and I enjoy watching The gilded Age and then listening to all the history and back stories! Keep up the good work!
  • jewls-1999
    Season 3
    I will be devastated if Gilded Age is not renewed for season 3! I need to see Larry and Marian together🤩
  • K2422
    Fantastic show and pod
    5 ⭐️ tv show and 5 ⭐️ pod. Truly the best tv companion pod I’ve listened to. I love the tv series so much, I was poised to be disappointed by the pod, and gosh was I wrong! Both hosts are pleasant, curious personalities, and Tom is an incredible source of knowledge. The provided historical context is thorough and presented in a compelling, entertaining way. Hearing from the cast and locations for filming are my favorite. My only criticism is that I wish they would interview more cast members more frequently. Highly recommend.
  • ssm984
    Great pod, one gripe
    This is a great pod, details are perfect for fans of the show, lots of BTS and historical context BUT… The sound isn’t great. The intro music is way too loud and the hosts sound like they’re recorded on zoom, which is fine for the guests, but I expect better from the hosts and an official HBO podcast.
  • Tablewalkr
    Lackluster and unfocused
    The second season of this podcast is, lamentably, as lackluster as the second season of the show. The podcast hosts sound bored as they read their clearly-scripted episode recaps, their questions for the behind-the-show-scenes guests are quite basic, and the overall podcast comes across as very unfocused, with paid performers going merely going through the motions. Which, sadly, is how the second season of the TV show itself also comes across. Disappointing across the board.
  • EBinSanDiego
    Many thanks for your delightful podcast. Couldn’t stop myself from responding to your season 2, ep.5 discussion of “what did they put in the soup to ruin it?” at the Russels’ grand dinner for the Duke. I’ve seen this idea of intentionally making food taste bad several times in storytelling and literature over the years. Copious over-salting is how it’s done. It will render any dish horribly unpalatable. Arsenic was suggested as a possibility of the offending addition. To me that seems unlikely as a non-criminal antic (over-salting) would have the desired effect, with no risk of anyone getting thrown in the slammer. Anyway, fun discussion. Keep up the great work.
  • Lincoln fan65
    Entertaining & Educational
    Season 2 is even more entertaining. Both seasons have caused me to research America’s history and learn more than I did in high school history class 😁. Wonderful writing, top notch actors and beautiful costumes and scenes. Thank you!!
  • DeniseDesigns
    Booker T Washington v. WEB DuBois
    These two gentlemen were at odds as to how Blacks need to progress. Their opposing views are central to the debate with the characters on the show.
  • Busy Love 2013
    A great recap every episode!
    I love the series and the podcast provides more depth to the series. Looking forward to hearing from the cast again.
  • ADBZFamily
    Sound quality is TERRIBLE
    Sorry guys … love both hosts and this series but the sound quality …. Are you guys doing this in your bathrooms? Is this really a HBO backed podcast? How much are they spending on the series? Can they not throw a few dollars at decent mics and sound studios for that podcast?
  • BigAppleGreg
    History Summarized
    Love seeing and then hearing about how my city evolved back in the day. Looking forward to the second season!
  • MarthaZoller
    The best and
    I think George and Bertha will take care of the former ladies maid in their own distinct style. Loving the first two episodes.
  • Burdyblue
    The added background and history of New York. The actors are superb.
  • KIPHazel
    Fabulous Podcast! 🤩🌟🤩 One question, please.
    Wouldn’t the Raikes wedding have been in all the society papers along with the church? Instead of surprising Marian it would make sense to have her put two and two together and say of course your marrying Tom. 🧐
  • Ally zulkowski
    The Gilded Age
    Best show ever I could watch all day actors are fantastic!
  • Kareuba
    Love hearing the behind the scenes scoop from hosts and guests. Especially interesting is learning about actual history vs. what the show presents. Like the television show, entertaining AND educational.
  • lorettacastarini
    Essential listening for GA fans
    This is definitely the best TV series companion podcasts I’ve heard. The hosts are excellent. It’s a pleasure to listen to, it really enriches the Gilded Age viewing experience, and it should be considered essential listening for any fan of the show!
