The Ugly Truth About The Girl Next Door


The Ugly Truth About The Girl Next Door tells the story of a suburban, middle class girl who was trafficked and sexually exploited for decades starting even before the age of 6 years old

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  • Mamels66
    Such a looooooooooooonnnnng introduction. I had to skip to the next episode but its not straight forward. I wish you could just tell your story then tell us about how it felt to you!
  • ghorne0803
    Thank You for your story!!
    Thank You so very much for sharing your story !! And blowing the lid off of a huge disgusting problem that has been going on for a very long time !!! I love you guys so much . My love and prayers for you guys !!! Don’t stop get them !!
  • Ally161616
    Bravery.. but confused
    I always default to believing the victim. Always. I’m sure this was therapeutic for Kait however I’m not exactly sure what is going on. I’m currently on episode 5 and all I know is something happened, it might have been trafficking since she talks about prevention but the flow is awful. That aside, not everyone should be a podcaster. Her story I’m sure is brave but she needed a real interviewer and not her therapist (also— is that even allowed???)
  • JBRT2023
    Anyone who works with children should listen
    An in depth story about a brave survivor of childhood sexual assault and familial trafficking- something I didn’t even know existed. I hope all people who work in a setting with children will listen and be the helpers children need to get out of these situations before they age out.
  • xoperfectlypink
    Not sure what’s going on..
    Unfortunately I can’t listen to this. It is all sorts of chaotic without any timeline, context clues, or seemingly purpose. I wanted to hear from a firsthand survivor and respect her journey, but this just isn’t feasible. The episodes are all over the place without any sort of structure. Best of luck to you in the future, but I can’t do it anymore.
  • cb 081012
    As a childhood SA survivor, no where near what you went through, I can’t speak enough to your bravery. It’s astounding and I don’t know you, but I’m very proud of you and Lori also. I heard you once say you’re not political, so I’m unsure if you’re aware of how pervasive it is in elite circles to do these things to children. It is a sick world we live in. I’m sure your outreach will be felt further than Buffalo, and will help many others. May God keep you safe and strong. 🥰
  • CSTEW99
    Proceed with caution
    This isn’t a popular stance, but I would encourage some skepticism when it comes to this story. First off, I want to mention that Laurie is Kait’s personal therapist. For her to be a podcast co-host and partner like this seems like it crosses an ethical line. A lot of people have said that this podcast doesn't follow a chronological order when it comes to Kait's story. That's true, but that's not the main problem with the podcast. The main problem is that Kait and Laurie haven't been consistent in their story of current investigations into Kait's claims, which are law enforcement investigations, and the Cornerstone church/GRACE investigation. For example, Kait and Laurie had been saying from the beginning of the podcast (Feb. 2022) that law enforcement was investigating the abuse claims. However, in their Jan. 3 2023 podcast, they say that law enforcement just got engaged in the case. This resulted in GRACE (the org that was investigating the abuse claims for Cornerstone) pausing their investigation. If there had been an open law enforcement investigation from the beginning GRACE never would have taken up the case for the church in August. They also haven't been consistent about Cornerstone, and the allegations made against the church and the alleged offenders there. Currently, Kait and Laurie are saying that there are three offenders, some with roles of leadership in Cornerstone. In the January 11 podcast, Kait and Laurie say the pastor of Cornerstone approached them when they first started the podcast (so around February 2022) saying he was concerned about possible offenders in the church. Kait and Laurie say that they gave him a couple of names, but that they never gave him a list, and they didn't have a complete list of abusers from Cornerstone at the time. (They mention the pastor gave them an old directory, and they say they just glanced through it). However, in late March (in the Peripheral Puzzle Pieces ep) both Kait and Laurie praise Cornerstone's leadership without reservation, and note that leadership changed from the time that Kait was allegedly abused. They don't say anything about offenders being in leadership back then. It wasn't until after GRACE got involved that Kait started saying that current deacons and leaders at Cornerstone were offenders. Kait and Laurie acknowledge this themselves, however they say that they weren't "adding names to the list" because there was no list to begin with. Okay. But if they didn't have a list, why were they so confident in Cornerstone back in March, if they thought there was at least a possibility that offenders were in leadership? Frankly, this IS adding names to the list, even if you don't want to call it a list. There's no getting around that. There may be an explanation for this but Kait and Laurie will not give it as they don't take kindly to anyone questioning Kait in any way whatsoever. But these are not "majoring on the minor" or insignificant details. They are important parts of Kait's story, and I'm open to considering explanations for the discrepancies but as long as the answer is, "you must believe Kait and asking any sort of question just undermines her," well...that doesn't make me very confident in her story. On top of that, there's the overall implausibility of a lot of Kait's story. That's not to say it's impossible, and I'd be more open to believing it was true if it weren't for the issues mentioned. Kait alleges that she was sold into sex trafficking by her family members, and this involved different trafficking rings (one of children, one of adults, obviously different buyers). She says