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What is the secret to a long lasting friendship of 20 years? Respect, Genuine love, and difficult conversations! Every week comedian, actress, and business mogul B.Simone along with her best friend, assistant, and business partner, Megan Brooks will share the stories and experiences that have allowed them to grow together throughout the years although their lives are completely opposite. B.Simone is still trying to find her forever love and manage a very public life while Megan discovers what her version of the "white picket fence dream" really looks like for her as a mother of 3. The weekly conversations will be thought provoking and challenge your beliefs. We invite you to join us on our journey of self discovery and evolution.

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  • casher2u
    Beauty for Ashes
    Listened to “Saving Grace” pt1 & pt2! This is such a beautiful relationship to witness and to see God through this as well…beauty for ashes ❤️❤️❤️
  • cecemaxsunshine
    Beware of wolves in sheep clothing
    I listen for over 5 months because I genuinely wanted to like this podcast but I soon realized there was nothing of God about these girls or this pod. From the constant ‘Jesus’ being thrown out every second and the constant cursing and profanity in between, I knew something was off. But what finally made me unsubscribe and block , was the guests they had on the show and the blatant signs that showed they they had no discernment. There is no God here or God on them but they continue to curse, support opposite of ‘Jesus’ ideologies , all while yelling Jesus just to fool us. No body is perfect, but if you have discernment, you will know this pod is only here to cause confusion, taint your image , and lead you to wrong doing. Not everyone who say Jesus every 2 minutes is actually a believer.
  • Asia_mone
    Podcast in the car
    Such a great podcast. I listen every morning on my way to work it helps keep my spirits up after I’ve finished an entire routine. I love how the conversations can shift so deep at any moment and I love laughing so hard knowing others driving near me can see a smiling black girl. Love it I can’t wait to hear more
  • Miss Rho
    An Important Podcast
    I absolutely adore this podcast. I love the fresh, millennial perspective on many life issues and their experiences with God. Very authentic content that I joyously share with others.
  • ppppppppiiiooooooyp
    Love this podcast so much! Megan and B are so great to listen to, their vibe is just it! And I love how God always end up being the center of their conversations, they have me saying AMEN every episode!
  • NiaaaB
    Authenticity, Real, & Blackity-Black
    I came across a clip of this podcast on tik tok, just scrolling one day. Of course I recognized B.Simone from TV, but didn’t follow her. I found the podcast on Apple then on YouTube. I’m a podcast listener so I’m always looking for new shows to listen to, and I fell in love immediately. First, God - they always talk about their relationship with Him. I love that! Second, blackness. Third, realness. Fourth, walking in your truth - which I’m more focused on since coming into my 30’s. I whole heartedly appreciate and love this space and look forward to listening to each and every episode. I put my best friend on as well!! Keep doing what y’all are doing, for the culture, and for the purpose!! Love y’all!
  • Telia A.
    Mature and Love it!
    I’m in my late 40’s and I truly enjoy the interviews! Women of all ages will enjoy this podcast. Wishing you all the success ladies!
  • Ronique Betts
    So Needed!
    I love this podcast! Real/raw/transparent and is very much needed. Thank you B and Megan for such a pivotal #1 Podcast 💕
  • Jas Bos
    Weekly dose of therapy
    I absolutely love this podcast !! Each week they both speak to me in a way that gives me chills it's literally like God is speaking through them. They allow me to challenge myself, think about my actions and find true peace and healing. They remind me everyday don't be afraid to step out on faith and go for whatever is out there for you. I can't wait until you guys come to NY!! We need the live show here. Also this may be far fetched but I always imagine the day I can sit down and speak with you ladies. It's like at this point just become therapist because yall got it lol! Don't stop, this is so special!
  • nicolewilliams0208
    Raw and real!
    I love these two besties! Their podcast is so raw and real! The topics are always so relevant to life and my favorite part is that they are not afraid to speak about their faith and how God has worked in their lives. One thing I KNOW FOR SURE, is I will be continuing to listen every week. ✌🏼
  • Miss Dee707
    #1 Podcast in the World!!!
    I’ve been listening since day one! Its the hard conversations that no one wants to have. It feels like home! A true heartfelt conversation with no judgement. Always authentic!! I love it here!!
