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A Red Sox podcast hosted by Jared Carrabis and Tyler Milliken offering unfiltered takes on the Boston boys of summer. With regular contributions from Pete Blackburn, no other Red Sox podcast brings you content that will get you closer to the Boston Red Sox.

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  • Docbassist
    Entirely too many Ads
    Just WOW… freaking ad every 10 minutes. Clean it up Carrabis
  • MarvelRedSox
    It’s like having Boston Dirt Dogs back!!!
  • Yolo1236849
    About 1 out of every 5 episodes is decent enough to give them another chance. After 30 games this season I just can’t listen to them anymore with the cringe forceful “funny” moments
  • Sleep Brett
    Peaceful Sleep
    Don’t care about the Red Sox but Tyler’s basic takes combined with his generic voice makes for quality white noise to help with sleep
  • Willyboy420
    Great podcast
    Notthefinalrose or whatever his name is needs to find a lame podcast to listen to the conversation from these guy is great keeps it interesting and a great overall picture of Boston sports culture
  • Dayne Reese
    Realest Red Sox Pod
    They don’t tell you what you want to hear, they tell you the truth. They’re positive when it’s time to be positive and negative when it’s time to be negative. The episodes may be long, but they fly by. They mix in Red Sox analysis and funny anecdotes perfectly.
  • Sickmanbroooo
    Pandering Carrabis
    This entire pod has turned into Carrabis flexing his connections and asking Jake for sound effects. Comedy and content of a once great pod is gone
  • bisongang
    Love the Sox Talk
    Keep it coming!
  • soxfan2_11
    Baseball is dead is 100x better. All they do on here is rant about their personal lives, Jared brags about how “in” he is with sox players
  • ReggieSmith07
    Really Bad
    This is a podcast for those that enjoy limited vocabulary, forced laughter at bad jokes and side trips to the inane . The fanfest edition was particularly tedious. We got to hear about make up and their gratuitous insults towards Springfield. There are so many better pods out there covering the Sox. Stay away from this lemon.
  • MJP540
    Just not quite the right dynamic
    The team was bad, not a whole lot you can do. But gonna need Tyler to learn stats other than FIP, OPS+, and OAA and to cut down on the tangents filled with questions that he just answers himself.
  • Mullie1
    Self-important drivel
    I tried to like this podcast as I’m a huge Sox fan. However this guy is insufferable. The majority of the pod is Carrabis ranting about how important and “tied-in” to Red Sox news he is; making excuses for his tweeting about information that was actually false; and dropping f-bombs while rambling on about his personal life with his co-hosts. Hardly ANY Sox news. Oh well, lol
  • HowardinMA
    Just read all the negative Tyler reviews… the guy is smart and understands the game. Great addition to the show!
  • ST122912
    Tyler is annoying
    Bring back Coley! Tyler is not easy to listen to. Not fun when skipping past his parts.
  • Notthefinalrose
    Sure, his name is the title of the show
    But we come here to listen to a show about the Red Sox, not Carrabis and his life. Spending more than 5 min on his NESN booth experience or throwing out the first pitch should never happen. “Baseball is Dead” is better because the Bearded one keeps Jared’s ego in check.
  • sluggersam1
    No time stamps
    Time stamps please
  • Nickrivera32
    Best Sox pod around
    It's really my favorite baseball pod. I do like it better when it's not just Tyler on there. But he's solid, not his fault. Just more entertaining when you have Pat and Pete in the mix. Love the Pat and Jared dynamic. Makes for great comedy. And keep Pats Picks coming. I need the top 5 pieces of architecture in Bulgaria!
  • Joey Gambooko
    Should Have Said It
    This show ain’t it
  • Red Sox, Sox Red
    Red Sox
    Can you guys talk about the Red Sox on the next episode?
  • JakeSoxFenway
    Need Coley back ASAP
    Disappointing compared to Section 10. Only way to fix this is to BRING BACK COLEY!
  • lobstahsteve
    Not that great without Coley
    It’s not that funny or clever anymore without Coley. Pat and Pete don’t really seem to care about the pod or the Sox
  • jpmg45
    Not nearly as good as section 10. Disappointing.
  • Coug Healey
    June 28th
    Don’t say it.