she suffered brutal and ritualistic abuse, that this went on for decades, in multiple states, in multiple churches, and involved several victims and a "food chain" of players. Some were low-level workers and customers at her dad's business and this went up to trafficking kingpins. She says the men currently leave her dozens and dozens of typed threatening letters, at her home, her therapist's office, and her workplace. She says she knows who some of these men are and some have been caught on camera, and this has been going on for almost three years (since Feb. 2020). Kait also says that when she was 17, she alerted authorities to her situation (the police, FBI, and a child advocacy organization). But her abusers were so influential that nothing was done. For a network this large, and abusers so brazen and incautious that they leave proof of their existence literally everywhere with threats (which frankly, look like something out of a cheesy horror movie), there was no peep of this for decades, even in a small town. Kait and Laurie say they have corroboration, but no witnesses have come forward publicly to support Kait. The best they can offer is a supposed stat that 90-98% of abuse claims are credible, which is not even accurate. (2-10% of complaints made to police are PROVEN false. This does not mean all the rest were true). Just to be clear, Kait and Laurie don’t owe me or anyone details or evidence. But I also don’t owe them my blind faith and allegiance, and neither does anyone else.
  • Lru75
    I learned so much
    I just finished all your podcasts. I’m a parent of two young girls and a teacher in a big city. I learned so much about the importance of being trauma informed and how to protect our kids. Thank you for being so brave and for your perseverance. I hope that you find healing in your work and can just dust off all that negative energy the abusers and their supporters throw your way. Your work is x1000 more important than anything those churches have done. Keep your chin up and know your supporters are everywhere ❤️.
  • Mayp27
    All over the place
    I listened to a few episodes thinking it’d get better but they were all over the place and too many distractions.
  • JRWM
    I support you!
    I am so glad that you are so brave to bring light to this as I am sure it was difficult. It is so good for people to be aware that just because someone claims to be religious doesn’t mean they are a good person. I am so upset by what you have had to go through and it breaks my heart. I am here to support you. I hope this helps being accountability to those who harmed and enabled those who harmed you and others. I also hope this helps others who may be In similar situations to find help and those around them to be more aware of what to look for. I am in Utah where there are also people hiding behind religion while not being a safe person and I hope your voice can help bring change and awareness everywhere.
  • 947user32
    A truly horrifying story that needs to be told
    Kait, First off, I am so sorry that you are being forced to relive these experiences. Growing up on GI, not much older than you, it makes me sick to know that this was/is happening. Your bravery and dedication to disrupting the status quote and holding these monsters accountable, is nothing short of remarkable. You’ve really inspired me to start speaking up for myself about my own trauma and boundaries. I, and so many others, stand with you and want to help, however we can, to make sure no one else has to suffer. Laurie, I promise the brain science stuff really is interesting and very, very helpful.. Thank you both so much
  • Kyliesotelo
    Organization is confusing.
    I’m giving this 5 stars for her bravery. Please tell your story in chronological order.the organization is not good. It’s very confusing I don’t even know what her story is on like episode 7. It would be better if she would have told her story and then unpack other specifics/topics helping others signs etc.
  • ArtbyCady
    The importance of listening
    Kait’s story needs to be heard. She is the voice of the myriad of children who have been trafficked and have no voice. Her bravery is simply amazing and in her stepping out and sharing, she is paving the way for the safety of future children and ensuring justice for those abused. All you have to do is listen and you hear the truth in her voice. You can hear the stress in her sighing after discussing extremely difficult topics. It hits you in the heart. Every person who listens to this podcast owes her a deep debt of gratitude for speaking out. Every mother should be on board. Every father should be protecting their children and demanding justice. It’s time for a change. Thank you, Kait.
  • Desdoo12
    I am on episode 18 & I can’t stop listening to Kait’s story. Also, I want to comment on some of the 1 star ratings: I was a little confused at first as this is different than other podcasts I have listened to. It became apparent to me a few episodes in that Kait is still processing some of this (totally ok with me). She does jump around sometimes, but, this is a horrific story, she can recall it in whatever order she wants. I’m so happy that Kait has Laurie in her corner and we are able to tune into this journey as she so *authentically* shares it with the world. Regarding Kaits giggling - I’m guessing the people who commented on it are super uneducated or very young & have lived a charmed life. Laughter is a coping mechanism for people who have endured trauma(s). Someone else commented on no follow-up to FBI or police reports and YES, she & Laurie did address this. Again I am guessing these people are very young or haven’t watched much REAL crime stories! Check out the pharmacist on Netflix or the stalker series: some of these investigations take a decade to decades. This isn’t an episode of SVU where they catch the bad guys in 1 episode. I am sickened by the immense “organization” that has gone into the trafficking of this young woman and also all of the people involved. I 100% believe Kait. I’m 40 years old and this is one of the best podcasts I have been told about.
