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Are you stuck in a reading rut? The Book Case makes the case for books outside of your usual genre. Wander the aisles of your local bookstore with Kate and Charlie Gibson and meet fascinating characters who will open your appetite to new categories while deepening your hunger for books. This weekly series will journey cover to cover through the literary world, featuring interviews with best-selling authors, tastemakers, and independent bookstore owners. New episodes post every Thursday.

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  • Ncac cmn
    Love the time
    My wife introduced me to The Bookcase. I immediately became hooked on the format and the enthusiasm of Charlie and Kate. No matter the author or the subject, fiction or non fiction, I enjoy the show from beginning to end. Thank you.
  • Lig24
    One of my favorite podcasts!
    Hi there I love your podcasts. You should check out this book my friend just published called The Length of Years by Xan Kaplan. She is a new writer and it’s on Amazon! I think y’all would enjoy it.
  • NYCPhone
    Favorite podcast!
    I grew up on GMA and love books so that initially brought me to “The Bookcase” but now I look forward to Charlie & Kate’s fun banter, book recs, spotlights on local bookstores and more. Hope this wonderful father/daughter team keep chatting about great reads for years to come.
  • Memeandyo
    My first podcast
    I have loved Charlie for many years such a wonderful person! I am not tech savvy so my daughter got me hooked up to podcast so I could listen to Charlie and Kate. I cannot wait to get my James Comey book. I would like to know if they read “ The 5 Wishes of Murray McBride?
  • 23Twice
    Love this podcast
    I would have given it 5 stars but they talk SO fast.
  • keenut1957
    The best!
    I love this podcast! Charlie and Kate are entertaining, fun, and passionate about books and the authors they speak with. I look forward to it every week and anxiously await the next. Thank you Charlie and Kate. 🙏
  • sherry tucker
    Charlie Gibson saves this podcast
    Kate is getting better, but she talks too much and does not listen very well. I find this be very annoying. I enjoy Charlie very much.
  • Ray and Gracie
    My favorite podcast.
    I really enjoy your podcasts and look forward to listening each week. Good job!
  • Curly The Scribbler
    The Best Stocked Book Case Ever!
    I love everything about this podcast! Charlie and Kate Gibson are smart, well-read, approachable and inviting hosts. Their guests are the most compelling people in the book industry today. Love the authors, booksellers, and editors who have been guests on the show. And you can tell how important books are to the Gibsons and how much they enjoy the people they interview. It brings those of similar mindsets into the room with them. It’s a great way to learn a great deal about the authors and what gets them writing.
  • Met1958
    Hooked on this podcast
    As a bookworm, I am hooked on this podcast. It is a special treat at the end of the week, like a candy bar or Fritos. I eat up the banter between this father and daughter team. It is obvious they LOVE to read books. And the interviews with their authors are fantastic - not scripted. I just caught up with a podcast I missed in February. They interviewed Amity Gaige about her new book - The Sea Wife. I loved how Gaige confessed to being a child poet and her obsession about writing about troubled marriages. I read her novel Schroeder in two days. (Yes Kate you are right - the book is incredible and I was rooting for Eric and his sad screwed up life and his love of his daughter Meadow). I now can’t put down The Sea Wife. Thank you both. Great podcast.
  • Dffdgg
    Purchased Three Books from The Bookcase!
    I love listening to the Gibson’s! Bought three books thus far and in fact one book twice! Amity Gaige, Doug Bauer and J. Ryan Stradel have found their way into my reads and gifts to others. I am really grateful for the podcast on all my long drives for work.
  • Thanks for the lift
    Finding the joy in reading and in life
    I am just back to The Book Case after a month away immersed in a sudden personal tragedy. Catching up with Kate and Charlie — with their playful banter, their deep appreciation for writers and reading, the insight and respect they bring to each encounter and their humor and affection is helping lift me up out of the isolation of my loss. Writers create worlds, connections, human bonds. Charlie and Kate bring us into those worlds. This podcast is a gift and I’m grateful for it — and to them.
  • Step Shalley
    One of my favorites
    I look forward to listening to this podcast every week.
  • amc07021994
    Thanks for the recs!