  • Cory Month
    Old section 10 way better
    When I heard Pete was making a return I was pumped because the OG section 10 with Pete and Steve was the GOAT. But every episode I’ve listened to so far with this new group is extremely long, boring and hard to get through. Super disappointing hope it gets better
  • Da movie critic
    Fire Tyler
    We left sports talk radio to come listen to you. You bring in this guy Tyler who goes on these fake rants and is just a stereotypical sports talk radio guy. No talent. Just whines. Let’s talk baseball stop whining. Also he said Bobby Dalbec was bad at defense last year. If you’re gonna have Pat not watching games Tyler has to at least know baseball not just know how to whine.
  • jsteves18
    RIP Helen
    Sink the balloons
  • MC321123
    Not good
    Tyler Milkman is a nerd if I could give zero stars I would Draftkings got fleeced Good for Carrabis getting the bag this Pod is trash.
  • J-OT
    Don’t say it.
    Bring Coley back. Other than that, 6/28.
  • andrewc000
    Section 10 >>
    Listed to Section 10 to get Sox talk without the talk radio nonsense… this is just WEEI when Tyler goes on his annoying rants. This show without Coley is really no different than listening to Felger and Mazz complain.
  • nomarion
    Brutally unfunny
    Mostly lame inside jokes with some Sox talk sprinkled in. Coley carried Section 10
  • kryies biggest fan
    Talk about the Red Sox
    It’s Red Sox podcast talk about the Red Sox less off topic stuff. I’m fine if it’s personal life stuff but focus on the Red Sox.
  • obidow
    If you like dead air, this is for you
    Apparently watching the games is not a prerequisite for hosting a Red Sox podcast.
  • Arti Bets
    Not the same
    Still a fun entertaining show, but just doesn’t hot the same anymore😢at least no more Coley that is a big positive
  • aaaaron boone
    DO JR
  • DSC92
    Barely any Red Sox talk
    This podcast is nothing like Section 10. They hardly talk about the Red Sox but focus on topics that don’t even matter. I understand this is not a serious podcast, but you have to do better with analyzing the Red Sox.
  • Hephaestus bot 1battle bears
    Even better than before!!!
    A great podcast that has gotten new voices and it is even better than section 10. Fun and energetic and I’ve missed this show terribly during lockout. NEVER GO AWAY AGAIN.
  • Very Angry Loyal Customer
    Pat Light = 5 stars
    Pat Light haters are losers.
  • saxons85
    Rocket Stays Hot
    Jared is the best in the business, married to the game. Stay hot, Rocket!
  • twinsbb2022
    Fell off
    Not a good podcast. Low energy, needs a new host ASAP
  • TheIcedZ
    Stay. Hot. Rocket
    This is the alpha Sox podcast. You’re getting the best recaps, authentic opinions, and the best humor from the world’s leading Sox fan. The co-hosts all compliment Jared to his fullest, and we’ve only just started. I look forward to every single episode. Stay hot, Rocket. Go Sox.
  • Pedro is the GOAT
    Best Red Sox podcast there is
    Carrabis and company are the best. If you’re a die hard Sox fan, you have a home here
  • Luisfromboston
    Ditch Light and it’s a 5 star
    Pat’s is pretty dry and doesn’t provide value to the pod with his one word replies. Hopefully he changes but this been a thing since November… Go Soxs.
  • MichealReagan
    Dawn of a new era
    The Petey Pablo/Patty Nips era is upon us. I’ll always miss the Mick Man, but I’m excited to have the pod back.
  • awarehippo
    Just In Time
    Stay Hot Rocket
  • BeaverBeliever2011
    Bang bang, skeet skeet
    Can’t wait until the first losing streak for this to turn into a Phoenix Suns pod.
  • Ikzimmer
    Go Sox
    I’m gonna miss the Mick Man but I’m still very excited for this
  • CrucialSean
    Is there even a point to this?
    It’s the Rocket, Sox, and Listeners. It’s perfect.
  • TuellMan7
    Stay hot
  • Garrett Mashburn
    Let’s Go!
    It’s Jared Carrabis, you already know it’s great!
  • 39 year old guy from Connecticut
    Hasn’t even launched and it’s already the best Red Sox Podcast
    Section 10 listener since the 2nd or 3rd episode in 2015. Glad to see the reunion with Pete. I already know this is going to be the best Red Sox podcast out there. Please do a Wade Miley retrospective from the Allen Craig studios.
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