Oh...You Didn't Know with Road Dogg Brian James and Casio Kid

Wrestling #29

"Oh...You Didn’t Know" with Road Dogg Brian James and Casio Kid is more than a weekly podcast, it’s an entertainment extravaganza featuring one of the most outspoken, enthusiastic, entertainers in wrestling history, WWE Hall of Famer “BG” Brian James. Bringing his three decades of crowd popping, championship winning, Smackdown writing, and NXT producing experience to the microphone, James continues to do what he does best, speak with a voice that fans want to hear.Together, Dogg & Casio bring a fresh, unique and entertaining perspective to breaking down and analyzing some of the biggest moments in wrestling history, not to mention BG James’ Hall of Fame career. Oh...you didn’t know? Then your ass better call somebody and tell them to subscribe.  

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  • Boricua9090
    5 stars!
    Best show ever, i would give it 10 stars if it was in the Tokyo Dome and Road Dogg would do a triple front backflip frog splash
  • Mike Cornwell
    Ernest P Worrell; the greatest sports entertainer!
    Welcome! To the Dogg house! Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages! Ad free shows proudly presents to you! The greatest! Tag team podcast in the woooooorld! The road dogg, Jesse James! Drunken Conrad, Cassio kid! The oh! You didn’t know! Podcaaaast! And if you’re not down with that, he’s got 5 words for ya! “You know what I mean?!” But in all seriousness, such a great podcast. Brian James was always one of my favorites growing up in the attitude era. I played with him more than any other. His action figure, you nasty fools! Great insight. Great mind. An all around great sports entertainer. And 100% better than Bret Hart! Always love listening and laughing out loud with Brian and Casio. Keep doing your thing, boys. Much love and respect. You know what I mean??
  • Buhbuhjay36
    Oh, You Didn’t Know….
    The Road Dogg, The Real Double J, whatever u wanna call him, is a wrestler that captures ur attention. Using humor with a twist of straight-laced intensity, he gets his stories and points across. He’s doesn’t tiptoe around his past, he acknowledges it and condones it. He’s a man from a great wrestling family, his stories (especially involving his family) are a great listen. 5 stars!!!!!
  • AngelXSantana
    Another 5 Stars!
    Ladies and gentlemen! boys and girls!.
  • DerikZoo
    Road Dogg and Casio GUNGITCHEE
    Road Dogg and Casio sit down every week to answer the age old philosophical question, “Who birthday dis?” I love how transparent and vulnerable Brian is, and Casio is legit one of the funniest people on this planet. It feels like I’m sitting down every week with two old friends and catching up. Yes, it’s a wrestling podcast but it is so much more than that. The Dark Secret is this podcast is Top Dogg. Much love to Brian, Casio, Dom, Fergal McDevitt, Glenn Close, and Billy Kiiiidman.
  • graigie D
    Mountain Critters for the win
    Love this show and look forward to it every week. Total nonsense plus some insight equals a great show and a fun listen. From talking goat births, pizza rolls and writing smack down it’s a fun ride to be on. And if you’re not down with that I got 2 words for you …… listen anyway …thanks you gentlemen please keep it up Graig from Long Island
  • Reddevil53
    Catching up
    I just started listening to oh you didn’t know a few weeks ago. I started from the beginning and listen to a couple episodes a day. Makes me laugh everyday. Even the fake Conrad is great in his role!
    100% nonstop laughter
    Casio and Road Dogg just might be the top tag team in podcasting. This show goes off the rails immediately each and every week and you won’t stop laughing. Between Dogg’s singing and Casio’s quick wit, by far the best podcast out there!
  • Old Man Mesa
    Two stars are only for BOURBON!
    If you’re not down to cackle and sing-along with the Real Double J and Clone-Rad, I only got six words for ya: AMAGICHI! (“I am going to get you”) P.S.: let’s keep Ryan Katz burner accounts away from the Apple reviews.
  • Farles Barkley 62
    Road Dogg and Casio are awesome
    Great funny insightful show
  • Todd Crow
    You know what I mean?
    I will begrudgingly give this 5 stars because I love the guys and they have good conversation. However, try taking a shot every time Dogg says “You know what I mean?” You’ll be dead in about 4 minutes.
