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Chop it up every week with the TOPT boys as they review the latest releases in the world of One Piece.

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  • LefLaneJohnWayne
    TOPT on Top.
  • King sharp1017
    Topt review
    The best one piece/ anime podcast!!!
  • BrettTheSweat
    Goated Pod
    Larry makes me wanna be better; The Twins always keeping it real and Seb #1 troll. Best one piece pod out there and makes 3 hours of work breeze by. Keep up the great energy.
  • Jodniel
    Best book club
    The best one piece podcast in the world
  • Wellz’s forehead
    Best One piece Pod
    #airheadlarry #marco d. Seb #Lawrence Fishburne #Llienel the goat
  • Tyler 76123
    Hey guys I love the show but I have an awesome take how do you feel if one luffy and shanks find the one piece they fight for the true title of pirate king as mihawk and zoro laugh and drink but once the fight is done buggy bets luffy mihawk will beat zoro for the title of greatest swords men and when they clash the words THE END come across the screen/panel
  • Mrman3601
    Love listening to these guys every week it helps my work week go by that much faster. Keep up the amazing work guys!!
  • Joeycrzl
    Love this show!
    I've been watching for a few months now mostly on YouTube and these guys know how to put on a great show. Lots of different takes and theories about the peak fiction that is One Piece!
  • petes133
    The best One Piece podcast!
    One of the best One Piece podcasts out there! If you’re reading this and picking which OP podcast to listen to, then don’t, because you’ve already found the best one! :)
  • Playdead1027
    #buggygang Playdead was here
  • Dr_Tudon
    Been catching up. Hoping I can catch a live soon! 7 chapters away!!!!
  • FamilyMan_Joe43
    Best OP Podcast
    Fun, Entertaining, and Educational on all things One Piece!!! Larry is Mr. World Wide Seb is a Krillin hater Twins haven’t done anything wrong yet
  • Zootedzoro42
    Absolutely amazing
    Love these guys they are very good chat answering and have amazing commentary yall are the only podcast I’ve ever even given a chance got talk from YouTube and won’t be leaving as a fan
  • Heavenly.Demon
    Love the show
    My favorite weekly One Piece Podcast. From chapter reviews to break weeks. Podcast is just as peak as the manga.Been listening for a hot minute. Rated you guys on Spotify and wanted to give yall a shoutout on Apple Podcasts. Keep up the great work!
  • Jsuhencic
    To good
    These guys are hilarious
  • skdhdjbdidnebwwku
    Wsp fellas 🦾
    Really root for you guys listening to the pod all day everyday from episode 1 but been keeping up wit the live pods 💯 seb the goat 😂 #LarryHasBadTakes I see why people say that now lol
  • Coconut Marty
    Super fun podcast
    Having this pod to look forward to along with each chapter just makes One Piece that much more fun. Love the discussion always, y’all be sure to tune in
  • Number Goodie
    Love the debating
    I started listening to TOPT by once I caught up to the anime and wanted to see if there was anyone that talked that talk. I took a chance on you guys and have been listening since episode 67. Caught a live and have been rocking ever since. Larry “The Frontier Dome” Lawrence “D. Dilf,” , Seb “The Troll,” and “CGI” Lionel…keep up the amazing content.
  • sp9nc9rb9st
    Love these guys
    I’ve been listening for about 6 months or so now and I’ve always loved one piece but don’t really have anyone to talk to about it. Having these guys to listen to gives me an outlet that I really needed
  • Coach1445
    Fantastic show
    Best one piece podcast and community out there
  • ShawnClassic
    Best ONE PIECE pod!!
    I found their clips on my fyp on Tik Tok earlier 2023, and I immediately got hooked on their reviews, theories, and OP jokes. Great chemistry, Welcoming community, and great content! Always looking forward to Mondays when the pod goes live.
  • You.Already.Kno
    TOPT is the best
    I love the group’s dynamic, they’re always engaging and it’s fun to listen to their opinions while I’m either watching the YouTube or listening and yelling back as if they’re in the room like I’m crazy person. They’re really relatable and very entertaining. I also appreciate the fact that they encourage any of their fandom and viewers just off the strength of that’s what they do, it never comes off contrived or awkward and it seems very genuine. TOPT forever! (Or at least until Oda completes OP lol)
  • Jab1348
    Awesome Podcast
    I watch on YouTube but the great vibes are felt here too. Love the knowledge they bring to the table.
  • Soggydawgie
    Tried to be a fan but the culture here is toxic
    I’m a massive one piece fan and enjoy hearing others ideas/interpretations but the culture here seems very toxic and arrogant… especially Larry. we all have our favorite characters and our own level of bias but these people talk like their opinions are gospel and instead of being able to keep and open mind, they attack anything that doesn’t support their agendas.
  • Jordaanba
    Best One Piece Podcast out there!
    These guys are the best, their opinions are varying, thought-out, and sometimes wild (in the best way) but they keep it real and I love listening to them every week. So funny and fun. They bring on guests a lot and it’s just a great time. Feel so lucky to be apart of this community!!
  • Mobile Representative
    An Amazing Show!
    If you’re looking for a One Piece podcast that’s like First Take then this is it for you. These guys give their fans a voice, they’re inspirational, and they can be out of their minds but I can’t believe they aren’t much MUCH bigger than they are. I love TOPT!
  • Xaeeeeeeeeeee
    Great Podcast
    Great one piece podcast tune in if you haven’t the content is great !
  • Olivia, a child
    I am Kirby
    I am Kirby and I am here to do a review for the good of the podcast (sub to the Ty channel
  • Monster handler Michael
    Magellan wins extreme diff
    Magellan debateably wins against Enel enel has a huge problem with Red venom demon bit enel got raigo and that’s strong but enel loses to gear two Luffy but Magellan won against him but I don’t know that much I’m still in alabasta but I just have a lot of spoilers especially about impel down
  • Twistedking5
    Thank you!!!! Finally
    A podcast about one piece with people who know what they are talking about and aren’t afraid to debate over theories and the energy is always high. Keep it up!!
  • young.ayden.x
    Great podcast!
  • I am but a chicken
    A great podcast
    A podcast that has a great audience and is very inclusive, willing to change up what they’re doing and add more content while still keeping the same formula, they care a lot about one piece and the podcast itself, the good and the bad takes always make the podcast more intriguing and entertaining. The personalities and the friendships of the hosts make the pod cast way better as well and remove any form of aggression or ambiguity. A 10/10 one piece podcast w/ good and quantitative content.
  • Curtisw305
    Great show but…..
    This show is perfect and I would give it a 10/10 but this guy won’t stop saying names wrong. It’s a killer, and no one wants to stop him from saying it. But everything else is what I’ve been looking for in a one piece podcast
  • xazuoma
    Best Interactive One Piece Show
    If you're looking for a fun, light-hearted, interactive community of One Piece fans, look no further than this show. Love listening to them discuss their takes and argue their points. It's like watching a sports debate show on ESPN. Amazing content. - Roronoa Xhris
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