Inappropriate Quilters

Leisure #157Crafts #4

A podcast with two quilting friends talking about all things quilting and a few things inappropriate.

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  • Souper1234
    Love the podcast! It’s wonderful that you share retreat information. Lots of great OK retreats!
  • Blgc
    LOVE IT!
    Love your show!!!! Just found it and love it. It’s just like being at a friends house quilting and y’all are just chit chatting!!!
  • LAL Colorado
    Best Quilting Podcast
    OMGosh Ladies, these are the best. Love the segment on Dieting and the restaurant. Reminded me so much of my group of friends and I’m the one that could drop a few but I like eating out and order appropriately! I listened to the current one and the Chocolate Cake one this morning on my walk! Please keep these coming as I love them and am going to share with my quilting buddy.
  • kimpop1503
    You are both so fun! You need to host a retreat! I am you other sister Kim who was called Kimmie Girl by my sweetest ever Papa and ONLY by him 😉 Enjoy every episode - thanks for entertaining us!
  • Lina Owen
    So much fun…
    I truly loved listening to all of the episodes. I literally binged listened all of the episodes and truly enjoyed myself. I want to be part of your quilting group even if I am 7+ hours away.
  • mrsclark1978
    Love it! Keep talking!
    What a fun podcast to find. I found you at episode 7 (I think) so now I am getting caught up on the earlier episodes and I love each one. You are now part of my tribe!
  • Bannafarm
    You crack me up. Reminds me of some of my friends and I . Keep me laughing and entertained. P.s. you can road trip to Austin or Houston for that matter and no worry about carrying a chocolate cake on board.
  • WalkerRanger
    Great ideas and fun conversation for quilters!
    This podcast is a fun listen and they share some great products and ideas. The only thing that would make this better is some show notes that include links and mentions. I usually listen while I’m diving so I can’t Google various products. Thanks ladies! Stay inappropriate!
  • greekgirl1
    Great Quilty friends are the best company!
    These ladies are hilarious and they certainly make you wanna be friends with them to keep the excitement and jokes going! I still am laughing picturing some of their antics or shall we say Rochelle’s antics!🤣
  • theamazingflyingturtle
    Love your hodgepodge!
    You make me laugh every time! Can’t wait for the next episode of your hodgepodge!!
  • Long Winter Farm
    I laughed until tears rolled down my face. Keep at it. You two are a breath of fresh, sassy air. Looking forward to your next outburst.
  • quiltpom
    First timer❤️❤️❤️
    Omg I love it. Not a huge podcast fan but this I will be listening to. Lots of smiling and laughing 👍❤️
  • C&J H.
    Fun listen while in my sewing studio!
    I love this podcast! It’s so fun to hear these ladies share their love of quilting and a little “inappropriate” content never hurt anyone! 100% recommend to all of my quilts friends!!
  • Diva4Jesus
    Quilt Retreats / shenanigans
    This was a fun podcast to listen to as I’m preparing to co-host my 12th retreat this weekend. So much laughter & inappropriateness. Can’t wait to hear the next one.
  • Bunny Graham, RN
    Love the podcast!
    Great podcast ladies!! Can’t wait for more!!
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