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Kelly Stumpe and Lizz Suntrup are third generation auto-industry experts and best known for reviewing cars from the millennial mom point of view on Instagram and YouTube. As a work from home mom of two toddlers, Kelly found herself craving a brain-break and some adult conversation so she convinced her sister Lizz (who is already busy planning a wedding) to create a podcast to do just that. Join Kelly and Lizz each week for a dose of entertaining and lighthearted conversation, games, and auto-industry news while they navigate life as business partners, best friends, and sisters. Your Mom Time Off starts ... now.

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  • kt_klick
    Your new besties ✌🏼
    I’m a new mom (my daughter was born in April ‘22) and I love Tuesdays/Thursdays because I know my fave podcast has a new episode. These girlies bring me so much joy with their humor, taste drives, great 8s, and more! They also keep me less lame with a millennial word each episode. Grateful for you, Kelly & Lizz. 🙌🏼
  • lakeaker2016
    Easy Listen!
    Fellow MO girlie here! I’m a stay at home mom of 3 and listening to Kelly and Liz helps make my days feel less mundane. I look forward to listening each week. This podcast is such a fun, easy listen!
  • casslewhass
    Feels like I’m listening in…
    I don’t have a sister and I love this podcast bc it feels like I’m listening in on a sister chat! Love it! So fun
  • twinmommy626
    Fav way to spend my mom time off!
    Found you girlies a month or 2 ago and started binging from the beginning! I’m almost caught up and now I’m realizing I should’ve paced myself more to prepare for the maternity break 😣 Love what y’all are doing! Keep up the great work!
  • danceOBSESSED
    Love me some Kelly and Lizz
    It is SO nice to have a podcast to listen to around my kids! It’s so relatable, light hearted, and truly my favorite podcast to listen to. Signed an expedition driving millennial mom of three!
  • Mel, Mel
    Star-Studded Podcast
    I first stumbled upon The Car Mom on YouTube. Shortly after I followed Kelly on Instagram and thought I’d give the podcast a listen. Freaking love it. I get excited for my work drive every Tuesday and Thursday. I’m now going back and listening from the beginning in 2022. Keep it up, girlies!
  • Mrs. Sybrant
    My Go-To Podcast 🎧
    I LOVE listening to Kell & Lizz. I legitimately feel like I could sit in on a Car-dashian fam get together and just fit right in. Love your dynamic and everything about this excellent addition to my MTO!
  • Leann WW
    The literal best podcast
    The segments, the witty banter, and the pure entertainment this podcast provides is top notch. The Car Pool is my absolute favorite podcast. I never miss an episode. Kelly and Lizz are truly out here doing the most and totally changing the automotive industry.
  • rolo021182
    A Gem. Must Listen
    Kelly and Lizz are my literal faves. I listen to the show immediately when it drops. This duo exudes fun sibling dynamics and you will find yourself belly laughing over their antics. I enjoy the mini snipes they take and their absolute real talk. Also Kel, can you just share the baby name already. I must be the only DUNCE out there that can’t guess it based on your “erd” and two nicknames hints 😂
  • sjpsjp122
    Fun Listen!
    Easy fun podcast to listen to while driving, cleaning, etc. Variety of segments keeps things interesting 😊
  • sguenthe24
    Love These Girlies
    I look forward to every Tuesday & Thursday! They bring silly and interesting content to each episode. I just feel happier after listening to them. I’m not a “car person,” but I am a mom and love the unique perspective of another mom who really knows what she’s talking about. All of the non-car content makes me laugh and I just love it!
  • maddieh1031
    💙 LVOE 💙
    Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are my favorite days because of this podcast! I’ve been a listener since day one and won’t stop until they stop! Love their content on Insta as well. I wish we could live chat during the podcast because I find myself talking back to them almost every single episode. 😂 PS- Dcoms and the Disney channel website games were my childhood. You’re not alone 🤣
  • Spacosa
    I love y’all!
    Mom of 4. Love your podcast!! I am really not on social media much but this is my favorite format. Y’all don’t change!!
  • secretCarLover
    Fun, easy listening!
    Kelly and Lizz are fun and relatable. I love to listen while I am doing the dishes or making the kids their hundredth snack of the day. I enjoy the taste drives and industry news. Keep up the great work!
  • MeganKing564
    Like spending time with friends!
    Listening to this podcast is like getting in extra GNOs without actually having to line up baby sitters and go out! By the time each episode is over I have laughed, learned something new, and feel better about myself!
  • mary.h.
    Best podcast!
    Let’s just say I’m in my ‘listening to the best podcast every Tuesday and Thursday’ era. Thanks for the laughs and fun and relatable content! And congrats to Lizz!
  • alyssa_ish
    Favorite part of my day!
