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The VolleyPod is all about coaching kids volleyball!

Each episode we cover 3 segments that are each designed to help you become a better volleyball coach.

First, we focus on a specific volleyball skill, talk about how to teach it, and provide drills and video links for further help with that skill.

Then, we present a common coaching scenario and discuss tips for how to (and how not to) handle it.

In the third segment we share a resource that has helped us to become a better coach, with the hopes that it can help you too!

See you on The VolleyPod!

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Recent Reviews
  • Mike from NEO
    Helps me get centered
    The podcast has helped a lot with drills and mindset training.
  • Ctcp98
    Great volleyball pod on coaching youth teams
    Love this pod, I coach 8th grade volleyball and this year I am trying a 6-3 instead of a 5-1 rotation by position. No longer specializing positions or putting up a block when girls can’t jump high enough to block anyways. Keep up the good work, it’s appreciated!
  • Alli Stiffney
    Love it!
    Great podcast-easy and quick listen with super practical tips and drills. Love the focus on cue words! But a warning-if you listen in public you might find yourself practicing your arm swing, reaching high, passing platforms, etc.. 🤣 I’ve been caught testing out their strategies multiple times while out and about listening to this podcast! ☺️
  • Dan Thomassen
    Best Volleyball Podcast for any level coach
    After 20+ years of coaching all levels, this is easily the best coaching volleyball podcast I’ve heard. Tod and Davis are extremely knowledgeable, have immediately useful tips for running a team, practice, or tryout. The format is smart and fun. I will continue to listen and assign to all coaches in our program. Enjoy!
  • Coach-dad
    Great format
    This has quickly become my #1 volleyball podcast. The format is wonderful and as a AOC premium member it makes it easy to view the videos that are referenced. Keep up the good work. I will be spreading the word.
  • HousendaHouse
    Crucial Resource
    I shared this podcast with some coaching friends and after every episode we call or text each other and talk about the little things we got out of the episode! Also, listening forces my brain to visualize what they are talking about which opens up new levels of thought for me as a coach. I highly recommend all coaches tune in!
  • _m
    Listen in on two great coaches talking tactics and techniques
    This is so exciting… it’s a couple great coaches from Art of Coaching giving great tips and advice on teaching different aspects of the game, along with pointers to videos from AOC to see the drills in action. Tod and Davis are brilliant and have a ton of experience coaching players and building teams. If you’re a new coach or one looking for new wrinkles to teach skills to your kids, you couldn’t find a better pair supported by better material out there. Looking forward to new episodes!
  • olivia_ouli
    From coach to coach
    What an amazing resource! Thanks!
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