  • 50atlast
    Thank you!
    Thank you Pastor Darrin for standing up to the predators and those who ignore and enable them. I understand the concept of grace but I also understand the concept of accountability, responsibility and true repentance. While these people need help they should not be in a situation where they have easy access to continue the abuse. God bless you all for bringing this awful issue to light! May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry.
  • Happinessseeker13
    I stand with Kait
    This is Kait’s story and it is wild. Kait is so brave and I have loved seeing her come out of her shell throughout the episodes as she takes us through her story. Kait holds back language when Laurie is on meaning when Laurie is on she tries not to curse. Laurie is Kait’s therapist and I understand why she would be there. However, Laurie has a clear motive to keep religion and church looking good instead of allowing the possible natural deconstruction of Kait from that which was a huge part of her abuse. To be clear Laurie denounces the churches involved in Kait’s story but she is still very much a religion pusher, as proven by many episodes of exclusive religious content. So if religious trauma is a concern for you (as it is for me) and you’ve already rightfully deconstructed, Laurie can be triggering. The Sheppard episode is a big religious push for the entire episode as are others that Kait isn’t even on at all, is Laurie allowing church leaders to continue pushing church agenda. That part is the only bad thing I have to say about this podcast.
  • jsndbdd d
    Not a five star podcast.
    I’m giving this five stars because I believe Kate and I stand by survivors. I’m hoping getting your ratings up the chart will help you get the attention of someone who can help you tell your very important story. Because this podcast isn’t doing it. You owe no one details of the abuse, of course. But there is no timeline, no linear narrative, nothing. I hope the therapist is not Kate’s therapist because that would likely present ethics issues - especially in terms of any revenue generated from the story. I don’t think she is Kate’s therapist. But what I do think is that she negatively impacts Kate’s ability to tell her story and I wish she wasn’t a co-host - it’s your story. Not hers. No part of it is hers. I’m glad she listened and did what she was trained to do. I’m glad she’s your support through this. I hope she stays there. But I wish she’d prop you up from the shadows. You’re a very brave woman. I hope your story gets the professional amplifier it deserves. You shouldn’t have to have it professionally amplified - I agree - but your bravery and the gravity of the accusations absolutely deserve the protections of professional journalists and storytellers.
  • The Hathaways
    Go Kait!
    Be strong! Keep telling your story. We hear you and we believe you!!!
  • Mrs.Bauman
    Must Listen
    As someone who has experienced childhood trauma, this podcast was very relatable and made me feel more at ease with where I am at life and that I am not alone in my extreme ability to compartmentalize events in my life! Kait, you are a beautiful soul and I wish you all the happiness in the world!
  • SayNoToCults
    I wouldn’t say pointless but….
    I feel for Kait as she clearly has been through trauma. I don't deny or discredit her accusation. I believe whatever her story is to be true (I say whatever her story is because this podcast is very all over the place). I will have to say I was someone raised in church & w/ religion however I was lucky & fortunate enough to learn from the age of high school that most organized religions are just god cults, The Chapel being one of them. There is a lot of talk from the ladies about processes & procedures about situations like this & how there really aren't any (of value or substance) within the chapel. I'II just remind everyone of the separation of church & state. Church's get away with sexual abuse & misconduct, financial fraud and even murder at times. This podcast seems more of current & former chapel members calling out the church on procedures instead of what the original story is. I'm not saying a survivor should have to share every detail but this podcast lacks any detail or explanation of the original topic. She calls everyone her abusers, says this has been going on for decades but doesn't explain how this ever even started. Also, if there is an S&M child abuse "group" I'm pretty sure the FBI would be involved. Police & FBI are mentioned but with no follow up or conclusion. All in all the podcast is very boring & extremely triggering for someone who doesn't follow organized religion. The most triggering is the "God" episode where everything is done by God, good or bad he's always there for you... yuk. Let's reinforce harming people as "gods will" just gross.
  • Sarah Gifford
    We stand with Kait!
