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I’ve always been vocal about my emotions and my thoughts but I never felt like I was being heard. I’ve been told way too many times, “You are so sensitive” or “You’re too much.” Trying Not to Care is my not-so-personal diary where I share anything and everything. I share my thoughts and experiences with friendship breakups, bad relationships, navigating my 20s, quitting my job, following my dreams and more. Tune in every Monday for a quick therapy session with me.

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  • deansnanny
    Smart beyond her years
    I’m in my 60’s found you by complete opposite and thought “ ahh let’s try it “ glad I did because your smart beyond you years ‘ great advice to all at any age. This is a refreshing podcaster . Stop and listen. You will be surprised how much she can offer.
  • gianni520
    relatable and chill for the girlies
    love listening to Ashley when I’m winding down doing my night time routine, like chit chatting with one of my besties
  • your mom likes me more <333
    Helped me so much
    she has helped me through the ups and downs, she has always been there for me and i will continue listening to her for a while
  • KitKattss
    Pick me up
    This podcast is such a good pick me up throughout the day. A healthy reminder that things aren’t always what they seem
  • Allison75432
    hm. All I can say is thank u. This podcast is basically like a diary entry that you get to read that offer’s encouragement and relatable situations. This podcast is extra great if you are trying to get your brand or small business off the ground. I’m an enneagram 4 and I find this podcast relatable to how I feel and think, I also am diagnosed with panic disorder and autism. And I find this podcast is very comforting for me. Oh and the assignments she gives at the end are actually like really good .
  • 1324paula
    Glad I found you Ashley!!
    Love love love listening to your podcast!! Ashley keeps it real… and love u for that… love the self-love tips….
  • kylajemaae
    I love this podcast!!
    This podcast has got me through some really tough times in my life. I also like how she interacts with her listeners outside of her podcasts, which shows she’s a genuine person.
  • Raine😅
    One of my favorite podcasts 🫶🏻
    Taught me how to love myself, and be more confident in everything I do. Listen to it every day!
  • wierd allllos
    love love love!
    i absolutely love this podcast i listen to it almost every morning(i have 1 year to catch up on🤭) it has helped me get my life together and build healthy habbits and relationships! i absolutely recomend 10/10!🤍🥰☺️
  • I think Im a person
    a healthy trigger
    These episodes have topics that trigger me but with Ashley as the host they trigger me in the best way possible. Topics no one likes to think about but really should!
  • Lily Gambrel
    I absolutely love this podcast.
    This podcast has 100% made me a better person. I have made so many goals off of this podcast. I have figured out what I want to do with my life. I’ve gotten my life together. I stopped caring what other people thinks. She just understands.
  • BeccaBowers
    Listen every week
    I adore ashley and this podcast, she has such a great way of thinking and it aligns with me so well! It’s always a treat to see what we’re gonna talk about each week!
  • lëda
    I listen to this podcast whenever I'm cleaning up around the house, doing work on my computer, or taking walks by the beach or around my neighborhood and honestly, I love it so much!! Not only does it provide such good insight, but It's helping and encouraging me to be my authentic self. I am recommending this pod to everyone who will listen bc honestly, it's so refreshing 🙌🫶
  • Subway Mouse
    I’m pushing 40 and so much of what she says resonates. There’s things I navigated in my 20’s that I’m not sure I’ve processed properly, and hearing her journey has helped me finally process some stuff. So inspiring.
  • Lizzie881031111
    Working with your cycle episode
    I have only listened to one episode of this called working with your cycle- 5 stars. Every woman should hear this and preferably before young adulthood. Don’t let teens start birth control without explaining the risks. Her experience with trying to get the nexpalnon out and it taking 3 visits is so real. I am in my mid 30s and had to forcefully demand my IUD get taken out that was causing me to bleed excessively. It was at the first appointment for me so it didn’t take three like the author but if I hadn’t been in my 30s I wouldn’t have had the confidence to get it done. The doctors treated me like I was making a big mistake and absolutely off my rocker. Like I was imagining that I had just gotten an iron test from my GP that said I was severely anemic. I left feeling so bad about myself after that appointment. I hope everyone hears this info and thank you to the podcaster for this episode.
