SOLAR, starring Stephanie Beatriz, Tony Award winner Alan Cumming, Academy Award winner Helen Hunt and Jonathan Bangs, is a journey to the heart of the solar system and an exploration of the vastness of the human spirit. Disconnected from Earth and trapped on separate parts of their spacecraft, crew members must fight for survival following a disaster on board the ill-fated Aethon, a manned solar research probe sent to explore temporal distortion around the sun. As painful memories, forgotten dreams, technological challenges and blunt realities collide--they must work together to keep their hope alive in the face of growing darkness. SHADOWS ARE DARKER THIS CLOSE TO THE SUN. SOLAR is a CurtCo Media production. To learn more, visit

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  • Nick McNulty
    Great producton design, weak writing, stilted voice acting
    Solar features a great, immersive soundscape and quality audio, but this doesn't make up for the on-the-nose dialogue, glacially paced plot, and the voice acting which varies between solid and wildly erratic. I'm writing this review after episode nine, and I don't feel as though the plot has moved forward at all. Apart from a famliar "evil corporation had a secret plan for this mission," we haven't learned much about the mystery. And for a life and death situation with oxygen running out, there is ZERO urgency. The characters fall into the audiodrama trap of "I'm going to tell you point blank exactly how I'm feeling/my backstory," oftentimes using elaborate analogies that feel inorganic. Stephanie Beatriz and Alan Cumming are very good in their parts, while Helen Hunt phoned in her one-note character (retreading the science vs. religion battle). It's unclear whether the character of Jamal is on the spectrum, or if the actor is awkwardly reading the lines right off the script with no intonation. That character also has wild emotional swings, leading to a lot of loud screaming and crying that takes the place of character development. The show is diverting, but doesn't come together as a complete audiodrama.
  • vengeful shark
    Just ok
    This one didn’t do it for me.
  • Me x 7
    Difficult to follow
    So much random story jumps it is difficult to follow. The full narrative of the story is lost in all the random conversations and activities that are played. There is no urgency in the story which is odd considering what a huge event they are meant to be telling. I get the feeling this production is more interested in the producing a show and not a compelling story. Not sure I will be continuing on as I am not too interested in any of these characters. Many reviews seem to be solely for production value which is high. I would ask them what is this about? Satellite launches on route to the sun??? Then what failure, fixing it, redeeming characters, sadly there is not a lot of story going on here.
  • Ulkesh
    beautiful production values. few actual answers.
    Solar has some of the highest production values for a fully dramatized audio podcasts that i’ve heard. great SFX, great acting (though, Helen Hunt’s character is not much more than a one-note tune…), music, editing, etc. all very, very polished. And, the conceit of the ship’s AI having a glitch that causes audio records to no be played in chronological order is an interesting way of explaining a non-linear method of storytelling. Unfortunately, i’m now over 6 hours into the “story” of a space mission gone disastrous, which happens before we as listeners join in, and there aren’t even THEORIES by the characters about causes. The few tantalizing glimpses into what may or may not (hello, Schroedinger’s cat….) have happened are abortive and frustration-inducing. This story only keeps piling on the questions, without answering any so far.
  • Miz Luv
    Six stars. Exceptional so far.
    Excellent actors, perfect sound effects, great scripting. Just an exceptionally professional production all around. It’s a pleasure to listen. Too soon to really comment fully on the storyline, since it’s not over, but so far it’s definitely holding my interest. Perplexing and totally engrossing. Looking forward to seeing the mystery finally revealed, but thoroughly enjoying the ride until then.
  • NicknameAttempt2022
    Love it!
    I just started listening yesterday and now I’m bummed because I’m almost caught up and will have to wait every week for a new episode. But it’s great, super immersive, thoughtful and the acting is wonderful! I definitely recommend listening on your headphones if you can. The sound design is top notch!
  • Kimberley523
    SO entertaining!
    I found myself driving places just to listen to this! It’s so good and so captivating! I can’t wait for season 2!
