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It’s going DOWN in the comments in this new weekly show from defender of women on the internet, Drew Afualo! Join Drew and a new weekly guest as they explore the dreaded COMMENT SECTION of their tagged videos on TikTok. Through a candid discussion and lots of laughs, Drew keeps it real and gives in-depth advice on the issues that you care about most.

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  • Ajaz0810
    Toxic Femininity
    Don’t waste your time. Toxic Femininity isn’t empowering.
  • SeriouslySnapeAlwaus
    I like Drew Afualo
    But I don’t really enjoy the podcast content. Some of the opinions and things said are not fully thought out in my opinion. It would be nice to see a wider variety of guests—besides tik tok famous people. I started listening due to Drew’s interview on Christy Carlson Romano’s pod. I just couldn’t get into this podcast the same way unfortunately.
  • artimari
    Love this podcast!
    This podcast is super empowering! It is a great podcast to listen to when you need a little up lifting and want to be pumped up while getting awesome information to know!
  • Unicornpowers
    Drew is the best
    I listen to this podcast every week while I am doing homework. Any guy who actually likes women can learn a thing or two from Drew!
  • MarieAC14
    This women is amazing!!! She brings in the best guest!!! Her conversations are iconic!!!
  • LoudenG
    This women will give you the wings to fly up and over these men’s tiny minds. 🚀
  • Cabby009
    If I could give it 0 stars I would so I’ll settle for the word trash.
  • kellikatty
    Drew forever!
    Drew is a revelation. All women need Drew some just don’t know it yet. From beauty to serious feminism it’s all here!
  • Alexandragrace417
    We Stan Drew
    Not only is this podcast HILARIOUS and look forward to it every week, but it has educated me so much. I feel like Drew has really opened my mind and perspective while also being funny and real
  • miss juicybabyy
    Wanted to love this!
    I love the podcast Drew and her sister do together so I thought I would love this too but I am not a fan. I think this podcast would be much better without the whole TikTok commenting aspect. I understand that’s the premise of the show but I think this podcast would be greatly improved if it was more conversational and storytelling like your other podcast. I feel like discussing two three minute videos for an hour is not the way to go because there is only so much you can stay and the videos honestly are sounding redundant even with the different guests. like you literally say the same thing almost every episode about how much the girls love you which is true but there’s no sustenance after that :( I want to hear from the guests and I want to hear from you! I want to hear your funny stories and I want to hear you have that wonderful repertoire you’re able to cultivate with people. <3
  • ssradley7
    I feel seen
    The way a straight cis woman showcases mostly LGBT creators… chefs kiss. A true ally. Where were you when I was in high school?
  • KenzieMarie13
    Two people talking at each other
    I love Drew and love the podcast idea but the execution is terrible. Drew talks at the guests and talks about her own platform instead of interviewing each guest and getting to know them or asking them anything. She also talks about videos she’s seen on Tik tok but doesn’t show them and if you haven’t seen the video you’re lost.
  • 21yo female
    I love your podcast! Listening to y’all makes me feel so strong and uplifted. Honesty my confidence and self-esteem has risen so much thanks to your podcast… and therapy😅 Thank you!
  • ribarra_
    This is the first and only podcast I have ever downloaded on my phone lol it is so entertaining. Drew definitely gives me the confidence and courage I need and was long overdue for. Love what this amazing woman is doing in this platform. 🤍🔥🙌🏼
  • gaysfordrew
    My favorite podcast
    This is my favorite podcast please make more episodes and continue making more content!! thank you so much for what you do to uplift women 💕
  • julirump
    must listen
    drew is an icon that’s all ❤️
  • collegegirl17
    constructive feedback
    This is so hard for me to write because I am a huge fan of drew and I support her message 10000%. But something I’ve noticed with this podcast is I feel like I really don’t get to hear the guests talk much at all. In the episode with Jackie Aina I feel like she could barely get a word in. I would love to hear the conversation sounding more even or for drew to ask more questions because a lot of times I’m really excited to hear from these guests and feel like I end up getting very little from them.
  • diannahallen
    Drew content? It gets me through life babe.
    As someone who grew up as a people pleaser, Drew is the Virgo bestie in my ear I need at all times.
  • mlynnette64
    10/10 new holes
  • Unicorn pops
    Trixie, Brittany and Drew
    I just want a podcast with those three. 👆
  • witchybaddie
    Love her
    Omg I love her!!!
  • Jainieeee
    I’d love to be able to say I love it or hate it
    But the audio quality and leveling is so bad, I can’t listen to it :( seriously, Drew comes through so loudly but her guest is quiet, or vice versa. I would invest in better equipment, this is common starting out and I waited to see if it would improve, but if anything it’s gotten worse. Sad because I love Drew and her guests are people I’d love to hear. Just can’t listen to an episode without getting screamed at by Drew to hear the guest
  • Leviticurse
    You’re a Star 🤩
    girl I hope you have it all, you deserve it 👑💗 love you x
  • lolaxxlolaa
    Um .. I love it
    There’s nothing else to say that Drew hasn’t already said. Men ? GARBAGE so let’s roast em 😂😂🫶🏼
  • astarks1
    This show is so hilariously fun! - infinity stars!
