Real Outlaws

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From Billy the Kid to the Kray twins. The Peaky Blinders to Anne Bonny. Real Outlaws is the show that follows in the footsteps of history’s most notorious criminals. Be they charismatic antiheroes or bloodthirsty villains, their names and exploits live on in the popular imagination. But what are the true stories behind the myths? We'll talk to leading experts and travel back in time, to when rogues and bandits followed a code all of their own. This is Real Outlaws.

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Recent Reviews
  • SunStreaker88
    Really great show! Would love a second season!
  • C_CAHILL60
    Love the show, but when are we getting newer episodes?
  • Mr. thistleweight
    Good podcast
    The host alters his voice for dramatic effect which is not needed.
  • brianjets
    Amazing. Lots of information and great stories.
  • Doug P in a Class C
    History Happiness
    So glad that I found this podcast. I get great enjoyment listening to the varied tales of history’s infamous real-life characters.
  • crazygirl9653
    I understand what you mean,his voice is a bit annoying but he is trying to create an affect for you to understand what is happening.While I find this podcast interesting I think I like his voice and unlike real dictators at least he doesn’t have a heavy British accent 😂 but I get it.This podcast to me is a very good one and I listen to it quite a bit.But all opinions are valid and if that is what you believe that’s what you believe thank you for reading 😊
  • LeisureLee518
    Pay wall
    Lots of ads then a pay wall. See ya. Lots of other free history podcasts (with ads) that are better.
  • Da Parrot
    Very good podcast
  • Okayishly
    Interesting topic, annoying voice
    Great topic and interesting copy, but the host has a theatrical way of talking that’s so annoying that I can’t even continue listening to the podcast, I can’t take a voice like that seriously. If you replace this host and get a host who speaks normally and isn’t trying to act like some character, I would definitely listen, but until then I’ll tell my colleagues how annoying the host is and their time is better spent listening to a host that they can take seriously.
  • tuuurrcv
    Why you !!
    You dirty rat good !! Ty
  • purdywork
    Fun to listen to. Hopefully you continue with more. Thanks
  • loveNoiser
    Terrible narration
    I love Noiser and their content. This would be another 5 star podcast but the narrator is trying way to hard to be “hard” or edgy, or something. It’s annoying and hard to listen to. Just speak like a normal person. Please!
  • webslinger
    I’ve listened to other narrated history podcasts and this is excels in putting us, the listeners, into that moment in time. With the straightforward and solid narration, effects, soundtrack and most important accuracy, this podcast has the potential to rise to the top of this genre. Please continue to stay true to history, good or bad, as it’s important for everyone to know it all. Good job so far!
  • PW from GR
    So much fun!
    Well written and told.
  • SYSKpat
    Super good!!
    Everything is amazing, I will, however agree with the other reviewers that the host could chill on the dramatics. Other than that it would be perfect!!!
  • Honey Boo Boo Swag
    Good.. but
    The content of the show itself is great. However, the narrator seems to be trying too hard to sound.. tough? Just talk normally, man. No need to to try for a deep, sultry voice to make the show better.
  • Mjdjedfe
    Solid, but with one setback.
    Noiser is very good. I like the fact that they are venturing into this sort of topic, a topic that I have loved when listening to Black Barrel Media’s “Infamous America” podcast. The reason it is four stars and not five is because of the narration. It’s too dramatic, seemingly trying to hard to sound edgy for renegade like the figures the podcast covers. It is still a four out of five, but it is not a five stars like the other podcasts from this company because of the narration. I do not think it is all the narrator’s fault, however, if the inflections and cadence are altered it will make a great difference.
  • Hkernc
    Like all noiser’s shows, this is another great series! Thank you
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