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This Week in Space podcast covers the new space age. Every Friday we take a deep dive into a fascinating topic. What’s happening with the new race to the moon and other planets? When will SpaceX or NASA really send people to Mars? Join Rod Pyle and Tariq Malik from on This Week in Space. Subscribe today on your favorite podcatcher.

New episodes posted every Friday.

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  • JB94083
    Not worth a twit.
    Late comer to the Space News genre. Owned and operated by the Chinese Communist Party. Latest edition I listened to sounds like two stoned kids day dreaming. Interspaced with adverts for Twitter crap.
  • dmiller425
    Excellent synopsis of Space and as Sci-Fi
    I really enjoy this Podcast! Rod, Tarik, and their many guests provide an excellent exploration of current and past events with regard to Space and Space exploration. Rod and Tarik provide excellent analysis each week, and their individual accomplishments provide an excellent and unique perspective that I find invaluable. I am happliy a TWIT club subscriber to support shows such as this one!
  • jhc-🤓
    Great show!
    I look forward to the new episode every Friday. A great combination of space exploration, humor, and nerdery. Well done!!
  • s.lucero
    My favorite show on the twit network.
  • hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose
    This show is light on the “This Week In” and heavy with filler. Most episodes have a (very brief) headlines section, and then some kind of interview about space history or something. Title of the show should be “Space headlines and other space adjacent stuff”
  • Mr. Tesla 85D
    Informative and easy to listen to.
    Anyone who is curious about apace and the universe will find this very informative. It’s a good place to keep up with current developments and new discoveries. Not so technical that regular people can’t understand.
  • TiaYas
    Come for the jokes…
    Stay for the news and conversation
  • Bumfrool
    A Must Listen
    Informative and entertaining. Already one of my favorite science podcasts.
  • SkyDriver145
    Great Podcast!
    Love the show! It’s great to hear about the space programs again! Keep up the great work Rod!
  • poko. -
    Great podcast
    Very entertaining look at the exploding field of Space! Love the show!
  • Timaaa
    Highly recommended!!
    Rod Pyle’s space segment on The Tech Guy show is fantastic and this is a welcome expansion for more amazing space info. Great informative interaction with Tariq , tune in and blast off
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