  • PoliticalOne
    A great deep dive!
    I love deep-diving into a good mystery / thriller story, and SOLAR does not disappoint. I have had the best time trying to piece the mystery together with the little hints / breadcrumbs in the plot line. The Recovered Audio Assets are a fun treat between episodes and the Apple subscription channel offers a really great inside look into the characters and creators. Really excited to find how this ends!
  • DoctorDoctor9
    A Must-Listen!
    This podcast ruined scripted podcasts for me..because nothing I have listened to comes remotely close to the epic-ness of SOLAR! The sound-design is out of this world, and the storyline is suspenseful yet deep. It’s like an HBO series in an audio only format. Do yourself a favor - grab your headphones and indulge in this incredible production!
  • CarLover000
    Wow…So happy to have stumbled upon SOLAR on social media! I like stories I can relate to. I don’t usually like sci-fi because I do not find it relatable to me. But SOLAR is the EXCEPTION! I think we can all find a part of ourselves in each one of the characters. In addition, the sound design is so immersive. I have never heard anything like this before. Thank you SOLAR for making my Tuesdays a lot more interesting and fun!
  • Begelll
    Great at first
    Really liked it at first. Last two episodes have kind of left me over it. It’s dragging out, but I I don’t understand where it’s going. Quickly loosing interest.
  • Surgonc
    Very enjoyable story. I look forward to each episode. My only question is, how could Wren be selected for a deep space mission with no observable social skills?
  • Got.Digital
    With so many addictions in life, now I have to wait every seven days to get my solar fix. 😖
  • Mike Oxlonget
    TGAAAAAAAH!!! WHY DO TUESDAYS TAKE SO LONG TO ARRIVE?!?!?! (Just finished episode 6!)
  • @Lykan.Human.Advanced
    Not hooked yet..
    Big fan of audio dramas and especially Sci-Fi..but this one is hard to follow. Strange timeline jumps/cut scenes hyper-focusing on over-emotional characters while providing very little information on the mission of the crew. Maybe there will be a point where this all wraps together coherently..but I don’t see it happening. Definitely wouldn’t pay for a subscription. 4 episodes in. Will adjust rating if I can make it through any more episodes and it does get better.
  • rypieper
    Love the writing, direction, sound design, and the acting! Stephanie Beatriz is fantastic as Wren and I highly recommended listening to this show. Even if sci-fi isn’t you thing, the story is compelling and the human element is heart wrenching at times. All around well done. I love that this podcast trusts its listeners to go on this complicated journey with them. It is not merely a linear story line with some intense sequences. The story is slowly untangling itself, with this overwhelming sense of foreboding looming over the listener’s head. I like that the story jumps around in time, and carefully reveals each characters background story and intentions. Can’t wait to see where it goes.
  • momkeybot777
    Flashbacks, crazy mom stories, bizarre interactions
    First episode. Lost me already.
  • elektralyte
    Great Listen
    So far it’s been an amazing listen! So glad I found it.
  • joe mama fat n ugly
    Very Good
    You people who don’t like this have no taste for entertainment
  • southernsassenach
    Gimme more
    First time I’ve ever listen to a podcast like this. I’m enjoying it very much! I love the dramatization of a novel but having a different voice for every character it’s fantastic. I’m loving it I want more!
  • Kim5133
    Wow Payload 1
    Episode 4 , wow getting interesting .. what is out there? Audio is fantastic. Listen with headphones its like being in surround sound movie!
  • Malibudan
    This is Awesome
    I highly recommend this show. Got totally hooked with what happens at the end of episode 2 and it just keeps getting more fascinating.
  • Martiniano
    Irritating Male Characters
    Why are the male characters all impetuous, irritating adolescents? We’re they written by a 14 year-old or by an angry man-hater? Are they payback for centuries of misogyny? Did the writers not know that the western world has 4,000 years of military training? Rewrite this and allow Jamal and the other males to be adults.
