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When both his popular culture podcast and long-term relationship come to an end, journalist Brendan finds he has the time — and freedom — to pursue his dream: a travel podcast where he goes places and learns about them by getting invited to a stranger’s house for dinner. A friend joins him at each destination and they drink, dance, and eat their way from Montréal to Mexico City, often learning as much about themselves as the place they’re visiting. Not Lost is both a delightful travel escape and an insightful look at people — locals and visitors alike — trying to make sense of a constantly changing world.

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  • Steve@&$
    Fun and Interesting
    I like the way the host and guests explore aspects of the places they visit that intrigue them our fill a personal need at the moment. Their willingness to swear, when it fits, is also a plus. It’s just fun to listen to.
  • mexican in perth
    Such a racist show
    The Mexico City episode was incredibly racist - classic examples of rash Americans pushing and shoving their way through another culture with zero sensitivity. Comparing an ancient Aztec spiritual ritual to cooking chicken is the most racist thing I’ve heard about in a long time!
  • Mokeyt3/35
    So far so good
    I’ve listened to about 2 or three episodes so far I like what I hear. I just hope I don’t run into any. “woke discussion or narrative popping up please I need a refuge from politics.
  • MisterZesty
    Great show. DPD lite
    Good to hear a old familiar voice. Bring Rico on! Keep it up!
    It will change my life. Will let you know.
  • Nickoval
    No invitation to my table
    Two really unlikeable people fishing for dinner invites and blabbering about nothing. No thank you.
  • coca cola and casillacr ads??
    Not lost riddled with the worst ads
    Ok so Cadillac and Coca Cola every 5 minutes and repeating g the same thing over and over? Mediocre content. I appreciated colonialist critique in the México episode. Needing to be asked to dinner was so awkward and forced.
  • notoriously a fan
    Brendan is back!
    Brendan’s wit, charm, and self deprecating humor are back on this podcast! I love his odd pronunciations on certain words, and his loving / charming attitude toward the world. Highly recommend! A great way to travel in Covid.
  • Irazuview
    So glad That Brendan is Back!
    I had been a big fan of Dinner Party Download, and was very disappointed when it stopped so suddenly. Happy to find this podcast. We have lived outside of the US for decades in a very peripatetic lifestyle, while definitely enjoying the food and culture of wherever we’ve lived. Thank you for trusting the journey and not being lost.
  • loala123
    Love this travel podcast
    I’m loving this show. They have the ability to transport you to places you’ve visited and ones you have yet to see, simply from sound alone. Not an easy task! Lots of laughs, such a joy to listen while commuting to work!
  • Shickey99
    I appreciate the “interviews” with locals
    I had some inkling Brendan was starting a new show (my heart broke at the demise of Dinner Party Download) but I just found this - better late than never - and I am so glad I did. A fun jaunt with unexpected guests and locales. I look forward to another season soon.
  • ______nikki________
    I really appreciated the short but meaningful discussion about privilege in the Mexico City episode. Just the fact that there is an acknowledgement of the privilege it takes to make your podcast meant a lot to me as a listener and made me feel more invested in the journey. Will def keep listening.
  • Moo May Moo
    I enjoyed this podcast!
    Maybe it’s because I wish I could travel all the time or maybe it’s because I appreciated the reasons why people couldn’t host your dinner party. Following Covid, I find myself appreciating home more than ever! But, there’s a whole world of experiences out there that I might miss out on by staying home. I’m someone who likes to see stuff other than the usual tourist spots when I visit cities, so really connected with this podcast.
  • Roccitylisa
    I didn’t know how much I missed the DPD podcast until I heard this one. It has an slight bit of DPD with the delightful addition of new friends and perspective. I am so enjoying this. Welcome back, Brendan. Whoever ended DPD was a fool! You rule.
  • Bubbles4987
    pleasantly surprised!
    As an African-American woman of an ancient age, I initially rolled my eyes when the 3 min ad by malcolm introduced this podcast. I immediately thought great, another show (in general) about a middle-class white guy and his travels…Blah… But then a woman’s voice entered and she sounded interesting in that in the short few seconds I heard funny and down to earth with a great laugh….so I decided to listen to the first full episode. I was thoroughly enjoying what i was hearing when…. maybe halfway through the young lady identified herself as African-American. I now am not just enjoying the podcast episode, but I decided to subscribe. I know (although the hood is not likely where she came from) that through her I can be somewhat assured i can too see myself in these places and remember conversations me and my friends had when we were her age. It’s a very nice listen on my morning walks
  • Mellen7
    Loved it! Really missed DPD and was thrilled Brendan was back! He and Danielle are delightful together. I appreciate their friendship and varying views on life and travel. I’d love if she were a cohost. Can’t wait for more cities in season 2 and to hear many more awkward moments of Brendan inviting himself into people’s homes!
