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What is the secret to a long lasting friendship of 20 years?
Respect, Genuine love, and difficult conversations! Every week comedian, actress, and business mogul B.Simone along with her best friend, assistant, and business partner, Megan Brooks will share the stories and experiences that have allowed them to grow together throughout the years although their lives are completely opposite.
B.Simone is still trying to find her forever love and manage a very public life while Megan discovers what her version of the "white picket fence dream" really looks like for her as a wife and mother of 3.
The weekly conversations will be thought provoking and challenge your beliefs. We invite you to join us on our journey of self discovery and evolution.

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  • Jazzoncè
    The Best Podcast Ever
    I listen to many many podcasts and never leave reviews. However, this podcast is so great I had to leave a review! This podcast is informative, relatable and hilarious. I love the insight that both of these women have, in their careers & relationships. Words honestly cannot describe how much I love listening to these incredible women.
  • Ladiebugg28
    the podcast has literally changed my whole mind set. GOD HAS and will continue to use you ladies. I love yall sooooo much 💙💙💙💙💙
  • Cphelpshughes
    I needed this!
    I love this podcast B and Megan! Whew! I have forwarded episodes to my friends and family because of all of the nuggets! I wish y’all all the best in the future!! Keep the conversation going on and on! Please 😉
  • AAk wilson
    Love this podcast !!!
    It’s the honesty & the topics for me . Very much needed . Here for it !
  • Abriley110
    Megan Ashley
    I appreciate Megan’s honesty so much! Her intention and transparency is refreshing. I can tell that she has been through some STUFF and by her sharing her own personal journey, it encourages me through mine. Her and B.Simone’s friendship is so sweet and special to watch/hear- the vulnerabilities they bring out in each other is what makes this podcast one of a kind. I’m thankful that I’ve been on this podcast journey with them since the beginning, I will NEVER miss an episode! Thank you both for speaking your truth- never stop being open with us and letting us into your world. 🖤
  • shyell.alizee
    #1 podcast in the world🫶🏾🥹
    I’ve never really been a podcast person until I listened to this one. It’s great for anyone that’s trying to grow spiritually and do the internal work. The gems that Megan constantly drops is mind blowing to me . It’s just all around GREAT honestly!
  • Jade Evonni
    Podcast Of THEE Century
    Such a beautiful podcast! Really focused in on healing, growing, loving, happiness, and manifestation. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry but you will step away feeling better and looking at your life differently. This is the podcast you can share with all of your friends and loved ones and keep the conversation going - and heal together. These two beautiful ladies have created THEE podcast of the century! You won’t regret listening to this podcast at all!
  • SRiseGold
    The best!!!
    My favorite podcast!!! The transparency. Very relatable. Funny. Motivational. EVERYTHING!
  • elle_s03
    Megan Brooks
    I love how you live in who God has called you to be . EVERY episode I have listened to you live in purpose and that I'm here for ! It's not to under mind Brae, I love her too, the resonating happens on both sides ! Just thought I'd highlight that. God is pleased and people are going to be freed because of the honesty !
  • kaykissez
    #1 Podcast in the World
    I absolutely love this podcast! I’ve literally never listened consistently to ANY until this one right here. It’s so relatable, informative, gentle, and A VIBE! These two remind me of my best friend and I so much. Love Megan’s perspective and realness along with B.Simone’s candidness and comedic moments. Can’t wait to see this show go global!
  • TGS Beauty
    Absolutely love!
    This podcast is perfect for anyone person trying to evolve mentally and spiritually. Hearing the different perspectives and maturity is so refreshing. Keeps me motivated. I’m an entrepreneur and whenever I feel down, confused, or simply unmotivated I turn this podcast on. 10/10 forsure!
  • DMDM*
    #1 Podcast
    I absolutely love this podcast. The gems that are dropped on a weekly basis are definitely needed. I literally wake up on Tuesdays excited to listen to a new episode. Keep it up ladies we love you!
  • WhyINeedAName
    #1 Podcast in the World - Know for sure!
    I’m obsessed with this podcast… I’m constantly impressed with the level of emotional intelligence they display at such a young age.. B comes with the jokes and Megan ALWAYS drops a gem in each episode.. Love it!! 🙌🏾✨✨
  • Noonk15
    #1 podcast in the world
    I absolutely love this podcast !!!