  • S.Jordannn
    This is my absolute favorite pod. It’s so comforting listening to someone else who’s been through so much of the same.Trying Not To Care is the holy grail I will shout from the rooftops💕
  • shelbs080306
    she’s the most uplifting and encouraging person i’ve ever listened to. i adore her
  • jellyqueen416
    This podcast is part of my self care
    A friend of mine recommend this podcast and I’ve her hooked ever since. It feels like listening to a friend chat or an older sister give advice. Thank you Ashley!!
  • Fredfoxw
    Wise beyond your years
    Honest, calm and sincere. She’s the friend you didn’t know you needed. Trying not to care is something we all struggle with and I appreciate the push to see myself in a totally different, yet better way!
  • Olivia_111
    Valuable and Relatable
    Your podcast is a favorite of mine! You cover relatable topics with openness, addressing uncomfortable subjects that many of us face. The valuable advice you share and your positive mindset have genuinely made a significant impact on my outlook.
  • rose.kf
    Every Ep
    Hey beautiful I just believe that you are just a stunning person, and you have a beautiful soul. Every episode just comes from the heart and there are some things that can be really tricky and I just really love how real and creative you can be and I just genuinely love to listen every single week. 🫶🏻🤍💕
  • brebee16
    I love listening to your podcast they make me feel so much better. The fact I’m not the only one who is working on my inner peace, patience and so much more. Your the first podcast I have ever listened to. It’s been a year now and I’m still listening the best content ever!! Love love love you!!!🩷🩷
  • jayjay <3
    i used to listen to this podcast religiously but i’m seeing overtime that she’s honestly really hypothetical…example: you preach how mental health shouldn’t be romanticized and have called people out, yet you release an episode titled “hot girls have seasonal depression” LOL okay girl
  • MK8983
    Just started listening to your channel and I am already in love with it . The topics and how they relate to me as well as your energy is amazing! Keep up the good work 💕
  • andreamackeyy
    Ashley you’re so real I LOVE it. Thanks for helping me feel not alone in my journey
  • Keola K
    Love listening
    I love listening to you talk about your daily struggles and past love and how you learned from it thank you for being you.
  • Jayyluv26
    Feed back
    I can relate to most of Ashley’s topics and it’s turned my mind set around in a positive way.
  • liv.tarr
    Trying Not to Care
    Love Ashley and her podcast !! She continues to inspire and power women everywhere :)) ❤️
  • Lexa Grady
    The BEST
    Every single episode is so so relatable. I’m 25 and the past few years have been really tough on me from friends, to relationships to my job. Listening to this podcast actually built up some much needed courage for me to leave not only a toxic relationship but also a toxic job AND friend group. Every piece of advice I needed to hear has been within these episodes and I couldn’t relate more.
  • Maggie Schubach
    New year new me?
    My friend was telling me to start listening to podcasts and started looking into self improvement ones that would help me with my confidence and overall being a better person. Ashley is so relatable and I felt right away after listening to her I was starting to become more confident and now caring as much what people thought of me. I’m grateful she made this podcast.
  • Nat348
    A1 podcast
    I am a new listener, but this podcast is everything i have been looking for <3
  • Hdnncufdb
    Absolutely Love this podcast
    This podcast is so relatable and doesn’t feel super scripted like most podcasts. The host Ashley talks about real life issues and makes points that are so relatable. She also doesn’t make it feel like she has all of the answers or that she is better than you, which I love. I 100% recommend to everyone, especially those in a dark mind set wanting to get better!!
  • Taylorhhayrzjfjuec
    Love love love 🖤🖤🖤
    I just started listening today, and I’m obsessed!! I’ve been wanting to work on myself and figure out who I am and who I want to be, and this is the perfect start! I believe we are the same age, which makes everything so relatable!! Excited to keep listening 🖤
  • tscurry2
    Great advice! I love it, such a comforting voice as well!
  • Ashhbarbb
    I don’t remember how I stumbled across this podcast but I’m so glad I did. Ashley’s podcast feels like having a conversation with a really good friend. She gives the most genuine advice. I really look forward to every time she posts!🫶🏼
  • Biancabelisle
    This is the first self care podcast that I actually learned to love because Ashley presents it in such a relatable way. I really feel like I’m in a conversation with a friend and not just an influencer that’s telling me face masks and baths will solve all of my problems. She’s also funny too, which I don’t find in most other self care podcasts.