    This show is a breath of fresh air. Liz and Kelly are fun and easy to listen to. My 6 year old asks me if we are going to listen to you guys daily! Our favorite segment is the great 8!
  • mjhansen21
    Stan. 👌🏼
  • contraphone
    Like hanging out with your sister
    This podcasts brings the laughs and the entertainment of hanging out with your sister, but you also get the added value of learning a little something about the automotive industry. This is the only podcast I have ever subscribed to where listen to the new episode when it comes out.
  • Sarah Jane Hardy 2021
    I LOVE listening to Kelly & Liz. They make me laugh, feel informed & current and they make doing household chores fun when I listen. As a mom who doesn’t get out much this podcast is truly a treat to me and something I look forward to weekly.
  • shelby phipps
    I feel like they are my besties
    I truly love the car pool! I have been following the car mom for a long time now and I just love everything that Kelly creates. I love their banter and it just feels like a breath of fresh air to listen to them. I love the car industry and learning more about cars and I so appreciate industry news and keeping us in the loop!
  • M_chandler
    Love love love!
    This podcast is my biweekly break as a mom. My drive into work is much more pleasant listening to fun conversation between Kelly and Liz. Also, great tips, tricks, and life advice!
  • Zenamarie1
    Great info
    Love love very entertaining and informative I have been hooked since the trailer and I just starting listening Monday Nov. 21st 2022. Thanks for a great podcast.
  • The Mrs V
    Just what I needed
    Tackled the project of painting my kitchen and am caught up on my other pods so I started this one and am so happy! It’s perfect to listen to while I paint, clean, fold laundry, etc. Love the ditch the drive thru segment! I cook most meals but this is giving me a lot of ideas for easy meals to change it up.
  • Klspires
    Such a fun ride!
    I swear, listening to this podcast is like going to lunch with two of my besties. Kelly and Lizz are so much fun, they have the best chemistry, and always keep me laughing. I love listening to them debate the great 8s, getting some hot industry gossip to impress my hubby with, and using the DTD to change up our menu. Seriously, this podcast feels like a vacation day. Thanks besties!
  • Caralinaj
    Favorite podcast
    Feels like I’m with some girlfriends chatting about life. Fun, educational, and definitely entertaining. I love every segment.
  • EFlatty
    Carpool STAN
    I so look forward to listening every week (and so thankful for new episodes twice a week now!). These girls keep it fresh, keep me laughing (and current), and give me much-needed MTO that feels like girl time! Kelly’s driveway dump is so relatable as a working mom with too much on her mind/plate. Love the effort they put into preparing every episode and the authenticity of their recordings (dogs and construction included). Love these girls!
  • Loce, CPK
    Chatting with friends!
    I LOVE this podcast!! It’s so fun. Feels like catching up with friends. Great job girls
  • Runner78747
    Sister Banter
    Love the dynamic between these sisters and often find myself laughing with them!
  • SZam90
    The best friends I wish I had.
    I really wish I could be best friends with these women in real life. I can’t tell you how many times I talk about this podcast to my friends on a daily basis. The chemistry between the sisters is fantastic and I find myself laughing out loud every time. Such a great way to spend my commute.
  • Courtn3y4567
    I don’t even live in the US right now...
    We’re currently stationed overseas, and I drive a 20-year-old beater van in Japan, so listeners, take note: this isn’t just for American-based Mommy Drivers!! I don’t even have social media - I just loveeee Kelly & Liz. Their banter is hilarious, the podcast is entertaining, and I love sharing the industry news with my husband. I already told him that if we move back to the U.S. next year, I WILL be road-tripping to the Car Mom Auto Show with my three babies in tow. I’m over here trying to source ingredients to make their chili, doing my own form of Thriftmas in Japan, and planning to gift my mom a House of Colour consultant party. Consider me influenced. Wish we could be friends in real life!
  • SydMarieT
    Blake’s bestie is the best segment! It has quite literally filled my heart with joy to know I can talk about my loss in a good way!
  • cbmack1005
    Love, Love, Love
    I heard Kelly on The Rachel Cruze show and am conveniently in the market to buy a car. So I went over and followed on Instagram and started listening to The Car Pool and got so much more. I’m not a mom, but I still love the show as a fellow millennial. I love the banter, feel like I’m part of a girls night, and it’s just over all FUN. Please keep these episodes coming, it has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts.
  • Chelsy31588
    Buckle Up for some Fun!
    I never have listened to podcasts but after finding it as I am an avid Car Mom IG fan I am hooked!! Literally look forward to my commutes because you ladies make me feel like I’m hanging out with my closest gfs!! Keep it up I love all the segments. Keep breaking the glass ceiling!!!
