Ídolo: The Ballad of Chalino Sánchez


(English, Español) Imagine if Frank Sinatra went on stage every night with a gun in his waistband. Or if Tupac got into a shootout on stage at a rodeo. Well, Chalino Sánchez did just that. In this podcast, we examine the extraordinary life of the “King of Corridos,” and attempt to unravel the mystery of his death. Chalino’s story, his own narcocorrido, is the ultimate ride through the drug cartel world, the underbelly of the Mexican-American music industry and a murder mystery for the ages. Imagínate que Juan Gabriel se subiera al escenario cada noche con una pistola en la cintura. O que Babo, el del Cartel de Santa, se agarrara a plomazos sobre el escenario con alguien del público. Ese era Chalino Sánchez. En este podcast examinamos la extraordinaria vida del "Rey de los Corridos", e intentamos resolver el misterio de su muerte. La historia de Chalino, su propio narcocorrido, es un viaje a través del mundo de los cárteles de droga, el mundo de la industria musical Mexicano-Americana y un asesinato sin resolver para la posteridad. Hosted by Erick Galindo in English. Conducido por Alejandro Mendoza en español. 

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  • El Meme
    Interesting story, but…
    This is an interesting story that gets better as it goes along, but it is hard to listen to. I should have listened to it in Spanish instead. Eric Galindo brings a very specific point of view (Los Angeles with roots in Sinaloa) to a story that had many points of view (not all Mexican Americans or fans of Chalino share his background) and I find that when he speaks it sounds like he is ending every sentence with a question. This is incredibly unprofessional as it makes a serious topic seem trivial and frivolous. Hopefully he will improve this, otherwise I will skip any future podcasts with him.
  • okmelo
    So good, I was obsessed and sad when it ended. Well spoken and well produced, big props!
  • Rrrrrrruuuunnn
    Please do another podcast! This was so tragic, well researched, and informative.
  • Rosé Marie
    Masterpiece from beginning to end
    This is the first and only docuseries I have ever finished from start to finish. It’s THAT good. I grew up knowing only that Chalino was a narco and made music for narcos. My family was never big on corridos, barely any regional music really. So I loved how elementary and yet complex this docuseries was constructed, because even with my vague knowledge I felt connected and challenged.
  • Irma848
    Love the 2 POV’s
    The hosts for the Spanish & English versions are two different people 👏🏽 I can relate to both perspectives and they’re both nostalgic 🥹If you are bilingual, grew up in the 90’s, or remember this era, this is a must!
  • roger_that55
    Great show the detail and the music and the story telling on point great job
  • kingperez82
    90s era
    Great story on chalino until the woke stuff 🤦🏽‍♂️ how are you gonna feel some type of way when it was a different time. It’s narcos corridos and if it was a problem and a woman didn’t like what he was saying then someone definitely would of said something but they didn’t for a reason.
  • tblackburm71
    Amazing Podcast
    I love Chalino I’m a 51 year old Mexican American in AZ and my family is from Culiacan & Sonora so I’m well informed on these theories of how Chalino died and his life. However the way you did this podcast is just amazing and I’ve been listening to El Corrido De Chalino since 🔥
  • Queteimporta2345
    Grew up listening to Chalino but didn’t ever go in depth into his life story. Very entertaining listen. Mr. Galindo narrated this beautifully. I highly recommend and look forward to hearing more from you.
  • B5 listening
    Good, till not good.
    I think it may be worth a 5 star, but unfortunately woke views were added. Can’t praise a legend of the genre and then have a guest be upset over “toxic masculinity.” It’s narco corridos!
  • Juanvargas07
    woke opinions
    it was really good until the woke stuff
  • Amzing mazing yay
    Beautifully written
    I will be honest. I’d only heard of chalino and never thought much of him but some dude my parents listened to and who’s songs I’d hear an sweet 15s. But this podcast was an eye opener to the success and struggle that this man was. His fearlessness was unmet. The narrator does a great job at not sugar coating what chalino was involved in and I appreciated it that too because clearly he was no angel. Nonetheless whatever means he chose as his path to stardom he made it and it really does sound like his murder was uncalled for. I don’t condone any illegal behavior or narco glorification but for what it’s worth chalino really knew what was up and the narrator does a great job at explaining that.
  • Peter Blades
    Nicely Done
    Thank you for producing this intriguing series about the legendary singer - Chalino Sanchez!
  • julio082
    Great podcast
    Great job on telling the story.
    Grateful you I this.
    I’m from south central LA and I remember when they killed him. I also has the tapes.
  • Th14go
    Pues por fin en supe la historia de este ídolo, bien contada, bien podcast, hagan más podcast de estas historias.
  • EfrénValnz
    What an excellent pod cast. It paints a beautiful picture of the life chalino and Mexican culture. The production and story are on point and leaves you wanting more. As a long time fan of chalino it answers a lot of questions and raises a lot more. Great story telling.
  • road rage paige
    I loved the podcast, it really hit home for me. It spoke to the complexity of what it’s like for us having parents born in Mexico and being born in the U.S. and all that comes with it. There was a feeling of being heard and acknowledged as we are so often overlooked in society.
  • JF1986
    Your ears will thank you.
    Sex, drugs and corridos.
  • jfcuhb
    Recommend for all corrido lovers
    I enjoyed hearing this series and felt heard. There is a complexity that exists- hearing corridos as a Latina born outside the grips of violence that corridos speak about.
  • Hugo orange co.
    Fuerza to our History
    This is part of our history as immigrants, chicanos, brothers. It makes me feel happy knowing, that I’m not the only one listening to Chalino and seeing/hearing so much talent. Chalino for us in the 90s and now represents a sense of pride, strength, and belonging. Good job!
