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I’m your host Wendy Jones, Founder of Be Better with Wendy Jones, mom of four, storyteller, and lifelong athlete passionate about human connection. I believe that the greatest gift we can give to the next generation is our own self-awareness. The goal of this podcast is to connect us through the visions, stories, and life lessons of people rising in sports, business & life and uncover the optimism that is sometimes front and center, and other times under the surface. Throughout my journey, I have experienced many ‘What I Meant to Say’ moments, but since life doesn’t give us do-overs, I’ve created a space to reflect and tell our stories again, with a little more grace for ourselves and the hope that we can help others, and all get a little better for having listened.

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  • Dr. Cat RM
    Honest and transparent
    I appreciate Wendy’s honesty in disclosing her emotions and thoughts . However, her greatest gift is engaging in transparent, honest conversations with experts and other persons who add insights to her discussions.
  • Aclark47
    Amazing Down to Earth Podcast
    What I Meant to Say with Wendy Jones is one of the most authentic, down to earth, and inspiring podcasts out there today! Wendy hosts the show and shapes these conversations in a way that provides her guests with a safe and inviting environment to share their stories and life experience. The way in which she draws these stories from her guests is not only beautiful and inspiring, but also thought-provoking and eye-opening. 10/10 Recommend!
  • PhilipTater
    Wonderful insights for parents, coaches and young athletes
    I thoroughly enjoyed Wendy's podcast episode with Benita Fitzgerald Mosley, especially the insights they shared on the recruiting process for parents and young athletes. It was a very organic conversation with plenty of actionable advice for parents, athletes and coaches. I also appreciated the detailed information shared about FundPlay’s good work helping make youth sports happen in underserved communities. Wendy's show notes are among the most comprehensive I’ve seen for any podcast so well done!
  • Case Bradford
    Powerful podcast - insightful ideas and collaborative conversations! Great pod
  • Mike Hagensick
    Real Authentic Conversations
    This is a fantastic podcast that brings conversations to the listener in the most authentic way!
  • T29vorhees
    Great Pod
    Wendy is a fantastic storyteller. This is done extremely well and is for all audiences.
  • AthleteDad
    Way to Be Better Wendy!
    I have a Son and a Daughter starting their High School athletic journey and BOTH of them love listening to Wendy and the amazing people she brings on her show. And not just about sports of course - but of the game of life. The best part are the follow-up conversations I get to have with these two amazing kids. THANK YOU Wendy!
  • @coachchrisplourde
    Great time
    It was such a pleasure meeting and being on Wendy’s show. Her down to earth Authentic vibe made for a free flowing, inspiring talk. We could have gone on for hours! Thank you Wendy! ~Chris Plourde
  • Teammurphyx5
    More please!
    What I Meant to Say is on in our car on the way to/from tournaments and practices. The conversations sparked with our three teenagers (and their teammates) are priceless! Every time we get “nuggets” from each podcast’s dynamic speaker’s story and journey. Often the door is opened for sharing between them, ranging from vulnerability to a good belly laugh. Thank you for creating a space where listeners can hear stories from a variety of guests and learn that we are not alone in this journey of life. Keep it up!
  • Lifewithgrey
    Yes please
    Wendy is informed, compassionate, curious and calming. Her podcast connects with passion, and reminds us we all have greatness inside of us if we are willing to learn how to tap into it. Wendy helps by connecting us with those tools. This podcast is for anyone who wants to become a master of their own life. Highly recommend.
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