  • AmyHenson
    Great feel good podcast
    I listen to this podcast every week as a break, or MTO, if you will. The sister banter, the silly and fun segments, and the general lightness add a great break to the typical podcasts. Thanks for carpooling with us!
  • caitlin p 2210
    Great podcast
    Love this podcast! Feels like chatting with friends.
  • New Popcaster
    Love the pod!
    One month in and I am a car pool stan! I ordered a car pool sweatshirt and my 30 oz Stanley is arriving today hahaha. Love the mix of auto information, recipes, pop culture, gen z education! Thank you Kelly and Lizz!
  • Winner425
    A must-listen!
    This so truly one of my favorite podcasts to listen to, and I genuinely get excited when I see a new episode pop up on my list! The automotive news is super helpful for a mom of 2 to know what to look for and pay attention to in my own vehicle, as well as provides lots of great tea to spill to others when I want to sound like I know what I’m talking about (lol - totally have done it and sounded BIG BRAIN!). But I also just enjoy listening to the banter and shenanigans of two sisters and friends. It’s relatable, it’s heartwarming, and I just can’t get enough. Thanks for making my commute to and from work/daycare an enjoyable trip! PS, this is also my hubbys new favorite to put on when we are on a car trip somewhere, he even gets mad when I finish the episode later without him.
  • JLynnCravens
    Laughing out Loud
    Never do I actually laugh out loud at a podcast or join in, in their conversation. But I feel like I’m the 3rd host. Lol. It’s so fun and easy to listen too. These are TRULY real women. Their problem are our problems. Their struggles are out struggles. But they make it fun to do life with. Thank you for this outlet. May more follow in your foot steps. We love you!!
  • aprilgirl0412
    Feels like hanging out with friends!
    Love this podcast, so easy & fun to listen to & enjoy!
  • Bggg 677876
    A chat with your besties!
    It’s like a twice a week chat with your besties! I always tell people my friends have this great podcast and you should listen even though I’ve never met Kelly or Liz. I’ve made countless DTDs and have tried many taste tests based on their reviews! I’m definitely a car pool Stan!
  • jennagailey
    CANNOT say enough wonderful things about this podcast. Kelly and Liz make you feel like you're having a conversation with your best girlies which can be so nice when mommyhood feels lonely. The Gen Z slang sticks, big stan of that segment. I've impressed my husband with industry news and navigating our new car buying discussions. The great 8 and hate 8 always make me laugh. The test drives/taste drives are helpful to know what stuff is actually good. Ditch the drive thru helps those dinner ruts. It's lighthearted and so much fun. I love to support their pages like a small business I love and want to keep around. They feel like my friends as silly as that sounds. Just adore them. Give it a listen, you won't regret it!
  • cbear claire!
    Big Brain Stuff Right Here!!
    I look forward to listening to Kelly and Lizz on Tuesdays and Thursdays!! I laugh with them, cry with them, and feel like I am right there with them having a genuine conversation about literally all the things. They are so down to earth and ask all the hard hitting questions while also helping you get out of your dinner rut and not be lame. Even my husband enjoys listening! Thanks ladies for all you do for the community! We love you!
  • moore62318
    Great all-around listen
    I love this podcast for so many reasons! All of my friends wonder why I all the sudden have so many car facts 😂 I come back for the authenticity and love these sisters share!
  • AlleyMic
    Highlight of my week!
    I am a SAHM and honestly have followed Kelly since the beginning of the car mom when she was pregnant with Hattie! I look forward to these episodes so much, they really give me so much entertainment but also great information and recipes! This is the only podcast I listen to religiously and feel like we are besties 🤣 It has also saved my sanity many sleepless nights with a newborn 🥲🤍 Love to see it!
  • leski<3
    Love them, but…
    Love them, but I really wish they’d stop eating/ chewing/talking with their mouths full on the pod. I haven’t been able to listen to many recently because it makes me gag so much 🥲. Can we please not eat and drink while on a microphone? Lol it’s literally so gross 🤮
  • PalisadeMom
    My favorite!
    I love this podcast and probably reference to it way more than I’d like to admit! Ditch the Drive Thru has brought some amazing meal ideas, the millennial words keep me on my toes to keep up with my students at work, and I reference the industry news in conversation with my husband regularly (to which he is impressed) I’ve never craved a candy bar more than after the most recent Great 8 ha! So excited to listen on my drive to work for some MTO!
  • kellonda
    Such a fun listen!
  • xyz1239866
    Love this show so much and want it every day! I was so sad when I finally got caught up on all the episodes after I found the podcast. I need a thousand more. Also, note as I try and change the daylight savings farmer narrative, let me just say, farmers do not want daylight savings anymore. It only hurts us! Just trying to spread the word.
  • Hemi_1984
    Dinner friends
    I listen while I’m making dinner and my 2 year old says, “Mommy talking to her friends!”
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