  • Allhailangiexo
    #1 Podcast in the World. The best part is that this is something God cultivated. Two black women being an example of God’s love and purpose and I love every second of it. I am an advent listener and I genuinely feel like a friend. Thank you!
  • Doseofdes
    Pure, Authentic, God Fearing Black women
    I’ve been watching them from the beginning and I love them like they are my older sisters. They’ve taught me so much about myself on my self-growth journey. Each person they bring on the podcast reflects the genuineness & pureness of themselves because you attract what you are. Right? KFS family
  • nevershoutneverlover!
    Life changing podcast
    This is the podcast you never knew you needed. B & Megan’s dynamic is so inspiring to women of all ages. I show this podcast to everyone—my friends, my mom, and my younger loved ones too. I never miss an episode, I learn something new about love, life, friendship, and God every episode. A real blessing to black women! ❤️P.S. they are also HILARIOUS!!!!
  • Jaime Stubbs
    This podcast moves my spirit in divine timing in ways that I can’t even express. I listened to the Tabitha Brown episode (E10) four times now and I’m still amazed. Thank you all for blessing me with this amazing platform! ( I like to watch on YouTube but I had to come to share this review.)
  • Timah143
    If I could give 6 Stars I WOULD!
    I have been a part of the chain gang since the very first episode dropped and not ONE time have I walked away from an episode unfulfilled! Meg and B are the most inspirational black women across ANY and ALL platforms. If you’re a black woman and NEVER listened to this podcast then you’re doing yourself a disservice. I am only 23 and I have learned so much from these women. They have literally changed my life in so many ways and so many quotes and words I carry with me daily. I’m a crybaby so they always get me there lol. This podcast is funny, moving, motivational, relatable, and POWERFUL. Don’t miss out on the gems and blessings this podcast has to offer. I’m Chaingang4L!!! Don’t play.
  • Sonjji
    Know For Sure Podcast
    What an amazingly beautiful partnership!!!! These women are a compliment to one another!! I really enjoy listening to them and gaining real life information that I can put into action in my everyday life!!! So thankful to have been introduced to this podcast!!!!
  • Marika Ferguson
    Number 1 Pod In the world
    Real , raw , uncut, genuine. Megan ashley and b Simone plus all their guest are unapologetically themselves and they show us they are real humans with real emotion and trauma as well. Literally a life changing Podcast. Beyond grateful God blessed us with them. 100/10 highly recommend
  • IndyEve
    #1 Podcast
    I Love listening to these two women! Their stories are so inspiring and empowering for women and men. I love how they cover relationships, God, fashion, business, growing, healing and evolving🥰 Relevant and necessary conversations❤️❤️ May God continue to bless y’all’s ministry 💯🫶🏾🙌🏾
  • Teprese
    #1 podcast !
    Love this podcast, I tune in every week for you guys to speak positivity, God & life into me. Keep going !
  • shaetaee
    Love love love
    I loveeee this podcast Megan is so good with her words and B with the comedy it’s like the perfect match! This podcast feeds the soul.
  • Desxzay
    #1 Pod in the world
    I absolutely love this Pod, these are women i needed in my life! I became so drawn to them because i have no one in my family that i can go to for advice. They are dropping gems left and right and i take notes every episode! 10/10
  • Cyn Clair
    Thank you 🥹
    I’ve watched B.Simone and Megan Ashley from back when they were just vlogging and other things as a focus. I’ve watched the first episode and haven’t missed an episode since. Wednesdays have become sacred to me. Aloowing myself to watch the podcast and continuously feel empowered and energized. I’ve recommended this podcast too many times. The girls that get it get and the girls that don’t are lost right now but they’ll come around. I appreciate everything I gain and learn from you guys. I excited to continue this journey with you ladies and can’t wait until its my turn in the seat 🤭 God will put us together I know it - so see you when I see you ❤️ - xoxo The CYNfluence
  • RaquelJim
    “Practice Makes Purpose”
    I cried this episode! I’m in a healing process and I hate the process but listening to the episode and asking myself those hard questions is helping me understand I have to go with the process and not against it! I appreciate y’all!
  • buddy charm
    Laughter, depth, humility
    I am a new listener of this podcast. I love the variety of women they have on the pod and are able to show something that isn’t shown through their media personas. I love the relationship that the ladies have with one another. It shows, that as women, we can all coexist beautifully; without competition or egos. There’s a seat at the table for our differences/similarities. Praying for you ladies and I wish the tickets weren’t sold out for your Atlanta show. Thank you for creation.
