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An MLB podcast designed to grow the game and laugh in the face of those who have prematurely called the sport of baseball “dead” for a century. Hosted by Jared Carrabis, this show covers baseball from top to bottom, league to league, division to division and team to team, boasting the best guest list in baseball media.

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  • A Series of Reprise
    I stop listening when it becomes about Twitter
    I don’t care about Jared’s Twitter drama, and it is absurd that he takes up time talking about it. Joe and JayHay sit there and twiddle their thumbs while Dallas tries to talk down/move on, yet Jared will continue to highjack the podcast to talk about only his issues. It’s the most selfish garbage I’ve ever heard. Shut up and let the people who can think rationally about a podcast talk about the game.
  • Yolo1236849
    Was told to check these guys out because I am a fan of jomboy and holy crap could they be more wrong. I’m surprised DK has their named tied to it but I guess they have been trying to get everything for gambling. Jared hardly knows anything about baseball and I feel bad for Dallas seems like he needs a different cohost to mesh with
  • HarlemShakeOklahoma
    Won’t be listening anymore
    Just found y’all’s pod and really enjoyed it but won’t be listening anymore after latest episode Keep it about baseball
  • ted b dancin
    Best baseball pod period
    Started listening to this podcast before the WBC and now, not only is it my favorite baseball podcast, it’s my favorite podcast period. The passion and love of the game comes screaming out of this podcast. It’s raw baseball emotion. And it’s as if you’re hanging out with these guys in a bar, just completely unfiltered and real. I don’t ever write podcast reviews. But I couldn’t be more impressed. Every member of this podcast brings something unique to the table and I absolutely love listening to them go around the horn on the topics of the day. This is what MLB needs more of on all platforms. This is exactly how we grow the best game in the freakin’ world.
  • mjalosky
    Great News
    Praise god and all that is good! Now I can stop listening to Buster Olney’s pod
  • John294294
    nough said
  • BrandonQuillen
    Good guys. Good talk
  • Had dnsod
    This podcast is that best
    I love this podcast!
  • Styles McGillicuddy
    JAY! HAY!
    Best baseball podcast out there
  • leftynate11
    Ridiculous, usually in a good way
    This is the most ridiculous baseball/sports podcast (maybe even podcast period). Do they sometimes talk like jocks (or construction workers where I work) who don’t know that you can speak without the f-word? Sure. Is it kinda annoying to anyone who was brought up to use other words instead of the same word over and over? Absolutely at times. But I most definitely love the energy of the show!! The enthusiasm for baseball is real. There are homers on the show!!!…not the kind that hit it out of the park, but the kind that can’t talk baseball about their team if their player signed somewhere else. But it fits the ridiculous, hilarious, SQUIRREL!! energy of this podcast. Is it the best podcast? No. Is it the most entertaining baseball podcast? Maybe!!! If you enjoy coming back to the point of conversation after 20 minutes of rabbit holes and inappropriateness, while still getting this sense that it’s real and not forced, you’ll enjoy this show. Just don’t listen around your kids or your mom.
  • Ya boi Joey
    The NL East has a voice
    Loved the old pod, this one has just become even better, miss the interviews but Joey has made the NL East more relevant to the pod. Just wish the Nats were better so they will show some love haha.
  • Hot diggity dang
    Best thing to happen to baseball since steroids
    Nuff said. Great pod.
  • nktt_2131
    We get it, you're adults
    There are other words in the English language
  • Bsksjsjsjj
    Best baseball pod
  • W1B13
    Great show
    Love the show, glad you guys are doing your own thing now. One minor gripe, can we get the YouTube page updated? Don’t love seeing joe west lacking every time I go to watch a new episode. Keep up the good work!
  • CynicalSam69420
    Hilarious baseball podcast…
    … but Jesus Christ Dallas would you stop fellating Shohei Ohtani every single goddamn episode!? He’s not winning the MVP and he’s never coming to Oakland no matter how deep you jam his rod, get over yourself. Every single time I hear this tired talking point come up I try to skip past it only to find out that Dallas’ temper tantrum has consumed the rest of a perfectly good episode.