  • bartona104
    Lost in NYC
    Spoiler alert, but every time I see an empty Citibike rack in Manhattan, I’m going to think about Dan Taberski taking the last one out from under Brendan! Well done, delightful moments like this throughout the series.
  • jsteele_
    Get (Not) Lost
    As a huge fan of the Dinner Party Download, I was thrilled to find that Brendan had a new podcast and the premise was so appealing. I waited a bit to listen — because I wanted to hear it when I really needed it. And soon enough, I did. I love the feeling of discovering a new place and Not Lost captures it so well. I have delighted in Brendan and Danielle’s discussions and occupations in each new place. I’m going to have to ration the remaining podcasts and hope for subsequent seasons!
  • 614Lindy
    Traveling vicariously
    I love listening to Brendan and Danielle explore new places. Their friendship is so fun! I get nervous each time they ask someone to throw a dinner party for them. Fun podcast, I recommend!
  • Nboatwpi
    A show I didn’t know I needed
    I just finished the pilot and am smitten - funny, touching, and makes me want to travel again!
  • L's Koala
    Traveling and laughing all the way
    I love “traveling” with these two. They are super curious, so open, and funny. I grew up in Montreal, and they captured it so well. After listening to “New Orleans” I have to get back there soon. I hope you can keep on going after season one, eventually even beyond North America. London? Venice?
  • csd246
    Easy on the ears
    As a travel lover, podcast addict and someone who’s been missing Dinner Party Download for years, this podcast is such a treat. It’s exactly what I love about travel and Brendan and his cohosts are a joy to listen to. So glad to have him back in my ears!
  • miuqcaj
    Best! Such fun adventures!
    Love this show. Learned some things: the ET’s in Vegas have me thinking about the current state of the human race.Peace on earth before acceptance into the galaxy. Inspired to travel and meet new people. The world is waiting. Go have a listen and then travel.
  • A.D. from Chicago
    Note taker waiting to explore!
    I have fallen in love with Not Lost — it’s a perfect blend of travel, people, stories, life’s awkward moments, and fun times being human on the planet. I love hearing of the local spots in these places, so I started a notebook in case I find myself there one day. I look forward to more travels in season 2 — and maybe (but no longer necessary) a dinner party. 🙌
  • nutmeghan79
    The perfect travel buddy pod!
    My new favorite pod! I wish there were so many more. It feels both adventurous and relaxing to listen to. It’s the best parts of travel (food, people, art, coffee shops!) without the annoying parts (packing, tsa, $$$$.) I wish I were along with Brendan and Danielle (more Danielle, please!) and this vicarious travel experience is especially engaging and soothing in pandemic times. These are the exact travel pals I’d want to have irl and they hit the spots I’d be interested in. Love learning about the places I have not been and “revisiting” those I’ve already been through Brendan’s perspective. More, please!
  • Origami Girl
    Love love love
    I enjoyed the dinner party podcast-That was you, Brandon, right? Big Sur, where I have been several times, usually just passing through or taking visitors to Nepenthe, has new meaning and allure, thanks to the Big Sur episode. The artichoke soup is on my to do list. Well done. I’m subscribed to the show and look forward to more adventures with your crew.
  • James Darin
    For those who miss Bourdain…
    In the midst of covid, it’s so nice to hear folks who are exploring new places and meeting the people who live there, learning about their culture and their food. This pod makes me really happy and I hope it continues
  • psheppard67
    Living vicariously
    I love to travel and Brendan does a great job finding unique experiences for each of the episodes. I also enjoy a good dinner party so cheering for Brendan to succeed in finding a local host is part of the fun! Looking forward to the next trip!!
  • GeezerListener
    A Work In Progress
    I think "Not Lost" is still finding its thematic way. Week to week the same components are there but (aside from the eternal search for a dinner host... and good luck with that) the show, to me, lacks order and focus. It reminds me of the periodic phone calls a parent might get from their college kid traveling across country for the first time during summer break. Entertaining? Sometimes. Interesting? Occasionally. Meaningful? Hardly. I just hope the kid gets enough to eat, finds a place to sleep and doesn't get hurt.
  • rundmc104
    Excited to see where we go next!
    I love Brendan’s friends that accompany him on each trip and cringe each time he asks for a finer party hoping he might just get a yes😁
  • gypsydjango
    I’m there!
    Really enjoy the trips these guys share. Out of the way & off the beaten path. Fun banter without being overbearing!! Always look forward to the next trip!
  • buggynan
    What a Surprise!
    Dinner Party Download was my first and still favorite podcast. I Missed it when it was no more. But now I love the dinner party twist with Brendan. I can’t believe more people have not jumped on the offer to hold a dinner party for him and his friends!
  • AmyPOzga
    Such a wholesome listen! Makes me excited to travel more. I love hearing about what each city has to offer, but more importantly two friends exploring it together and getting a lil vulnerable from time to time.
  • Brandeezworld
    Brendan is Back and Better than ever!!
