Your Poor Dad


What do you hear when you tell someone you’re a family of all sisters? “Oh, your poor dad!”... And they’re probably not wrong. Listen to sisters Jade, Paige, and Baily catch up with each other’s weeks; including their dating lives, sister fights, pop culture, and more. Everyone needs a sister to support them or to give it to them straight, become an honorary Brandt sister each Monday!

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  • anothergiggler
    Turning the Paige
    The girlies should read Flicker in the Dark it’s soooo good
  • jessie18377;&:&2&2&
    Jade should practice reading more
    Glad you guys are back. Please stop letting jade read write ins or questions. For something reason she does the most ridiculous and obnoxious tone. It honestly sounds like you’re making fun of the person who wrote in lol.
  • samm.25
    Love the sisters but hate when they are MIA
    Hi sisters! Love the pod but bummed about the long gaps between episodes since August 🥺 I keep checking for episodes because I notice there’s not any in my “up next” each week. I know the sisters are busy, I’m just a needy girly and want to know what the sisters think about all the pop culture things! 🩷
  • Aaroneecrj
    Still five stars
    Jade’s lack of self awareness is exhausting
  • Madisonr1313
    Such a great podcast!
    This show feels like you're sitting in a room with your best friends/sisters! Always makes me crack up!
  • adgoco
    Irrelevant sister 🙋🏼‍♀️
    I don’t have any sisters, don’t live in Texas (or Cali), and am an Era-revived Swiftie. Love listening to y’all, and feel like I’m just doing a weekly check-in with my sister-friends! I truly thought you’d have 10’s of thousands of reviews and almost LOL’d when it was only in the 300s. I don’t leave reviews, but here I am to show my support. Love YPD! Keep it up, Sis.
  • chloyayy
    True sister sesh
    I’ve been listening to Your Poor Dad since Paige’s iPad story blew up on tiktok, and I have not been disappointed. If you love to listen to popular gossip, typical sister situations/fights, and interesting listener write-ins, this podcast is for you! Whenever I’m cleaning around the house or driving, I tune in and stay engaged the whole time. I love the contrast of personalities between Jade, Paige, and Baily. Totally would recommend giving them a go.
  • Sarah122224
    Love the podcast
    I discovered you all right before moving to Austin. Love to listen, y’all should do a social event somewhere in town to meet other sisters! One minor feedback is the sound mixing of your intros and outros is wildly loud. I listen with my AirPods in and y’all will come up next in the queue and the intros nearly blow my eardrums out at the volume I’m listening to all my podcasts (a normal volume so I can still be aware of surroundings while walking my dog). When I know the outro is about to come I’m scrambling to turn my volume way down. If that could be fixed that would save my ears! Thanks for all y’all do and I love laughing with y’all
  • Graysonla
    My favorite podcast
    My absolute fav podcast that literally makes me burst out laughing on my lil walks (and sometimes at work!!!) The sister vibe is my fav and literally feels like I am chit chatting and giggling with my own sister or my friends
  • luluheich
    I live in College station, TX and I relate to these girls SO MUCH- I love listening to every episode especially ones about VPR💓💓💓
  • russia001
    Love the sisters
    I love the sisters, they are so funny, I’m always entertained when I’m listening, some episodes make me literally Laugh Out Loud because that’s how my sister and I talk and I just think it’s hilarious… keep it up girls! Love y’all ❤️
  • Hannah7580
    Coming from the oldest of three girls I have never found a podcast that I relate more to. They never fail to make me laugh and I look forward to to listening every week! I will forever recommend YPD to everyone that has sisters or has always wanted one. Thanks for always making my week a little bit better!
  • aly-son-93
    Love the podcast, Jade drives me crazy… so I guess that makes me a Paige
  • Jenn_Lulu
    Honored to be a 4th Brandt Sister
    Love the sisters & the stories. 🫶🏻
  • Radarz1
    So funny and relatable
    I listened to one podcast months ago then had to go back to the beginning and listen to all of them. I use to listen in bed while winding down for the night but I had to stop because I would either laugh out loud or shake the bed trying not to laugh so I didn’t wake the hubs. Keep it up girls, I could listen all day! XXOO Nay Nay (Nickname)
  • stay irrelevant
    No ads!
