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  • OkHntr71
    Fan of the Strange, Dark, and Mysterious!
    The ONE AND ONLY problem with Mr Ballen’s material is that once you become addicted to submitting the like/review button to all kinds of heinous treatment and you binge all of his material… you continually are “jonesing” for the next released podcast and or video! Hello everyone, my name is Kiley, and I’m a Mr Ballen addict! The “like” button likes Mr Ballen… but Mr Ballen no like the “like” button.
  • Flightmaster177
    One of the best story tellers & perfect for road trips
    I love this podcast. The way he tells stories really keeps your interest, and paints a pretty vivid picture. Also, I love that his stories are true stories. I r been listening to a ton of his podcasts & videos on road trips and love it. Keep up the great work!!
  • cjl2441
    Good while it lasted
    But I’m not following once it goes to Amazon Music. Platform specific podcasts are garbage.
  • hapachick77
    Great true crime & mystery podcast
    This is one of the best podcasts out there. Mr. Balkan knows how to tell stories in a way as to make any subject interesting.
  • rechamb
    Awesome podcast!
    Great story teller!
  • Jillybean1279
    Favorite podcast
    May seem strange (pun intended) but I listen as bedtime stories. Always excited for Thursday and Monday!!
  • Chittychittybangbang12344
    Gratuitous and full of heavy-handed conjecture
    I’m not a fan of Mr. Ballen’s treatment of true crime. This podcast is for those looking to be shocked and entertained by traumas and violence experienced by others. The ‘story-telling format’ is not only presumptuous and cringey, but straight up clunky and chock full of unnecessary ‘colorful’ details which is, no doubt, an attempt to personify the victim, but comes off as baseless, faux-intimacy seeking to fully immerse the listener in other people’s trauma. Mr. Ballen adds nothing to the genre of true crime and ‘strange, dark and mysterious’ except ignorant voyeurism.
  • K_C33
    This podcast literally gets me through my work day!!! Keep up the good work!
  • Auvilo
    Love it !!!
    Thanks so much!
  • tena4700
    Favorite story teller
    Love this show. Relax with this podcast. Also love the YouTube show!
  • Snarsonx
    Amazing I started on YouTube then gradually made it here, but honestly poor five star rating button.
  • Molliekay
    Love this podcast! I’m sad it will be moving over to Amazon exclusively in November, though. Another app is too much to juggle.
  • Jupiterlee79
    Great podcast but…
    I’m having difficulty downloading the episodes to listen to. It keeps saying it’s unavailable. The only episode available is the newest episode. Is anyone else having problems?
  • mom5132
    My biggest pet peeve of true crime books/podcasts is that they start with the end and then go back and tell the story either backwards or start at the beginning. Mr. Ballen leaves enough unknown for the listener to be on the edge of their seat! I’m glad to hear he keeps the mystery in the mystery. I absolutely LOVE this podcast!
  • Ashley Boats
    Yak(like the animal)-ih-muh
    My husband and I love the podcast, we have been listening everyday for a couple weeks now listening to older episodes on the days new episodes aren’t posted. We live in Washington state and there are a ton of stories based out of Washington so that’s cool too. Mondays episode based out of Yakima was the best. You said Yakima like it was a Japanese city or something and we honestly didn’t know what city you were trying to say until we passed a sign driving that said exit towards Yakima and we started laughing realizing what you were trying to say. Just thought I’d share it gave us a good giggle every time you said it after that. I recommend your podcast to anyone that loves true crime!
  • jessie from San Diego CA
    Me. Ballen… Your AWSOME !!!!! Keep up the Spectacular Work !!!!
  • badfarmer159250
    Good stuff
    Mr ballen is the only podcast I listen to. He is a great story teller and keeps me interested which is super hard to do because of my adhd . Thanks brother So if you enjoy his story go to the five star review buttons house and ask to use the bathroom and then proceed to take a dump on the carpet in their living room
  • Mr.laypipelineant
    Best story teller on YouTube!
    Thank you, for your amazing work & positive attitude. You help out so much people including I ! And also thank you for your service ! God bless !
  • TardisHat
    One of my favorites
    Mondays and Thursdays are my favorite days to drive home from work because there are new episodes of this podcast to listen to! I love these types of stories but so many podcasts aren’t very great at them. This podcast though *chefs kiss*
  • J0127860
    Day one supporter
    If you love his YouTube channel, you will love his podcast. God bless and I look forward to listening to all your future episodes but realizing that I’ve been play law in order on repeat. Lol
  • Dumboigdtfji
    My favorite podcast
    Love Mr. Ballen and his story
  • kerra97
    Great story teller
  • Roselb1127
    Great listen
    I love this podcast but the way he pronounces Yakima 😂
  • truecrimeloverforever
    We needed someone who can sprinkle levity without demeaning or downplaying the severity of the dark nature certain cases entail. No banter. Just amazing storytelling. So glad he’s now in the podcast space.
  • mcmullanrowan
    5 stars
    MrBallen is literally all I listen to on my podcast app, he is so good at telling stories and the stories he tells are really entertaining!
  • jdidudjfjryrhdh
    I killed a man
    His name was waterboioiitol
  • Corryhizzie123
    Simply the best!!
    Mr ballen videos are literally what I use to go to work and come back!!!