  • shandjam
    Big wet Braves BJ
    This show is pretty tough to listen to if you aren’t a fan of the favored teams - Braves or Red Sox specifically - and have hours of free time to spare listening to how great they are.
  • CrabChips
    Love having this podcast on when I’m driving or working. Great chemistry among everyone.
  • LCharlie26
    I tried
    Just an incoherent mess. Third mic Joe is actually the most put together. Yeesh. Bad.
  • Ryan Burnham
    Get rid of Joey
    Whenever Joey laughs, I think there’s a 13-year-old girl on the podcast and then I realize it was Joey giggling. It’s clear he doesn’t know much about baseball either, so he often derails the discussions when he interjects his stupid comments. Don’t know why he’s on here. Jared is a narcissist and constantly talks about himself. He’s the kind of guy who you see checking himself out in the mirror in public gyms while people are trying to workout. The rest of the podcast is Jared clearing his throat, Joey air laughing after every other sentence and giggling like a little girl, and a lot of dead air.
  • Huskey_23
  • Ruined the casual player
    “Unbiased” podcast slowly getting biased.
    Absolutely love this podcast and Braden is the man. Since the separation from barstool this podcast has gotten more biased though. Lots of Braves talk, because of the addition of Joey, but they don’t have the best record in the NL. Not even the second best and it’s largely favored to talk about the Braves and Red Sox. “Talkin Baseball” is really great if you’re looking for more talk around the league. (Dodgers, Mets, Yankees, etc.) All teams get the love of they're playing good ball.
  • MLBRallyPossum
    The best baseball pod in existence.
    If you like baseball, you owe it to yourself to listen to Baseball Is Dead. The boys do an amazing job covering topics in, around, and even outside of the baseball world. When I listen to an episode, I feel like I’m talking the game with friends, and not being “talked at” like some other talking heads seem to do.
  • codyande
    Dallas = Best. Jared = Worst.
    I listen because I love Dallas. Jared ruins most episodes by acting like a WWE villain. Grow up. Nobody watches pro wrestling. This is baseball.
  • Kyushu chen
    Get Dal a new mic
    For the sake of the green and gold get this man a working mic
  • Mitch pat
    Not great
    Stop rambling
  • golden_domer
    Throwin chundos!!!!
    DB and Jared are the best in the business. Love this podcast. I’ve been listening since Starting 9 and will continue doing so. The addition of Joey is a bonus. He fits in so well. I hope one day that I can get a pic with DB at Hohokam during Spring Training and Jared in Section 10. Let’s gooooooooo boys!!
  • Lastblues
    Cream of the crop
    There are so many lame, boring baseball podcasts I basically gave up after Up and In disappeared. Then I heard this one and now I get in everyone’s face about how good it is. So far it’s lead to 3 streetlights. One may or may not have involved Tom Vercucci, pending litigation so I gotta play it cool. Keep up the good work!
  • Luvschow
    Joey is the worst
    Being a Braves homer ain’t funny at all. Go back to making videos already.
  • MPII_
    Too much shtick
    Wanna love this show so much. Dallas is a national treasure and is the heartbeat of this pod. He brings an insight and perspective that fans wanna listen to and delivers it in an entertaining way. Jared brings the show down by doing annoying little bits and blowing the Red Sox the whole time. The new Starting 9 group is a better listen imo
  • baseball is dead
    Love this podcast
    Love this podcast it’s really good and funny I recommend it
  • pftmomemmter
    Fresh Start Worked
    After listening to about half of the old pod, I haven’t missed a second of the new one. Feels like the fresh start really helped the chemistry of Dallas and Jared and I enjoy their back and forth way more. Jake is great. A perfect add to the pod. And shoutout to him for Baseball Doesn’t Exist YT. That channel alone has gotten more than one of my friends significantly more interested baseball. Good luck and appreciate you guys!
