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The "Gentleman Villain" William Regal will be featured in what is sure to be one of the most talked about wrestling podcasts in the world. Regal, originally from Blackpool, England, will share stories of his teenage years, spent traveling the roads of his native United Kingdom, wrestling fellow wrestlers, as well as strangers from out of the crowd, as part of a touring carnival act. Regal, along with Matt Koon, will also talk about his days traveling the world and winning championships in Europe, the Middle East and Japan, before his career brought him to the big stages of WCW and WWE where he won numerous championships and accolades. Another topic will be Regal's run as the General Manager of Raw and his time as the General Manager of NXT where he helped develop the next generation of wrestling superstars.

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  • Tex Slazenger
    Rogue genes
    War, West Virginia…..O.H.V
  • Euphoniumbaseball
    Oh, brother!! Part 2
    Well, a while back, Regal was muted for the entire show. Today, the show was stopped after 18 minutes. They never got to the topic!!! I assume someone will realize what happened and put the rest of it up, but does anyone associated with the podcast actually listen to check if they can hear Regal or check that the entire podcast is up, not just the first 18 minutes of chitchat???
  • Rmclpc
    Content - 5, Audio - 1
    The content itself is five stars, but the audio issues are extremely distracting; sounds like someone is shoveling coal or ice skating while I’m trying to hear Mr. Regal speak. Please mute yourself when you’re not speaking.
  • Big rickkkkk
    Deep, yet boring.
    I have loved Regal since I was a kid watching WCW in the 90s and still love watching him today. He truly is one of the few incredible brains in the industry. All due respect, MY GOD is this podcast boring. He will drop a few nuggets and be tolerable, but then he just goes on and on and on and on and on about proper development of wrestlers and promo skills and it’s the same thing EVERY EPISODE. There was an episode in late July / early august where they had a topic that he didn’t even seem to touch on because he was going on about whatever nonsense. I love you, Sir William, but I’m done with your podcast.
  • tjohnsonjr87
    Good Podcast
    I am huge huge fan Koon has a true radio voice lol Regal is the man. My only draw back is that Koon doesn’t know how to keep Regal on track like other host. Example the Blue Blood episode didn’t get to the topic until an hour in half in.
  • bsfanvsgsvvs
    My lord
    Lord Steven Regal is in a league of his own. My all time favorite wrestler for 30+ yrs. I hang on every elegantly spoken word…I’m so pump he has his own show now! What a spectacularly entertaining , intelligent and humble human being! GOAT
  • Buhbuhjay36
    Lord Steven/William Regal has such great stories to tell. A journey as unique as the individual himself. A superb listen.
  • Bubba Mackenzie
    The LORD!!!
  • @markmizzousteel
    Bait and switch
    Regal is great but once again Conrad bails for some other host.
  • Peapod
    Too long
    Look, this is nothing to do with the content of the podcast because it’s fantastic. I can’t commit to a close 3 hour podcast of just stories. I’m sorry. Split that up in a couple hour episodes throughout the week instead of 1 massive 3 hour episode weekly. I know it’s all subjective, and people will ignore this sure, but it just needs to be said.
  • KYoldtimer
    Q and A’s are the best
    Q and A’s are the best
  • Post-op Recovery
    Best wrestling podcast EVER
    I look forward to each podcast. Regal is honest, open and insightful. He tells great stories and has a wonderful testimony regarding hope of escaping addiction.
  • Music is Everything
    Early yet, but needs direction.
    Early yet, but needs direction. Seems a little bit all over the place. Hoping they can find a formula that works for Regal. He’s very guarded with his opinions and protecting the business. Nothing wrong with that, but it doesn’t make for a very interesting podcast. Not sure how long I will listen. Want to give it a chance. There are so many wrestling podcasts now and so little time.
  • StellarSteven
    Insightful show!
    Regal and Koon are a pleasure to listen to especially during work shifts. I learn so much small details of wrestling from Regal’s answers. Please more Asked and Answered episodes.
  • Guitarfreakk22
    Showing some love
    Great podcast, Mr. Regal seems really down to earth and like good dude. I’ve enjoyed listening to his stories and life lessons so far. I lost my little sister to addiction almost 2 years ago so the second episode hit close to home. I know this podcast is about Mr. Regal but hopefully it continues for a while and we can get an episode with the BCC as well. Thank you
  • coach rosey jr
    PHd in wrestling
    I have really enjoyed hearing Mr. Regal and Mr. Kion discuss the intricacies of professional wrestling. Mr. Regal is by far one of the greatest storytellers in wrestling. His insight is unparalleled when it comes to wrestling from around the world. Every week I can count on this podcast putting a smile on my face and increasing my wrestling IQ.
  • RegallyFlawless
    I love the podcast!!
    This podcast is really inspiring. Highly recommend!!
  • 2ndcitysaint
    The production will get better over time, but Regal is pure class. I met his co-host years ago at Wooten Woods so I say he's doing a great job.
  • #Shaft
    Regal is awesome, Coon is awful
    Regal is a great story teller. Co-host Matt Coon is awful. Off topic questions that sound like the old Chris Farley skit. While Coon sounds better than other C-level talent like Paul Bruamwell, he still not ready for a podcast at this level.
  • Sweet Pea Dudley
    I can’t wait!
    Thank you Jericho and especially Mr Regal. You tubed quickly Cyanide Sid and got him versus Catweasal. I’m hooked. Cleared the rest of 2022 to take it in.
  • TheDudeness86
    All hail King Regal
    I don’t know if every wrestling fan feels this way, but you kind of connect on some small emotional level with your favorites. You go through storyline ups and downs, and if you follow wrestling closely, you may go through some of life’s ups and downs with them too, always rooting for them to succeed in both arenas. William Regal is one of those guys for me. As a fan of 30+ years, he’s just one of “my guys” that I always enjoy watching like Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle, Bret Hart, Ric Flair, etc. No disrespect to guys like Roddy Piper, but for me Regal is the greatest all-around wrestler to never win a major world title. When Regal has given interviews on other podcasts like the Art of Wrestling or Talk is Jericho, he has been excellent. He comes across as funny, humble, and incredibly erudite about this business we all love. That’s why, without even hearing a second of this podcast as of this review, I can confidently give it 5 stars because William Regal is a 5 star wrestler and a 5 star human being; a proper gentleman and a proper villain. Can’t wait.
  • shawn-collins
    This will be tremendous
    looking forward to this it is a process hitting a groove with a new podcast can’t wait to go though it with them ☺️
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