  • trstiger
    The Redneck Laurel & Hardy
    If the show was recorded at the Tokyo Dome, I’d give it 6 stars. With Road Dogg being the consummate sports entertainer, and Casio having the most infectious cackle in the business, how could you not love the pod? Their duets sound like Brooks & Dunn had a love child with Nelson. It’s pure gold is all I’m saying! Mountain Critter for life!!
  • soundofsetttling
    A must listen to wrestling podcast
    A podcast that has grown to show Road Dogg as not only someone who isn’t afraid to talk about any subject either personal or professional but also wants to do so while still entertaining you. His cohost Casio helps steer and laugh it up with Dogg. The podcast is a day one listen for me every week.
  • Rabbi Ravid
    Surprisingly Smart!
    The Road Dogg is one of the greatest sports entertainers ever and he did so without a typical wrestling body or any significant move set. But that’s because wrestling isn’t actually a performance of physicality it’s a show about mind and spirit which he has in spades. This pod is a window into that genius and makes me appreciate his work more than ever! Also, Cassie’s funny as heck!
  • its me Eddie B
    The Best Show in Town!
    Man thanks so much you mountain critters for making my mornings so good each time you drop a new episode! And Casio is no longer the Wish version of Conrad… he’s his own character and WAY Funnier then most! Checkout my Podcast the Eeez N Beez Podcast every Friday wherever you listen to your podcasts @!
  • Jmike817
    Thanks for the culture
    Amazing show. Dog and Casio will entertain you and make you laugh, even if you are not a wrestling fan. I even learned about the wonderful British dessert bannoffe. I made one for my family Christmas dinner and every one loved it. Thanks dog.
  • BMW111102
    Cheesehead Love
    This show has become a favorite of mine. I will listen to this show after a long day of work on the ride home and I’m in such a great mood. The usual opening theme is literally Road Dogg and Casio laughing to something mildly inappropriate. It is always all in good fun and light hearted of course; but the consistent laughter throughout is what keeps me coming back. Keep it up, never change for that guys. The episode with Dylan Postl is no exception. Full of laughter and genuine love. It was very cool to hear from another Wisconsin boy and name many cities I’ve literally been to. Very cool. Thanks guys!!! Happy holidays.
  • AgentJRusso
    Oh I Know Nick-Nack-Patty-Wack
    If you are a Fergal McDevitt Guy then Oh You Didn’t Know is your podcast! In a world with hundreds of wrestling podcasts Dogg and Casio keep it entertaining from the opening signature to the closing catch phrase. I love Dogg’s openness and honesty about his life but also enjoy hearing about his incredible food palate. This show expands past sports entertainment and into pop culture. I mean what other podcast is going to pull the Hollywood curtain back and teach you Glenn Close was a lumberjack? But what can I say I’m bias because I’m about that #Skanklyf, believe the Mountain Critters should be your next WWE Tag Team Champions and wait all podcast for Casio to say… “Kinshasa”
  • ChuckTaylor1
    One of my favorite podcast(the best there ever will be!)
    All these new wrestling podcasts have been great! It’s a sport I loved as a kid and now I can see there is real depth and talent behind the magic. This podcast is the funniest and relaxing of the bunch! Love the quick back and forth between these guys. It’s like listening to two guys having beers and storytellin’. It’s great! Check ‘em out
  • Steven w Blank
    Oh u didn’t know that’s this show is awesome!
    Thank you so much for the entertainment and insight into the business. U guys get me through work every week. Keep it up!
  • Nighttrain Minnifield
    Oh I know
    Finally a candy licker that can keep up with Road Dogg. I know that when the show airs…I’m in for some much needed laughs & the week is almost over. My thankful minute is u guys being yourself and overcoming obstacles while reflecting on it with amusement.
  • i wriston
    The Realest Podcast
    I can't express enough how much I've personally grown thanks to this podcast. As someone who has battled addiction, depression, and is now going through an unexpected divorce, listening to a person I've admired for over 20 years open up and discuss how they've conquered similar challenges (excluding divorce) is something I believe everyone, not just wrestling fans, should experience. Casio and Brian, thank you both for your invaluable support. You're making a bigger impact than you might know.
