Impact Winter


“They came after the impact and the firestorms. When the sun went dark. Like they’d been there all along. Just waiting.”
From executive producers of The Walking Dead and Travis Beacham, the writer of Pacific Rim, comes a heart-stopping Audible Original featuring a brilliant British cast. It’s the near future and seven years since a comet hit the earth and blotted out the sun. The world is a dark, frozen landscape. And then, beastly creatures emerge and take over. Can they really be vampires?
In the British countryside, a band of survivors forms a resistance in the fallout shelter of a medieval castle. Darcy is a battle-tested vampire hunter who is at the front line leading the charge to save humanity. Meanwhile, her younger sister Hope wants life to return normal so she can go above ground and know what it’s like to live again. And she just might be willing to risk it all.
A story of apocalypse, horror, and adventure, Impact Winter is a wholly original new saga created just for Audible with immersive 3D audio that dares you to pop in your earbuds and listen in the dark. Venture into an eternally sunless world of swords and crossbows; primal hunters and shape-shifters; leaders and lovers. Hear how a brave few fight to survive the impact winter.
Starring Liam Cunningham as Jepson Belgrave, Holliday Grainger as Darcy, Esme Creed-Miles as Hope, David Gyasi as Rook, Bella Ramsey as Whisper and Indira Varma as Kallistrata, Himesh Patel as Felix. 
Written, directed and executive produced by Travis Beacham. Also Executive Produced by Robert Kirkman, David Alpert, Rick Jacobs, Bryan Furst, Sean Furst and Alexandra August of Skybound Entertainment, Bard Dorros and Zack Hayden of Anonymous Content and Cliff Roberts. Executive producer for Audible was Matt Patterson.
Associate Producer: Wes Mazda
Please note: This content is for mature audiences only. It contains adult language and themes. Discretion is advised.

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Recent Reviews
    Superb audio drama
    Superb audio drama about a post-apocalyptic vampire world, complete with an excellent vocal cast and production. One of the best audio drama podcasts right now.
  • Lorie69
    Good story
    Entertaining story but the last episode is very misleading by being so long and half of it it’s credits.
  • AngelDeath
    So. Well. Done!
    And I’m a bit put off that there isn’t more. I understand, but still very sad. The actors & actresses pulled you in and you actually FELT for them. Just…so good.
  • Stapleton0105
    Absolutely love this series so far. Came across it while I work and listened to the whole thing in one day. Can’t wait for the second season to come out and see where it goes.
  • BrigeMcQ
    Top Quality
    Top notch sound and production. Story line is very well written.
    As a long time fan of sci-fi and fantasy, this was right up my alley. Loved everything about this podcast (my first!).
  • AJCarro1
    This series was so thoroughly immersive that I caught myself quickly spinning around responding to sounds I thought were happening in real life! The story was terrific, I just hope that season 2 (if developed) doesn’t go woke. Keep it balanced and non-biased and this will surely be another example of epic storytelling meant to be respite from the problems of the world.
  • Snorfulus
    Such a great show!
  • Frog Crab
    Story, dialog and voice actors were all outstanding
  • jenniR1234
    Love ❤️
    I hope there will be more! I am now swayed to audible!
  • OldEarthling
    This was good.
    Good story, interesting story ark’s! Looking forward to hearing comes next.
  • jadrunn
    Very good
    Very good!
  • pleasestayopen
    Love it
    Cannot wait until the next books comes out. It’s worth listening too!!!
  • Nub ninja
    Good book, basically just a split up audible book.
    This is the first book of a series which is on audible but NOT free. Bonus: no ads for other podcasts, mail order toothpaste services, or remote location mental health treatment.
  • jtr84
    Please Make a Sequel!!!
    Excellent story telling, fantastic performances. It kept me engaged throughout. I would love to see a sequel made. Maybe a movie or series?!?!?
  • RJ_Mouse
    Well done!
    Very entertaining and not weighted down with unnecessary back stories and filler. The progression will have your attention, and keep it. Well done!
  • sj489
    Great listen
    Very entertaining! Little to no down time during episodes. Hope there is a second season.
  • Gonzotoo
    Wow, not what I expected
    No idea how I ended up listening to this in the first place. Clearly there is some strong magic going on here. This is a brilliant podcast, a wonderful story and holy crap I couldn’t get enough of it. Action, family, love! It’s all there. Listen to it! You will be glad you did
  • Batarang Force
    I’ve tried to listen to several entertainment/fiction podcasts and never got through them for numerous reasons. This is the first one that was exceptional in performance and suspension of disbelief on multiple levels. The acting was excellent, as if they were physically enacting the parts. Sound effects were perfect. Highly recommend.
  • Coeur de Parisienne
    Simply Put: Overall Outstanding
    I LOVED this. It is what all drama style podcasts should follow no matter the genre. The creators, writers voice actors, etc have it right! I could not stop listening, so I binged it throughout the entire day - you have to do RL sometimes. That storyline, wow! You HAVE to watch it to appreciate it better. This’ll be the 4th time binging since I found it. I NEVER do that.
  • looooooooooookkkkkkkk
    Make More
    Where’s the movie at lol this was great
  • jrogers0809
    Amazing podcast
    This is one of the BEST podcast I have listened to yet. Amazing cast, sound effects and storyline. I wish more were made like this. Please make more. My fingers are crossed.