  • Htown Tiffy
    Keep bringing amazing content!!!!
    I love ya’ll so much, it’s like your podcast topics are aligned with where I’m at in life. Please continue to let God work through you both. Thank you so much for your authenticity.
  • Ac36m
    Different perspectives
    Both ladies seem to have different perspectives on a lot of topics but their friendship continues to thrive, despite their differences. A lot of comedic jokes involved but get off topic quiet easily lol. Great overall !
  • SAnnalese
    Interpretations & talking over each other
    Constant interruption from the host. Just let someone speak, then add on or whatever once they have spoken. It’s crazy. Side conversations. They ask a question. The individual is answering and mid way they have a whole new side conversation they start. Audio is okay……. I’m not understanding the “intro” It’s an okay podcast.
  • mriah1
    Um not sure
    Um, some of these episodes are like what are y’all really talking about? There’s many different subjects in one episode, stick to one or maybe even two topics per episode. Some episodes are all over the place. Also, they’re constantly talking over each other. Give each other time to finish talking.
  • SheLoves85
    Pure, Heartwarming, Encouraging!!!
    I love this podcast! The authenticity of these women, BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMEN OF GOD, is inspiring! The honesty and transparency makes the discussion so relatable. It’s like saying, “sis, you’re not alone”. It’s pure, heartwarming, and encouraging! And I’m here for it ALL DAY!!!
  • cece mac
    One too many
    The way they talk is annoying! It’s like everyone around B talks like her so it’s annoying! Like nobody know how to be their own person and have their own personality around her !
    Audio :(
    Good pod but the audio is not it at all. We shouldn’t be able to hear the echo on the podcasts apps.
  • Kimiko Sade
    Mental Health Wellness Convo
    I love this conversation about mental health and wellness. I have been on my own self care journey to be a better and healthier person. One wellness expert that I would recommend is Yasmine Cheyenne (@YasmineCheyenne on IG). She has AMAZING content of practices to do while you are on the healing journey to pour back into yourself and creating those healthy boundaries. 10/10! Love this podcast. I’m tapped in every week!
  • Charlie_an_Quinn
    This episode saves me every week
    Thank you for this episode. Thank you for this space. I’m a mom who has never lived on her own. I’m so scared to live alone cause what if I can’t. But thanks to you all and this episode specifically I’m willing to try and believe I can make it to a home of my own without having to go back to my families home
  • Zaddytia
    I love this podcast
    What I know for sure is it’s possible to have a 20+ year friendship. If it’s possible for you it’s possible for me. Thank you for inspiring me to keep try to having real friendships.
  • jhayden26
    Know For Sure podcast
    My name is Jessica Hayden, I struggle with my mental health constantly since having a car accident in 2018. So, when I came across this podcast, I felt I had a community that understood what I am going through and could help me refocus my mind to get back to the person I used to be. Thank you for this platform you don’t know how much you do for me.
  • Sweetpeaj04
    Love this pod!
    Y’all talk about all the things that need to be talked about and I love it!! This is the #1 podcast for this Millennial generation.
  • Jacob Willis
    I love
    So real, and raw❤️
  • P is short for Paiton
    Man y’all done got me through so much stuff and even turned posture back towards God. Thank you B. Simone and Megan🤍! Keep it up 🤞🏾
  • Aimzzz128964
    Does something amazing to spirit!
    So entertaining, deep and honest. I learn a life lesson every single episode, been tuned in since the beginning. I love how real these ladies are and how in tune with their purpose, love, God and serving. So many gems, it reassures me that even though the path is not easy, everything makes sense and is meant just for me. I love these women so much y’all don’t understand. Thank you!
  • NIKKI in her purpose TORRES
    Women walking in their purpose
    My title is what this pod cast should be called! I been listening to this pod cast since episode 1 and been hooked ever since!! Listening to each episode empowers me to do and be greater! To look within me! To love myself, value myself and respect myself so that I am the best of my best for me and others around me. I love that you both stand for strong black woman! As a Latina, I feel that I need to support and empower other latinas because only I know our struggles and our triumphs just as you well know your peoples struggles and triumphs. When we can cross those bridges, we can then support women of other cultures. However, at the end of the day, God has created us as equal and above all, the love you pour into all that you both do for know for sure pod cast is amazing!! Walking in your purpose is what life is truly about!! May you ladies continue in your path and bless our communities! Looking forward to the day I meet y’all to say thank you and give y’all a hug 🧡.
