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Will Angus & Liam Cullagh are immortal wizards that have played a major role in human development for centuries and this is their podcast.

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  • tylertheboi
    Will and Liam. and Emily 🙂
  • GordonKlangers
    Bugs are in my head.
    Crane Fly. More than 15,500 species and over 500 genera of crane flies have been described, the majority by Charles Paul Alexander, who published descriptions of 10,890 new species and subspecies, and 256 new genera and subgenera over a period of 71 years, from 1910 to 1981.
  • Sarver81
  • Alex2224526178394
    My new favorite
    Glad I got into this podcast kinda early on. You guys are hilarious!
  • TNT&TedTurnerSuck
    Great show
    Best podcast in town but oh my god watching the videos and having to see the hosts almost makes it not worth listening. These dudes are seriously some of the scariest human beings I’ve ever seen and i worked in a maximum security prison for 15 years. Wills skin just does not look like skin. I don’t know how to describe it but he looks like he had a coat of fur that once covered his body, but all the fur fell off. Agains great podcast, but it’s like watching a scary movie when i visually see them. I highly recommend just audio. The other host Liam’s eyes are black legit completely black, like a sharks eyes. I get all excited to listen and then i get distracted because everytime i see his face i can’t hear them talking over the Jaws music playing in my head. Then they’ll start with the improv and i just keep thinking to myself don’t act like you’re both humans. It’s not their fault, but good god man maybe cover their faces or something? Unfortunately you’re not going to find a better podcast around. Wills hands look like feet…really long palms, short fingers, really disturbing. Liam looks like he can breathe underwater. I get a legit adrenaline rush when i see them show up on the screen. I know a few people who have seen Liam do his man on the street videos and they say he’s a nice guy, but i don’t know. Have you ever noticed that since Friday Beers moved locations there’s been an odd amount of cats missing in the area? I feel like these guys have something to do with that. Emily is great. Amazing podcast 5 stars.
  • victoriacoughlin
    Super funny
    Learned about you guys from Cody Ko and I’ve been slowly putting my boyfriend on to the pod too. You guys are so funny and we always love your characters
  • Washburn420
  • No4MeDog
    Supes Mid
    Lack of preparation shows in every episode
  • I love app games
    In a world where top comedy podcasts have turned into talking about rich people things and 50 year old fitness, these two are legit funny and actually prepare resulting in killer shows
  • Toby Janobi
    Yes pls
    I feel like gods little angel when listening
  • Brocass
    To the moon
    Never been more sure a podcast was destined for glory
  • camcamden
    coming to you as a narcissist
    i love this podcast more than i love myself
  • Bryceyyyy
    Good stuff
    Only gripe I have; On an obviously comedy podcast it never ceases to amaze me how often Emily is virtue signaling because god forbid theres a single joke that goes over the line (this happens every episode & its never anything not lighthearted). It’s a comedy show. Lighten up. Your image will be just fine.
  • SteveFromRecords
    Love the podcast
    Will looks like a big toe
  • Jon Jack 1856
    Funny but
    Will funny but had to stop listening because Liam’s too mean to Emily
  • drewchristmann
    would be better if will had a beard
  • Spacevegan
    So so so so insightful
    Of great social and political import
  • Goodishmaneeeee
    It’s alright
    You guys are funny but when you start talking politics it’s pretty cringe. You guys have no idea what you’re talking about and contradict yourself. Stick to just being funny and don’t say polarizing things especially when you don’t know what you’re talking about. Funny bits tho
  • chris 9696
    If you were to draw a parallel to another bit-driven comedy podcast it is absolutely hilarious that Adam Friedland comps with Emily
  • goat905
    so awesome
    as somebody with four cousins this is freaking awesome
  • Floppy Wanker
    Bros being bros
    You can tell these guys space dock ❤️❤️❤️
  • Cipdvtjt
    I’m gay
    I’m gay and I approve
  • Theladynotthetramp
    this podcast will make you think you have friends
  • Jlh2016bu
    need more
    hurry up, need more episodes
  • DanFanOfSas
    This podcast taught me more than any school ever could.