  • Rob T 0307
    This is the best podcast
    Have been listening since the start. I look forward to every Thursday laughing out loud at work. And this past weekend I flew for the first time at the age of 43 and the podcast helped get the nerves out and the flight was way better listening to you guys. Thank you. Keep the laughs coming
  • Chenzo884
    5 stars no Dave
    If you don’t give this show 5 stars I got two words for ya!!!!!!!!!! Just do it!! Ohh that was three words but this is a great show. I listen every week!!!!
  • BNB332002
    I’ve got two words…. Love it!
    This show is absolutely fantastic, from the knowledge of the business to the timing and excellence in humor of Road Dogg and Casio, this show is a must listen. Thank you for making my week through Glenn Close Lumberjack stories to the absolutely over the top Newfoundland “Insect” breeding. Thank you for laughs and thankful moments every week. You guys are amazing! #mountaincritters 5 stars!
  • Fallenshadows
    Love This Show
    Forget the best wrestling podcast, this show is one of the best podcasts around. Those that don’t know it just haven’t heard it yet. Seriously, this is the funniest podcast you could listen too. Even non wrestling fans would love this. In fact, I share my favorite clips with my (non wrestling fan) wife weekly as we share a laugh. I am typically under a lot of stress in my life. God bless you two gentleman for putting a smile on my face regularly.
  • Kyle STD
    Down with that
    Time to give road dogg his flowers. I have been a long time wrestling fan. I remember monthly house shows at msg. Got to pat lod on the shoulder pads as they walked to the ring. Was at the summerslam when macho man and Elizabeth got married… Etc etc. I have also been in a rocky horror shadow cast for 35 plus years.. my wife and I have ran and have our own cast in northeast pa (Wilkes barre / Scranton down to Allentown and out to Harrisburg) we travel and how 15 venues a year. This is a hobby. How is this giving road dogg his flowers? Well every single night I stand on that stage and open the show with “ladies and gentlemen boys and girls transvestites of all ages….. Sweet Translucent Dreams and (name of theater we are at) proudly welcome you to The Rocky Horror Picture Show!!! (Pause for the pop) is that the best you got??? I said THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW! (Pause for bigger pop!) Now that’s more like it… I look forward to Thursdays. Like I said rocky is a hobby. I am a mailman and enjoy listing to the show when I am in the route.
  • ViggoBtBW
    The mountain critters are my boys!
    Oh, You Didn’t Know is priority listening for me. When the show kicks off with Brian and Casio already laughing, you know you’re in the right place. The two of them remind me of my friends and I just cutting up together. Wrestling stories, life lessons, Glenn Close lumberjack lore, Hulk Hogan’s thermos, and oops all berries will have me audibly laughing at work and home. Every time I submit a question, Dogg answers it. I feel like I’m part of the family. My only wish is that one day they open their hearts and arms for me as the third mountain critter.
  • John5$
    Best wrestling podcast on iTunes. Casio and Dogg leave you laughing from beginning to end
  • Jcm800
    Oh u didnt know!!
    Love the pod… y’all have me lmaf. Short but to the point. By far my fav pod on conrads vast array of awesome pods. Maybe this will get read.. maybe it won’t but i don’t care….Y’all rock
  • #RexDingle fan
    I love this podcast. Always been a big fan of the Road Dogg mostly because I feel like we could hang out and have a good time, and the podcast sticks to that vibe. Casio is the perfect co-host. I am constantly laughing and enjoying Road Dogg’s stories. This is not your typical wrestling podcast, and that’s a good thing.
  • The American Fatman
    My Favorite Podcast!!!
    Thank you guys. I love this podcast. The stories are great, even the parts that Brian can’t remember. You guys just talking and having fun make me laugh all by myself. Let’s get Road Dogg and Casio calling Monday Night Raw. Nick Patrick interview was the best!
  • A True dawg
    Road Dogg is good need to change the host to Conrad.
    I love Road Dogg and would like to hear more of what he has to say about wrestling. The host really prevents me from enjoying the show. With all of the cackling every minute. Tthen when Road Dogg starts to sing the host starts singing. It is just hard to get into.
  • brysonmccheese
    5 Stars at Polk High
    Road Dogg and Casio are absolute 5-star entertainers, but don't let this distract you from the the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, "Spare Tire" Dixon. Oh, you didn’t know? Now you know. Call somebody!!!
  • boogiewildcat73
    My favorite wrestling podcast!!!
