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The Monica Crowley Podcast is a whipsmart, fast-paced, sassy blend of politics, culture, history and humor, all brought to you with the sunny optimism of Ronald Reagan's "Happy Warrior" spirit.  Monica Crowley has - uniquely- served two American Presidents: Richard Nixon in his last years as Foreign Policy Assistant, and Donald Trump as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury. A high-profile TV and radio personality, she’s a New York Times bestselling author, popular columnist, and savvy, funny host who delivers one-of-a-kind insights and interviews. The Monica Crowley Podcast is true appointment listening.

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  • >:-(!
    5/24/23 show poor clipping
    5/24/23 show: @22:40-22:45 had a commercial poorly clipped in. You started to say last cpac [clip]. I stopped / marked played then.
  • WJL2020
    She is a Patriot!
    Wow, actual truth about the condition of our Nation, and real hope for conservatives to strive towards saving America! Thank you Monica!
  • Fix my hulu app
    Tin foil hat needed.
    GQP mouthpiece
  • matthaya
    A bit much
    If you want to get bummed out about the world, listen to this show. Depressing.
  • statedept1515
    She’s a doofus
    Alarmist and unlikely to provide necessary context because it disqualifies whatever she is usually railing about. Avoid.
  • makin $$&
    Lovely Lady Conservative.
    Lonely trucker, big fan. Love your podcast.
  • Toyota-Camry
    Princess Monica👰‍♀️👑
    “”OH MY GOSH””” Been A Follower Of Princess Monica👰‍♀️👑 Since She Was On Fox Business
  • raeast
    I feel vindicated!!!
    I am 76 years old. I have never had the flu. I am unvaccinated. A friend in the medical field told me about the facts in your Feb 3 podcast a long time ago. I was shunned by all my “friends” because I am unvaccinated. But I knew it was right not to get vaccinated. Now my “friends” are sorry they took the jab!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!
  • Dirtydanman
    45 is God
    When she says that the coronavirus was developed to get rid of black people, I think she makes a good point. A lot going on in Wuhan and the republicans and Chinese have to agree on something.
  • Kellyatthelake
    Great Interview with Dr Andrew Huff
    Wow! That was eye-opening and kinda scary at the same time. I pray for his safety and for an thankful for his courage to leave the deep state and write his book.
  • cags82
    Amazing podcast with Monica Crowley!
    Big fan of Ms. Crowley and LOVE listening to her Podcast here. Finally: TRUTH. GOD BLESS YOU MONICA AND TEAM! Keep up the amazing work.
  • RPPSr.
    Smart Cookie
    Monica is extremely bright and has a world view that aligns with the American family first values. She calls out the bad guys on the left and the right. I value her commentary.
  • Small Time Dude
    Support forJulie Kelly
    Monica, I’m trying to find a way to take action as a voter. How about, if we contacted our governor, and asked how many of our state residents were confined in this illicit prison confinement, their names, and what you have done about it?
  • Texas GranMa
    What to do….
    I appreciate your finger pointing out the things that are wrong, but specific ways to fix the problems would be most appreciated. Fingers crossed for help 🤞
  • ScottHG
    Far right garbage.
    Conspiracy theories, nonsense, and ads for gold schemes and supplements. She is Alex Jones in a wig.
  • Teris treasures
    I Thank God For Your Podcast ❣️
    Monica where do I begin!? 🥰 I discovered you a few weeks ago. I am now A Fan❣️ Thank you for delivering the political current events as only You can do. Also Thank You for your unique insight to President Nixon. You truly opened my eyes to things I never understood before. God Bless & Be Well Dear Lady
  • fordjonp
    Smoozing with the Bret.
    I really like your podcast. It’s very Pro Trump but that’s also my bone of contention with you. Why fraternize with election fraud deniers like Bret Baier who wont admit wrongdoing and in the 2020 election? Ok , he is a friend but we all watched the Kari Lake interview on Fox News and how pathetic he was.He deserves no respect in my opinion.
  • SunShineGirl21
    Worth making time for this podcast
    Great information: focused, knowledgeable, well- presented!
  • YourBoyTussin
    Monica Crowley is a liar
    When Ron Desantis sent 2 planes filled with illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard Monica reports that MV residents were “whining” and wanting nothing more than to get the people off the island. That couldn’t be more untrue. Residents welcomed them with open arms, food, and offering up their own homes as shelter. Monica Crowley made up her own “news” and should be ashamed of herself. She has yet to apologize and admit that she lied.
  • Carlos PB
    Over the Target.
    Uncensored, unafraid, over the target.
  • Sgr Rock
    Monica Crowley Podcast 9/7/22
    Excellent interview. I am a 66-years old, and have been retired from the military for over 25-years. I truly enjoy your podcast, you are spot on. I especially enjoy how you and your guests are able to highlight the problems the country and the world is going through, and how we must work together to resolve these problems. I was raised on a farm in California, and at a young age understood that we are each responsible for solving our problems and government is not the solution. Keep up the great job and keep turning out excellent content. Donald Wilson MSGT, USAF (Ret.)
  • Florida Chief
    Love it!!
    I love Monica’s detailed reports and opinions on today’s most important issues. I listen as often as time allows.
  • NexusXX
    I have really enjoyed Monica's podcast. I support her politics and passion. Give her a try.
  • Forever Patriot
    … your podcast!!! (I am down on one knee:) Will you marry me, Monica???
  • yourfavoriterichie
    0 Stars Isn’t and Option 🫣🤢😫
    Anyone notice how she worked for two of the most infamous and damaging presidents this country has had? She is, rather than providing impartial information, giving unfair statements to listeners. I can tell exactly what audience this podcast was made for, and since I am not a red neck insane racist far right Republican, I don’t believe that audience includes me.