    I was a huge fan of Dinner Party Download and it’s great to have Brenden back on a podcast about travel, food, and people. He does such a great job of really getting us into a place and understanding it’s past, culture, and people. Highly highly recommend! If you’re ever in San Jose, CA- we can absolutely have a dinner party at my house!
  • AIDgirll
    All the feels
    Fun, witty, awkward, charming, uncomfortable, hilarious, and thought-provoking … this is exactly what my fellow travelers and I needed, when we needed it. I suspect soliciting a dinner party for strangers in this pandemic era will be infinitely more difficult, but please carry on. And if you find yourself in NOVA, I’ll host!
  • Yazolx
    I wanted to hate this show...!
    Title says it all, I really wanted to hate this show. What's not to hate about a white man travelling around the world and making a podcast about it? Sounds pretty Manifest Destiny to me. But, you know what, I have really come to enjoy this show. Brendan is seems to be very self-aware and I appreciate that he seamlessly incorproates his own life into the episodes. It's not just about the places and "subjects" but just as much about him. It's giving...Anthony Bourdain (RIP).
  • M. Murf
    Who would’ve thought?
    Need travel inspiration but don’t know where to start? I didn’t grow up traveling, so I kind of don’t know how to do it. Brendan and his guest give great ideas for things to do on vacation that aren’t just „sit on a beach.“ You can go fly fishing! Take a cooking or dance class! The relationships of the host and guests are also fulfilling to hear as I get older and it’s harder to make friends as an adult. I recommend this podcast for people looking for something to listen to that hasn’t been done before.
  • Mónica Núñez
    On behalf of Mexicans: ¡lo siento!
    Im so sorry that you met the weirdest Mexicans ever that weren’t thrilled to have you over to their home- that is LITERALLY what our culture is based on lol I hope you give us another shot, love the show!!
  • PlaneGuy1
    Lighthearted and fun
    An enjoyable break from the news! If you come to Dallas I’ll host a dinner party for you!
  • Narciso Cabrera
    Fun, I loved it.
    Brendan, your guide, takes you on a series of tours through North American destinations and aurally bathes you in selected ambiance.
  • Lulu Luciola
    Love the show
    Hi not lost. I heard you on gastropod and loved the show. I have to admit that at first I was disappointed that it was a guest episode, but after I heard it I right away subscribed to your podcast and I’m listening to it regularly. Thanks!
  • Mr Bubbles
    Name that Tune
    I only listened to the preview but it sounded fun and interesting, although he needs to take a hint. Lol. The lady with the chihuahua wanted no part of having them over and was in full excuse making mode. First she had a deadline then threatened them with a biting dog and yet he persisted. lol. But I assume all ended well. I’lll have to listen to find out. As the clip was winding up and his friend was admonishing him not to go “Oo la la” to the ladies, a song began playing with a lady singing in French. I asked Siri to name that tune but she was stumped. Anyone out there have any idea of the songs title and artist? I’d appreciate a SO with the info if you know the details. Thanks in advance.
  • Roosmum37
    Humble Brendan
    I just love this show! Any other host just wouldn’t be the same. Brendan, being so humble (and sometimes humorously self-deprecating) paints a clear and colorful picture to the listeners of his destinations. His witty and fun conversations with his traveling companion and the locals make me want to get out and travel!
  • marcelleyouredoinggreat
    Makes me feel like I’m traveling
    I particularly enjoyed the Montreal episode, I feel like it captured that city’s vibe really well. I do think the dinner party aspect of the podcast is superfluous but otherwise what a delightful podcast.
  • SLFinOK
    …Literally while I listen through earbuds at work (sorry *not sorry* loser coworkers). Brendan’s laugh is too contagious! His and Danielle’s escapades in these interesting places (loved hearing about Bozeman and that crazy UFO place near Vegas—not your typical tourist spots) are funny, interesting, and weird. Great camaraderie! Love hearing the awkward excuses people give for not having you to dinner; you’re always so gracious. Keep going to the odd places and asking!
  • LWraage
    I love this podcast!
    I look forward to listening to this podcast every week. Brendan and Danielle have great chemistry and their laughs are infectious. I can’t wait to hear the next adventure.
  • rena7874
    How did bourdain do it?
    If you’ve ever watched a travel food show and wonder whether people actually just let random American men in their house, well, turns out they don’t! I still really love the show though. I’ve binged every episode in 2 days and am looking forward to more.
  • Cardinals681988
    Very Enjoyable
    I have found this very relaxing to listen to on my commute. Such a fun concept. It was recommended on Dr. Laurie Santos’ Happiness Lab podcast.
  • TT Shieka
    Friends, Food, & Travel
    I’m excited to hear about all of the places people and food found in each episode. Thank you for sharing your passion & journey!
  • PodPRmom
    Fun and interesting
    Just binged the first six episodes. I want to go on a trip w Brendan.
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