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'Too Much Information' is a new iHeartRadio podcast that gives you the secret history, behind-the-scenes details and little-known fascinating facts about your favorite movies, music, TV shows and more. The series is brought to you by two trivia titans with too much free time. Jordan Runtagh and Alex Heigl are big-time pop culture nerds and longtime listicle writers who've worked at Rolling Stone, People, Entertainment Weekly, VH1, and Page Six. Now they're let off the leash and ready to dive deep into a different beloved entertainment classic three times a week. Get ready for everything you never knew about 'Rugrats,' 'Hook,' "Dancing Queen," Sonic the Hedgehog, 'Jeopardy,' 'Top Gun,' 'Jagged Little Pill'...The list goes on, and so will these guys. But in a good way. Promise. 

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  • Monokids
    Suggested episodes
    Love the show- not sure how you select episodes or what parameters you have to abide by when selecting for legal and other reasons, but I do have some movies/tv shows that would seem to have interesting storylines and people. Also I had no idea how to email these suggestions so figured posting it would do the trick. Below are suggestions for your consideration: - Beatlejuice - Red Dawn ( original) - Big Trouble in Little China -Splash -Willy Wonka ( original) - The Dark Crystal -Flashdance -Diff’rent Strokes -The A-Team ( TV show not the terrible movie) -Knight Rider ( TV show) I now realize everything in this list is pre-2000, but who cares, they are classics damnit. Thanks for your consideration.
  • imfeelingsublime
    Such an interesting podcast
    I’ve been really enjoying the episodes since I found this podcast last week. I love behind the scenes facts. I have to say, I love that you talked about your childhood titanic obsession. It definitely made me laugh because my 8 yr old has been interested in the titanic since he’s been 4 or 5. I really don’t even remember how he found out about it, but I’m glad he’s not the only kid lol. He hasn’t gone as far as wanting to be the captain for Halloween, but he does have a few knock off lego titanics built, regularly asks to watch the movie (he doesn’t believe me that he’d be bored with most of it) and about 2 weeks ago, he brought a drawing home from school of the titanic.
  • moondoggy02116
    I have enjoyed a lot of episodes of this show, but at times the hosts come across as incredibly smug. I don’t know why they cover subjects for which they have such disdain. I would enjoy it more if they were more enthusiastic and less pompous.
  • Rbshevlin
    Too much fun
    Just listened to the Hotel Calif. episode and these guys were having way too much fun with the episode. Definitely a good podcast filled with great info
  • Pigbutt McGee
    The Best Podcast
    Funny, informative, and entertaining. What more can you ask for in a podcast?!
  • ats523
    The smartest podcast there is
    You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn — my favorite show! These two are brilliant, sweet and hilarious.
  • danielle a.b.
    New favorite show
    TMI has become my new favorite show! I love the hosts and their rapport, I especially love learning behind the scenes stories about movies i loved as a kid. I crack up by myself in the car listening to this which is my ultimate barometer for a good show!! Thank you for keeping me company, TMI!
  • mspassell
    900 stars!
    Jordan and Alex give incredibly researched overviews of pop-culture gems from our past, and nearly all of them are things that feel so specific to my childhood, every single episode is a hit of nostalgia and a blast. Just when I think I know everything about Disney’s Aladdin, Jordan and Alex pack my brain with stuff I didn’t think I needed to know but it turns out I do.
  • HelterL
    Hilarious, informative and fun!!
    I absolutely love this show- these guys are HILARIOUS! I often find myself smiling or laughing out loud in the middle of whatever I’m doing. I love the juxtaposition of Jordan’s more positive, wholesome perspective mixed with Alex’s more cynical, irreverent humor, but really they both have a good balance of each and I also appreciate a good self deprecating joke. It’s apparent that they have a love of their craft- pop culture trivia and commentary, which they seem to have down to an art form. It’s impressive how much these guys know. I also gotta give props to them for a choosing an eclectic and interesting mix of pop culture to feature. Loved the episode on Aja as much as I did the one on The Parent Trap. Unexpected. Keep em’ coming guys. I’m hooked!
  • D. Cronenberg
    Never Too Much
    These guys perfectly balance the journalistic / informational format with the hangout-style podcast. Always a pleasure!
  • charlotte Pipe
    Love this podcast!
    Podcast is always interesting! And having heard the episodes about Austin Powers and the Beatles Revolver it makes me wonder when will they do am episode on All You Need Is Cash starring The Rutles. Fingers crossed!
  • Ally ally oxenfree
    An utter delight
    I absolutely love this show! Alex and Jordan are hilarious and learning the inside stories about some of my favorite movies, music and TV is my favorite part of my morning walks. These guys put in the work! I cannot recommend this one enough. Highly recommend the Oreos episode. It goes places you will not expect
  • Nickah891
    The perfect variety for your everyday entertainment! Jordan and Alex not only provide precise details and relevant information about pop culture but do it in a humorous and enjoyable manner!
  • bigperfectafan
    Inaccurate information
    *two thumbs down*
  • LesterBangsWasHere
    Bring on more guest hosts that actually enjoy things.
    This is such a great concept for a show. I get so excited for some episodes, only to have Alex lazily moan (sometimes brag) that he doesn’t like or know the topic of discussion. He then makes no attempt to do any research to sound… cool? Added a star because I used to hate-listen while I did chores and it made me finish faster.
  • Sliderocity
    Everything I want/need in a podcast as a pop culture nerd
    The bait was the Legends of the Hidden Temple episode, and from then on, I’ve been hooked. The amount of research and background Jordan/Alex are able to surface and convey about each topic is truly remarkable and with very few exceptions, I’ve found all of the episodes I’ve listened to extremely enjoyable.
  • M3861370
    Two woke angry haters
    Two music snobs who share their politics every chance they get. Like most critics they’ve obviously failed in some aspect of the business, as they seem to hate anyone who’s attained the success that they’ve failed at. Unless masochism’s your thing, look elsewhere.
  • NER0/
    Disdain for anything that isn’t New York
    Unable to keep their politics and elitism to themselves. Typical sort of contempt for anything that an average person might enjoy and with the undeserved arrogance that typifies millennials. All episodes include calling someone they don’t know a racists and then blame all problems on boomers, like a child would do.
  • tahoemud
    Incredible research
    This is a podcast that delivers the goods! Funny, informative, well researched, and always entertaining.
  • Dr Winston O'B
    Endlessly Entertaining and Informative
    You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn. You’ll become a valuable asset to your trivia team. Listen and enjoy!
  • marigold1974
    Awesome show!
    Now do The Goonies!
  • P2IJ Stars
    My new favorite show!
    Impeccably researched, compelling and insightful. Presented with humor and warmth.
  • SteffiCheneaux
    Filling the Rivals shaped hole in my life
    I like the hosts and the broad range of topics. Quality entertainment industry trivia and finely aged gossip. Delightful.
  • j4cks0n g
    Omg T.M.I
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