    I get so much joy from this show. Like, nothing should be this funny. I’ve listened to the Leo Gonzalez episode probably 15 times. And imma keep doin’ to it! 🤠🤪
  • Jazzmin Kay
    Jesus Christ
    I cannot listen to this without almost peeing my pants. For real though, my in-laws are being super homophobic rn and Drew makes me feel like I have a fun group of friends ready to roast them at a moments notice. Truly a gem. If you ever need a kidney you can have mine.
  • LBatmanD
    From her TikTok’s to this pod, drew is on FIRE!!! Love it!
  • spo_a
    Absolutely love Drew, i’m so happy you guys gave her a long form platform. I couldn’t get enough of her on tik tok 🥰
    Inconsistent volume issue
    I absolutely love this podcast ! I look forward to it every Wednesday! Drew is my idol ! As much as I love this show , I do have issues with the volume and audio quality being inconsistent! I raise the volume all the way up to hear it and jump at the time of any ads because they are so much louder ! Can the podcast audio / quality be at the same volume/loudness of the ads ? I have to listen on my headphone because the quality is terrible ! Please fix !
  • chloe alexxus
    fun show, love everything drew represents, but please get this girl an astrologer if she’s gonna keep running with it
  • randommansodoskcjis
    15/10 would recommend to everyone ❤️❤️
  • Thenjennsaid
    I love the podcast, but…
    I love the podcast, it’s hilarious! But why are the ads sounding like an early 2000’s late night commercial jolting you up from your sleep? Can’t we keep the volume consistent with the content? Or even better, increase the volume of the content so I can keep the volume at a consistent place and not struggle to turn it down when ads come on. Please and thank you!
  • Lyanne Arevalo
    Thanks girl
    You are incredible thanks for all the women u have continued to uplift including me. I am a fan I have always said “I never said I’m nice” to hear it from u is just iconic✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ met you on Tik Tok FYP have never turned back❗️
  • Cbcomeau
    This is Amazing.
    Came for the laugh. Stayed for the content. Drew and her guests are hilarious! ❤️
  • Lookoutforus1
    LOVE THIS PODCAST. Needs better audio.
    I love this podcast!!! The audio needs improvement.
  • Elise Graziano
    my thoughts
    The only thing I don’t like is that I couldn’t hear it real good at certain points. I realize that’s a me issue. And I’d love nothing more than to blast this in my car at the highest volume like cool people do with indie music. I LOVE YOU
  • JMAMA21
    Even when I don’t get the reference your laugh is contagious I be cracking up!! Love the show
  • Angeline8168
    Drew is the best!
    I follow Drew’s content YouTube and of course have seen so many TikTok takedowns. She is hilarious, intellectual, and witty! Love her
  • Kris9122
    All hail the Queen
    Love Drew and everything she stands for. She’s funny and interesting as well as her guests, who she always has great chemistry with.
  • Walkerjnxo
    This is funny!
    I love when women 🤩🥰
  • yeet yoot 696969
    one critique
    love it only thing is that drew is always so quiet compared to her guests so half the time i’m being yelled at and the other im like wuts she saying
  • skyeconley25
    couldn’t be more obsessed with this podcast!!! Drew is amazing and her guests are too!!! Girl ily
  • grew1010
    Killing’ it
    Love my girl Drew and how she is tearing down these dudes. Keep it going girl!!!!
  • idunnowhattouse
    She’s so amazing at debunking the dumbest takes. ❤️
  • LoveApps!
    Love her
  • Alex Schar
    Sadly even as a woman, I’m a rise and grind hustle hard, girl boss kind of girl and I only listen to podcasts about business. My friend sent me this podcast and I was like nah, love both Brittany and Drew, but I don’t have time. I listened to it anyway and oh my gosh I WAS SCREAMING LAUGHING. I forgot how much more funny women are than men. And literally so many podcast are littered with men and it’s exhausting and BORING. This podcast was a complete breath of fresh air and it was SO hilarious. 10/10 recommend it. Love this, you’re so awesome Drew. Keep it up
  • fiveeninee
    Love me some Drew ❤️✨
  • MaggieT09
    Loveeeee u DREWWWW
    Love the realness and hilarious conversations this podcast has. Always positive and inspiring convos too on self love and revealing the foul ugliness of most men lol. Wish women were the only humans lol.
  • aksjqidnwidn
    love Drew and this pod but please turn up the audio. the ads are loud and the actual content is so quiet even on full blast. I see other listeners have this problem too. pls turn up so I can keep listening :(
  • T.Sweezyy
    Drew’s quick wit and laugh are everything! I love every guest she has on.
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