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Will Be Wild is a new 8-part series about the forces that led to the January 6th insurrection and what comes next. Through in-depth stories from a wide range of characters – from people who tried to stop the attack to those who took part – hosts Andrea Bernstein and Ilya Marritz explore the ongoing effort to bring autocracy to America, the lasting damage that effort is doing to our democracy, and the fate of our attempts to combat those anti-democratic forces. Because January 6th wasn't the end of the story, January 6th was just a practice run.
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  • Yohstaa
    I made it through 13 mins before I had to stop it. I can’t remember if it was advertised as unbiased but spoiler alert, it’s not. The title should be “stories of how Trump and the right are evil. I’ve always been in the middle. So, I have no interest in an “agenda driven podcast” that isn’t clearly stated to be so. Otherwise, nothing special. It didn’t feel investigatory…. It felt like the producers had an opinion and they matched the content they wanted to that opinion.. just not impressive at all.
  • Laquesha Nik
    Fair overview
    I appreciated hearing from people on all sides of the tragic January 6 insurrection. I felt it was fair in its message though certainly the message agreed that the insurrection was wrong and an attempt to overthrow democracy. Very well done and thought provoking
  • D. Pattee
    Blindly biased.
    This series underscores the deep divide in our country’s distrust but not in the way the host might want. Her disdain for Trump supporters makes it impossible for her to ask fair questions.
  • Coleyd310
    What fascism to you. I you believe in overturning law yet. That’s basic work at the house. Not the senate.
  • huesos7
    Deep and thoughtful
    Loved getting into the lives of everyone. We are all people with stories and this is how the cultural divide is bridged. Where's the episode that follows the hearings playbook?
  • nickitynacknamity
    Unnerving and Pertinent
    Well told and thorough. Truly unsettling to listen to Nicole in Ep. 4 describe her domestic abuse experience with such cognitive dissonance. A cw warning for those in DV situations might be advised. Extremely impressed by her composure and intelligence, especially impressed by her articulate and courageous son. I hope they can repair the strains on their relationship caused by Guy’s instability.
  • j_a_x_
    Great Podcast
    Excellent investigative journalism.👏🏻 I thought I was tired of this topic but there was so much more I didn’t know!
  • NWgardener
    Fascinating and a must listen podcast
    After following the January 6th hearings I thought I knew everything. This goes much deeper and fills in so much that was missing. Presented so it is easy to follow and so interesting while also chilling. Definitely one of the best.
  • Chick FO
    Lies lies lies!
  • Nanikae
    The cult of the LEFT runs deep.
  • Mr Natty Boh
    To understand how real and accurate the story presented is you only have to read the one star comments of the people who are so deep in the trump cult that they no longer understand the differences between lies and reality.
  • awolfdabbers
    I tried
    This podcast made me want to vomit on the inaccuracies. Totally biased.
  • Karissima
    Excellent and disturbing
    This was well-researched and compelling reporting with highly credible witness testimony, especially by those in the DHS who tried to raise the alarm of the grave risks posed by domestic terrorism. It is impossible to believe that anyone can view this former president as anything other than a psychopath, malignant narcissist, and above all, a traitor. This podcast should be required listening for anyone who thinks that 45 should have a second term.
  • Greenlee2014
    Liberal Garbage
    Don’t waste your time, just watch cnn it’s the same thing. A slanted, democrat advocation. Dissent is not allowed if it goes against the liberal democrats. What a bunch of garbage
  • zxxcb.
    Will Be Wild
    Thank you for such a necessary Podcast! Brilliant. Big Fan- Albuquerque, NM
  • Kendra DeKay
    Captivating and Well-Supported
    Incredibly well researched, fascinating, and chilling. I am so grateful to hear reporting like this when it feels like the country shrugged its collective shoulders and moved on after Jan 6th like nothing happened. I fear for our country and the future.
