Ashley Lytton was a typical mom and wife in suburban Utah with three children until she discovered her husband’s horrifying secret. It was a shocking crime that would alter Ashley’s life and jeopardize the safety of her children. This season of Betrayal will focus on one mother’s fight to find justice for her daughter and protection from a predator too close to home. Once we hear her story, we learn the same crime is happening every day in households all over the country. It’s a betrayal of our families, communities and everything we value in society. Season Two lays the issue bare through the family’s story and takes an honest look at a huge problem most people don’t want to even want to acknowledge.

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  • megcwag
    Child Rape Is NOT An Affair
    I just came across this podcast and am stunned that the true victim in this case (THE CHILD) is referred to as one of the many women the husband has an affair with. She is a victim, not a mistress. Disgusting. I will continue listening and hope that changes, because so far it sounds like victim blaming.
  • khana
    Just way too many ads to listen effectively. Otherwise good show.
  • BellaJoy
    Breezes over danger to kids of predators
    The criminal predators in these stories have access to children, after they are known to sexualize and victimize children. All agree that the justice system is flawed. Read any legitimate published scientific resource about child predators and there is consensus that post-jail time, after therapy, etc. - they are not safe to be around children. These women say there is no manual, the podcasters also don’t raise this - but there are plenty of manuals and resources out there and these men should not have access to children, even their own children. Ever. This is never mentioned, and it’s implied that these people can learn to be safe around kids when that is not true like 99% of the time. Why not say this? My daughter was victimized by a family member and I appreciate how hard it is on everyone - including the victim - to lose family members they love. But I chose safety for my child and would have fought for that to the furthest extent possible. Sometimes the courts block your efforts and you have to live with supervision, I get that. But acknowledge what is the safest for these kids, which is no contact at all with known predators. I do appreciate you bringing the prevalence of this issue to light. My heart goes out to all the moms and kids, all are victims. It’s an awful, traumatic isolating journey.
  • imsmartipromise
    Too Many Ads
    3 minutes of ads every 10 minutes. It’s frustrating.
  • pesesky
    Ridiculous amount of ads
    I was really interested at first but there are WAy too many repetitive ads. I will no longer listen to this podcast.
  • Elaine in Baltimore
    Too many irruptions for ads ruins it for me.
  • cnbleo
    What amazingly courageous women sharing their stories. I’m torn between wanting to hug them tightly and wanting to strangle the sick men who did this horrible actions. How do we begin to fix our flawed system of “justice”?
  • londoncalling797
    Conflates crime against teen victim to adult affairs
    Children cannot consent to x. They legally cannot. They are not in a safe position to be able to do so. This podcast groups a crime against a child victim with the experiences of adult women who were manipulated by a bad man. They are both bad - not to the same degree, and they are not the same AT ALL. This podcast has an entire episode “debunking” the man’s claims that he had a “consensual” relationship with a student - by giving the victim’s account, text messages, etc - they completely neglect to explain that none of this actually matters because she could not consent in any case as she was a minor and also he was in a position of authority. Stop speaking of teenaged girls like they are adults - they are not. Almost every woman I know - including me - started experiencing harassment from grown men before age 18, and this is part of the problem.
  • Christylee1976
    Good Podcast
    Great content but I have to agree with others the Nicotine ads are too much
  • GolfMoe
    Good content, but…
    Overall the content was good and interesting. But the production value was lacking at times. Real/actual audio volume was so low, had to crank the sound, but then the narrator voice was booming. The adds popped in with no delay and typically after a tense/emotional moment; “…she was devastated when she found out. ‘Co-pilot is so great….’” Narrator voice lacked warmth throughout; Felt cold and at times, vindictive and disgusted. Understandably the content is difficult, but it did not feel like storytelling.
  • BlazedBratz2
    More ads than actual content
    The content is interesting and presented well but there is more ads there is actual content
  • ACLemieux
    Selling dogs really?
    This is just wrong adopt don’t shop.
  • katkaye
    Good but way too many ads.
    Good but way too many ads.
  • luizabarteldes
    Love it but the ads are awful
    The show is great but the ads are too much. Little content every episode with 25% ads. I will never use any of those products just because it got so annoying to hear about it so much.
  • Baconkisses
    Drags on/over produced/not worth the ads
    It’s a sad story and highlights some of the injustice in this but it’s a very specific narrative. I enjoy true crime and understand the wife has a lot of emotions around this tragedy but it doesn’t really stick to the facts. I think the interview with the former high school student was a bit exploitative. Some people may enjoy this storytelling format, I did not. Also the ads are insane, every 5 minutes for around 2 min each time. Also the ads for Teen Uber when the entire story is about a man who was in a position of trust and was alone with teenagers who he’s convicted of sexually assaulting. What an unfortunate ad sponsor choice.
