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Real Ones is a weekly podcast with Jon Bernthal that gives the microphone to some of the most interesting, authentic people living on the front lines of the big issues of our time. From cops to gang members, soldiers and doctors, activists and first responders, you’re going to hear from people who aren’t pushing any agenda other than honest, open dialogue. What transpires is informative, funny, and at times heartbreaking – delivered by people you’ll feel an immediate connection to.

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  • Thruxton996
    This podcast is great! The Rocco episode had me in tears, veteran stories reach down to my core. The only thing I can suggest is the volume, need Bernthal’s mic to be louder.
  • Corvus Anduril
    Stands out from the rest
    This is an awesome podcast because Bernthal interviews authentic, real-world people. He's not interviewing boring celebs who live in fantasy worlds. There is, although, room for improvement. 1- Bernthal needs to introduce who he's interviewing, tell us who they are and how you know them. 2- The editing of the audio is awful. The sound is always way too quiet so then i have to turn up the volume, but if they get too close to the mic or start to yell, it gets way too loud. Whoever edits the audio needs to learn how to balance. I dont have this issue with any other podcast.
  • santichago22
    Can’t hear it
    Turn the volume up big dawg or speak closer into the mic's, porfavor Other than that the show is dope
  • Vero4358
    Wow, what a gem!
    Just binged three episodes and really enjoying it. The conversations are deep, funny and insightful. Keep em coming Jon!
  • hckytwngurl
    Best episode yet- Vinnie Vargas
    I have followed VRV for a few years now— there is an empathy for vets deep in me after being a military spouse & meeting a lot of —at the time— current soldiers, vets while living in the military community. People need to hear his experience & how he succeeds with the trauma & does the work to try to heal from it. I thank him for sharing such a personal part of himself & you for giving him the platform to share & your interview style is perfect, Jon. The military has made strides to try to take care of these men & women who give/gave all but they still have a long way to go. People like you & Vinnie who talk about these types of tough subjects not to mention the suicide rate & YES!! focus on the vets who make it every day no matter how hard it was. As a society, we need to provide better medical & mental health care to the people who go into these arenas to ensure our way of life continues. Please, both of you—keep making these stories available & getting them heard. Love & support.
  • sle3665
    Want to love
    Love Jon & was excited to listen to this podcast. It feels like you’re a fly on the wall listening to a conversation. However, there’s a downside to that. Most of the time there’s no explanation about who they are referring to so without being an insider, you have to do some digging to figure it out. Now it feels like I’m more of an eavesdropper than someone being welcomed into the conversation. There’s simply no context for the majority of the conversations, which makes me lose interest. Hope that changes in the future, I’d love to come back.
  • DreaB2023
    Such a real podcast! Jon Bernthal has the best voice!
  • Dave12689932909
    Awesome Rabbi Mordecai Finley episode!
    I have been listening to your podcast since you have been putting them out, they all are good; but the Finley podcast was mind blowing. I have listened to him before he’s a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, if you can and he’s willing please try and get him back on… believe me he’s got more knowledge to share.
  • racingintothefuture
    As real as it gets
    Great show
  • Gia4ya
    Real talk
    I love listening to your podcast!
  • jbpdam
    Phenomenal Show!
    Fascinating guests and Jon himself seems like a genuine human being. Glad I found this show. Keep up the great work!
  • NierOh
    It’s no Bag Fries but it’s pretty interesting
  • Dre0831
    These interviews really hit your heart!!! 💗
  • DizzyHippy98
    Awesome show
    Love Jon, glad he’s doing this show. Very interesting guests, like the undercover hells angel, and good topics. Hope it keeps going strong 🤙🏾
  • brooke;)))
    I have found my favorite podcast. This is excellent work on digging deep and sharing true feelings. I love it !!!
  • Sapien8083
    This f&#%ing show
    So dope ! Love that Jon is doing this !!!!
  • ruyleo
    Shockingly Beautiful
    I was stunned with the insight, intelligence and perspectives of Jose Gonzalez. What a incredibly vivid story. It’s very rare to want to listen to a podcast episode more than once, this is that good.
  • Alexander0630
    Love this talk show
    The episode with Shia was by far my favorite so far. The amount of self growth and the way he went through so much and is turning it around is inspiring. Keep up the awesome work all men should listen to this podcast
  • Angel TED
    This is something special!
    This podcast is something of a fresh air where people who aren’t perfect tell their side of the story and I’m here for it!!! Jon is a great person you can tell he cares a lot about his guests I hope he continues to have the success he deserves !! Thanks JoN
  • ato bridging the divide
    Podcast based on open mindedness
    I love him as an actor but even more to hear his very open minded approach to society. There are two sides to every coin and he takes a very logical and evidence, not rage, based approach to analyzing topics. Thank you
  • KGL2287
    Great Stuff!!
    Awesome Conversations!
  • David_S8324
    Congrats on the worst Joe Rogan episode of all time
    Please learn basic conversation skills where you ask the other person if they have input instead of ear beating people with a monologue. Were you on speed?
  • Ribbit6619
    Definitely no Rogan & seems to think pretty highly of himself- seems like every actor has a podcast now and wants to grow an empire but you cannot be so egotistical and expect us little people to listen. This guy wants to turn every conversation with everyone on his cast into a discussion of himself/his experiences. If you just wanna talk about you, don’t bother with guests, they’re just a vehicle and they have to realize it.
  • YupOkay
    Great show
  • Brides/456
    More than just entertaining
    Podcasts are often entertaining, but this podcast is more than that, it’s important discussions with exceptional people. These ordinary yet exceptional people, sharing their experiences, mistakes, wisdom & commitment to being the best version of themselves, this is so important. It’s the only podcast that I feel truly moves my heart. Jon, what a legacy you’re giving this world. You are gifted in your ability to not only find fascinating people to interview, but your interview style is so niche and rare. Thank you. Please keep these interviews coming.
