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Kipp Bodnar (HubSpot’s CMO) and Kieran Flanagan (Zapier’s CMO), lead you down the rabbit hole of marketing trends, growth tactics and innovation. On the way you’ll pick up undiscovered strategies to give you that slight edge for success. These are not your typical twitter thread regurgitated marketing tactics that everyone is doing. These are new methods, with unfiltered examination of successful fresh ideas.

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  • PR Pro1286
    Bring back CMO for the day series
    Loving all the AI stuff - can you bring back the CMO of the day series? It was fun hearing how you both think about growth for various companies are different stages.
  • App is all sizzle no steak
    I like this show a lot BUT…
    You guys need to stop talking over each other and mumbling. There is good content but the production needs work. Take some vocal training to speak slower and less casually. I wanted to hear every word and kept getting frustrated with the fast talking, interrupting and overlapping.
  • swimmer10
    Kipp Stop Talking Over Kieran!
    Love the show!
  • BobDobbs305
    Excellent and enjoyable MKTG info
    I’m a CMO and I approve! Excellent coverage of meaningful topics. And, there is fun energy with these two podcasters. They really riff well off each other and have diverse opinions/skill sets/experience.
  • GusBouari
    Be proactive and listen to these marketing leaders 👍🏻
    A great podcast from excellent marketing leaders that keeps you up-to-date with marketing. It's as simple as that.
  • GarnishHFelt
    Always learning from this pod
    This is my new favorite podcast—I always learn something new. If you EVER do half-baked marketing ideas again, please look at our telesupport-for-parents company Nessle (100% women-owned;!! Would love your hot take.
  • Birdman99102
    Great content
    Hey. I’m a big fan of marketing against the grain and have been listening for some time. I run a global B2B marketing organization and I find your podcast challenges me to think differently and even plants seeds of ideas that I can apply to my organization. I think it would be interesting to hear your take on organizing teams around work. Perhaps marketing team structure for various stages of growth and/or strategies. Another topic, that at least I find challenging, is creating an environment of global alignment and promoting collaboration and cross sharing.
  • The Benns
    Love them
    Kipp, Kieran, You guys are the best. Cannot stop listening and re-listening. I agree with Kieran about the “hiring” framework and Kipp “growth mindset” about establishing communities - (you shouldn’t have been sent to jail for setting up a BDC in my opinion :))
  • tdogg1
    I Love This Pod!
    This podcast is a must for any marketer! Kipp and Kieran provide access to the people I wish I could meet and ask the questions I never would have thought of anyway. Thank you guys, I appreciate what you are doing and please keep it up!
  • Cthree-P0
    Great pod
    Always enjoy tuning in to this podcast. Always fresh takes and interesting dialogue
  • Erika app
    High Level Marketing
    This podcast talks fast and furious about high level marketing and business strategies. If you are a business owner looking to learn about basic marketing, this podcast will be way over your head. You need to know high level marketing terms and acronyms to be able to follow along.
  • ForthRiver
    By far favorite podcast
    Love the show guys 🎉 I’ve been looking for a good podcast on marketing in the tech space for awhile that goes beyond the generic stuff everyone talks about and this does it in such a fun and interesting way. Something I thought was interesting about your discussion on IP in marketing is the way that Dungeons and Dragons setup their Open Gaming License. Instead of using Creative Commons, they setup their own license that allows other to create in their ecosystem (and even make a living through things like DMsguild), but still maintain some control over their brand. They’ve exploded in popularity in the last few years in part because of TikTok and YouTube creators making whole shows and skits about the game.
  • Shawnee Cyclist YouTube
    In my Top 5 podcasts.
    Marketing Against the Grain is great for everyone. There are topics that I’m still learning about and the hosts make learning feel really fun. Kipp and Kieran are friendly, very helpful to new people, and funny! It’s definitely not a show that would put me to sleep. It’s a show i listen to from start to finish. Great job guys! I anxiously await each new episode! -Shawn Gossman
  • james deignan
    Masterclass in all things interesting
    Kipp and Kieran I’ve listened to every episode since the beginning! Love the web3 content and all things blockchain. Keep up the good work!
  • breene13
    What it takes
    Listened to the first four episodes and it’s great. I’m running marketing at an early start up now and I’m curious about what it takes to succeed as a marketer at each stage (seed, rounds, pre-ipo, ipo+) and how you think I could lead the team through each stage (Info if relevant: Carbon Collective is a B2B and B2C fintech that creates investment portfolios aligned with solving climate change)
  • EpattenHitt
    Excellent and inspirational
    I’ve only listened to a few episodes after recently discovering but I’m gonna be listening to all of them. Engaging, smart, and cutting edge. If you own a company and don’t have a CMO person (yet), give it a listen. You’ll be glad you did.
    No fluff advice with tangible strategies
    As a founder myself, I was growing tired of listening to business podcasts that only spoke about how to “balance” it all or how to “put yourself out there”. I began searching for a podcast with tangible strategies regarding my business that I could implement and this podcast is definitely just that! We founded PWR WMN (pronounced Power Woman) which makes beautiful and functional women’s blazers with REAL pockets. As a new company, marketing is KEY to our growth strategy and this podcast is now a part of my weekly routine! Thank you! (Instagram: @pwr_wmn website:
  • Jake_McConnell
    Just an absolute masterclass of marketing strategies and hot takes!
