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Must be Dice is a story driven table top role playing show featuring a seasonal cast of characters. Each week our group of adventurers face off against the mysteries, puzzles, and traps set for them by the Game Master, cracking jokes the entire time.

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  • 7775426
    Hilarious and fun
    Interesting and fun story lines with hilarious characters
  • A nick name that is not chosen
    S1: 5stars S2: 2stars
    Season 1 was great, it was cohesive, the storytelling was awesome, and I feel had an extreme amount of effort put into it. Season 2 just seems to drag its feet, and almost feels like a cobbled together format/ story where not a whole lot happens plot wise from episode to episode. At a points it is almost better to watch the videos so that you can understand what is happening because the level of descriptions feels bare bones. On a positive note, the rotating cast is a plus as each one adds their own style to the mix, and definitely allows more to happen story wise.
  • Cassandra Lana
    Love it!
    It feels like you are listening to an audiobook except much more encompassing.The soundtrack pulls you in even deeper and it's really hard to put down! I recommend starting from the Beginning and taking a one day break between seasons, it worked well for me.
  • lunegeoid
    I like it
    Do a second one
  • Jordan G 123456
    This was so much fun had me dead almost every minute! Loved how much death there was in the whole thing and the ending was way too funny and shout out to the MVP that was Spencer’s Wall!
  • Genjpr115
    Bring it back for another season!
  • otptue
    Absolutely loved it, hope you make more!
  • Nelson Pags
    A Hilarious and Intrigung from Romp from Beginning to End
    Having just finsihed the 9 episode season, I can say it was a thrilling, hilarious, and off Kilter final ride in Paradise Falls. The characters/players have great chemistry right away from the beginning and the story is unquie but familar enough in its tropes to be enjoyed by people outside the typical funhaus umbrella. There are easter eggs for those who know them beyond this podcast but are kept to a minimum, to where new unintiated can enjoy. My only gripe is that I wish there could have been a few more episodes to wrap up the first series as from the story perspective it felt a bit rushed but it was still a fun if chaotic ride (especially those last 15 mins). But that said I hope they make more seasons of Must Be Dice where they can have a little longer to tell the story, maybe multiple seasons to a arch, since it is clear Armando is a talented and passionate creative and story teller. 10/10 would recommend.
  • teerad1344
    Such a great listen
    Just finished season 1 and I’m so proud of you guys. I love the idea of a shorter form style for this type of game. It’s way easier to digest without feeling like you have to watch hundreds of hours of content to catch up if you start late. I hope so badly for another season. Great job guys!
  • vulgar Raven
    Literally one of the best pieces of media I've ever consumed! I can't wait for more!
  • toorocket
    It’s Great!
    It’s Great!
  • SamTuttle95
    It’s been ages since I’ve laughed this hard.
    I cannot write enough praise for this show. Episode 9 had me rolling. Armando is an excellent DM and storyteller, The cast is hilarious and the chemistry makes every bit that much more hilarious. I recommend this show extremely highly, and I can’t wait for season 2.
  • clayster77
    Twists & Turns
    A great storyline guided by a group of wacky players. Light hearted and dark undertones, I recommend you give it a listen! Roll the dice!
  • Scrambs
    Love the cast and love funhaus
    This was perfect the whole way through all the way up into and including ruining their DMs story, as is tradition. I need more immediately and don’t know what to look forward to without this every week!!
  • Meeshoes
    Freaking great!
    More please.
  • natsudragne
    Ducking awesome
    Love this podcast is the absolute best
  • Escalated Tech Support
    This like all of their role playing games, has been amazing. I love their style of humor, and I’m always in for a treat.
  • ChefDinoDO
    Been loving every episode! First podcast that made me feel like leaving a review!
  • BrettHackworth
    Haha James for the win as always
  • Seth A993
    Love Funhaus and love when they play ttrpgs.
    I love Funhaus and when they play ttrpgs. Always a good time and playing Monster of the week only makes it better.
  • Emilyissoepic
    Another great role playing adventure from funhaus
    Love everyone’s characters and Armando is doing a amazing job as always as the keeper!
  • Jean Lisfranc
    Hooked within the first minute!
    ✨The Stranger Things vibes are immaculate✨
  • Pyrophile
    I’m already invested
    Love these guys, always funny, and I love this system that seems built for improv comedy
  • dmurriii
    These guys are always fun
    I always look forward to these on their YouTube channel so it’s nice to see them on this platform. Awesome work as usual, thanks for the great content.
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