  • AZ Horse Gal
    Devin Nunes
    I always enjoy your conversations with excellent guests like Devin Nunes! 🇺🇸 America First!
  • Bradthink
    Your relentless passion, perspective, and unvarnished commentary are timely and impactful!
  • LA Liberty
    To Monica from La Liberty
    Carry On Patriots!❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • appreciative patriot
    Great analysis by Monica. She truly speaks truth. AND she researches from other sources to pass on so we have a more complete picture. This site is worth the time.
  • Asciguy
    From yet another right wing howler monkey. Lies on top of lies just like the administrations she worked for. Two criminal Presidents.
  • Topper3333
    The Best
    You just can’t beat Monica! She is the Best!
  • be it all may
    The one show I’d love to watch & not just listen.
  • prcjr68
    President Nixon
    First of all I am a huge fan of Monica Crowleys anyway but her podcast on the late President Nixon just blew me away. I listen to many conservative podcasts but hers is on top of the mountain. It makes me want to read Nixon In Winter again.
  • Miss_Prism
    So glad you get it
    That the Democratic Party is no longer the Democratic Party (a la Hubert Humphrey) but the Communist-Maoist Party. (Gramscian wing, a la Buttigieg’s father).
  • ronjon400
    AAA+ Monica podcast
    Since the passing of Rush I have to slowly but surely had piece together some new shows. Monica is 100% on my list to help fill my gap! Quick wit and just a great gal to listen to. Also she has her uploads on the  podcasts very quickly. Love me some Monica here in Florida. Thank u for doing what u do!
  • Pamela7644
    Re: Nixon show
    I’ve been a fan of yours for quite some time. Happy to have your thoughts so available. I’ll always remember the day President Nixon resigned. Not a good memory. I didn’t understand the left then but I knew he really had no choice because of them. Love hearing about your time with him. Diane
  • Scrappysongs
    No easy choices
    Our Country is at a crossroads and more than at anytime in my lifetime. We as citizens need to stay informed and Monica Crowley is a much needed voice. I very much enjoy her insights.
  • NathanNookie
    Monica is outstanding!!!
    One of the few podcasts that will tell you the truth and keep you abreast of what’s really important in the world and Monica conveys that truth in an interesting and wonderful way!!!
  • GrrrrrrumpyKat
    Love your show!
    Thanking God for you and everyone like you fighting for our freedom. Caught you on Bill O Reilly, filling in, pleasantly surprised and found a new friend. Saw Top Gun, today :). Loved it, made us feel good again.
  • PAyscue
    Peroxide must rot the brain
    Despite all the work, she definitely has a face for "radio." Only listened to see if ever addressed plagiarizing most of her dissertation BUT right in line with her former administration and her Orange Idol, Crawley ain't taking time away from her seditionist lies.
  • Jill-Grad
    I was sold when she filled in for Bill O’Reilly
    Monica, you are amazing at your delivery of fair thought out political details.
  • Ortegon1
    Great Show
    I found Monica’s show and now I’m bummed I didn’t know she had a pod. She is the keep it real police, I love the show
  • llambiri
    Amazing podcast
    Hello Monica I hear your podcast most of the time and enjoy with my friends as we car pool in New York because the subway is a nightmare. I could say wow ! Monica I love the courage and the power of your voice as you expose the communist agenda in every podcast. Congratulations! Ermioni
  • Froderick Fronkensteen
    So Glad I Found You
    I’ve so enjoyed your incisive, thoughtful insights for years on the O’Reilly Factor. Of course, TV is one thing and in person is another, but you just seem to be a delight, as well. Your podcast is wonderful. Your thoughts in yesterday’s episode about the far left’s strident “religion” of political, racial/social and sexual extremes were right on the mark. I’m so pleasantly surprised to have found your podcast!
  • homemakerlauren
    Love you Monica
    Enjoy you as a guest on Mark Simone’s program. When he mentioned your podcast I was thrilled! I love your perspective on current events. Thank you!
  • ballpeen brain
    A Rational Voice of Solid Reason in America.
    Mr. Bill O’Reilly had you on his show and I was quite surprised to hear that your profound and incisive commentary will be available to the public with your own personal podcast. I was indeed quite enthralled and elated. I think you handle the tough political questions of our times with prodigious skill. I look forward to listening to your sagacious political insights with great routinization. I think you present the truth no matter if it stings or not. I feel you passionately exude true concernment over our reeling Republic and that you are sincere in your desire to guide and instruct true patriots of this country. You are tremendously informed and have much to offer from your rich personal experiences in D.C. and as a writer. You are not shy in voicing your thoughts in this world of hammer and blood sport politics. Words cannot express how wonderful it is to have access to your ‘voice of reason’ in this abominably horrid woke cancel culture. You are truly a great American. 🇺🇸
  • NiteStarSky
    One Million Stars !!!!!
    My Favorite Conservative. Consistent. Comprehensive. Smart. Honest. Understands Gravity of Corruption at every ANGLE and LEVEL!!! I cannot say enough GREAT adjectives for a GREAT PERSON and faithful AMERICAN.
  • Mikk401
    Great Podcast
    Monica knows how to deliver a message loud and clear! She tells the truth whether it is good or bad! Keep up the fight Monica!!
  • recoveringdemocrat
    Monica Crowly
    Monica Crowley is a “warrior princess in stiletto heels 👠👠” . Monica is the best!
  • esq
    Love Monica
    I have missed listening to her Used to listen when she was on AM radio Glad you are back!!!!!
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