  • Yariicruz
    Is this a God podcast? Talking over each other?
    Honestly, is KFS solely on God? This might sound controversial because of how this sounds in your head. I love talking and listening about God but everyday? Then a whole church episode of Megan preaching it feels a lil churchy, then the repetitive saying the same thing literally repeating words idk. And the talking over each other is annoying (Megan doesn’t do it). Can y’all let the guests get it all out especially if y’all brought them in to give us insight, y’all be wanting to be screened by y’all guests on the podcast instead of booking them for y’all self before or after the podcast so that the guest can get it all out with out being interrupted with y’all personal questions.
  • Esh Baiy
    Wow, just wow!
    Wow is all i can say! I just listened to the most recent episode “if you’re happy and you know it” and Jesus, I have been in tears. I am now HOOKED, wish i found y’all podcast sooner but God sent me here today. Beautiful words, beautiful sisterhood/friendship, beautiful stories! Thank y’all so much! I thank God for my sistersto whom he sent for me and to me, and vice versa… and this reminded me of that. Y’all dont know how happy and full this made me!
  • CameronNJ
    Grateful for the KFS Podcast
    Hello Meg and B and the KFS Team. After this episode I was led by the spirit to let you all know how truly blessed I have been by this work. Every episode I receive a different revelation but this one particularly hit home because I recently parted ways with a good girlfriend of mine and needed encouragement. This episode affirmed me and y’all don’t even know me which shows that I was led by God to this podcast. I’m so thankful to God for bringing you all together and planting the seed to create this podcast in you all, it has been an amazing thing to listen and learn from professional, God-fearing women. Thank you for the service you all give and I am excited for what’s to come in the future. I will be looking for ways to sow into this podcast because you all are truly letting yourselves be used by God. 🤍🤎
  • Rise_22
    I love this podcast I look forward to listening to each episode every week. B & Meg keep it REAL & also make me laugh! Topics are extremely relatable & insightful. Highly recommend!
  • Jholden837
    If you happy then you know it
    I’m a 25-year-old African-American female in the California area, and I consider myself the strong friend so hearing the different perspectives of what can be possible for friendship was a great experience to have with you all. This was by far one of the best episodes in order to hear the people who work behind the scenes to make the face of the show looks so well, in their perspective and their alignment, and just able to be vulnerable and share, I am personally taking notes and writing it down. I thank you Megan for choosing to be so vulnerable in this moment and allow someone like me to hear that from her perspective , what it feels like to always be the strong friend in wanting to serve or feel needed, so I’m grateful to hear that from someone else’s side. You ladies are killing it.💗🌻🌟
  • Loraxtrees
    Great messaging amidst shenanigans
    Woof! I’m trying hard to hold onto this podcast because I loved the first few episodes, but Lawd the last few! The praying (off mic, if you’re going g to do it—do it with your full chest) at the top of the recent episode, along WITH smacking of food and talking on the phone, and arguing with each other about the intro singing. Are ya’ll ready?!! Come on loves let’s get it together a bit more. Love you all but please be consistent and professional.
  • Keyskreationsllc
    Best podcast billion dollar business !!
    This podcast has impacted me so much thank you for this ! All I listen to is this podcast when I get in the car play this podcast. God is really working through y’all and I’m so glad he allowed me to come across this podcast. Love y’all fr I can’t thank you guys enough for doing this🫶🏽.
  • supersavagexxxx
    life & perspective changing 🫶🏾
    I came across this podcast by ACCIDENT & been hooked ever since! I been on this journey of trying to learn & better myself & when I tell yall B. Simone & Megan Ashely have been the mentor I never knew I needed I TRULY MEAN THAT!!! My mom isn’t in my life right now by her choice & i’m only 20 so it’s been hard trying to figure this whole life thing out especially when I missed those conversations that yall have on the podcast with my mom so I thank yall a trillion times. I love you both. #Number1podcastintheworld
  • Kwashburn1216
    Love and appreciate this podcast so much! It always has me thinking about a different perspective and searching on how to build a stronger relationship with God. Thank you for putting these conversations out there.
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