    I love that there are no ads!😂
  • katelyneg
    So freaking funny
    absolutely love listening to this podcast every week, i can’t believe y’all aren’t famous yet!
  • mckailyn.sw
    Serotonin boost
    Love the pod!!! I don’t have sisters but I guess now I have 3 😂 my fav pod to listen to, always waiting on the next one to drop. You need merch!!!
  • zgwizzgwiz
    i used to love the podcast but lately jade is becoming more unbearable by the week. she’s super condescending and thinks she’s right in every way no matter if she id proven wrong it’s getting pretty old
  • Samjbrotherton
    U guys need merch, love your podcast!
  • heowshidbeva
    love this pod but
    love paige and jade they come off passionate about the pod and willing to promote and do the work that it takes but it feels like baily doesn’t enjoy being on the pod?
  • _lacy_lacy_lacy
    Love YPD
    Funny and relatable! Definitely gives “sister” vibes! Personally, I think that it’s hilarious Baily “actively avoids” telling people she has a podcast. I always look forward to the FaceTime episodes! Such great (and relevant) content- and for free 😉 what’s not to love!
  • aruss9
    This is the ONLY pod that I’ve completely binged. My only complaint is that I’ve binged them all and now I have to wait each week! 🫶🏼
  • kyana1347
    Do better
    For a podcast that is all about sister love & girls supporting girls, it seems like you 3 pick & choose who you support. Its giving big hater vibes.
  • Nichole_North
    Honest opinion
    I liked this podcast for awhile, I’m from Texas and thought this was really cool a group of sisters having this podcast. Early on I liked so many of the podcast but when they talked about slight politics and even Selena Gomez situation with Hailey B. I don’t listen the the pod. to hear politics or negativity. I listen to relax myself. It felt as if they didn’t see Selena as a human when talking about social media. While she doesn’t do a lot of magazine covers and interviews or is on Forbs Billionaire list like Kyle J. she is very successful in many ways; Rare Beauty, as a actor, as a singer, and she advocates for mental health, and is constantly giving back to communities in need. She truly seems like a kind human being and that counts especially on social media. I don’t think bashing Selena was appropriate response to the drama online. Not sure if I can continue to listen. Also, you are putting yourself out there online (opinions ideas and thoughts) if you can’t take criticism or a bad review at times you might want to reconsider this being eventually a full time job.
  • 3mm4l33
    Weekly girl time❤️
    I look forward to the pod every week!
  • kat27.t
    Be nicer
    I was enjoying these episodes untill the Selena heat came about, as a girl who is the older sister I felt I could relate to this podcast, but you girls are starting to give mean girl vibes and there’s never a reason to talk down on another female. lost a true sister.
  • McKaylaJorden
    Best leisure podcast EVER! We really are sister 🤍
    Best leisure podcast EVER! We really are sister 🤍
  • yourfav4thsista
    my fav sisters
    Literally the BEST podcast! I can’t count the amount of times I’m laughing so hard I’m crying on my way to work. 110% would recommend this pod to anyone!!
  • sydneebrandt
    Never fails to make me laugh!
    This is my all time favorite podcast. The dynamic of the three sisters is so enjoyable and always keeps it entertaining! Has never been an episode I didn’t like or didn’t make me laugh my butt off. Truly feel like a 4th Brandt sister <3
  • Shadow1711
    In love
    I am in love with this podcast
  • Whine Time
    I never wanted a sister…
    But now I’m sad I don’t have one! 😂 your dynamics the love, the real, the honesty, the humor… all of it! I’m hooked!
  • Morgan’s
    Regina George and her minions
    I saw a clip on TikTok and was excited to check out this podcast, what I got instead was the generic brand of Call Her Daddy with less than entertaining Dialogue. Conversation is bleak and mundane. These ladies also take enjoyment in mocking Christians and differing beliefs then theirs. If you’re looking for the real life Mean Girls you found your podcast! Don’t waste your time.
