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Connor Trinneer, Erica LaRose & Mark Cartier explore the world of Star Trek and life on Earth. Guests. Fan questions answered. Watch on YouTube. Listen here. Patreon for those who just love us.

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  • drbeat
    Fun Listen. a little too much Keating on Keating
    I was originally very excited for this podcast and it's nice to hear Star Trek Enterprise being talked about by the people who were there. That said, for my taste, it has devolved into too much Dominic Keating talking about Dominic Keating in that sort of self obsessed, neurotic way that some actors tend towards. He often interrupts the guests and fellow hosts and manages to turn nearly all topics back to himself or to ask a question and then answer it about himself. Often it feels like he's only half listening / anticipating the next opportunity to talk about himself while tossing out a perfunctory "God Bless" every two minutes. Season two improves somewhat with the quality of guests, I highly recommend the interviews with Michael Dorn, LeVar Burton, Robert Picardo and others -- you just have to deal with Dominic being Dominic throughout the whole affair. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • Fan of the show for years
    Hosts are not good at keeping politics out of the podcast. It is unfortunate that they assume all of there fans are alike in that aspect.
  • uumomknits
    Fatally Flawed
    What could have been an excellent show is fatally marred by Dominic Keating’s incessant interruptions. Commenters on their YouTube channel have repeatedly asked him to let their guests finish their sentences, but Mr. Keating apparently either doesn’t want to or is incapable of giving them that courtesy.
  • afdshjitcv
    I was excited for this when it first started (I have since stopped watching). Dom interrupts EVERYONE! He couldn’t even let Connor answer his own question. Please stop with the trivia and if you must continue, please get actual buzzers and don’t let the producer participate. Just talk to the guests and let them talk back.
  • KCTrekieFM
    Must listen
    A must listen for Trek fans of all shows/ages/eras
  • Rev. Chuck Currie
    A fun Star Trek follow
    A lot of Star Trek podcasts focus on deconstructing a single episode. The episodes of “Shuttlepod Show” that I've listened to have focused more on the art and business of acting- all within a Star Trek context. It's a fun show with a lot of laughs. 🖖
  • xionice
    Just started listening to this maybe a week ago and I’m already quite a few episodes in. Love the all around vibe of the podcast.
  • Anati
    Love the show, small request
    Love the show, I listen to every episode and it’s fantastic. Really appreciate your work. One friendly constructive feedback request to Dominic - please let guests finish their sentences. Sometimes you interrupt them or speak over them - we want to listen to their answer to the question. Thanks, guys! 👍🏻👍🏻
  • majectic12
    Best Trek Podcast for interviews
    This is the best Trek podcast for interviews. I recently found out about it on the cruise. T he stories from the guests and Con & Dom are amazing and endlessly entertaining. Currently a Delta Flyer but it looks like I'll be signing up to get a warp patch soon.
  • Nielious
    Show doesn't update
    At this point I'm not sure if the show even releases new episodes on Apple Podcast
  • Obious
    Trek history in tbe making
    I found the show on YouTube by accident. Enterprise was a show that hit its stride late and got canceled before it really had a chance to come together. But the cast had a magnetic connection that I connected with. I watched one episode of the podcast on YouTube and found that magnetic connection once again. As the show has progressed so has the production value and content. Well worth my time to visit once a week. Very good entertainment and not always about trek. Really enjoyed the Nana and Denise episodes! THANKYOU for the effort. Highly recommend
  • mylarboxers
    I really tried to get through them all …
    Would somebody tell British guy to just be quiet? Dear god. He is a relentless self-promoter and his never-ending interruptions kill this podcast. I listened longer than I wanted, hoping to eventually hear more of Connor Trinneer and maybe get through at least one interview without the constant disruptive stories, but just couldn’t hang in there. I love Enterprise, but this doesn’t do the show justice.
  • AmityVilleNY
    Promising start not realized.
    Very promising start with ST:Enterprise costars. Then it went into weeks and weeks talking about themselves and with their producers. Fawning questions. Dom is like the cliche actor interviewer. Everything links back to him. You might expect him to say 'That is enough about me. Let's talk about you. What do you think of me?'. Took an almost 5 month hiatus. Disappointing.
  • everyoneisjosh
    Great when there's guests
    The interviews are all top-notch, but recently it seems like they're running short on material. I'd skip the non-interview episodes unless you are super invested in learning about the hosts' early years. The editing on this show can be a bit jarring at times. The choice on when to censor profanity or not seems totally random, and when they do censor it the bleep sound they use is horrible. Overall a great show for Enterprise fans.
  • TFBailey
    Enterprise’s Beat
    This is such a great podcast. Knowing the friendship onscreen was real offscreen is amazing.
  • Enterprise Fan NX-01
    Stop interrupting your guests!
    I really want to love this show but it can be so frustrating to listen to because one of the hosts constantly talks over and interrupts each guest, as well as the other host. I thought it would get better as time went on, but the problem has actually been getting worse. Please give your guests an opportunity to talk and answer the questions asked without constantly interjecting and distracting them from the story they’re trying to tell
  • Haechmonite
    Great Podcast
    Thanks and congratulations to Mr Keating and Mr Trinneer and their excellent team for offering this great gift of a podcast during these very challenging times. I'm grateful to have met them, in addition to Mr Montgomery, just this last weekend in Chicago. Wishing you all the very best!
  • iwasneverhere
    This has quickly became one of my favorite podcasts. Connor and Dominic are excellent story tellers and do an amazing job of interviewing their guests. The guest list has been excellent as well, and the first three have had wonderful stories and insights to share. This is a top-notch listen, there has not been a moment in the first three episodes that I did not enjoy. Keep up the great work, thank you for bringing this to us all.
  • Jim/CT
    I got to admit, I love the backstories .
    Very well done . I always wonder about how something is done . It's now the 1st podcast I listen to while delivering my mail route . It puts me in a postive mode for the rest of the day .
  • mdrob70
    Just beyond the next shot of bourbon…
    …is the incredible Shuttlpod Show! Mr. Trinneer and Mr. Keating were two standout performers on Star Trek: Enterprise. So it’s only natural that they’ve delivered a spectacular podcast that’s not only an informative extension of ENT, but that routinely stands on its own as an entertaining hour of sparkling, witty conversation. From learning about the friendships they’ve built on the Con circuit to behind-the-scenes details around creating a weekly network sci-fi television show, Shuttlepod is well worth your ear and subscription. Qapla’!
  • Fairportmark
    Wonderful chance to revisit enterprise with these two engaging and interesting actors.
  • Lee Anthony
    more please
    i would listen to these, please keep making more.
  • Pluto's Orbit
    The table read is amazing
    This One Day podcast table read is the best podcast I’ve ever heard. It was so good. Extreme emotional conveyance. I cried. Y’all are amazing actors. The episode was playing in my mind while listening. It’s is going to be a great ride listening to you guys. Thank you for doing this!
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