  • Scrapdogg69
    Mr. Black
    If Trump is allowed to run for any office in this country ever again, we have no country, we have no constitution, democracy is dead. He must be held accountable and all those that support the lie must be held accountable. Imprison Trump
  • truth real
    I listened to 12 minutes and had to turn it off. Terrible. A fake narrative. If you want to know what happened on January 6 just asked one of the million people that were there
  • carollkm
    Cognitive dissonance
    Overall this review is well put together and reported. I have to listen to it in bits and pieces, because I can’t tolerate but so much of the cognitive dissonance of the people he interviewed. For instance, the lady in episode two who still says she would bring her children to the January 6 insurrection. And then there’s Nicole who’s cognitive dissonance is so severe she doesn’t even realize her husband is abusive AND a dangerous traitor to this country. And she can’t even call her son because she gets emotional and upset. Her son who stood up and did the right and brave thing and probably saved her life. But yet she’ll call her abusive and controlling husband every day. It’s honestly just sad that so many people are that indoctrinated and brainwashed with misinformation.
  • echo dog
    You thought you knew this story….
    But not at this level of detail and told objectively but with a compassionate touch. Fascinating.Harrowing. Must listen.
  • kept listening in Boston
    A must-see. Presents the political and systemic failures behind Jan 6th. Way more behind the incident than you’d think. And great storytelling!
  • RockHardHearts
    Very Engaging
    Really good, new information from people we had yet to hear from. I thought I’d listen driving around doing errands, but I listened to the first five episodes back to back.
  • Kbc610
    Absolutely compelling and required listening
    I say required listening because if we want to protect our precious democratic experiment we need to understand how the J6 insurrection was fomented in the first place
  • divineimposition
    So, so good! And terrifying.
    A must listen but utterly baffling and infuriating. Trump stoking the fire is only a portion of the fury behind Jan6. Our intelligence community should never have to succumb to the whimsy of politics. Fascinating. Insightful. Horrifying. Entertaining. 5 stars!
  • kkok2323
    Great podcast, a must listen!!!
    Fantastic listen, edge of my seat and so well-produced. I highly recommend Will Be Wild (and am sharing with all my friends.)
  • KajaXX
    Brings together many strands
    Even if you follow the news, including the January 6 hearings, you can get a lot out of this podcast. It brings together many strands—viewpoints of former government officials, attendees at Trump’s rally at the Ellipse, local journalists, family members of participants in the insurrection, etc.—to tell a complex story of increasing right-wing extremism and its culmination in the insurrection. If you enjoyed the Trump Inc. podcast from the same team, you will enjoy this.
  • CNote44
    If you’re not completely brain-washed by Fox News and every other far-right media outlet, you’ll learn a great deal from this podcast. I feel for people like Danny Rodriguez that were completely fooled by Trump and the MAGA media machine. He thought he was doing the right thing, all from listening to Trump and his lackeys. Now he’s paying a price for his bad decisions (deservedly so), but it’s easy to see that Trump and many others deserve to pay for their actions too. Our democracy may not survive until they do.
  • patrickin90014
    Excellent education of behind the scenes
    I was impressed and learned a lot. Truly a show to listen to.
  • LinAnnAlex
    Must-listen to narration
    Let me begin by sharing this was a five-star production—compelling evidence, heart-arching storytelling and a quality time stamp on American history. If there is binge-listening to a podcast, that’s exactly how I felt. My only feedback otherwise is that many of us listen to podcasts while exercising or walking and the credits at the end, which one has to sort of stop and try and adjust which is annoying, went on for so darn long that half my walk would be over by the time the next episode began to play. While giving credit to the cast and crew is important, is there a better way to handle this aspect than reading lists and lists of names after every single episode? That’s why I rated this four-stars—because it is a podcast and the mechanics count too. However,thank you for a high quality and historically significant production!
  • lcraygirl5150
    Thank You
    Thank you for giving a voice to the cop that was almost killed. Thank you for explaining the war on Pineapple. Everyone needs to listen to this. God Bless America.
  • jbatduq
    Must listen!
    So much more to this story than we have all read: great job bringing it all together!