    I’ve gotten quite a few book recommendations from this podcast that I likely wouldn’t have picked up otherwise and have thoroughly enjoyed them all. Keep it coming!
  • Sibrunner
    Love this podcast, the hosts, the authors, the bookstores but especially all the books that are mentioned!
  • ScubaDeb12
    The Bookcase is Great!
    We love this podcast and get great book recommendations from hearing it.
  • VanessaInArk
    Perfect Podcast for a Librarian!
    Thank you for this podcast! I’m a librarian and I am loving every episode and I’m so grateful you list all the books mentioned in each episode. You have made my year. I’m recommending your podcast to everyone. Please keep up the good work and thank you, again!
  • Mprchick
    A must listen for all book lovers
    This podcast has not just widened my diet of books, but has turned out to be something I look forward to listening to every time there is a new episode. I appreciate the humorous and insightful conversations that they have with authors. I also love the interviews with independent bookstore owners at the end of the episodes. Well done and keep the episodes coming!!
  • Jelly & Jam
    David Sedaris
    What a delightful podcast. You have had my favorite authors and bookstores on your show. Thank you! Highly appreciated. Highly recommended. I really loved the Christmas show just to hear recommendations.
  • Santa Cruz Suz
    Kate and Charlie inspire me to read more.
    The thoughtful manner in which Kate and Charlie speak to each other and to the featured author each week has inspired me to read more. There’s a world of stellar writers and excellent books out there and they’re clearly passionate about bringing them to our attention, one at a time. Thank you.
  • RealityPlease
    Please change audio/music, great podcast
    When you are about to close up a segment, the music that caps it off makes it difficult to hear the dialogue. Great content and interviews, really loved David Sedaris!!!
  • Workshop54
    The Bookcase
    The Bookcase and Backlisted are the two best book podcasts that I’ve heard.
  • CECcarol5
    Wonderful Podcast!
    I am thrilled that I found this podcast this year. I listen to other book podcasts that I enjoy, but this one is different in the best way! I love the author interviews, book recommendations, thoughtful discussions, and highlights of independent bookstores. Great format! Charlie and Kate are also easy to listen to and make a great team. I look forward to listening to more episodes.
  • somebodiesgma
    Lovingly listenable!
    Thank you for your great research, insight and revelation for each author and their works. As a burgeoning author, I’m am inspired with each episode. I also love your relationship as father and daughter and your fun loving nature toward one another. Can’t wait for 2023!
  • A quiet moment
    Love the book talk
    This podcast fills my book-lover heart with happiness. I don’t necessarily know all the authors or books that are discussed, but the discussion with authors about their process and lives is fantastic. I also really enjoy that Charlie and Kate feature different independent bookstores around the country. So fun!!
  • 250Acorn
    What a treat
    I look forward to a new episode every Thursday and even when I’m not interested in the book, I enjoy listening to the interview, and have been inspired to read a book I wouldn’t have ordinarily tried. I also enjoy hearing from the independent book sellers. Have a lovely holiday but please hurry back. You are missed.
  • 3 kidos
    Kate and Charlie
    I live in small town and when you started the pod cast I could not wait For Thursday to come around went to the library and got the books. Thank you and Merry Christmas
  • notlikethis53
    The Bookcase
    As a former librarian, I have been so taken by this show. I have expanded my already long reading list -a good thing-and shared the pod cast information with other readers. An excellent show on many levels!! Thank you.
  • campbell runner16
    Inspiring Conversations About All Things Books
    I love this podcast. Charlie and Kate love reading as much as I do. Intelligent conversations with writers and book sellers that inspire learning. Hope you enjoy these conversations!
  • Boogeywoogeyboo
    Very Enjoyable!
    I enjoy listening to Kate and Charlie’s discussions with authors. It inspires me to read more and inspires me to instill a love of reading in my own young daughter so that we can share the love of books that they do. 2 Recommendations: - must invite Tess Gunty on the show! Rabbit Hutch is a great read - must profile RJ Julia’s booksellers in Madison, CT! It’s a wonderful place
  • k4books
    This is awesome!
