Father Wants Us Dead


In 1971, a mild-mannered accountant and Sunday school teacher from New Jersey named John List murders his wife, mother and three children — only to disappear and begin a new life entirely on the other side of the country. Now, two veteran journalists go inside the mind of the killer, learn about the doomed family, and revisit the 18-year-quest to bring List to justice — a saga even more bizarre and twisted than ever previously reported.

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  • Daphdaniel
    I Don’t Like “True Crimes” Podcast, I Love This Show.
    I don’t do true crimes podcasts. I was looking for a podcast to half-listen to while at work. I was hooked by the title of the podcast and gave it a try. Within 5 mins of the 1st episode I was HOOKED!
  • cali4back2
    Host Voice
    Great content- can’t sit through the hosts voice and way that she speaks. Didn’t and couldn’t last through the first 5 minutes. Just not appealing so sorry to say that!
  • AlysiaAmb
    Sad Topic / Great Podcast
    I listen to a TON of true crime and this is one of the best I’ve heard. These two handle a sensitive subject with grace and sympathy. Carefully treading the line of murder as entertainment - and telling the sad story of what happened. Loved it. Highly recommend
  • songbird mama
    Great find! Love it!
    After one episode I am hooked! It’s done very well and I’m looking forward to getting deeper into this heartbreaking story💔
  • Great storytelling/reporting!
    Great storytelling and thorough reporting!
    Jess and Rebecca do an amazing job telling this famous story and adding color and context with thorough reporting. Excellent job in reminding us that this case isn’t so far removed from recent memory and incorporating so many first hand accounts about the relationships and lives that were once lived. Hope to hear more from these two!
  • Steve94040
    Thought I knew the full story
    Thought I knew the full story and almost did not listen to this podcast but so glad I did. There was so much more to this story of this depraved man. Great entertaining listen.
  • Bunky70
    Compelling podcast
    I really enjoyed this production. Even thought I have lived in NJ for over 25 years I was not at all familiar with the List family killings. The hosts do an excellent job of sharing the ins and outs of making this podcast — I particularly enjoyed they way they shared the mundane elements such as cold calling people and how even they got nervous at times (knocking on Dolores’s door anyone?). It really made me appreciate the effort on their part as well as the long-term effects this case had on so many people. Great job and great product!!
  • suz-e-queue
    Finally! A podcast as good as a documentary!
    For once, a podcast so thoroughly researched and told with such heart, using the tenets of God journalism, I am truly impressed. So often podcasters do little research, merely regurgitating what they’ve seen on tv or read in books. This podcast is a fully realized documentary, only not on film. I also appreciate all the photos on the web site, and to be honest, they depict exactly what the podcasters spoke about. No easy feat!
  • Carolavans
    Father wants us dead.
    Loved the way y'all put this together. John seemed so evil, no conscience. Good job!!
  • achatzk
    Enjoyable and interesting
    I really enjoyed the entire podcast. The hosts have a great synergy. I was originally curious because of the Watcher Show, but found this story to be much more interesting and fascinating than portrayed in the show. I’ve told multiple people to listen to it. Thank you!
  • uesiyer
    Repetitive story doesn’t move along properly and is disjointed.
  • Big Max 1
    decent but ...
    obviously this is a huge and interesting case - deserves a lot of good reporting - I appreciate the efforts by the 2 reporters, but, it's disorganized, a lot of filler comments, teasers, repetition, and covert attempt to dramatize the podcast. good try, but need a higher level of sophistication in the reporting. the whole show could have been put together in 2 episodes.
  • Zaviah's barrow
    Father wants us dead
    I love the show. It does it is so amazing and horrific
  • @Zoe_The_English_Lab on ig
    Very well done. Thorough, concise, timely. The narration was crisp and I thought the interaction between the two reporters producing the podcast was free of some of the trappings that usually sink other crime podcasts (unnecessary schtick, giggling, hallow attempts at comedic relief, etc.) Very few holes in the story. That’s rare for these true crime podcasts. Lastly, this podcast steers clear of wild speculation while only telling a story that fits their narrative. Nothing of the sort happens here. The producers methodically and pragmatically go through the events and you navigate through the production with ease. Excellent job.