  • JosTAussie
    So informative about the history of domestic terrorism in the US Amazing interviews and footage
  • katyis the coolest
    So good
    I enjoyed this so much. Very well put together and entertaining
  • el matate
    Good Storytelling That Falls Short
    I appreciate what these journalists have put together, however by Episode 4 I became disappointed. Referring to Mike Liddell as “The MyPillow Guy” would be appropriate in a conversation between friends. The responsibility of a reporter is to report. As such, “Mike Liddell, the CEO of MyPillow” would have been both the appropriate and professional way to describe him. Calling him “The MyPillow Guy” is ultimately divisive. It’s how us common folk talk. Maybe I’m old school, but where I’m from a reporter reports in a professional manner. They don’t use slang or nicknames. Perhaps this is a product of podcasting. Standards for reporting have diluted over time. This all flies in the face of the AP Stylebook, the (perhaps former) definitive guide to journalistic writing. After listening to every episode including the bonus segments, it seems that the goal of these reporters was to cater to the audience they knew they would garner solely by producing this podcast; the people who believe January 6 was an assault on our democracy. It felt like throwing fresh meat to hungry dogs. This would have been a stronger podcast had the reporters and producers developed the story in a way to connect with the people who believe January 6 was merely a riot gone out of control. I am of the belief that Jan 6 was both the fault of the former president and a practice run for domestic terrorists, so of course I was going to listen to this show. My family, however, perceived Jan 6 from the perspective completely opposite to mine. If only I could have shared this podcast with them as a way to encourage them to think about Jan 6 differently. Alas, our divisions continue to deepen.
  • tchflagirl
    We all thought we saw it on tv- but there is soooo much more to the story!!!!
  • chowdershouter
    Best reporting on the lure of this power
    Absolutely the best reporting in any form on the lure of the MAGA world for needy people who enabled a monstrous plot. Compassionate and impartial, it gets to the heart of the addiction to power and relevancy leading to the jerry-building of an insurrection army. Thank you for this excellent podcast!
  • Fat-Chuddy
    Shoveling hard
    Keep shoveling the crap that the Socialist need to keep their position in Washington and further the destruction of this once great nation. Terrible propaganda ladened rubbish.
  • LLZN22
    Will Be Wild
    Outstanding. Required listening for everyone who cares about our democracy. Carefully-crafted, well-documented, highly-informative, powerful, disturbing, important podcast.
  • lahdurn
    Great follow up
    I really appreciated the follow up as the Jan 6 hearings started to unfold. I also knew a lot of what was coming because I had heard the podcast first.
  • Ajbaf
    Cannot thank you enough
    Thank you so much for this amazingly thoughtful and thorough podcast. It’s the most important subject of our time and your work will help future generations understand this turbulent episode.
  • Butterbeanthedog
    Can’t get enough!!!!
    My favorite recap of the insanity by far.
  • Qadams95
    Best Podcast
    Just finished listening to the bonus episode. I’m so sad that there won’t be any more. Please reconsider!! So well done in explaining what happened that day. I’m going to restart from the beginning.
  • Shellinva
    Wow - just Wow
    I watched these events live and talked with neighbors who were there yet I still leaned so maybe. The research and amount of work that went into this podcast was excellent and apparent from the content. Thank you for bringing all this information to light
  • Eyesondemocracy
    More! More!
    A very well researched and written podcast! So sad that it’s done now. Please don’t stop, you are master weavers!! More! More!
  • pdxjk
    Will be considered historically significant
    And necessary as a source of what actually happened for researchers, historians and the public for years to come. (Regardless of what the GQP-ers leaving propagandistic reviews might wish.)
  • just another ww
    Well done!
    I’ve listened to Trump Inc. and now Will be wild and I’m always impressed with their reporting. It is jaw dropping.
  • thiswillkillthat
    Incredibly informative and enjoyable
    This podcast is incredible on many levels. It’s a super informative deep-dive into the events of January 6, but the story is told uniquely through the lens of personal stories, a family’s internal struggle, division and upheaval, and what the implications of Jan 6 are both emotionally and politically for us all.
  • rfine48
    Uplift annoying
    Love the podcast, except Andrea's uplift stressing at the end of nearly every sentence. So annoying.
  • Rustification
    My favorite podcast of all time
    Very very very well done. I became hooked and wanted to listen whenever I could. Of course the subject matter is fascinating to me already, but the podcast itself was brilliantly put together, and the hosts were both fantastic. This is my favorite podcast I’ve ever listened to.
  • piedmont park
    Eye opener
    Great reporting ! Thanks for doing your homework and bringing a very disturbing chapter in history to life.
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