  • kings_level
    CHEF’S KISS😘🤌🏽
    Every episode has been just as good as the last. The conversations are so real and deep and every guest is so different you never know what your going to get! I’m a very picky podcast girl but this one never disappoints and will always be my #1. Every week it’s like waiting for an episode of your favorite Netflix show to drop! Here me out, a raffle of some kind where one of your listeners get an opportunity to participate in the podcast or even get the chance to partake in these awesome conversations would be everything!!😭 Much love and support to these two beautiful souls 💗💗
  • Adri_Nell
    In tears 😩😩
    I just got done listening to episode 5 and I am in tears from all the information I took in. I’ve been dealing with a situation for the past 2 months and this episode has made me feel so overwhelmed with emotion of how I already was feeling but couldn’t pinpoint why. I would like to have a conversation with people like y’all that can have a open mind about all situations and points of views. Thank y’all for being a voice of reason and knowledge.
  • Kiestars517
    I am so happy for this podcast to be one that I can truly relate to. I absolutely love Megan and B Simone. This truly is the podcast of the year. Please keep this going, we love you guys, we see you. && most of all chileeee us women can relate.
  • theelaceceo
    Love this !!
    I’m 18 and honestly y’all have me dying with y’all I just love everything about y’all podcast! Honestly thinking about starting my own for my generation 💪🏾💕 I listened to y’all the whole time while driving on a 4 hour road trip & it was worth it 🫶🏾
  • shawdymae
    Authentic. Real. Friendship in its truest form
    Just a beautiful authentic show from two women who are sharing their experiences and helping those young women looking for guidance! I appreciate you guys
  • golldenlady
    Appreciate yall !
    Im 41yrs old and these young ladies teach me daily! Thank you Gals❤️❤️
  • S&S2020
    Great Podcast
    Enjoyed every minute!
  • MICKEY_lewis
    It’s Girl Code in Podcast Form!
    Girl power, self reflection and life guidance all in one place! Don’t hesitate, listen to every episode.
  • Ryzanea
    Very empowering!
    it’s always good to see black women living and walking in their truth. this podcast is phenomenal. keep going, queens 🤎
  • Kiaaaaa124
    Highly recommended
    This has encouraged me to live in my truth FULLY!! Thank you keep striving
  • AsiaAnderson
    #1 Relationships Podcast out hereee!!!!
    Soooo I never write reviews…. (I know I’m horrible 😭) BUT this one is a MUST!!! I have been trying to fix, build, grow and move forward in my relationships and was looking for a podcast that spoke to me. Not necessarily about relationships, but a podcast that helped me to learn about myself, improve communication and just grow to love the version and chapter of my life I am in. To get to the point 😂…. This podcast is that and all!!! While i hear y’all speak about personal things to creating that save space for others who have/had different experiences then y’all to speak, it’s amazing!!! I know other podcast has this feeling towards other reviewers and people but I think y’all can touch more hearts and souls then anyone can imagine. RECOMMEND🥳 To everybody and they mama ♥️
  • lexusreads
    This podcast is so therapeutic for me, it’s almost like church. Megan & B. Simone are so wise and they are all about the truth which is what I love most about this podcast. There is nothing else out there like this. I also love their friendship together, they are both so funny, every episode they have me rolling. THIS IS THE #1 PODCAST IN WORLD!!!✅
  • Peterpann86
    My Opinion… respectfully
    I’ve been listening to this podcast from the start. I have to admit the topics and guest are always interesting. Megan is very wise and mentally stimulating. The podcast can be lengthy, only because of the CONSTANT interruptions, side conversations, and rants are sometimes (in my opinon) irrelevant. During the episode with Tabitha, at one point she was speaking some truth, when she was then interrupted. I could tell she may have been taken aback, because she got quiet. Ladies, y’all are on to something great, my only advice is to learn how to navigate your friendship when talking privately and publicly on the podcast.
  • Loraxtrees
    Love this podcast!
    This is my new fave podcast! I adore you both! It gets a bit conservative at times and religious-y—they speak at length how they’re doing “god’s work” (almost every episode) which I fast forward, because I am not Christian. However, they do drop the gems about friendship and relationships which does resonate. Keep shining!
