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‘The Hardcore Legend’ Mick Foley and ‘The Podfather’ Conrad Thompson are teaming up for a brand new podcast, “Foley Is Pod,” available on Podcast Heat or wherever you download your podcasts. Foley, whose physical and extreme style of professional wrestling made him a can’t-miss attraction in Japan, a cult legend in WCW and ECW, and one of the cornerstones of the WWE’s popularity boom in the late 90’s, will take listeners on a weekly career ride-along, guided by Thompson.

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  • KELLY-Strength
    Love the chemistry between Conrad and mick. You can tell they enjoy what they’re doing and it shows. I enjoy the side stories and can’t count the number of times I’ve laughed out loud listening to the back and forth between them.
  • Senorskid
    Foley stinks
    This is a horrible listen. Mick is nothing like any of his characters
  • wrestleingfan420
    Mick is great always!
  • Lankie0034
    Needs to stop eating on air
    Great stories but somebody please feed him before the podcast. All you hear is him eating and opening snacks
  • JAWcuts
    The Best Wrestling Podcast going!
    I can’t get enough of Mick Foley! Might have to bump this podcast up to three times a week! One episode for each face of Foley!!
  • Billiam 20 4
    Nothing mick doesn’t do well! One greatest entertainers of all times!
  • SandyMandyTX
    Attitude Era
    I was a huge fan during the 90s. So much has changed and I didn’t like the route WWF at the time was going. Glad to hear Mick. Great guy!
  • Atlantis70
    Go Woke go broke
    I can’t stand Foleys politics.. just another wimpy crying liberal. Pathetic. Seriously.
  • Bucky749
    Foley awesome 😎
    A great show with fun stories favorite so far the UWF episode is my favorite. Great work all involved. I Honestly thought at one point we know you have a choice when comes to podcasts and we can’t believe you chose us .
  • Daren James
    Save the eating for after the conversation
    There are some great stories here; when you get though all the ad reads, aside conversations, shilling of merch and Mick scarfing down his Whataburger. Really surprised they haven’t dedicated an entire episode to Paul Heyman / ECW yet.
  • Steve4:20
    History from the HARDCORE LEGEND
    Mick Foloy’s stories from the highlands of his career who has done it all from World Class to WCW to the WAF.
  • J.Rayez
    Foley is Number 1
    If you don’t know Mick Foley let me enlighten you! He is the King of the Death Match, the hippest cat in the land who absolutely loves telling others to have a Nice Day. If you love story telling than this is the podcast for you. You can find out all about Mick’s amazing journey in professional wrestling from his WCW days to wrestling in a bingo hall to becoming a Hall of Famer with the biggest wrestling company of all time WWE! I may be biased because Mick Foley is and will always be my favorite professional wrestler but honestly he has a way of pulling you in as he tells these amazing stories. Out of all the wrestling podcasts that are available Foley Is Pod is without a doubt the best. A plus for me being a Christian man is getting to enjoy a wrestling podcast without hearing all of the vulgar language and just being able to sit back and enjoy the content that this show brings. Definitely a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Podcast!
  • hot30wheels
    Quiet Icon
    Mick Foley was one of the guys who brought the death match to the US. I like it because they talk about his career and his matches. I learned about his time in Japan because we don’t know a lot about it, we know more about his WWE career. I like his matches with Triple H.
  • happy.chaos
    Just the kind of pod I didn’t know I needed
    My all time favorite wrestler telling someone of my all time favorite stories?! Yes, please! Mick has a great sense of humor and his stories are always interesting. You may look at the episodes and think, “Two hours? I can’t listen that long!” But let me tell you, he is so interesting that you don’t realize two hours went by. If you have any remote interest in wrestling anywhere from the 80’s to today, give this pod a listen. Mick knows everyone in the biz. He’s either worked with them, passed them on the road, or been body slammed by them. Thanks, Mick! This is just the kind of pod I didn’t know I needed.
  • Acs318
    This is a great show! Love the stories!
  • Funkyle1991
    Mick Foley is golden.
    Mick Foley has some great stories. From the ring to the road. From almost every wrestling promotion. Mick has seen it all and heard it all. Every Friday I look forward to Foley Is Pod. I watch it on YouTube. I suggest watching it on YouTube because of Visuals. Foley Is Mr. In Your House.
  • bigjohnisner
    How could you not love this?
    Foley is a great storyteller and an even better person. He isn’t afraid to share what he’s thinking or his feelings about the past. This is a much listen for all wrestling fans.
  • Clintsmanj
    Reason I love early and add free
    Mrs Foley’s baby boy has absolutely the best podcast going. Forget Mr January forget Mr King of the ring. He is Mr Podcast!!!