  • Takeiteasybam
    Haven’t heard anything like it
    I haven’t really encountered any pieces like this- a Sci-Fi setting with nonlinear storytelling, supernatural elements, and a dark forbodeing that still manages to be beautiful and poetic. Really digging the story structure, the audio ambience, the excellent voice acting, and suspenseful sound design. Have gone back to listen through twice now, and can’t wait to see what happens in future episodes!
  • Smurp92
    Very nice
    For once i found an immersive podcast that keeps me engaged and returning for more. I highly recommend listening with headphones.
  • JozyAmaze
    Yawn. Terrible storytelling.
    Fancy sound design does not make up for horribly bland storytelling. Skip it.
  • D gamer yt
    Too good
    I love this show can’t wait for episode 4
  • Guidasmom
    The audio quality is amazing!!! I’m Hooked on this amazing story. Can’t wait to listen to episode 3. This is not what I usually listen to but there has been so much buzz over this podcast I had to tune in. The reviews are correct. You will not be sorry to download this series. Amazing. The hard work put into this podcast shines through.
  • Dr. Davey
    Intriguing and top quality sound!
    I'm looking forward to what sounds like a First Class SciFi adventure! [days later] I listened to both episodes and the interstitial on an early flight to the West coast. Not ideal conditions to hear all the sound design, but the story and characters are so strong and even the great music and sound design came through loud and clear! I’m hooked. I will listen to them all again with much better equipment today. There is so much detail. It is a puzzle well worth putting together. Great writing and acting! 👍😃
  • Trubeez
    Best Fiction Podcast Out There
    Wow, wow, wow!! This show is superb. The acting is FANTASTIC, the writing is out of this world (pun intended), and the direction is phenomenal. I wish I could binge all the episodes now! So good!
  • Phrogsmom
    This is an awesome program! I just listened to the first episode and can hardly wait to hear #2. The effects are absorbing! I totally recommend it.
  • Jdjdidjdjdjd
    So far so good…
    Unlike most of the reviewers I have actually listened to episodes before rating. I think this podcast is great! Good acting, great suspense…can’t wait to see what happens.
  • Luke Fowl
    Sorry I typed the wrong name but whatever your name is we’re rating it because we have expectations for it so don’t Rate it if you don’t know what it I yet.
  • Samuel4change
    Incredible… 🔥🔥🔥
  • Cbcb999
    How are you muppets rating this 5 stars with no episodes released?
    Seems to me you may not understand how ratings work. You don’t rate how excited you are for a podcast you haven’t heard.
  • MNZL66
  • Guidaabida
    Best Trailer I’ve Heard!
    I listen to a lot of scripted fiction podcasts and this by far is the best trailer I’ve ever heard!!
  • JessieEats
    Already epic!
    Literally out of this world! The sound, the acting, the storytelling! I can’t wait for more!
  • Thymele
    So Ready for this!!
    I heard about this a while back and I am so excited that it is finaly being released! Can't wait any longer!! I need this in my life!
  • Jeff Andarson
    All Star Cast!!
    So hyped for this!!! Have a really great feeling about this series :)
  • Whmullally
    What a cast!
    Must listen
    Ready, let’s GO!
    Can’t wait
  • Cassfrank
    This trailer has me so excited for this, I can’t wait!!!
  • TheDude2112192763
    Neil Mathews
    Can’t wait!
  • Bigshowbrandon
    Can’t wait for the release
    So exciting to hear the first released episode!! This podcast will be EPIC!!
  • Elle824
    So excited!
    Can’t wait for this to come out—I’ve heard so many great things!
  • mushroompuffer25
    Super excited!
    Have been waiting for this to come out for a while! I’m sure we’re all going to be more than impressed when it finally drops!
  • AAApods
    the cast, the story, the production…I cannot wait. I’ve loved Stephanie Beatriz since B99! The trailer was amazing. A+!!
  • colleneeee
    The best!!
    So so so excited for this. Can’t wait
  • Mchadney
    Can’t wait!
    I can’t wait to see this! It sounds amazing!
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