  • jpalm88
    I absolutely love this podcast! I kind of stumbled upon it and I am so glad I did!! B and Megan are so relatable! I love their relationship and their perspectives. In my head we are besties 😃❤️
  • yanzsnow2
    We’re baaaaaacccckkkkkkkkkkk
    Giving everything it’s supposed to give !!!!!!!!!! Love yallllllllll ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Joshsalyn
    Thank You for Being God’s Vessel
    Ep:11 is the first time I have been able to hear my own story and put it into words through these women testimony. I thank God that I came across the TikTok clip and decided to listen to the full ep. Ladies please keep going and I love how you are able to make culture and following Christ blend so well. I am able to understand it so clearly. It’s like I’m having a conversation with the Holy Spirit, Big sisters and talking to my inner self. This ep has opened my eyes and given me a new prospect that I’ve been praying for. God I pray that these women are blessed even more than they are now and I pray that their voices continue to impact others. In Jesus name I pray amen.
  • DestinyyG
    LOVE IT!
    I leave every episode feeling SO inspired!! I love how they include their faith and relationship with God in their content as well! Thank you ladies 💕
  • ShanHoward
    Best podcast
    This podcast is needed for every woman just amazing!
  • Jay4rmJack
    I loved the discussion!
  • Tyt J.
    Loveeee the podcast! So happy for you guys, cant wait to see how much y'all succeed!!
  • AyanaGunn
    Love It! Wish The Guests Weren’t Interrupted As Much
    Love, love, love the show!!! Quick suggestion: I do wish when guests are on the show they can complete their statements without interruption. It takes away (in my opinion) from the essence of the episode/interview. Or finishing their statement, assuming to know what they’re about to say. All in all, I love the topics, dialogue & transparency. Keep going!
  • bryonnajay
    Don’t Walk - Run!!
    This podcast is beyond amazing! The topics, the authenticity, the love, the genuineness. I needed this on every level. This podcast is helping me in ways you’d never imagine. It’s so good! I look forward to it every week!
  • JasHoop
    Gratefulness and Gratitude
    After listening and catching up on the episodes, I personally want to thank you B.Simone and Megan for creating a safe space for Black women, all women, and whom may listen to you all. It has definitely molded, reshaped my mindset, and put more purpose into my own walk and what I am called to accomplish on this Earth. Thank you for creating this platform!! Love you girls❤️.
  • Shan813
    I don’t write reviews at all, but I will say this first episode got me all the way together and I’m excited to continue to tune and and get these ladies take on life, relationships , and God! Y’all have the perfect balance keep it up ladies I love it!!!
  • Beartrvp
    Best podcast
    I love this podcast and look forward to new episodes. I laugh, I cry, and most of all learn new things each time.
  • I love Panera
    I love this podcast
    I love this podcast not only are they fun to listen to but the topics discussed are so real and what we need in today’s time. I find myself healing from things discussed and learning things about what I have to work on to be a better me.
  • cali_karma
    Know for sure
    Luv you guys but y’all not going to keep having me crying at work lbs. This podcast is nothing but healing, growth and love i can’t get enough ❤️💯
  • Nikkinosixx
    10 Stars
    This pod cast is great. I love the conversations! Helps me look at things from a different perspective. I enjoy every episode and I’m inspired!
  • jdufsbbs
    It’s giving!!!!
    Absolutely love this podcast 💜thank you for the transparency
  • Arion.M
    I’m obsessed
    I just stumbled across this podcast and now it’s my favorite thing to listen to. I love B & Megan’s dynamic and the topics they discuss! It’s also funny AFFFFFF
  • 1 GABOS
    You ladies deserve y’all Flowers 🌹🌸💐🌺🌷🌻🥀🌼💮🪷
  • Lionesslelo
    THANK YOU!!!
    Y’all give me the girl talk I wish I had.
  • Tip850
    I love this podcast.
  • PrettyNPumps
    #1 Podcast in the WORLD
    Speaking into existence! Truly something I never knew I needed. Thank you. 🤍
  • Melanated Energy
    Black women with Voices 🤍🤍
    It’s one thing to have open Conversations but to be able to have those conversations and know you’re being heard is another ! God has truly given these women different perspectives to highlight there indifferences to show the world that this is OK for healthy friendships 🤌🏾💕
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