  • Rico Buggerton
    Just well done
    You can to tell they put little to no effort into the podcast and the product is still above average. Kudos fellas
  • halfmanhalfamazing1
    Just what the doctor ordered
    Podcast BY depressed people FOR depressed people
  • thegrilldaddy69
    I have a character:
    Three millennials run a terrible podcast.
  • peanut butterrrrr
    so hot so cool
    I love you guys & you make me cackle
  • walter chesterfielder
    this is the worst thing i’ve ever watched
    i decided it would be fun to listen to this podcast, i turned it on and immediately got in my car and drove through my town hitting every car and pedestrian i could see. i then raided every home and ate every dog and then blew my brains out with a tank because of how crazy it made me feel. highly would recommend! 5 stars!
  • Davis Matheney
    Love the podcast!!
  • Better of else where.
    The three of you are wonderful.
    So I’ve been in the Navy for about 19 years and the energy your team brings to the table matches some of the relationships I’ve had since day one. Will - you steer this ship in a way that’s unmatched by most seasoned comedians. One thing I really like when you do, is when you talk about mental health and it comes across really genuine. The best part is when you break character in your skits. 10/10. Emily - You put up with some pretty crummy stuff from these guys, you let it bounce off and that’s great. Your dog is awesome, please tell stories of that pup biting Liam in the throat. Not like a kiss bite but like a Cujo bite. 10/10, it’ll be 15/10 if we can get audio of you tossing a bag of marbles and nails at Liam. Liam, wrote you a message on Instagram and it got lost in the millions of messages you get daily and I get that. Maybe one day I’ll get a response or maybe years from now when you are putting your hands on the Hollywood wall of fame you’ll have a character along the lines of Stan from that one Eminem song. 8/10 due to never hearing back from you. It’ll go to a 20/20 if you and angus send me a video saying : GO NAVY BEAT ARMY!!! All three of you are great, thank you for the laughs, two hours I have to drive Monday thru Friday and the laughs really help. Liam, looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks again! - Nick
  • yoshichambers
    Will Angus
    I don’t understand why you have a direct line to make me laugh but it’s uncontrollable. Great podcast all together and I really enjoy listening! Thank you to all 3 of you.
  • Durkle Jankens
    My dads gay
    I can’t listen while working out or at the office because it makes me laugh out loud. 5 stars.
  • I've got Christmas swagg
    reveiw 5 starxs
    i’m listening and smiling . yes!
  • Appok00
    Can’t wait for the next ‘sode!!!
    My grandpa told me he’d kill himself if I showed him another tiktok in the hospital and I showed him one anyway and he did. Great show.
  • That Body Though
    Bud lights
    I’m here from the anything better pod … so that ad worked boys …. Ima crack a few crispy boys and give it a go! Salud!
  • M.T. Kegs
    Hot ‘cast
    Oh baby fire me up
  • 121314663 goon
    This is probably the best podcast that should be listened to at the end of the week (typically on a Friday) while drinking a nice cold brew, possibly with condensation on the bottle or can.
  • Not Dua Lipa
    Best thing since they put beer in a can 🤝
  • Fggffgj
  • mikeMcDermott>KGB
    Loved the Cody Ko episode
    You guys meshed well with Cody. I think he was a great first guest and provided great banter
  • jackpot joey7
    Funny guys
    Heck yeah! New favorite pod!
  • wpeteeeeeerrrrr
    My new favorite podcast
  • Akjigga
    Hits different
    Per usual, doesn’t miss…
  • Sud Sudler
    Gary guy seems really chill, will definitely keep listening just because of him
  • Payton Watts
    Friday beers Texas Tech
    Just 20 pieced Oklahoma need free beers
  • AngusHW
    So good
    How was the podcast? It wasn't good… it was fantastic! The costumes, the pageantry, wow what a production
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