    Kipp and Kieran do an excellent job explaining all things marketing to everyone from Founders and CMO’s to boots-on-the-ground marketers. Highly digestible and highly engaging content. I’m a digital marketer on a smaller B2B marketing team, and I truly enjoy how Kipp and Kieran breakdown everything from game plans to master plans. Covering digital and analog strategy, internal and external communication, community, web3, and everything in between. Keep the content coming and looking forward to the live show at Inbound! Rec for a future episode; aside from demand gen and direct ROI data, how can smaller marketing teams positively affect change in organizations that don’t believe in spending money on marketing? I’m currently feeling like a can’t move the needle with our corporate team.
  • over6789
    Love the show!
    Count me as a huge fan of episode 14. I love the Marketing Monopoly game! May I suggest The Game of Life?
  • WholeHardy
    Love your 2x2 concept, here’s my go at it!
    I think a lot about the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People quadrant of urgent vs important, but I hadn’t thought of creating my own when trying to evaluate something more simply. So as I run marketing for a fintech marketing firm called Crue, I just created a 2x2 for what I’d like us to be known for. Left to right is generalist marketing agency to fintech marketing agency. Bottom to top is performance marketing to demand gen more specifically. We want our messaging to be in the top right quadrant for fintech demand gen. Thoughts? - Katie Hardy @kpmanhardy
  • dcgrayjr
    New Fav Dynamic Duo
    Kip and Kieran are like a late night combo but for daytime who provide great content, topics, banter and insights. Glad to subscribe and 5-star all the way. Keep it up guys, love it!
  • Write.Edit.Repeat.
    Against the Grain and For the Win
    Loved the discussion on team designs, newer marketing ideas (Web 3) with both short and long term rewards and definitely love the game segment where marketing tactics are discussed. Have you ever played Code Names? You have to guess a word from a set of related words based on a categorical, relational or thematic clue. Would be really fun with marketing tactics or channels as the word choices! I can’t wait to keep listening.
  • CritterCatcher12!
    Monopoly was a win
    Fun listen.
  • Fanny Kuhn
    Unique marketing podcast! (and request for episode!)
    You make me look forward to my work commute - great podcast that always sparks new ideas. Episode request: would be cool to know what marketing resources you place on your toplist and recommend to become as nerdy about marketing as you guys ;) (books, newsletters, other resources)
  • OosneakybeveroO
    Officially addicted!
    Thank you for breaking down the new concepts in a clear way! Also, how do I earn NFTs by walking?
  • sdenton00
    AWESOME! Truly Great.
    If you are a Creator you MUST listen! You guys are great, honestly I have so much to say, you’re spot on. I want to be around that table with you. I’m a Mom/Creator/Solopreneur born in 1990 and I feel like you’re speaking directly to me. The technology and the creator economy is moving so incredibly fast. You guys are really raising the right questions and having the right conversations. Excellent work!
  • msoranso
    Give it a listen
    I learned a ton!!
  • MamaMoore38
    Great Content
    Love the information that you guys provide. Very useful and insightful.
  • DrNoHan
    Amazing podcast
    Amazing podcast
  • Kenny Soto
    Super informative and actionable!
    This is definitely an amazing podcast that every budding marketer should listen to (this isn’t only for marketing leaders). I have a question for the hosts—what tips do you have for mid-level marketers to make an impact in the orgs this year? Kenny Soto
  • Brittlex
    Just started listening - and I am hooked!
    Just started listening - and I am hooked!
  • Houstonmegs
    Great listen!
    Love learning something new about Marketing with Kipp and Kieran !
  • dstolear
    really great podcast!
  • Pimpdddaddddyyyy
    Top Notch!!
    Best of the best
  • bing111
    Great growth marketing podcast
    Awesome content and awesome hosts. Highly recommended for entrepreneurs and anyone interested in growth marketing.
  • Great to learn about marketing
    Perfect fit for my role
    This is exactly the content I need to grow my thought process around marketing
  • Danilo-pez
    Well-produced, valuable content.
    Not only is the content valuable, but the sound is mixed to perfection. Makes for an easy but insightful listen.
  • Marketing Tina
    Informative Listen
    This is a great addition to a marketer’s tool belt. I love HubSpot’s blog & follow it regularly, so I was excited to see this new podcast as well.
  • jlcame11
    I’ve been waiting for this!
    Great content to get your creative wheels (and your flywheel) spinning!
  • Katie Early
    Great Content
    Really enjoying this podcast so far. Interesting and easy to digest.
  • jmaasespi
    I learned about what they talk about and it was pretty good
  • Theeditsrock
    Another good podcast.
    Informative and entertaining!
  • Azucena M.
    So much useful information for digital marketing
    Very informative in digestible byte size bits :) will be tuning in, keep the episodes coming.
  • rachael05478
    A must listen - unpacking it ALL!
    This podcast is unpacking all the changes that we’ve experienced and they’re forecasting the next shifts in marketing. The topics are interesting and engaging. I’ll be listening to this podcast weekly.
  • Nick od
    Enjoy learning new things
    Love learning about marketing
  • dcdub7
    Against the grain
    Enjoyed the first few episodes. Interested when they bring on someone to talk about crypto. And their half baked marketing campaign ideas
  • MediaPlusMotion
    HubSpot delivers
    HubSpot always delivers value first growth strategies.
  • RNanetteG
    Best new discovery
    As a young business, this is a great resource for marketing and moving the needle with business! Highly recommend!!
  • Ben Huizinga
    Goes against the grain of bad marketing podcasts
    Take the time to actually listen to this one!
  • JMOK89
    Thinking different!
    HubSpot is always looking for ways to disrupt the market with out-of-the-box strategy! This podcast is a great way to learn through passive listening.
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