  • patreonappsucks
    Foley is creepy
    Mick is weird with female wrestlers on twitter and Conrad slurps AEW too much
  • mister bungle's popcorn
    Mick has never let me down - and still hasn’t!
    Mick Foley as a wrestler was always one of my favorite talents to watch in the ring. His ability to physically tell a story was, in my humble opinion, unmatched and exceeds those who Mick idolizes, like Terry Funk. Mick successfully transferred that storytelling ability into his books & now here, right here in *your city*, the hardcore legend puts his ridiculously accurate memory, insightful sense of humor and ability to be brutally honest without hurting anyone’s feelings on display, skillfully guided by Conrad Thompson for all to enjoy. Mick is very respectful and was voted by his father as “the nicest wrestler” so don’t expect any naughty words to be spoken by him. Mick Foley is truly a man for all seasons especially when he celebrates Christmas all year long. This podcast is suitable for all wrestling fans, new & old, & almost all ages. If you are a parent & listen, the only thing you may need to fast forward is an advertisement for certain enhancement products.
  • JM Wags
    Listen to this podcast and you will ... “Have A Nice Day” 👍
    Growing up watching wrestling all through the attitude era Mankind (Mick Foley) was my favorite wrestler. He wasn’t your typical wrestler and when I heard about a podcast he was doing with Conrad I knew he wasn’t going to be your typical wrestling podcaster. From his road stories, What-a-burger orders, musical numbers that you will be singing all day. Foley is Pod will entertain wrestling and non-wrestling fans alike. After listening to each episode Foley and Conrad will leave you in a better mood than when you started.
  • coach rosey jr
    The Pod For Storytelling
    Mr Foley is one of the best story tellers in wrestling. Every week, Mick and Conrad take you through a journey through one of the faces of Foley. These are stories that can only be heard on the pod. Conrad and Mick have a great repore. I love this show.
  • jeremy525
    Good stuff
    I cannot recommend this podcast highly enough. Mick is so genuine and interesting to listen to that even when the shows go longer than a Blue Chew wiener the time flies by! The dynamic between he and Conrad is fantastic and it feels like I’m listening to my buddies chat.
  • BMW111102
    Good Wholesome Content
    This is such a nice show. Very heart warming, it really makes you think about your own thoughts and actions. Lots of open and honest reflection from Mick makes for a really good show. I mean, how can you get more genuine than Mick Foley and Conrad Thompson? 5*
  • BigHoss8124
    Just lots of funny stories
    At first I was a little concerned about how long the episodes were. But they are all fantastic! Mick has lots of fun stories that take you behind the scenes of wrestling. Even my family members who can’t stand wrestling love hearing me tell “ another goofy story Mick had on the podcast.” By the way good luck getting the Mr In your House song out of your head. It’s a catchy tune!
  • Jo Jo ji
    Absolute Gold!
    This is more than “just another wrestling podcast”. Mick Foley is dealing out life lessons on a regular basis! You can tell both Conrad Thompson and Mick Foley put a lot into every show, the authenticity is undeniable.
  • MichaelAMurray
    Love listening to Mick Foley’s inside view on wrestling. One of the best wrestlers ever. Loved watching him keep up the hard work
  • Elmo3907
    Mick is great
    Mick is great. Others have already written at length about this kind, intelligent, funny man's show, so my husband and I will just chime in with how great Mick is. Also, the Dude, Cactus, and Man in a Mankind Mask are also great. Listen to this show.
  • Bboz2323
    Foley Fan23
    Love occasionally listening to this podcast to hear stories from the WWF in its prime when I watched as a young buck. This is Foleys personality so some of these other reviews I don’t think people understand this is who he is! Good stuff
  • AndrewC41
    Favorite Podcast
    This podcast gets me through work every Friday. I’ve been a Foley fan since I was a kid and I love hearing his perspective on all of his stories/matches.
  • Unhappyhockeyuser
    Mr. In Your House delivers!
    Foley is pod is the best wrestling podcast out. Everyone knows the attitude era is the best of the best, Foley was in the drivers seat and his stories and memories of this golden era of wrestling are second to none. He tells stories and brings everything back to the episodes topic. Conrad guides the conversation ever so slightly but allows the hardcore legend to take the listener on a journey to wrestling history. Mick’s humor shines through and never takes himself seriously. It’s always a good day listening to Mr. In Your House!
  • Throckmorton79
    Fantastic Foley
    Great podcast by Ole St Mick
  • Zach from iowa
    One of the best!
    Mick is a fantastic story teller and the chemistry him and Conrad have created in a short time is great. Love having it as apart of my weekly rotation!
  • Chose Another Nickname43
    Mick freaking Foley
    Mick is awesome, he just objectively is, but more than the wrestling, Mick is just a role model for how to be a good man, person and father. If there was more Foley energy out there, the world would be a much better place.
