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Law&Crime Sidebar is the must-listen podcast for true-crime and unbiased analysis. We dive deep into the biggest stories in twenty minutes or less. Join Law&Crime's Jesse Weber and Angenette Levy each morning for the latest news on the legal stories everyone is talking about.

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  • Keeblizzle
    How am I just now discovering this podcast? I am an avid podcast listener, I have them on while I work, run, workout, clean etc… so why haven’t I hear of this gem before? It’s fantastic! I’m extremely critical of podcaster voices and cadence, this one is so perfect on all levels! No biases, just facts… only thing I would change is the length… I would love to hear longer episodes so I’m not constantly having to stop what I’m doing to change the episode. A+
  • Surgical Intern
    Annoying sound effect
    The audio of some of the clips are very quiet/ poor so I turn up the volume and the swooshing at the start and end is so loud and startling. Please 86 the swoosh or fix your audio quality.
  • MousseMoose
    Nice to hear the news. Commentary is awful
    Guests are not good. Reductive, uninsightful and often just plain wrong.
  • DREA9214
    Are we watching with blinders on?
    This family terrified the east coast with their pumped up chests and fat egos for how long? A century? Do we forget the loss of lives? Four people are DEAD. He is nothing. A no one. Disloyal. Thief. Self proclaimed pill addict. If I was that addicted, to eat a couple million dollars of OxyContin?! Come on. He is a dirty thief and member of the ole boys club. Shame on everyone who had an inkling he was/is dirty. No mercy.
  • chsSC
    This podcast has an obvious, unfounded bias. The worst part is that they claim to be objective.
  • Pecas41
    Great podcast, love it
    Dear Jesse… I love how you explain the law and how passionate you are on breaking down each case. I look forward to hearing your podcast ( truly wish it was a lot longer) but I know that you are a very busy person. I love watching you on other shows. I miss watching you on Law & Crime on my iPhone. It used to be free. Now you have to subscribe. The Law & Crime channel is on my cable tv but it doesn’t do you justice. It is not available on HD. The picture quality is on SD.
  • kaylynn.kelley
    Clearly biased therefore untrustworthy
    The host has a clear bias in the Murdaugh Murders. Not interested in listening
  • Heudjejsuxhdndbxhd
    turned off by the uninterrupted anti-immigrant, political rant
    We know that cops tend to be more racist, and anti-immigrant than anybody else. The fact that the host let this guy go on a rant against immigrants and refugees without fact, checking anything is really irresponsible. I’m unsubscribing as a result of the most recent episode.
  • Kathyb527
    That woosh sound at the beginning and end of the segments is loud and extremely annoying!
  • bkw45
    Good, but the sound could be better
    I appreciate the short length of the show. It’s not a big time commitment. My only request would be when interviewing someone or playing sound bites, the sound quality of the person speaking is poor and it’s hard to sometimes hear them. Otherwise a great show
  • AEHaley0661
    found this podcast today Binged it! Love short
  • in the gloaming
    Not credible
    I just recently subscribed. In episode 81 at around the 9:15 mark, the host says, regarding January 6th, “Thank goodness no one was seriously hurt.” What??!! A woman was shot. Police officers were beaten unconscious. Either she is embarrassingly ignorant or is deliberately spreading lies. Neither is acceptable.
  • SummerSunrise35
    Biased podcast ?
    I’ve been trying to get unbiased information. I did not listen to your podcast because of the picture your cover in which you have R. Kelly, Jeffrey Epstein, Kevin Spacey. Whether you agree or not Johnny Depp won his civil case and his picture doesn’t belong there. PS. I don’t care for either Amber or Johnny.
  • Rugby Tiger
    Angenette Levy is a treasure
    Excellent, real reporting backed up by a fantastic team of legal experts. A lighthouse in this foggy age of modern “journalism.” Thanks for the great podcast and fair coverage.
  • TayTayClaire
    Bad guests and bad facts
    Please don’t have the female guest that spoke on the Elon Musk backing out of Twitter. Her voice is so high-pitched and unpleasant. Also, you’re VERY wrong and need to fix the episode talking about Amber Heard required to pay $10.3 judgment, plus interest if she wants to appeal. This is simply wrong information and must be changed! I intend to report this episode for bad information.
  • Clisaac
    Seems a bit biased
    Jesse Weber definitely seems a bit biased but I liked the info.
  • k.very.own
    Disappointed about bias
    I listened to all of these and was sad to learn at the end that it wasn’t actually non/biased reporting after all.
  • SP35907
    Tuesday - A bit out of context
    I think this episode is a little bias and out of context
  • jfeiwojf0wie
    The only reason I’m listening is because @houseinhabit got shut down. Who is editing this podcast? They put a commercial in the middle of a hilarious reading of a Johnny Depp text thread? And why do the hosts hate segues to commercials? Would it kill them to stop cutting into the middle of someone’s sentence, and ad some intro/outro music? This trial verdict can’t come fast enough, because the jury is in on this podcast. I would not take $300M or 1M alpacas to continue this torture.
  • Dilligaftouk9
    Not news
    Not a news podcast. Yet again, overinflated ego of a journalist passing their opinions off as fact and news. Says quite a lot about the state of journalism education in this country.
  • i wanna be talll
    I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed
    I started listening to this podcast about two weeks ago and I was hooked. Overtime, the amount of ads became ridiculous. I’ve had to skip at least five minutes out of a twelve minute episode. Not to mention the crypto ad in one of the episodes. Yet again, i’m not mad, i’m just disappointed.
  • Ethan Allen Hawley
    yo ho
    my goal is to be listening to this podcast whilst on the witness stand.
  • alizonchainz
    Too many adds for 17mimutes of nothing.
    Half of the 17 minutes was Advertisnents
  • kith M
    Love this podcast
    Jesse Weber is the most fascinating!!! Really tuned in to this podcast! He is sharp, energetic and hilarious!
  • zeezel
    more ads than analysis
    Ads at high volume overtake the lower-volume analysis… please turn down the volume of commercials.
  • bubbyoh
    Not a news podcast. Fine if you agree with hosts opinion. I personally don’t, so no thanks.
  • sinsitykk
    Wow! This podcast is really awful
  • ermxx
    Can’t get enough
    There is so much to unpack with this trial, and I love being able to tune into this “highlight reel” each day. Fascinating commentary.
  • NGold92
    Five stars
    Excellent coverage and commentary. Jesse never disappoints.
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