    Listening to Charlie and Kate lovingly tease each other while delivering thoughtful conversations with authors is just a cherry on the top! The questions and comments are well thought out and thought provoking. It brings the intimacy of the books to a personal level. And the platform for bookstores is something that I truly appreciate. I used to live over the first Borders bookshop in Ann Arbor, spent Saturday nights wandering bookstores in Cambridge and Brookline and rediscovered the ease of the library through the pandemic. These are institutions that we need to support to secure our children have the knowledge, curiosity and vision to build a better world.
  • NMshopper
    Great podcast!
    The dynamic duo of Kate and Charlie Gibson speak to authors and share their own thoughts on various books. It’s a must for book lovers everywhere! I’m thrilled I’ve found the podcast and learned more about great authors and their books. (Kate and Charlie are a wonderful team - fun, warm, and engaging!)
  • joythegirlwonder
    Everything a Podcast Should Be
    I was raised watching Good Morning America and i raised my kids the same way. They always asked, “Where’s Charlie?”, if he was missing from a broadcast. Like an missing an old friend. That’s how this podcast feels. Like talking about books with an old friend. I love the length of the episodes. I love that there’s not a lot of other fluff talk. Charlie and Kate get to the point, talk to the author about their work, talk to an independent bookseller and sign off. They give me what I want (books!) and I’m never frustrated and hoping they’ll get to the point already! Thank you for this!! Love having Charlie back in my life.
  • wms1134
    The book case
    I like the variety of books and the enthused the hosts. One minor complaint: when you interviewed Richard Osman of the Thursday murder club, you said two or theee times that these books were not high literature but they were entertaining. This is a sort of snobby way to portray these books that are loved by most people. It wasn’t necessary to say they weren’t high literature and it seemed slightly insulting to the author.
  • Survivor 36 Mom
    The Bookcase
    Love this podcast. Listening has expanded my reading list to books I never would have thought about choosing. Thank you Kate and Charlie for making me and my reading list more interesting. Keep up the good work.
  • CHaggs24
    Great podcast!
    So glad I saw both of you on GMA. Listened to the Anna Quindlen interview first, which really resonated with me. Several years before my mother died, I wrote down all the stories she had shared with me about her parents and their siblings. The stories were fascinating - love, great courage, heartbreak, tragedies, great successes; following them from Scotland, England and Northern Ireland to the U.S. In later years, my mother, who throughout her life could recall the most minute details, had her memory fade a bit. How grateful I am that we took the time to record these stories or they would’ve been lost forever. Thank you for these great interviews!
  • retired reader 20
    Filling up my TBR
    I am so happy I saw Charlie and Kate introducing The Book Case on GMA. I subscribed to the podcast and am working my way through them all. Between the guests and the independent bookstores I am adding books to my TBR shelf on Goodreads from every show. Keep up the good work I am enjoying spending my lunch time with both of you and your banter.
  • ydnca
    I really look forward to each episode!
  • mommas books
    Love, love this podcast!!
    Truly enjoy and look forward to your weekly podcasts! Enjoy learning about new authors. Loved Incredibly bright creatures and a prayer for owen meany! I have read some of the suggested books and bought a few too! Checkout the bookstore Midtown in Harrisburg. Great bookstore.
  • Jol303
    The Book Case
    Smart, interesting, professional. I especially enjoy the rapid fire section.
  • katakize
    enjoyed just about all of them
    I am really enjoying your Bookcase podcast. I’m curious which software your Mother used to write her memoir ? Also - Bookshop Santa Cruz is a very interesting independent Book Store. Multigenerational. Family very politically active locally. Came back from being destroyed in the Loma Prieta earthquake (33 years ago today) via the personal generosity of a local developer on the other side of their politics. Recently forced to become unionized. Thank you for the enjoyable podcast. -katherine
  • healeywear
    Great interviewers and great interviewees!
    I have long been a fan of Charlie Gibson and now am also a fan of Kate Gibson! Love the authors and the indie bookstore owners you interview. I have already borrowed two of the books mentioned on your podcast and have recommended your podcast to my book-loving friends!