    I just love the show and love how Casio and Road Dogg just have fun and talk about wrestling and all different kinds of things. You never know what you will hear and I love it!! But my favorite aspect is that they talk about God and how RD has battled addiction. Much love and God Bless!!
  • Dizzereth
    Because it’s ok to just enjoy wrestling
    Every week during my meal prep I tune in to hear my favorite tag team the Mountain Critters share their love for pro wrestling. My wife has been scared numerous times because she heard me suddenly bust out laughing from an inside joke. I’ve found myself even more drawn in to the personal stories and relationships Brian has had with his guests from the wrestling business. PS - As a musician myself, I would pay money to listen to the recordings from Road Dogg’s band with Nick Patrick and Man Mountain Rock 🤘
  • Tmil2
    2 star match
    Need less from Clone-rad, and RD James keeps losing his place.
  • H.hernandez19
    Love this podcast!
    I look forward this podcast every week. Makes my week. You guys crack me up! Loved watching you as a kid.
  • MMxPunk
    Let’s be honest
    Just gonna throw this out there for ALL OF YOU, a show where one big guy opens up the show (CASIO) by laughing and introducing his co-host (DOGG) whose also laughing when he chimes in “OHH YOU DIDN’T KNOW” is a show worth listening to! EASILY the best 90 minutes, sometimes 2 hours every Thursday!
  • kovjas
    The most fun you’ll have all week
    This podcast will make your week. It’s kinda like listening to the two funny pals at work just trying to crack each other up but we all get to be in on the fun. Sincerely Zero the kid
  • Timmer G
    Oh you better know!
    Look, we all have that one person in our lives that makes us laugh and giggle uncontrollably and sometimes they don’t even really need to say anything. In this case, it’s a little of that but they also talk about wresting too (and still laugh). Casio and Road Dogg are quick witted and loving life while working (as it should be). If you don’t walk away smiling at least a few times during this you might be an unhappy person, but you’ll also learn about some of your favorite events and hear from some wrestling legends as well. Wait, what were we talking about again?
  • IanPaull
    Awesome show WITH RECIPES
    I look forward to this hilarious show every Thursday, I get excited when I see it pop up in the app. They mentioned a recipe for Ramen and dayd gum iffit didn’t turn into delicious lo mein! Don’t feel bad about the tangents Road Dogg they are the best part. Cassio Clonerad you are my favorite host. 5 Stars!
  • YNFMoviePod
    I knew a Road Dogg pod would be good...
    but when Casio joined the show, it became the funniest podcast I listen to every week! I love the behind the scene stories when Dogg remembers, but my favorite is when Casio & Dogg are just joking around or start randomly singing. Plus, all the little catchprases you can say, but unless you listen, you'll have no idea what is being talked about. Keep up the great work and do me a favor, both of you, tell me your favorite movie. #MountainCritters Josh G (Your Next Favorite Movie)
  • Prichardshowfan9191816
    I couldn’t imagine someone without A.D.D. Listening to this
    Non stop laughs … #bring back Casios cut
  • Tupac Macgrady
    Great listen mostly clean
    Great listen mostly clean I’ve been an on again off again wrestling fan for 25 years. And this is a great walk down memory lane when they talk about Road Dogs early days and it’s a great look behind the vail when he talks about his days as a writer.
  • Set Medic G
    Only podcast I’ve recommended to a group
    Oh You Didn’t know is the only podcast I have recommended my non wrestling friends. Casio knows when to let things flow or move them along. RD shares his story openly and honestly. From his addiction, to sharing his faith without evangelizing. It’s a family friend podcast I can listen to with my kids. Of course the first episode my friends listened to was when the SIXTY NINE jersey was introduced and that’s a joke all in of itself. Keep up the great work and Casio, please keep hitting record before RD is ready! Gabe The Medic
  • B1G$hooter
    Cured My IBS
    Thanks guys!
  • ddrs6905
    The best
    An amazing podcast that I wait for every week. Laugh out loud funny and great behind the scenes knowledge. The only down side is trying to drive and see through the tears as I laugh hysterically.
  • MoVaughn13
    Awesome Pod
    The way Casio and Dogg feed off each other takes the pod to another level. It’s cool to go behind the scenes on a great career and you add the shenanigans with Casio… it’s awesome! Thank you gentlemen!
  • carrillo downey
    Load Dogg
    Love me some Casio and Load Dogg
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