    My family did not attend church at Whitehaven, but we were involved with a homeschool group held there for years. I can’t believe we hadn’t heard anything about any of this until last week. My husband and I believe you and stand behind you! I will be sharing on social media and donating/purchasing your merch. To Kait, Laurie, Christiana, and your families, thank you for your incredible bravery.
  • davewright76
    Episodes are all over the place. It’s a chaotic presentation. Not sure of the circumstances surrounding the story and the gaps in it make this podcast awkward to listen to. Maybe it is because it is an ongoing investigation, not sure. If this helps a survivor of abuse deal with the trauma of that abuse, then I’m glad she did it. I just wish it wasn’t so vague and we could relate to what was being said from the position of the victim. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to sympathize.
  • iuvhgo
    Kate is a hero doing the work of heroes!
    I have listened to every true crime podcast ever made and none have gutted me the way Kates story has. More wicked than any Hollywood bad guy. The utter failure of a community and level of depravity and gaslighting that will actually make your blood boil. all in the name of Jesus. Follow and stand behind Kate.
  • frustrated crime junkie
    Not going
    I saw your TikTok and was so interested. I just don’t understand why all the laughing and giggling. I know you have to see it in a different way but if you are telling a story then you need to be serious about the story. I’m listening and I still don’t know the story , you talk and talk and don’t say anything. I just can’t, not good at all. Maybe just stick to TikTok.
  • sdoc5456
    Not your usual podcast
    At all. What it lacks in structure it more than makes up for in courage. I’m only up to Amber and Tim’s episode but I follow on TikTok (how I found the podcast). I’ve never been a victim of SA let alone trafficked and I have no idea how Kait survived, both mentally and physically. I hope this going public brings the monsters what they deserve and shuts down the church for their apparent refusal to properly investigate and make the changes they must to keep children safe. Maybe they’d be more responsive if the IRS looked at their books.
  • PastryChefLee33
    I stand with kate
    As a fellow CPTSD survivor i stand with you and your truth
  • Bessesdotter
    Not cohesive storytelling
    Sounds like 2 besties not a professional therapist and a client. There is no cohesive narrative or an actual explanation of what happened. I’ve tried and given up because it’s rambling and pointless. As a CSA survivor myself I believe Kait and support her but the therapist is making jokes and the giggling is just not indicative of empathy or care.
  • AmandaN34
    Hard to follow
    I was intrigued with the podcast, and I know everyone has their own journey to healing, but this was just rough to listen to. I kept waiting for story line, but it was all over the place. I feel like I’m in the middle of a therapy session with kait and it all just seems so vague.
  • Sarah Lyman
    Thank you Kait and Laurie
    This is an incredible story of a women who survived a huge generational child sex trafficking operation. The story is being told in real time, so please be aware as those who rated it poorly clearly don’t see the bigger picture here or are probably the actual abusers /enablers. If you don’t like the way they’re processing and exposing information as they can - don’t listen but don’t rate it poorly because you were expecting a well produced podcast by a major studio. This is one woman telling her story to the world. Kait’s story needs to be heard. The FBI needs to re-open this case. This is a story of so many and Kait’s bravery is bringing light to the darkest places and will be heard and change will happen. You’re building an army with your story we believe you. Praying for your safety, and for justice to delivered to ALL abusers.
  • spot the difference 😃😀😃
  • Me inNH
    Struggling to keep listening
    I just started listening after seeing Kait’s TikTok. My heart breaks for what she went through. However, not sure I understand what her story is. Very hard to follow. I understand that Kait isn’t able to share the details easily, but if you’re going to make the story the basis for a podcast, then it needs to be told clearly. Similar to what many others have said, it feels like I’m eavesdropping on a conversation without knowing most of the story, and can do without the unrelated banter. The God episode was way too much and I was almost out there. Hopefully it tightens up if I keep following.
  • MissBoo
    Keep talking!!!!
    We're listening. We hear you, we see you.
  • AllieOop1125
    We stand with you!!!
    Kate, we stand with you!! Thank you for sharing your story, I’ve been listening since July but I’m SO glad it’s getting the attention it deserves now!
  • jesihunt
    Crutch words
    Was hard to get started on this series with how many ‘ums’ were in the episodes I started with. An avid podcast listener - it was a struggle to get through.
  • Ekkekekekekkeisisu
    The most captivating podcast!!!!
    I am amazed by the bravery and courage it took to make this podcast, i am from new york and i will spread the word!
  • Sarah Cantrell
    A podcast about something they won’t tell you anything about..
    It doesn’t get better… every episode is just as pointless as the one before..a story without details is literally just noise.. I can’t even figure out why you would want to go public to talk about something, but not say what that something is… I really tried to hang in, in hopes to get a message but all I could gather was Kait was abused by abusers…hard to get invested in something without any details….
