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Jack Hibbs is dedicated to proclaiming truth. Standing boldly in opposition to false doctrines designed to distort the Word of God and the character of Christ. Jack’s voice challenges today’s generation to both understand and practice an authentic Christian worldview. Jack is the founder and senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in Southern California and the voice of the Real Life television and radio broadcasts. His bold preaching will encourage and embolden you to walk with Jesus. Unwilling to cower to the culture’s demands or to tickle listening ears with a watered-down gospel, the Jack Hibbs Podcast discusses relevant topics of the day with Christian thought leaders and addresses key topics that will challenge you to deepen your relationship with Christ and make an effective impact on the world around you. Learn more at https://jackhibbs.com

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  • AnndreaMya
    Pastor Jack is an excellent pastor who teaches nothing but biblical truth. Amazing.
  • mh4007
    Real biblical truth
    The most biblical nourishment and truth coming from Real Life Ministry. God bless Pastor Jack and his team!
  • BoiseBeliever
    Jack is a Pastor of Pastors
    Personally, I marvel at the life and ministry of Jack Hibbs. His heart for people, God’s Word, and his proclamation and teaching of scripture is - in my opinion - unmatched. I am both a Pastor and Chaplain with over 33 years in full time ministry. I also attend a very healthy local church. Nevertheless, I view Jack Hibbs as my pastor. Jack, I listen to your messages, from various sources, at least 8 times every week. I often purchase your wonderful monthly book suggestions and send some financial support to your ministry monthly because I feel it is one of the best ways I can support the furtherance of the Gospel. Jack, your daily encouragement and teaching puts a fire in my heart to teach six Bible Studies each week. I can not thank you enough for all you do. May Jesus RICHLY bless and protect you.
  • @susanneciancio
    Great pleasure
    It’s wonderful to hear the uncompromised gospel spoken from a place of deep joy and everyday common sense.
  • hesquib
    Needed Truth
    Wonderfully blunt and unapologetic truth. Thank You and God Bless you Jack Hibbs
  • Mediaspec7
    Healing and Suffering: Thy will be done
    This is a great podcast for everyone but especially the so called “Faith Healers” and “ Word of Faith” non denominational ministers who have led people for years to believe that if they are not healed then they are not in the will of God. I’m beyond happy that I study and know the Word of God which has sustained me and made me strong in my resolve as I suffered all of my life with chronic illness. I am so thankful for Pastor Jack Hibbs who is bold in his faith and is a true representative of God. May this podcast be heard by numbers untold because many need to hear this true word in order to be set free from the lies coming from the very place where TRUTH should be emanating from. Thank you Pastor Jack for teaching the uncompromising Word of God. Maranatha!
  • 1dayslate
    Rapid Q&A
    Rapid Q&A is the BEST!!
  • 2 SOS
    Pastor Jack tells it like it is!!
    Thank you for your honest, no nonsense methods of teaching the scriptures to us! In this day and age of politics, and craziness, the world needs more Pastors like yourself!! Well done sir!!👍🇺🇸
  • Podcast Listener43
    This podcast is such a blessing!
    I listen to a new episode every time in comes out. It is the perfect amount of information each time and allows me to reconnect with God’s word as well as focus on what is true in this world.
  • Hiho7777
    Loving it!
    From Texas - Glued to the sermons! Church on Sunday and a week of mornings with Jack’s sermons! It’s time to come to turn to the Lord! Thank God for Jack Hibbs podcast and network. Totally! Steve and Becca
  • golfgirlsher
    Rapid fire episode
    I loved it and learned a lot!! I hated when the bell rang and you weren’t finished with your thought though.
  • PK Scotty
    Good stuff
    Latest podcast with the rapid fire questions was great.
  • Mom patriot
    Girl For Whats Right
    This podcast is short and sweet right to the point. Thank You Jack Hibbs for telling the truth and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Your Bold communication is a great Blessing! Our world needs to here this and believe it. I listen to all your venues. I learn so much from your teachings and it gives me opportunity to hold it up to Gods word., the Holy Bible. Your an inspiration to all and may God continue to protect and prosper the church and all your ministries.
  • Delylah's mom
    Sitting on the deck w my husband, listening to this and watching God’s amazing Eagles soar right in front of us….right in the middle of your answer about creation! No kidding 😅 Thank you Jack Hibbs for explaining the truth to so many questions. We can’t wait for your next episode! God bless you and your staff from Prescott Az.
  • donna conte
    Just awesome!
    Love your sermons , podcasts and your new rapid fire Pastor Jack!! God bless you !!
  • Klew1230
    The only problem is….
    These podcasts just aren’t long enough! I need these to be all day everyday. I listen while showering, cleaning, walking to work, grocery shopping…. You name it. It’s a good thing I’m coming to them kinda late so I’ve got plenty to catch up on but man I get fired up and want to spend all my time researching and bookmarking my bible. Love it!
  • joewalker73
    Joe W
    Real Life. Real good. Fo real.
  • Menavan8
    Thank you!
    Thank you Pastor Jack Hibbs for all of your podcasts. I listen to them while on my walks.
  • Chino mx
    I’m a missionary in Mexico, listening to pastor jack is very insightful and refreshing to me, muchas gracias for this podcast.
  • Moncriefsgirl
    Most amazing podcast
    Ian so thankful for The Lord leading me to this podcast!! It is HONEST & factual & gives me much peace and comfort in this evil place
  • ViktorGee
    Great Message
    Pastor Jack. This was a great message! May God continue to Bless America! Pray God continues to Bless You, Your Family, Your Church and Your Podcast Team!! Victor Crockett Please Pray for My family!!! My Wife and Two Daughters need Jesus!!!
  • Bmore13
    Faith and Hope
    This podcast continues to spread the good news. Which helps us all remember Gods grace, mercy and love!