  • AudioConsumer
    FOLEY IS POD is a Treasure!
    Are you having a blue day? Well, perk up friend! You just found your cure…Foley is Pod! This is a podcast where you get to listen to thee Hardcore Legend himself: MICK FOLEY, tell you stories that will leave you in awe, or cause you to giggle hysterically like a child. The warmth Mick exudes is incredibly infectious, you will feel good during and after you listen. And the tales he tells of his decades in the wild, wacky world of wrestling are unbelievable! PLUS, on many episodes he is joined by recurring guests: Mankind, Cactus Jack and even DUDE LOVE! It’s really special that they were able to get all the guys to agree to do a podcast together! Now quit readin’ and start listening! Not just for wrestling fans, either! — Robert Negoesco
  • PWPhill
    For the Dozens….
    I have been a big fan of Mick Foley for 25 years. I recall flipping channels and seeing a grown man in a leather mask with creepy background music rocking back and forth talking about… his kids?! Since then I have been a wrestling fan but probably a bigger proponent of Mick than anyone else. I liken it to Andy Kaufman who said frequently he was not a comedian but a song and dance man. Mick is not a wrestler, he is a story teller! In a sea of wrestling podcasts of which I listen to many, few can compare to what I can only call the “Foley Feels.” Mick brings a certain level of humanity as well as groan worthy humor ranging on topics from his career, current events, and for some reason a certain young up and comer known only as Dwayne. I would recommend this podcast to ANYONE with at least one good ear.
  • MikiePaw
    Foley is a wealth of intellect & storytelling
    Mick Foley and Conrad Thompson are two swell dudes talking about their passion for wrestling by indulging us with their stories & perspectives. Mick & Conrad’s kindness in regards to how they speak about people is not only uplifting but refreshing in a world of verbal bashing. This is a safe place for ALL listeners & I look forward to hearing more episodes! Bang Bang!
  • SylarTattoo
    5 Star Pod Splash
    I’m happy, I know it. I really wanna show it. And the hardcore legend himself, Mick Foley is the one bringing me such joy. For what feels like my entire life, Mick Foley has been there. On tv, in the form of action figures, through the written word in numerous books. And now I get the pleasure of going about my day with Mick telling stories from what is inarguably the greatest career in pro wrestling. Behind the scenes, stories from the road, funny stories, exciting stories. Stuff I’ve heard a hundred times or for the very first time. It’s rich history. The endless knowledge of the business, the hilarious chemistry between Mick and Conrad. There’s so much to get out of this show. As long as there is a Foley is Pod, I’ll be tuning in for more. On a personal level: I’ve been such a fan of Mick’s for so long that it feels like he’s been an actual part of my life. Thanks to the day and age we’re in, Mick Foley and his gift of story telling is now readily available at any time. The sound of his voice is of comfort to me, and I’m extremely grateful for this podcast.
  • HalloweenHalpin
    Fantastic Show
    I listen to Mick and Conrad every week. I love hearing Mick’s stories and he has such a unique journey through the world of pro wrestling. Definitely recommended listening to this podcast.
  • pasturro
    Bang bang!!
    Thank you Mick for making my childhood awesome!!
  • Tom Otero
    One of the highlights of my week!
    Foley is Pod is hands down one of the best wrestling and overall podcasts! Love listening it every week! Conrad, Mick, Whataburger and Grillo are a quartet of entertainment unlike any other.
  • smakdave
    Foley Is Great
    I love Foley so much! He’s the best!
  • AndresManifesto
    Review for fans
    This is a very different podcast than most others. Foley gives us funny stories, logic, and realism to what he went through. Very entertaining yet real
  • Bryan$&
    Great except for one thing…
    Would be 5 stars, but eating during a podcast recording is kind of gross. I don’t want to hear Mick smacking on Whattaburger. You can’t find 2 hours to not eat? Otherwise the stories are great and Mick’s a very good storyteller.
  • leeyowc
    Wrestling nostalgia through the hardcore legend’s eye!
    I have read all Mick’s autobiographies but hearing again all of the stories & thoughts about those memorable moments of his career is always a great listen! I’m enjoying the current format w/ a good dose of laughter! I hope I have more travel or paperwork time to catch all of the episodes in time! Keep up the great job Mick & Conrad!
  • ABomb1942
    Another washed up entertainer who can’t help trying to push his views on others. This is a WRESTLING podcast, JUST talk about wrestling.
  • ahalanicha
    Not great but not terrible
    Eating while on the microphone is disgusting first and foremost.
  • Hellfire22001
    Love Mick but man is it irritating listening to him eat
  • Kmitc1234
    Foley is go(o)d
    Mick Foley remains one of the most thoughtful, interesting persons in pro wrestling history. 5⭐️
  • JonnyEaton
    Can’t go wrong.
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