  • Zubi717
    **Better Than The Rest**
    I look forward each week for new Mr. Ballen episodes whether it’s from YouTube or The Podcast App. Mr. Ballen is the only podcast I have in my library and the only podcast I listen to. He caught me from the get go and is an inspiration to me. I highly suggest his work to anyone who enjoys being entertained. Thanks Mr. Ballen, J. Blake
  • jg from az
    Episode 66
    I really love Mr Ballen and listen to every single episode. I struggled with this one because the pronunciation of the city in WA is “Yak-i-mah” not “Ya-Keema”.
  • Quick silver 1980
    Excellent podcast!
    Mr. Ballen has to be one of the best story tellers that I have ever heard. I’ve been listening to him on YouTube for a couple years now and I was so hyped to hear about his podcast. I’ve heard most of these but I’m listening to them again because they are so good. Listen to this podcast! You will not be disappointed!
  • Zaybree G 3D
    Mrballen pod is the best
    Do you like the best storyteller ever I love your enthusiasm I love your stories that you tell it’s just awesome to listen to you do you hopefully get a reply can you
  • Mrs Ruthledge
    Great stories!
    I just love him 😍
  • Single on a budget
    Love this podcast
    Love listening to Mr. Ballen especially when I’m driving. He has the best stories.
  • Indigan
    MrBallen is my new favorite!
    I came across him while I was browsing for something new to listen to so I decided to give him a listen. Omg!! I was immediately hooked. I listened to every episode in a day and a half. Now I impatiently wait for the new episodes to drop on Monday’s and Thursday’s! In the meantime, I’m on YouTube watching and listening to all of his older content. He has the amazing ability to tell stories so well, I can actually visualize the locations, the environment, the weather…just everything! Flippin’ A-MAZING!
  • TaylorKay00
    This podcast is the only reason I use the Podcast app.
  • Oztopus
    The only podcast I don’t skip over the ads
    He makes annoying ads hilarious 😂 but I am straight addicted to the podcast. Super interesting content!
  • nikkistar28
    Best Podcaster Ever!!
    I ADORE listening to his stories on YouTube & his podcast is equally as amazing. The way he is able to narrate a story is unmatched!
  • jis10 zim
    Great storyteller: entertaining, interesting and articulate!
    Perusing through my Facebook page getting bored with everybody’s posts about eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch, I snapped over to my video section for a moment to see if there was anything interesting to view. After going through a few stories that were mildly entertaining or having interesting combinations such as murder while putting on make up, I stumbled across Mr. Ballin in a backward hat and a casual flannel gently moving his arms out and supination, to say. “that’s all we do,”casually and comfortably. The subjects lured me in, and I got hooked ! Not always disturbing murders, sometimes historical stories that intrigue curious minds, information about stories I knew but in greater detail, and delivered in a friendly manner that made me feel like I had been welcoming into somebody’s living room to sit and have a chat. An added bonus, a navy seal! I respect and honor all who serve our country, being a daughter of a veteran, daughter-in-law of a veteran niece to a veteran and now mother-in-law to a US Marine veteran as well, I appreciate, John, your service. Keep doing what you’re doing , we love you!
  • mallard603
    So Glad!
    So glad I thought to add you to my shows. Love listening to you during my long drives!
  • Kimera29
    Storytelling Master
    Mr Ballen is by far the best storyteller around. He has a captivating way of using his voice to bring emotion to the story that makes you hang on every word. I’ve listened to so much of his content that when an episode I’ve heard already comes on I just listen to it again. My only wish is that he could pump out new content at a faster pace.
  • JoRoTurner
    What’s not to love?!
    I love his stories, I love his YouTube channel, I love his love-hate relationship with the like button and, now, the 5-Star review button, and now I love his podcasts. I hesitated to listen to podcasts until Mr. Ballen started one and now I listen to others when he doesn’t have anything going on. I don’t know how to explain the way his storytelling makes me feel: homey, if my home was a haunted cabin in the middle of the woods where Hansel and Gretel met their end; happy, because it gradually leads up to an ending I cannot anticipate. The only thing I miss is his flannel shirts. Thank you, Mr. Ballen.
  • Kali.Wagoner
    Favorite Podcast
    I always enjoy listening to Mr. Ballen’s episodes. He is a great story teller and I am fascinated with true crime. I love how he just states the facts and doesn’t get political, I just want to hear what happened. I highly recommend!
  • BeeNance
    Great story teller ! Knows how to build suspense !
    My husband and I love listening to these stories together and trying to figure out “who did it?” Before we get to the end, it’s almost never the person you think it is !
  • King Miro
    Favorite podcast ❤️
    I’ve been following since the beginning and I’ve loved every episode on you❤️ so happy that you are making podcasts now 😍
  • lapatterelli
    4 star
    Only 4 stars because I can’t stand all the dumb 5 star things and like button things they’re old man
  • Ella LaCharlie
    I totally love you Mr Ballen your a wonderful, sweet and fabulous story teller. Your a down to earth beautiful man keep up the good work and please more true crime stories. Thank you from your fan Ella LaCharlie
  • lori 😎♥️
    Love love stories but why is it taking sooo Long to download?? You are the Best ! Thank you 😎😘♥️ Okay time for Coast to Coast 🥰
  • Korean Celt
    I opened this app on my phone for the first time ever just so I could follow this guy’s podcast.
  • vhacker100
    Best Podcast Ever!!!
  • A. Alma
    Two thumbs up
    Love the way MrBallen tells a story from one perspective then BAM! Story shifts to reveal the shocking truth. Excellent story telling and very interesting stories. Highly recommend binge listening while on road-trips.
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