  • Disgusted Patriot7
    Definitely God Led.
    This Pastor and those who serve God along with him, teach God’s Word in Truth.
  • Aly Frazer
    A voice of truth!
    Jack Hibbs is one of Americas best pastors. He is not afraid to speak the truth even it it hurts. The Spirit is working through him and I’m so thankful for his boldness to share the Truth!
  • Ihatefrontier
    Jack Hibbs continues to put the Word of God in the right perspective!!
  • Fordy9erfan16
    Sound biblical teaching
    I can’t say enough how much I appreciate this podcast. I have not been able to find a single church in my area that is teaching on current events and end time prophecy, and how it’s all playing out in front of us. Without local churches supporting the people the people are making up crazy things. We need 100,000 more pastors just like him teaching the word, teaching the truth, teaching the prophecies in the Bible. This podcast is keeping my sanity because it helps me to make sense of everything going on around me. The way Jack uses factual History to teach us the word of God is so great. We are learning 2 for 1 you could say. 🥰
  • Ssgmedicvet
    Blown Away
    My first exposure to Jack Hibbs was at the Nefarious screening. He spoke with such passion I had to hear more. Started listening to the podcast and all I can say is that I was blown away. I’ve never heard a pastor be so direct. He has a way of cutting straight to the heart of the matter and is unafraid to call out the evils that a destroying our great nation. Thank you for what you do God has truly blessed your ministry.
  • Csummit00
    Pastor Jack is an Amazing and Blessed Pastor!!!
    Pastor Jack has been a go-to for my family ever since the craziness of 2020! He is a Godly man that heeds the Word of God and cares a lot about the flock that has been entrusted to him! He will greatly equip you as a Christian and will convict those who have not yet accepted Jesus as their Savior.
  • elliannabeth
    Excellent teaching
    Excellent teaching true to the word of God!
  • FHLthese3
    Excellent teaching
    There are lots of Bible teachers “out there”. Jack Hibbs is one of the best because he consistently challenges his listeners to sift what is happening in the world and filter it through the Word of God. His teaching is clear & simple (but not always easy).
  • Ronnie J Martin
    Thank you
    I want to thank you for all of the available media that I consume as I travel for the work I do. I spend my early mornings listening to you and J. Vernon and others . Before I get to a new assignment I will find the Calvary Chapel in the city I am in. Currently at CC Capitola (wonderful church if in Santa Cruz). Anyway, thanks so much!
  • Nina9mommy
    Everyone needs a little bit of Jack Hibbs
    I love this guy. Not a single episode that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed- not always what I want to hear but exactly what I NEED to hear. He is cut throat. I pray God continues to use Mr. Hibbs to reach others with truth. In Jesus name!
  • Jerry Uber Driver Palm Springs
    A true Bible teacher and Biblical scholar
    Pastor Jack has been blessed by God with divine gifts and talents to teach and bring the gospel and Jesus alive to all who would listen.
  • Les Paul Custom
    The best
    Always spot on. I look forward to each episode.
  • Donald Henderson
    My go to pastor.
    Knowledgeable , passionate, inspiring. Helps me stay on the path.
  • delighting in Jesus
    Excellent, biblical teaching. The timeless truths, spoken clearly, accurately, and boldly. A voice that needs to be amplified in this culture.
  • Tricks with .556
    Pastor Jack is nothing less than a blessing. God bless pastor Jack for teaching truth directly from the word of God, and being a knowledgeable historian who understands where we’ve been and where we are going. Thank you pastor Jack for not compromising. God bless!
  • Sarabriannejaynenatalie
    I truly love listening to Pastor Jack preach the word of Jesus. 🙏
  • ValLVN
    Sold into slavery
    Love pastorJack. Keep preaching and standing for the Truth.
  • 1mama4-7
    Jack Hibbs
    Courageous truth 🙌✝️ thank you
  • Introvert Grammy
    For Realz
    Okay, I don’t usually say “for realz,” but it just fits! Jack Hibbs knows Scripture, keeps up with world and local events that affect us (or will eventually affect us), and he is unafraid to address issues or answer questions that many other pastors shy away from. Christians, wake up…we need this!
  • rxrad
    Truth, always!
    I love the refreshing truth that always comes when Jack speaks. Engaging, passionate and encouraging!
  • lynzie3
    God Bless You, Pastor Hibbs
    I share your podcasts with everyone I know, family
  • Sandrare
    Pastor Jack Brings It
    Appreciate the TRUTH in scripture that doesn't shy away from relating politics and current events! ❤️ I pray daily for us all. Grateful God is using Pastor Jack to bring us together to actively await His return 🙏🏻
  • Tristdude
    Yes Jack Hibbs
    so good best podcast stay doing what your doing. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!
  • Jazzed Tex
    Speaking Truth With Boldness
    One of my core pods. One of a select number of faith leaders that speaks Christ’s truth with bold conviction. These are the last days and Jack helps Christians navigate the times. He’s also very helpful to those that are seeking solid ground in a lost and confused world. May we all stand strong in the Lord and His mighty power!
  • iivon.gt
    The best teacher Pastor
    Been following Pastor Jack since 2007 the best teacher i ever had
  • Jay Growing In Christ
    Bible Teacher
    Your messages helps give courage to live a Godly life. Thank you for speaking the Bible truth!
  • RyssaK
    Honesty as He Knows It
    I listen to Jack in my car when driving to/from work. I love the honesty and truth he speaks because it is directly from the Bible. My relationship with God is stronger now. Relying on Faith and Truth keeps me loved and free of fear.
  • It’s Time You Believe
    I wish and pray more pastors would preach the truth! Your messages always encourage me to follow God’s word. It gives me a hunger to know what the word says. Thank you!
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