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Mark Martin and “The Mayor” Jeff Burton view NASCAR through a similar windshield. They will bring the past back to the forefront by sharing stories of their glory days, with host Mamba Smith connecting current events in NASCAR to historic events these former Roush teammates witnessed first-hand during their driving careers.

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  • Valve
    A real privilege
    One of my favorite NASCAR podcasts. It’s such a treat to listen to Mark and Jeff talk about racing as they both have such great experience to share. I also appreciate Mamba’s fresh perspectives.
  • Bullet546
    Great Mixture of Personalities Here 👍🏼
    i’ve listen to three episodes so far and I am impressed. I enjoy this podcast a lot. I listen to most of the regular Nascar podcast little something different. Enjoyable. Highly recommend.
  • RaceFan1969
    Mark the Man Martin
    Mr. Martin I always love all of your podcasts and find all of the behind the scenes stories and the memories they bring back. Mr. Burton you came around a little bit later and I was always a fan and have respected your style. Thanks for all your doing!
  • magacountry
    Mark Martin
    Respect to Mr Burton, I’ve always enjoyed his point of view. But when Mark Martin speaks. You shut up and listen. Looking forward to hearing this podcast.
  • Mezz1722
    Love this!!!
    Hopefully this will be a weekly podcast. These are guys who’s opinions mean a lot to the sport. Definitely some voices that need to be heard.
  • menotyou6768
    Give me more
    Liked the first episode. What is the schedule, if any, to release more? I know how much Mark likes to be on a schedule.
  • valvoline 6
    Trading paint
    Great Podcast! Mark the Kid Martin, and the Mayor, are two of the best drivers to ever get behind the wheel in the Nascar Series, these guys were professionals, and two of the greatest personalities. If people think the 90’s were the best years in Nascar, these two drivers were a big reason why! I look forward to listening to future episodes . Thank you for sharing your stories, it takes me right back to those great years of racing!
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