  • AnataliaJoy
    Loved it! SEASON 2 PLEASE!!
    For real!! Don’t leave us hanging!!
  • hrtroyer
    Hope is ssssoooo annoying. Rooke is a monster. Vampires are monsters they literally go around killing people. 🙄🙄 Stop trying to justify it.
  • clooneythescourge
    The best audio drama I have indulged in yet
    First of all the world building is fantastic . The atmosphere of the rual moors of post apocalyptic England provide a grim setting overall . Voice acting and sound engineering are perfect . Really liked the direction the story goes and the writing was great . Please please do a season 2 .
  • Pegs penknives
    This podcast was amazing and I would love to see it on the big screen!
  • Planetseason
    So incredibly good! Not a dull moment.
    The British cast was indeed a rich touch! Here are a few very quotes: “Their words are weapons!” “We are only born once, against our will. Rebirth is the choice of the reborn.” “If the devil come for me, she won’t knock.” “I’d rather be a monster in a living world than a king of a dead one.” I certainly hope there’s a sequel to follow Mr. Travis Beacham!
  • Arkansas1961
    Weeding and listening!
    This was great and helped me while I do weeding and chores. I wanted to keep weeding! Thanks.
  • D gamer yt
    Can’t just end it like that?!?
    Bro this is the best podcast I’ve heard in a long time we need more pod cast like this the story was well written and the way they do scribes it was amazing too can’t wait for season 2
  • yaBoiChoco
    Great listen
    Super fun to listen to. The story would of been just as great with Felix not being a certified wiener.
  • DylanOnTheMoon
    Need more like this!
    Man, I was suffering from the flu and couldn’t sleep at night. Listened to this all the way through. It was well written and performed. There needs to be more like this story. In-depth and appealing.
  • kkchristina
    Stumbled upon
    Found this by chance and tore through it in one sitting! Always been a fan of vampire stories and lore. Combine it with a dystopian edge and pure gold!
  • papanaq
    The best!
    I feel like this was one of the most intricate and entertaining vampire origin stories. New life into an old story
  • iaxat
    Read reviews about people complaining about show being too feministic. But that is the thing that makes it unique and amazing. It’s beautiful and amazing.
  • Margarita-mixx
    Oh my jeez!!
    The worst thing about this series is….. that it’s over and I’m starving for more!!!! It’s a FANTASTICALLY enthralling story!!! This is what I imagine when I think of those times where families used to sit around the radio to hear stories!!!! I really hope this continues or turns in to an actual movie!
  • rmac369
    Did you love We’re Alive? You’ll love this! Totally engrossed in this story the entire series. I can’t wait for season 2
  • alsjfktkebjgbt
    Well done but frustrating at times
    One of the better produced audio dramas out there. However suffers from the typical 2022 “men stupid and women powerful and smart” narrative. The younger sister is also incredibly frustrating to listen to at times.
  • scarlettragedy
    I lovvvve!
    I love this sm! Wish it was longer!!
  • Big Pauli
    It’s terrific
    I’ve only just started, but it’s really great.
  • beer870
    Good story, pretty sexist
    Story is good we’ll put together and voiced. Great sound effects. Struggled to get past how sexist and demasculating it is towards men. Eh, it’s 2022. Hidden agenda in everything.
  • JaneBerlinH
    They need to redo the cover art
    I kept skipping over this one because the cover art looks amateur. Believe me when i say- this fiction podcast is NOT amateur. The voice actors are excellent. The dialogue flows smoothly. Production quality is legit and the story is entertaining. I listened to the whole thing in one sitting. I was definitely entertained. High five creators.
  • Just Judgment lol 😭
    This story is captivating ! Loved the characters! Can’t wait to hear more 🤗
  • ?!?!,.,??,.
    Awesome Show
    Really liked this one. Hoping some more episodes come out and continue on with the story.
  • prubelle
    I find almost all of the narrative podcasts somewhat painful (even the ones I keep listening to) - this is the first one that didn’t make me cringe even once. Great actors, loved the story, can’t wait for more.
  • Marinemom51
    Binge worthy
    I really appreciated the detail taken in different relationships. Having an older sister myself I loved the sisterhood and love between Darcy and Hope. Thought it was brilliant to have an Over Lord miss the smell of cut grass and stars. The dialog in that episode between Darcy and her maker was humanizing and foreshadowing.
  • P. Moor
    Incredible show
    Audible, please do more like this. It reads like a novel and reminds me why I love gothic literature again. The music, sound, and acting are all on point. Six stars if I could. It maintains the delicate balance between being a satisfying story that ties up by the end while still leaving room for future adventures.
  • KatherSV
    Best yet
    Just finished the last episode and WOW! Best fictional podcast I’ve heard yet, ended up binging the whole thing. Need more asap!
  • Babshageg
    Haven’t heard an audio podcast of this magnitude in a long while, 5 stars
  • Charles Floyd
    Impact Winter
    Amazing Show… absolutely great!
  • SGF122
    This show was EPIC! If you like vampires, this is the show for you! I’m sad it’s over & will be impatiently waiting for season 2 (also, PLS make season 2!!!) I need more of this! Totally recommend!
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