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Welcome to the Les Chat podcast!
Yes, another LGBTQ+ podcast coming to you straight from the EAST COST co-hosted by the queer couple Jojo and Dayra. We want a place to share our life experiences and point of views within the LGBTQIA+ and Latinx Community. Accompanied by some of our friends and family that are also apart of OR an alliance to the community. We discuss relationship, sex, dating, labels, queerness, slurs, stereotypes, storytelling and MORE. So pour your drinks, light your candles, and kick back while we vibe out together. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/leschatpodcast/support

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  • LovKMR
    Thank You !!
    I came across your podcast and i have to say i love to listen to your stories and i am able to relate! Thank you for being so vulnerable and giving the best advice for our LGBTQ+ community. I believe you guys talk a-lot about topics that our LGBTQ+ is in need to hear and heal from. Thank you for being a good outlet for our community. This life can definitely be very overwhelming we are all healing, trying to find love and live life. 🏳️‍🌈
  • Aaleyah✨
    The Perfect LGBTQ Podcast
    I just found this channel about a week or two ago and two episodes in I fell in love with the podcast. They keep things honest, real and they address things that matter in such a mature way. If you love podcasts that encourage you to broaden your perspectives on love, life, relationships, and common issues inside of the LGBTQ community and as well as issues projected onto the LGBTQ community then this is the perfect podcast for you.
  • Mostdef5
    Best find at the end of 2022
    Love listening to J & D. Great perspectives, content, dialogue, and overall refreshing to have a WOC gay podcast. Love y’all!
  • Klairebearrr
    Latina with beauty and brains
    Found them from a different pod and INSTANTLY fell in love with their energy. Literally binge listened from Ep. 1 to now Ep. 47z The topics/stories are always interesting and look forward to the new episodes. Love these ladies
  • cosmic_dancer82
    Love this podcast!!!
    I love this podcast! Son únicas! Muchas gracias por todo su contenido!
  • Franciibaby
    First episode is #44!
    I just listened to my first episode and I looooved it. I just discovered toushai recently & enjoyed everything she had to say. Dope soul. I’m so intrigued in who she is and getting to know what she’s about. I’m from jersey too! Life is crazy. I appreciate listening and tuning in more often. Beautiful job ladies. Positive vibes, much support!
  • issababbyttwinky
    i LOVE this podcast
    I literally listen to you guys every single day when i’m on my 45 minute journey to school. you guys are great! sending love from Ohio ❤️❤️
  • Dabrirms
    Abundantly refreshing and connected
    Feels great to hear more on the lifestyle from a Latinx perspective that’s honest, real, centered and makes the community feel heard and seem. #tragic #ouuuuu #taglines
  • Kidrauhl_swaggy
    LOVE THIS PODCAST as a bi woman it’s great to hear someone speak from my perspective. The weekly conversations helps me become more comfortable with my sexuality. I put my gf on to this podcast and I think it also has grown our relationship. As I haven’t seen any other queer podcasts that talk about the same topics as straight relationships. This is a must listen. Please don’t ever stop making these episodes, you two really have impact on people’s lives! 💕
  • lyNnesidKnee
    Cute and inclusive podcast I like to listen to casually.
  • nat0723_
    Thank you for the first inclusive podcast
    This was my first experience feeling fully seen by a queer podcast in this way, you guys have both educated me and entertained me thank you so much!
  • TiaMarshae_
    Love it.
    I’m so excited about the gay cation! Lol. I reallyyyy enjoyed this episode. I feel like lots was talked about and in depth!
  • ban biden
    Do it
    Call me man 2097431881
  • christina.nadine82
    Love you guys
    I LOVE this podcast! It helps me feel not so alone and like I belong in the world. They get it and explain things as it really is. I wish I had friends like them! Lol. Believe it or not, this show has given me hope that I will find another girlfriend one day. Knowing there are so many lesbians out there leaves me assured that one day she will come. 😊 Definitely recommend this podcast to everyone, gay or not. There’s a lot of humor that gets someone through the day!
  • linaaa009
    Best podcast 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
    Amazing conversations and topics for the lgbtq community! Truly refreshing 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
  • Erica aka E
    Love this podcast!!!
    As a lesbian Latina from the east coast, I can relate so much!! I came across your til tok page and been hooked to y’all ever since! Thank you for this awesome platform! Much love 🌈❤️
  • Forevertru525
    Binge worthy
    You ever stumble across something or hear, see a few minutes of something and then next thing you know you caught up and now have to wait for the new episode to drop. Yup! Well that’s exactly what happened here. I’m so glad I found this team of lovely ladies. You girls are awesome keep the episodes coming. At my age of 34 I’m still coming into my true self and it’s still rough but listening to girls helps make me feel at home. Thanks for representing for the east coast & for being true to yourselves. I’ll get my chance one day 💚
  • yachtyyacht
    I just want to say a little something
    I like your podcast ALOT! I am a Bisexual half black half Puerto Rican women… I was raised by my Mother who is 100% Puerto and proud as I am… I like you alls knowledge and lessons honestly it has helped in my relationships but what I don’t like not to put down the show at all… is that it is really annoying constantly saying Latinx it’s like it a Lesbian podcast and it’s kind of annoying… it’s makes me feel like I can’t relate anymore and I really want to just asking can we ca down on the word… keep killing the podcast! 🙏🏽
  • Memeyyxo
    A podcast we never knew we were missing!
    If you're searching for a relatable podcast or content creators that represent your corner of the world. Jojo & Dayra have done just that, by bringing to life discussions on the lgbtqia experience for all generations, families and newbies 😉 so spread the word!
  • Joc.M
    Cool podcast
    Pretty good podcast especially if you’re a Latinx LGBTQ 🌈 lots of relatable content.
  • tawtty
    Finally !!
    A queer friendly podcast I can relate myself to!💗💗 💗
  • BritBritt94
    So happy about this podcast being on apple !!!
  • Nicole1233556
    I love this podcast! They only have 2 episodes so far but they have caught my attention, this LGBTQ podcast was definitely needed in the community!
  • sparuval
    Love it!
    Love this podcast, I love that it’s super fun and honest about the LBGTQ+ community. I look forward to more episodes!
  • S1332
    Great LGBTQ+ podcast, can’t wait for another episode!
    There has not been a podcast like this so when I came across it, I was super excited. I was able to identify with so many of the experiences they talked about and can’t wait to hear more!
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