  • cubanita#1
    So so
    Three stars for the pod. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️for the show. Tom does his research but his co-host is clueless about EVERYTHING related to the history on which the show is based. She relies on Tom for all info. Kudos Tom!
  • DSFL123
    Great first Podcast and discussion with Lord Fellowes!
    All of your Season 1 podcasts were wonderful! So glad you’ll be back! Can’t wait!!
  • Devine Ms D
    Prefer unofficial
    Firstly, bad choice using an Aussie as host, she could t even take the time to look some things up in advance. I would have liked to see them poke fun a bit. Hoping O can find a good unofficial to listen to instead.
  • Wilkes2
    Love it!
    Love the podcast, listened to each episode after watching. I hope you all will be back for Season 2
  • MellowCello
    Outstanding Podcast
    This is by far the best series podcast I've encountered. Everybody involved -- from the two hosts to the producers, stars, costume designers, prop wranglers, producers, historians and others they interview -- is entertaining and knowledgeable. The hosts have excellent rapport without falling into the giggle fits and aimless chatter that often bedevils this kind of podcast. Great job, people - looking forward to Season 2. Keep up the great work!
  • Lawrence3789
    Best way to enhance the experience
    Love everything about this pod cast. Guests are great and the history is splendid. Thank you for doing it and cant wait for next season.
  • Jodsterwalking
    A Great Companion to the Series
    One of the most enjoyable part of watching the series was listening to the accompanying podcast. I looked forward to listening to it and learning more about the series as the series itself. Am so looking forward to season 2.
  • Bpe4
    The gilded age
    This is and was a great season 1 set in the early 1909’s New York City. Can’t wait for season 2
  • :) :) awesome :) :)
    Accelerated speech is annoying
    Love the information in these podcasts but I notice that the narrators and guests speech is sped up. For what reason I do not know, but not all people speak that quickly. Please put speech in real time.
  • EtM80
    So excited!
    I was disappointed that I didn’t realize there was a companion podcast, until I was on the last episode. But now I’m kind of glad, because I’ve been so sad the show is over. So now this is like an encore! Very much enjoying it so far!
  • KimberTN
    I have watched each episode at least 20 times. I am absolutely I love with this show. It’s like reading the best Novel you can’t stop watching it. The actors are perfect! You’ll fall in love with this show too. Thank you for this podcast. I can’t wait to listen to it after watching each episode. I CANT WAIT until Season 2!
  • New Jersey Republican young wo
    Political Biases
    This was a wonderful show and I was so excited to hear the podcast to hear about the production. Some of it was great. I just don’t understand why you have to include all of this political commentary about current affairs. HBO, you know at least 50% of the country disagrees with these statements about the country in 2022 and yet you can’t help yourself. Us 50% just aren’t as important or well known as you are so we don’t exist. You are an echo chamber of the same opinions, all in agreement (there can’t be another side, can there?). See Episode 7 specifically where a guest calls our current “class system…just as restrictive as it was then…”Last I checked, a penniless young adult could get a scholarship or loan and go to a university and be a very successful (even wealthy) person. And how hypocritical to talk about the worship of celebrity today as well as income inequality . Where does this actor’s income come from? And how can she speak about income inequality as someone who makes a great deal of money? Why can’t you just talk about the production, the plot and historical fact? Why do you insist on pushing your leftist agenda?
  • PAhlqvist
    The only reason for 3 stars
    I love Julian Fellows “the Guilded Age”, however, why on earth cast Louisa Jacobson? Was there a favor owed to Merryl Streep! Such an incredible cast and then this B level actress as Marion, a major role? I don’t get it ! After downton abbey and their unbelievable cast, what a disappointment and truly cringey and sad.
  • jdp1225
    Great podcast!
    I just started listening to the podcast after being obsessed with the Gilded Age show. I was so bummed that the show only had 9 episodes…so I’m absorbing everything about it via the podcast right now & will find other areas when I finish this. Great mix of interviews and history about this time period.
  • les37043
    Fantastic listen
    Loved the show and really enjoying listening to discussion about its creation.