  • Tlk615
    Season 1
    I enjoyed the first several episodes of season one (minus the excessive amount of nicotine ads). However I agree with other reviewers that object to the term “grooming” being applied to two grown adults with no power differential. Yes he was manipulative but that’s not the same. Good job finding the *one* expert that will stretch the grooming definition that far. The women who engaged in an affair with Spencer did so by choice, with some flattery and manipulation. They don’t need vilified, but they also don’t need to pretend they were powerless to his master manipulation.
  • jkendall12
    Disappointing use of terminology
    Good content, but dragged on. Voice overs should be neutral - very expressive to evoke a response from listeners. Incorrect definition of grooming; expert picked who sided with view. Grooming is when someone builds a relationship, trust and emotional connection with a child or young person so they can manipulate, exploit and abuse them. Lots of ads.
  • sugar guts
    Good podcast
    I enjoyed both seasons of this and Andrea does a good job at reporting. These are hard topics that I think need to be talked about more. I do agree with other reviews: the nicotine ads were excessive. I totally understand ads and even can be okay with a show that has lots of ads (which this show did). But I didn’t love the promotion of nicotine every 5 min.
  • DHermss
    The ads tho….
    While the stories are interesting - it seems like the host did the bare minimum with actual content and punts to ads every 3 minutes. The episodes are exhausting to listen to.
  • Zanraff
    Wish I could share with my teenager
    Thoughtful podcast that presented the story in an excellent way. As soon as I finished it my first thought was to share with my daughter. Then I realized the majority of the advertising was pushing nicotine. It is unfortunate because I think there is some good information in the episodes about how adults can be manipulating and what to be aware of when something seems to good to be true.
  • LilEmerz
    Nicotine ads…. Really?
    The podcast is about healing and overcoming obstacles yet has ads for nicotine pouches which are specifically promoting secrecy of use. It’s 2023, if you are going to have ads (especially this many) please do better in vetting who is allowed to promote on your show.
  • Morgie41
    Really eye opening to hear these women’s stories. I applaud the host and producers for fact checking & continuing to put out the most up to date and accurate information.
  • Arockingroupie
    Sad Story
    The entire situation is horrible. I can’t believe none of the grown women told the wife. I couldn’t sleep with someones’ husband and not tell the other person they are with.
  • Zombiedog24
    Very necessary
    Shining light on these stories helps to evaporate shame. Agree about the awful ads- especially the ad for nicotine! You can do better- this podcast seems like it’s about regaining well being- the opposite of promoting nicotine addiction
  • 0929b
    Great Story, Lots of Ads
    Great series, get ride of the ads promoting dip/chewing tobacco 🙄
  • New betrayal
    Love it!
    I’m absolutely tuned in! Watching the Hulu docuseries as we speak! Thanks for sharing your stories!
  • Laurel Kay
    Easy to listen to. I want more!
    I hope you will continue with your seasons. I enjoy listening and just want to Binge Listen. I want more!
  • Lady Heather999
    Good Poscast
    This is a really good podcast. I will say there are a lot of ads. Like A LOT. Other than that it’s great.
  • .....????!
    Bring into the light!
    Nobody wants to really hear about the subject or even read about it. But it is eye-opening, and we all need to learn to bring this out of the darkness and into the light because it’s such a rampant and disgusting thing that these people are doing to our children.
  • allnamestaken648463745
    Too soon
    Saying that you’re healed isn’t the same thing as being healed.
  • Stephtfoo
    Words do have meaning.
    I for the most part enjoyed season one… until the episode specifically addressing one of the affair partners claiming she was groomed and “defining” groomed. Spencer wasn’t in a position of power over her, and she more than willingly participated. As one listener said in their email, words have meaning. He may have manipulated her, but it’s a gross misuse of the word to say she was groomed. I feel like the show cherry picked the one expert who would side with them. I’ve also heard that season two went several episodes using the term “child p*rn”, which is disappointing from a show meant o empower victims.
  • she2pointOh
    Season 1 and 2 are very different
    I really found season 1 compelling and was looking forward to season 2. Unfortunately it seemed like a big jump in terms of genre… and was deeeeeeply disturbing. I had to stop after 2 episodes. I am hoping season 2 is focused more on grownups. I realize that the issues of season 2 are important but that is a very different lane.
  • AZ2324am
    Why would you refer to him as “SPENCE” after he did you so dirty? The interview with the high school girl made me cringe. Jen was like yeah well he’s my husband I lived with him blah blah blah. It sounded like she was trying to one up the teenager at every turn. Totally inappropriate for her to be interviewing that girl like she did, some of those questions were so uncomfortable. And the fact that the teen was reassuring Jennifer in the interview when she was just a child when the assaults happened is wrong. Jen is clearly still hurt and in love with this creep, she needs some help.