  • Mr.K.Mendoza
    Great show
    Great shows. Wish it had video to go with it. Thanks for great info on this singer
  • Da one suga free
    Lots of details of chalino no one knew thank you
  • chriswork2002
    Looking into a great mystery
    Erick looks into all the main theories about why Chalino Sanchez was killed. The reason Erick looked into this mystery because Chalino was a hero to him because he identified with him. Chalino came to the same neighborhood Erick grew up in. The songs are amazing that Chalino sung and he had lots of fans but the songs have a darker angle of the drug cartels and the violence it brings to Mexico. There are so many layers to this podcast and it is seductive and I could not stop. Erick is a rising star in the podcast world now and I cannot wait to see what else he does.
  • <Clever Nickname Here>
    One language per stream
    There should be one stream for the Spanish language pods, and one stream for the English language pods. I don’t appreciate having to skip every other episode.
  • OG TENSE 1
    Blown away
    Probably the best podcast I ever heard a lot of details and stuff I never knew about Chalino Sanchez
  • Bakoking
    Great podcast
    I listened in both languages. There are some differences but equally great.
  • k8grrrl
    Great storytelling
    Well produced, great storytelling. Love bringing Chalino to the masses
  • FrijolesYAroz
    This podcast had me hooked. Great job!
  • nadi624
    Great writing, storytelling
    I didn’t know much about Chalino except that my slightly older teen cousins were obsessed with him growing up in LA in the 90s. Not a fan of this genre at all but this is some great story telling and really great insights on things I didn’t know about such as the origins of corridos, which makes me appreciate the music more (though still don’t enjoy it). Regardless, this is a very enjoyable podcast beyond Chalino fans.
  • Spectacular lich king
    Got to know all about Chalino in detail. Great listen.
  • Cynthia Gali
    Great podcast / listened in English
    Just finished the last episode and I honestly enjoyed each one. I never really knew why or how Chalino was killed but I remember bumping his corridos in my jeep as I cruised down the cities of LA. It took me back to family gatherings and dancing to las Nieves de enero. I highly recommend !
  • MariaRodLeo
    En vida y muerte, siempre Chalino!
    What a great podcast, listened to both Spanish and English. I really wanted to know more about Chalino and this was just what I needed. Thnx Guys and the team for this. I see there’s touchy subjects and that we may never know the truth. Pero Chalino vivirá siempre!
  • Patluselena
    Listening from NYC
    What a great podcast… no cabe duda que el lenguaje importa! Thanks for the amazing work !!
  • jb808!
    Podcast Listener
    Such a fantastic production from top to bottom! I binge listened to all 8 episodes every chance I had. The music, the narration, and the storyline all well done! Adelante siempre, ¡Aplauso!
  • Woddle321
    Awesome storytelling!
    For us, about us, by us! More content like this is needed! Storytelling where WE control the narrative, matters!! Thank you to all who did the work to present this fascinating history.
  • Daqyre
    Interesting content
    I recommend listening to it in Spanish if you can. The English narrator takes a bit too much creative license. He also very loosely interprets Spanish interviews. Overall cool content just find the narrators style a bit grating.
  • vicbasi
    Una historia que en toda mi vida eh me pregunte. Espero que Netflix agua una serie. 👍👍👍🤣
  • Marsiol0810
    Love it!
    Hola from Chicago! Thank you so much for this.
  • jannmire
    Lo escuche en español. Buenísimo
  • Abrrrril
    Wow!! Muy bien echo, el primer podcast que me echo completamente en español, y fue todo un placer.
  • Sgongar
    Very interesting
    I like that the episodes are both in English and Spanish. I knew very little about Chalino but I learned so much from this podcast.
  • Galindo 123
    It’s great!
    Love this!
  • sandycaps
    Great podcast and loved its bilingual
    I was 13 years old when Chalino was killed so I didn’t pay attention to the details surrounding his death. My family has always loved his music and over the years I became more curious about why he was killed. My family is from Culiacán Sinaloa and I always heard the chismes but never knew the details. Then I heard about this podcast and I was so excited to finally learn what happened. I listened to every episode in English then in Spanish and truly enjoyed the unique perspective and style from each host. I’m sure this will get a lot more people talking and I hope there’s a Season 2.
  • MiMi Mimosa
    Finally a podcast about Chalino
    So thankful that this is in Spanish because me and my parents are listening to this together. My dad is a huge fan and this show has brought back so many memories from his past. Gracias X todo.
  • lzabelle
    So absolutely intriguing
    My dad is a super fan, my 7 year old child knows all the words to El pitallon and although I’m not a fan, I’ve always been just intrigued by his story and anything to do with murders so yes, This podcast is worth the listen!
  • JL0ver
    I love it
    One of the best podcast in my opinion.
  • GabyUMX
    The true story of Chalino and Narco Corridos
    Great podcast
  • @cesargonz
    Great new pod
    The folks at Futuro are putting out some great podcasts. This latest entry doesn’t disappoint. An excellent bilingual look into narcocorrido culture through the story of one of its key figures. I’m not a fan of that type of music and I found it fascinanting. ¡Excelente!
  • PapayitaSpice
    Not enough stars to give here. 💚 100000000/10
    This show is RIVETING and I binged the whole thing in less than 24 hours. The storytelling investigates the different theories as to who ended Chalino Sánchez’s life and weaves a compelling narrative of Chalino’s life. It’s a nuanced and complicated portrait that also explores Chalino’s legacy. The soundtrack is also 🔥.
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