  • wizardgirl111111
    I can relate!
    I was looking for a podcast like this, but everything I found was just cheesy, and constantly said stuff like, “Be yourself!” Or, “You are amazing!” This feels a lot more realistic, and truthful. It doesn’t say that everything in your life is going to be perfect if you smile, like the corny ones, but it teaches you how to grow. Five stars, and thank you. ❤️❤️❤️
  • Theoxsmith
    Thank youuu
    This podcast is literally for the girls, gays & theys! So relatable & insightful
  • Danna Serrano
    I love this podcast
    This podcast changed my life, it’s helped me so much. It’s helped me with friendships, relationships, and the way I do things, it’s helped me improve my life.
  • NichelleF
    Best podcasttt Ever
    From the first episode I knew I would love this podcast I’m not much of a reviewer honestly but I had to leave this one!! This podcast has helped me get through soooo much from friendships, heartbreaks, life lessons, bettering my life, and soo much more. I am a late listener so I am catching up but I’m glad I found this podcast when I did because I was at my lowest, confused and lost. THIS IS MY THERAPY! It’s opened my eyes and helped me realize and understand many things that I was in the blind to. Literally once I got on the 4th episode I was recommending this podcast to everyone and I still do! I can never thank Ashley enough for getting out there to create this podcast! Thank you so muchhh I’ll always love ‘Trying not to care’ ALWAYS !!
  • This really helped me
    You should really try these podcasts if you feel insecure
    This podcast really fix me and made me make more time for myself and ask me, “do I really want this for myself.”
  • J-J jojo
    this podcast saved me
    i just wanted to say that this podcast has helped me with so many things from people pleasing to friendship struggles to breakups and more. 1000% recommend to anyone and everyone like me and have told all my friends about it. that’s kinda all i have to say but i love ashley and every episode has helped me thank you! 😍💕
  • Lm💜💜
    I loveeeeee this show
    Oml when I tell u before I started listening to this show I was a wreck. Emotionally and mentally, I couldn’t get myself to do anything. And ever since I started listening her her advise about listening to me, I brought me out of my head and I’m able to carry myself now.🧘🏻‍♀️ Ashley is my bestie and I’m so happy she is💜💜💜
  • IsaR-7
    I js started to listen to this podcast and I really can relate it’s amazing! I love it she has helped me to develop my feelings and cope 💕
  • India Rosiere
    AMAZING!! 10/10
    I’ve honestly been really stressed and overwhelmed and listening to your podcast has relieved my anxiety so much. Thank you sharing and it’s helped hearing that we all go through similar things and aren’t alone. Thank you bestie< 3
  • Tortugatori
    New Favorite Podcast!!
    I came across this podcast today anddddd I’m already on episode 18🫣 It’s just TOO good and Ashley has been saying EVERYTHING that has gone on in my life so far. With that being said, I will be listening to this podcast for the rest of my life:) Ashley, thank you!!!❤️
  • Jainiz
    Low vibration.
    Found this on the explore page. Forced myself to finish the episode with an open mind. As a person that has done deep internal work to face traumas, grow and learn how to be accepting of others this podcaster is everything I used to be. It’s low vibration. It’s watering down and the age shows through. The complexities of our humanity isn’t portrayed here just very divisive advice. Not for those that have done shadow work, conscious work or gone on therapeutic spiritual journey. Relatable at a middle schooler level. Beyond that don’t waste your time.
  • Somebody🐸💩
    best podcast ever
    my comfort podcast 🫶🏻 thank you ashley & for everything you do
  • Andre:)2.0
    My GOD
    After looking for a podcast to watch, I came around this. Love this podcast fr. When I tell you this girl tells you the harsh truth she tells you without giving a poop!🙌😝
  • MG11209
    Found this podcast exactly when I needed it. I was having a bad day at work, fighting with my boyfriend, and on the literal verge of a mental breakdown because everything was too much all at once. Listened to a few episodes of this after finding you through Apple and it has shifted my mindset since then. Thank you, Ashley for your positivity, advice, stories, and just how real you keep it about everything. Listening to this podcast is so soothing—literally like chatting with a bestie who has got your back and will tell you the honest truth. Love it and will definitely continue listening!
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