  • Detroitsolo
    Always in awe, to work through these deplorable circumstances is mind boggling and to know it could be right in your own backyard! Or home is just crazy! Me and my Uber riders are absolutely enthralled every time we listen it’s the topic of our ride! Thanks
  • Beks393
    It’s called child sexual abuse material - use the correct terminology from the get go, PLEASE
    I appreciate that S2E4 delved into the issue and introduced the correct terminology BUT Seriously it is 2023. It is ridiculously simple to use the correct terminology from the very beginning - which producers should absolutely be committed to using when covering such sensitive material. “Child P*rn” is NOT A THING. It is Child Sexual Abuse Material. Every image and every video represents sexual violence against children. It is horrific to refer to it as “pornography” at ANY Instance and the fact that multiple episodes aired before addressing the term is unforgivable. They even mentioned that “child p*rn” is media clickbait and failed to address their own use of the term over multiple episodes. Pot, meet kettle. Fix it.
  • julepasta
    Ads on ads
    It’s just ads, and that mom seems like a loser
  • Mmdeels
    Not for me
    An enraging story about a whiney mom with the worst taste in men who puts her kids in harms way. DNF. Also half of the show is ads
  • HavasuChick
    The first season was absolutely gut wrenching to listen to. My heart goes out to Jennifer for her bravery and dedication to answer questions and try to figure out other why!
  • Swiped146876369
    Love this podcast!!
    This has been super healing for me to hear there is light at the end of the tunnel and I can move on from such a terrible predator
  • NauticalNikki
    Slow, disordered
    This podcast was suggested after listing to Scamanda and a few other fraud-related ones. I tried, but could not get into this one. It really drags and the narrator is lacking that podcast charisma (I do recommend this is a dark topic, but narrators need to be able to capture their audience’s attention).
  • Mallerinaballerina
    Season 1 was great, season 2 is disturbing
    Beware, season 2 is extremely disturbing and triggering. Though the story telling and interviews are great, the subject matter is beyond horrifying and I had to stop at the bonus episode where the other mom from Utah was interviewed. Expect to be disgusted at the content and not sleep for a week.
  • yoyo1ma
    Boring and over dramatic
    Only heard first few episodes of season 2. They are dragging out the case long and presenting the story line out of order makes it hard to follow. Especially with the bonus episodes. Won’t listen anymore. Hard pass
  • ohmymymaria
    30% Content 70% ads
    30% Content 70% ads
  • Yanira Hampton
    Eye opening!
    Thank you for opening our eyes; I know this goes on every where, but I’m naive to knowing it’s happening right next door (figuratively speaking); so thank you for reminding us this is going on everyday, everywhere!
  • Nullity
    Mixed reviews
    Season 1: Please drop more soon! I likeHow the format is that it tells the story upfront and then talks to the individual victims. There are a lot of ads but I understand that it costs a lot to put out this free podcast. 5 stars Season 2: 3 stars
  • tliebeace
    Eye opening
    Thank you for sharing this story. My daughter attends a school in which the guidance counselor committed suicide after his phone was confiscated by the police, after an investigation was opened of accusations of an affair with a student (he’s been there since my 38 year old sister attended jr high.) The school, media, district, remains tight lipped about it and lies when questioned. The principal was accused of a cover up and let go, but moved to the district as a new trainer. A few months later another teacher was arrested for rape of a student. Nobody is speaking. The staff was specifically told to not discuss. The kids are confused and uncomfortable. How could any other victims possibly feel safe coming forward. It is investigative stories like these, and the bravery and strength of the victims sharing their story, that provides some validity and inspiration for people suffering in silence! Thank you! A must listen!
  • lilly021761
    I do not understand
    I do not understand how anyone can go there physically or emotionally. It reduces me to tears. Ty for spreading information and a message. I am scared that my x maybe doing this.
  • Hoj215
    S1 snooze fest
    I listened to the first two episodes of season one, and no further. I think I get the gist — horrible man, clueless innocent woman (who also hosts & produces, which feels icky). The host voice is very grating, with a halting Christopher Walken style of speech.
  • H Quinlan
    Thank you
    Just finished season 2 and thank you for sharing these stories and bringing this issue into the light just a little more. Stories like these from every day people bring me hope that we will be okay in the future and the next generations have people trying to do the right thing.
  • jackietoom
    Good content, but ads are crazy!
    So many ads!!! It really takes away from the flow of the podcast & feels like there’s just as many ads as content of the podcast! I like the content, but the ad does really impact the experience.
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