  • Mildred Honey
    Bookish and Fun
    I’m new to your podcast and currently binging your past episodes. I wouldn’t change anything! I enjoy the thoughtful content, authors interviews, and independent book shop segments. It’s all really good. And then there’s Charlie’s voice…it’s listening to an old friend. Kate is a smart bright light and fun to listen to. Rock On! Good Job!♥️☮️ I’m losing my vision so audio books and podcasts are important to me. What’s your thoughts of not holding the actual book? That has been hard because sometimes with an audio book I feel light I’m being persuaded to think a certain way and my imagination isn’t interested in getting involved.
  • Take_me_away_fiction
    More Charlie and Kate
    This is one of my new favorite podcasts. Kates chutzpah and Charlies humor bring the literary world to life. My background is nonfiction and I tend to stay over there, but I love to explore fiction and know that I will hear good stories on this podcast. It is nice to hear from the author after a book discussion. Everything about this podcast, the banter, the intellect, the deep connections with the guests just FLOWS. Feedback: please stop asking the Colbert question :( :( :( I really don’t like it, is it just me???
    English teachers!
    Perhaps consider interviewing the people who are often the first to awaken the love of reading: English teachers. Middle school. High School. Lots of undersung heroes out there.
  • RickClark
    Thumbs up + an idea + author suggestion
    Kate, Charlie, I’ve listened to almost all your episodes at this point. This podcast is one of my weekly must-listens. I’ve enjoyed the authors, books, and indie bookstores you’ve featured, but also the personal interactions between the two of you. One change suggestion: Please consider turning off the background theme music down once you start talking, so your voices and the music aren’t competing for our attention. Especially the intro/exit music, which I find cloyingly sweet. I’m sure many folks love it, but I find I need to fast forward through it, which means I miss some of your dialogue! Anyway, just a thought. Author suggestion: Benjamin Percy. I’m impressed with his work at the intersection of literary fiction, science fiction, horror, and more recently, comic books. He’s also written quite a bit for both Marvel and DC, including a recent foray into audio drama via podcasts. There may be a few other literary authors with such wide-ranging credits to their names (Ta-Nehisi Coates comes to mind), but probably not many. Percy’s most recent creation is a series called The Comet Cycle. In it, he’s created his own comic-book-like universe with superheroes and science fiction plot devices. And yet the first two novels in that series — ‘The Ninth Metal’ & ‘The Unfamiliar Garden’ — read like some of his past literary work with their deft characterization, smooth and clever use of metaphor, and skillful balance between brevity and completeness. But they’re also superb SF/horror! Again, please consider bringing him on to talk about, among other things, the craft of writing for all these different media he’s now got under his belt: literary short stories and novels, graphic novels, nonfiction (a book about writing thrillers, entitled ‘Thrill Me’), comic books, audio podcast dramas for Marvel, and screenplays for both TV and film. And he has this unbelievably deep, sonorous voice that makes the interview even better ;)
  • Lwendyl
    A must-listen for book lovers!
    This quickly became my favorite book podcast, and I listen to several. You hit it out if the park from the beginning—the right length, tone, great books, and the chemistry between Charlie and Kate is wonderful. The author interviews are so well-done, and I love the rapid-fire questions. Please don’t change a thing!
  • OCnana
    Thursday morning must!
    I have long been a fan of Charlie Gibson and now his daughter Kate. I am hooked on this podcast and look forward to walking my do and listening to The Bookcase every Thursday. Their recommendations are great. The conversations with the authors make me all the more eager to pick up the book discussed. I’ve read not only their book recommendations but some from the independent bookstore owners that join the podcast. I’ve listened to a number of book podcasts but this is my favorite go to!!!
  • kwnyc
    My favorite podcast
    My favorite podcast, I look forward to Thursdays with Charlie and Kate. I have read or want to read everything they review. It is indeed the perfect book review having 2 different generations and the author. You learn so much about where the book came from and what the author wants you to know I also love the independent book seller section. How lucky for Charlie and Kate that they get to do this together, they are charming together. I miss Charlie on GMA his voice is so comforting. I hope they do this for as long as they can!
  • 78Mare
    The Bookcase
    This is a wonderful podcast for people who like to read. Charlie and Kate Gibson provide generational differences in their conversations with the authors that invites listeners to see things from multiple points of views. In addition, these conversations lead to multiple recommendations for additional reading. The conversations with independent book store owners are delightful as well.
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