  • ksportmom
    Thank you
    The unraveling of this story is gut wrenching and heartbreaking. Kait you are so incredibly brave, keep up the good work. Laurie, you are made for this and you are so strong to stand by Kait as she navigates these muddy and dangerous waters. Don’t ever give up.
  • OSMFarm
    Sticking with you
    I don’t usually review podcasts, but this is not a usual podcast. Usually podcasts aren’t being produced to protect the hosts by broadcasting information that is too dangerous to hold as a secret. The science explainers about trauma were great, so helpful, and the lessons learned about safeguarding children are invaluable (mandatory reporters and others, please know what to do!) But I did *not* expect it to turn into an investigative podcast uncovering new information with real-time, real world repercussions. The two cohosts are likable, articulate, brave women. I’m concerned for their safety but am trusting their obvious intelligence, competence and perseverance. I’m rating and reviewing just to say I’m listening and paying attention, for all the good that can do.
  • CSNlive
    Inspiration for survivors
    I don’t need to hear the details to understand this fight. I believe Kait and support her. This is a current investigation, the details are limited to protect the case, I’m sure. My thoughts for the critical comments and ratings on the podcast is, this is not for your entertainment. This is a real current threat and it’s horrifying. This isn’t a wrapped up case with a polished Netflix show. This is a current fight.
  • Pld39
    Hard to follow
    I’m 10 episodes in and while it is horrible and I had tears of heartbreak, there is a lot missing. I understand not wanting to get into it but that is part of a point of a podcast. I also find the therapist seems to be besties which I find not professional. I’m glad she found her voice to tell her story-ish though!
  • HuskerGirl03
    Thank you
    I was sexually abused as a teenager. This has helped me get help. I find dark humor healing. Thank you for speaking out.
  • katkaye
    Important story that keeps getting interrupted.
    Can someone please give Kate (sorry if I misspelled) an actual studio to record in BY HERSELF? Her story needs to be heard uninterrupted by her annoying therapist. Please. Her therapist is probably trying to capitalize off of her story. Sorry had to turn off.
  • dakini14048
    All exposition and generalities and very difficult to listen to
    I understand this is supposed to be about someone who alleges she was trafficked but I only know that because of a TikTok that brought me here. References are made to a story but we are never told the story. I feel like I’m at a book club meeting but didn’t read the book. There is so much talk about why we should believe what Kait is saying but I don’t know what Kait is saying happened. This podcast is difficult to listen to because almost nothing is said. I’m giving up At episode 6 and I still know nothing about what happened to Kait. The hosts jump all over the place and the one that is not Kait goes on and on about generalities about trauma to the point of really over-explaining and giving multiple unrelated examples. I have no idea what Kait says happened to her. This podcast should be called “why Kait isn’t lying but we aren’t going to tell you what she alleges happened”.
  • Itscryttle
    Shining a light on religious abuse
    Absolutely a must listen. Way too often people use religion to hide their awful behavior. They have been given way too much freedom to abuse and continue with it. It’s time for their families to know what they have done. It’s time for them to face consequences
  • NG3847
    Story needs to be brought into light!
    This story needs to be shared!! Kait is beyond brave. #istandwithkait
  • politicalchick
    Very Brave
    Kait is amazing and so strong. I admire her so much for what she is doing. Going up against such a powerful institution as the church takes a warrior and she is definitely one of those— even when she may not feel like it. Thank you for your leadership Kait — you are supported here in Maryland!
  • Mrs Bunz
    Such a brave story
    Kait and Laurie are not only bringing light to horrible decades long abuse, but also educating listeners on how help people in the future. This is a great podcast to listen to if you ever said to yourself “why didn’t they say something earlier” when told about an abuse situation.
  • stopyellinh
    Remarkably Brave
    I don’t know Kait personally. I’ve been all in on her journey since day one of listening to this podcast. She is absolutely the bravest person I have ever come across. Any negative reviews are just mind boggling and clearly you missed the point. Kait and Laurie are a force - we are lucky woman like them exist in this world.
  • YetiJones
    Pieces missing
    I really like Kait and Lori, and I feel like some of the clinical insight Lori gives is very helpful to me - but I feel like I’m constantly missing huge chunks of information in order to follow this podcast. Maybe it’s because I'm notfamiliar with the church involved, but I have stopped listening. As another reviewer said, I am sure this is helpful for others, but it’s too hard to follow as an outsider.
  • LindsayMaraJ
    So Brave
    This story is amazing. This world is lucky to have someone like Kait.
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