  • FlyersNfillies
    Enjoy the pod
    Enjoy the podcast, been listening since starting 9. Good content
  • Gray Blue
    I’ve come around on this pod a bit it’s pretty good
  • oops56
    Great Podcast Overall
    I really enjoy this podcast. I’m a big Braves fan and having a podcast that talks about the NL makes me want to listen to it a little more, and I’ve started to like the Red Sox as a second favorite team just because of Jared. The only thing I would like is maybe have a few more guests come on the show. Early in the season when they had Joe West and different players on makes it a lot more interesting. Overall I love the show. Keep up the good work.
  • Jameo R
    The Most Entertaining Baseball Pod
    Been listening for about a year and half now including the jump to DraftKings and these guys just make you laugh and provide an entertaining pod always!
  • kfox.
    Great pod
    A little something for everyone. I love how Dallas is always reminding folks about the beauty and importance of this game! I look forward to every episode. It’s the shame the A’s are down bad right now, I miss the homer rants… but it’s fun having a new NL guy on.
  • statedept1515
    this podcast is dead
    Dallas is good and offers a perspective as a player would really go well with a cohost who could set things up and summarize the stories that are discussed to those who may not have caught them the night before. Carrabis doesn’t do that and just talks about himself the whole time.
  • Simonfrddddc
    LOL I CAn love it da heck in car So ya
    Find da thingyyvyyyyyyyyy difference 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 LOlLlllllll hardyyyyy boioio or u ok just one thing Why da money
  • MC321123
    Keep on dropping
    It wasn’t a good show when it was on Barstool. It’s an even worse show on Draftkings. Jared is amazing he just keeps getting people to pay him for his terrible content. Incredible!
  • Mrizzo87
    Love Jared but
    Not a fan of Dallas, MY OPINION I think he brings down the podcast
  • Fox-33
    Good but not as good as before.
    Enjoy the guys and listened back from starting 9. Feels like the quality dropped a bit more scatted it thoughts and rant about random stuff off topic for way too long. They don’t touch on nearly as many teams as before and focus too much on baseball “fan debates” no one is really having. New guy who joined also doesn’t add much in commentary other then one liners and occasional casual takes. It’s early so for sure has time to improve and grow into its own.
  • Yung Slom
    Favorite baseball podcast
    I haven’t really been into baseball the last few years, but I’ve been following this season heavily. Not really familiar with the baseball podcast game so I searched this one and saw it was fairly new. It’s a little bro’d out sometimes which can be both good and bad, but ultimately this is legit the only baseball podcast that I look forward to new episodes being posted. Make some shirts guys!
  • Jack_Matt_24
    dude Joey is still a herbivore.
  • Ezwinn.11
    Just found this Gem
    Thank you to Jarred and Mr Braden. As a long baseball fan since the 90s when I started understanding the game mostly threw video games and Tv .The explanation of current and past baseball situations like hand action and glove play plus counts and funny stuff. As an A’s first fan thank you Mr. Braden for your perfecto and for this Pod.
  • Mr.Oriole
    Acknowledge them!
    It’s time to acknowledge Jared & Dallas and now Joey as the greatest baseball minds in the business! Consistently giving us the best baseball content in the game.
  • The Hot Sexy Taco
    I’m curious as to when this show is going to begin bringing guests on from within the baseball community? It could be relevant college or pro players or coaches, I’d be cool with any of them. But it would be nice to be able to start to hear from some guests, because Jared has always done a good job of disarming guests and making it easy for them to be themselves, and that’s what I’d like to hear a lot more of if it’s not too much trouble.
  • Gkilla01235
    Favorite baseball podcast
    Came to Starting 9 about 2 years ago from Section 10. Beyond relieved to have a Jared/Dallas pod back!! This is my favorite overall baseball podcast. Funny, light, great to get a sense of players perspectives. Always loved Jared, instantly was in love with Dallas.
  • Yoko Pwno
    Jared’s internet life plus some baseball
    When jared isn’t playing ‘guess what I think’ or screaming about his social media, or really just saying ‘me me me, I I I’ it’s actually very good. He’s the stuttering John of baseball. But once you get past that, it’s worth the content. Dallas is the man.
  • TitansFan2012
    Dallas is the man
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