  • cobeans03
    So Grateful For This Official Podcast
    I loved watching The Guilded Age on HBOMax but I wouldn’t have enjoyed it nearly as much without this official podcast airing weekly after each episode. I learned so much about the history, the characters, the sets and costumes and the actual people whom the characters were based on from this podcast, that I otherwise wouldn’t have known by watching the show alone. I believe this podcast played a big part in making the show so successful. It is my hope that this podcast returns with the same narrators and format with season two of The Guilded Age. Please do not change a thing!
  • Jules5168
    Love Tom
    But the other host… “what was it like” is not a good/thoughtful question! Please ask literally ANYTHING else.
  • kschlichty
    One small point…
    Love the show, love the podcast… But as a Wisconsinite I have to correct Jack’s (and everyone else’s) pronunciation of Peshtigo. It’s PESH-tigo not pesh-TEE-go. I feel like they’re trying to make it fancy….it’s not. :)
  • 2concerned
    I have truly enjoyed each episode of the podcast. It has been such a learning experience. I love the show and with the podcast my curiosity has been highly stimulated. Thank you and I look forward to season 2
  • LucindaLunacy
    Lovely and informative
    Excellent podcast putting the show The Gilded Age in a historical perspective. Especially love the cast and writer interviews. Can't wait for season 2!
  • Cygnify
    Super Podcast
    I really enjoyed this show and the podcast was a perfect complement - very enlightening and I really appreciated Tom Meyer's insight into historical NYC. It was also interesting to learn about how all of the amazing detail is implemented in the filming. I hope that the podcast is back for the second season as well (although this didn't sound likely during the final sign-off :-o )
  • mkgmkg3
    Political commentary…
    I understand there are political concerns during this era and issues that do need to be pointed out. Please stop with the obvious current day political bent being displayed in each episode. I don’t look to my politicians for entertainment and I don’t need political commentary from entertainers and entertainment podcasters.
  • HHI beach bum
    Cannot get enough!
    This podcast is so enlightening and fun. I love learning the details of NYC’s history. Great attention is paid to accuracy in manners and social mores of the period. The actor interviews are delightful and engaging. Keep up the good work.
  • jaos1975
    Refreshing !
    I love the show , can’t wait for each episode and sad when it ends. A close runner up to Downton Abby. The podcast is fun to listen to as well. I just love Alicia Malone and her beautiful voice .
  • Elizajon
    New York History
    Truly love watching The Gilded Age of New York, unfold. Then to hear the behind the scenes, I can not get enough. I’m going to rewatch to capture every detail. I’m looking forward to re-listening to your podcast, pen in hand, so I’m sure to capture the titles of the many books, you and the actors and production and writers mention. Thank you
  • Goshinkansen
    Great podcast!
    I really enjoy the podcast. I can’t wait to listen as soon as I watch the newest episode of The Gilded Age. Perfect mix of plot commentary, history, and “behind the scenes” with cast and crew. I hope the podcast continues with the next season.
  • My Man's Woman
    I love period films and this series does not disappoint! The grandiose homes, lifestyles, the fashion, customs and ways of life during this time period are perfectly balanced with drama, plot and humor. Superb acting and the historic value is captivating. This podcast is the perfect accompaniment for such a series as it helps to further educate and connect the stories for the viewer. It’s awesome seeing NY in its early days, establishing what we now know and see in NY. I particularly love the juxtaposition of black culture through Peggy Scoot’s story. I love this show and highly enjoy the podcast. It’s a treat to hear from the show’s creator, actors and staff. Cool show!
  • Fisch1221
    Great podcast and show!
    I love the show and the podcast. I teach high school US history and the Gilded Age is my favorite period to cover. I am from Peshtigo and was completely shocked but chuffed to hear the Peshtigo Fire on the show! It is so overwhelmed by the Chicago Fire that that’s where I thought the show was going when they mentioned the date. The only critique is the pronunciation; the first syllable is emphasized and the “ti” is pronounced like “tick” not “tee”…so PESH ti gow not pesh TEE gow. Awesome show!
  • Caroldcamp
    Horrible podcast
    Scripted and practiced dialogue makes me cringe. The jokes and remarks are corny and just plain bad. Just a horrible podcast. Fire these two!!
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