  • Vigo rank j
    Raw and beautiful
    Walls are down and hearts opens up. Love this podcast. And I’m not a fan of podcast because it reminds me AM radio.
  • Jwttomlin123!
    You guys saved my life
    I just want to thank both of you so much. You saved me from killing myself. I hurt my neck and back a while ago and it has caused me to spiral into an emotional turmoil that I feel like there is no escape from. I am drinking a fifth of vodka a day or more, and it’s tough to know the problem and how to fix it, but be unable to. I’m from Detroit and was raised to be tough, and being anything less is unacceptable in my mind. But your show, John, and your story Nick, resonates with me in a way I wish I could explain and express. So, just…thank you. I need to be the man I know I can be for my fiancé and daughter, and your show and your story is helping me realize that. I just feel so guilty. I’m better than this. Thank you for your guidance.
  • cantinlady
    Shia Lebeouf
    Wow. Always been a fan of ShiaLeBeouf since I was a kid. I dont really follow celeb newslike other people so I NEVER knew what came of him or where he went. This was so sad to listen to but at the same time empowering. Keep moving Shia , keep moving forward.
  • Ferrodani
    Inspiring, healing and transcendent
    What a transformative and profound conversation. So inspiring to have a host that allows for the person exposing their soul to actually communicate. Just wow.
  • opmike269
    Great podcast
    Amazing guest and the most interesting topics. Love
  • unacunac
    This guy is so inauthentic and pretend.
  • kevinsprinkle
    Life changer
    The first episode I listened to was Shia LeBeouf was absolutely life changing. His realness and transparency along with how he describes things punched me right in the face. I needed to hear someone be that honest. So much of this parallels my life. I’m 58 years old and this is the first time I’ve faced many things after hearing this. If anyone from the podcast sees this tell those involved thank you. This is tearing me up but I can feel healing and growth coming.
  • Tlock28
    Richard Cabral
    That was absolutely one of the most influential podcast I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. I connected in so many ways that it’s been on my mind so heavy . Thank you for helping shed light on things that so many of us have endured. It’s gives hope when you see others have made it . The emotions he was feeling radiated through the mic . And struck a cord that I didn’t know was still yearning to be heard . You said so many things I’ve felt been never knew how to articulate. And for that I am truly grateful.
  • Reign of steele
    I just listened to the one with Richard Cabral and we couldn’t be farther apart. He grew up in gangs , and prison and I am in the Bible Belt midwest, homeschooled and now a mom and working every day running a restaurant . Living the Suburban life but I am so touched by his story. The part about him saying maxing out in everything in your life I found so inspirational and so profound . And being present and just live your kids . Thank you for bring these stories out to the world.
  • Boom0071
    Wow what an amazing podcast I’m gonna listen to this one again !!!!!! So many emotions you can feel the intensity!! My favorite podcast by far keep it up !!!!!! Thank you!
  • hart, sarah
    I grew up watching Shia in the Disney show/ movie Even Steven and I had no idea what he went through. I have such a respect for him as a man, and being able to show emotions , cry! That’s amazing!
  • Miss Hollywood 1
    Thank you so much for giving Shia a platform to be real. I have always been a fan of his, and knew he had great potential. I will always be a fan and supporter. I’m so happy he has a wonderful wife and daughter in his life, and wish him the best.
  • Xxacebostonxx
    Rare souls
    Just want to thank you for bringing this podcast and your views of life you among many others are real ones as I can relate to the gifts and curse of the thought process for others to do the right thing, regardless, and carry that integrity throughout our lives so that one can never put a price on.
  • Joker878889
    Always awesome
    Literally the only podcast I determine is worth a listen .
  • MonicaBlairWilson
    I absolutely love this podcast! I learn so much every time I listen and the depth of the conversations are wonderful. I highly recommend listening!
  • Car Advisor
    I cried so what
    Man, the episode with Shia was outstanding! His vulnerability and authenticity was inspiring. Who doesn’t deserve forgiveness? We all do. Shia does and it sounds like he found it. Beautiful episode man. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • emc2093
    Helping rehabilitate psycho accused of domestic abuse
    Shame on you Jon. Helping to give a voice to an abusing wacko is despicable. This podcast is an affront to all victims of domestic abuse. You truly have to be a horrible person to host a podcast like that. Disgusting vile filth. Apple take this garbage off your service, it’s toxic and shouldn’t be allowed to exist here.
  • Dgtgitc
    Absolutely astounding
    Maybe it’s my father issues, but man when I man is honest and emotional I absolutely lose it.
  • Danielle_Ac
    I just read that your net worth is 10 million dollars. How is it that you have a patreon account asking for $5? The heck … ?
  • Retromemories
    Thank you
    Thank you for sharing this. Appreciate the rawness and brutal honesty. Glad to hear Shia has found his way and made his peace with the world.
  • Farm253
    Shia - keeping it real
    Authentic and raw glimpse into a real transformation. It takes someone who has been there to help someone who IS there.
  • cccacictclcicn
    Love the pod
    Is shia ok?
  • ConfusedBreakfastPodcast
    Jon, thanks for these great conversations. Love the podcast and excited for more. Don’t hesitate- give this a listen now. Much love, The Confused Breakfast Podcast
  • ADCash3
    The Shia talk was amazing. He is a prime example of growth, change and forgiveness. I’ve never even met the guy but I am proud of him for his ability to see who he is and what he’s done, and be so honest, open and humble. I truly hope he finds that peace within himself that he deserves. Thank you for sharing.
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