  • case.nicole
    Best pod out there
    I grew up with a older sister and my twin sister. They both ended up moving to different states. This podcast makes me laugh out loud and makes me feel like I’m talking to my sisters. ❤️ my favorite podcast!
  • 2nd oldest/peace maker
    Best podcast
    First of all…who would give this podcast anything less than 5 stars. The audacity of some people! Love you girls! Keep on keep’n on. You all are great!
  • Meg526847
    Starts my day with laughter
    The only non-crime podcast I listen to! You girls are fn hilarious. Listening to this podcast makes me feel like I’m back in college living with my girlfriends. Pre-therapy Paige stories make me absolutely cry with laughter. Love love love the podcast and your frenchies!!
  • becurley
    Love it
    I love the podcast however the opening music blows my eardrums out
  • Kaitlin Offerman
    Loving this
    I love this podcast, I think the one bad review was probably someone who was talked about…. I love that it’s not trying to enlighten me about the current crises in the world but in fact is other sisters real stories of their triumphs or down falls and we the listeners can relate to them! Keep em coming sisters!
  • Ciarajae1031
    So funny
    Easily my favorite podcast, you have to listen . It will become your fave too. I laugh out loud and it feels like being with friends
  • Julia Reigh
    I haven’t seen my sister in 3 years and WE ARE CLOSE! This podcast popped up in my cue and I pressed play. I immediately started crying when they talked about the sister dynamic and then immediately bursted out laughing through their bond. I get the “your poor dad” thing we get that all the time my response is he is fine, we were taught everything he would of taught a son. We played ball, we learned to fix our own cars, and handy work around the house. He did a great job! My husband is in the Air Force and we a currently stationed in Japan and we are from Texas. Listening to this podcast made me miss home and miss my family in a good way! Thank you!
  • sarina claire
    110% recommend!
    I love you guys and your sister dynamic:) you’ve made me start to look forward to mondays now!
  • Sam Hawkey
    have you guys ever been the sanderson sisters (from hocus pocus) for halloween cause if not, you need to asap. ANYWAY i love the pod, i only have brothers so you guys are the sisters i’ve always needed! i feel like i know you guys on a personal level. please don’t ever stop podcasting, can’t ever lose our sisters
  • Gee_esp11
    The sisters I wish I had
    Listened to 29 episodes in a week! I’m 29 and a boy mom (twins are 7, baby is 9months old) y’all are the sister friends I’ve always dreamt of having! GOOO BEARS 🧡🏈
  • maddy lager
    So funny!! Found you from tiktok & love being a stepsister
    You guys are hilarious and relatable, I tell everyone to listen. My boss & I listen while we do shipments in the morning. Can’t wait for you guys to grow as a podcast! I’m an oldest sister and totally relate I will say when I listen with headphones the intro music assaults my ears because its so much louder haha.
  • LizzyL.
    Love the pod!
  • AllTheEmmaNamesWereTaken
    Love you all
    This is probably the funniest podcast I have came across . I have been binge listening and can’t stop 😂 truly feel like a fourth Brandt sister and please never stop making podcasts . Also I NEED A PART TWO TO THE PARIS STORY IM ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT thinking about it !
  • arinn008
    Hysterically Laughing
    I have listened to two episodes so far, I have been laughing non-stop at y’all. This is amazing
  • big fan listener
    So good!
    Love this pod!
  • JennyQ94
    My new sisters
    This podcast makes me laugh so hard and I relate so much. Not to be sad and dramatic but I’m an only child and always longed for a sister. All of my best friends have sisters and I’ve always been a little jealous I’m not in the sister group chat. This podcast is my group chat. Happy to be an honorary Brandt sister!!
  • Kelsee Neely
    Love this podcast! Have not laughed harder!
    I listen during work and have to keep the laughter to a minimum which is very hard. They are very entertaining and make my workday go by faster.
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