  • mittenmissy
    I am an avid True Crime listener and have NEVER heard of John List despite living in Michigan! This caught my interest immediately and had so many questions about his personality. My profession allows me to working closely with individuals with mental illness, personality disorders including not guilty by reason of insanity (ngri). Very interesting! Great job!
  • Bree__Bree
    Episode 4 won’t play
    Episode 4 won’t play on any platform
  • vcorrell10
    Very well done. I love it.
  • MRR2015
    Just Read The Wikipedia Page about John List
    This podcast rambles on for 8 episodes and I got more information from the Wikipedia page. A lot of “later in this episode” or “in the next episode” we will tell you about this or that. It does not go into the details of the murder at all and they “will read more of John List’s confession letter”.. never happened. It was obvious the people who were around for this awful incident are long gone or to old to be interviewed, so they got along with random neighbor kids or sons of someone who knew John List, etc. Overall, don’t waste your time listening to this, reading about it online is much more informative.
  • Hanniballlll
    Great potential, poor execution
    I wanted to like this so bad, but I didn’t even finish episode three. The story is told so disconnectedly that it’s not only difficult to follow, it’s difficult to care about. I can’t wait more than two episodes for a podcast to “get to that later.”
  • zenjen
    This podcast has tone issues
    I was put off by the light, somewhat flippant tone of the first few episodes. A lot of almost lighthearted comments about John List (he cuts the grass in a suit and tie- hilarious!) That being said, after the first few episodes, the light tone becomes more serious. It is a very interesting, very disturbing story and some of it was hard to listen to.
  • Ame Leah
    Father Wants To Kill Us
    I’m new to the podcast world and while scrolling thru the thousands of titles to choose from, I came across yours. I remembered this case from John Walsh telling this story on Americas Most Wanted. I immediately subscribed and I’m now on episode 5. You girls have covered every possible detail of this horrific crime. I’m loving that you all found and spoke to friends of the kids. I’m hooked!!! Well done, ladies. Well done.
  • Jadebobade
    Well done
    Extremely well done. Episodes were just the right length, right amount of depth, great pac, etc. I knew the case well but still learned new things. I loved the focus on their friends and giving voice to the victims left behind.
  • RichardSimon
    The MOST Riveting!
    Father Wants Us Dead was a roller coaster ride of a pod cast, best listened to as a binge! Truth is so much stranger than fiction, and these brilliant, compassionate investigative women have dug deep into one of the 20th Century’s strangest, most horrifying family murders since In Cold Blood.
  • Biped84
    Like a 2nd grader’s book report
    You know when you need to meet a certain word count on an essay for school? That’s how this podcast comes across. It had the chance to be produced in a professional and refined way yet, it was mind-numbingly redundant. Honestly, I finished it just to see how the hosts managed to keep finding new ways to say the SAME things.
  • AK Ajijic
    These ladies are amazing! Professional, nothing annoying or amateur. So interesting. Top 1% of true crime. Bravas!!!⭐️
  • iFindit
    Great story telling!
    Very well done podcast. Informative without being boring. Will definitely keep an eye on future podcasts from the hosts.
  • NancyJV
    Not for me
    Can’t finish this. Stopping in episode 2. Too much commentary. Too much saying, “But we will tell you about this later.” Want to hear about the crime, investigation and resolution but way too many other rabbit trails.
  • Jeepfoxrn
    Brilliant Show!
    Compassionately told from all angles! Can’t wait until the next topic they cover! Huge fan!
  • danart83
    Well Done!
    While I wondered if I would finish this podcast, it’s very good and well done.
  • Dcprov
    Very good - definitely recommend
    I’ve known about this case for a while, but this podcast really digs deep and has info that I’ve never heard about. It’s a great listen and highly recommend.
  • LexCate
    So gooooooood
    I love true crime and this pod is amazing
  • SassyDisneyGirl
    Wow! Wow! Wow!
    I’m a true crime junkie and I needed something to listen to as I fell asleep … needless to say sleep was not going to happen! As soon as I read the name John List I immediately remembered America’s Most Wanted and that creepy bust. I listened to each episode several times in the past week (I drive a lot) and I was shocked, amazed, I cried, and I had goosebumps. Well done!!! You won’t be disappointed if you give this a listen …. Trust me.
  • Productofthe90s
    One of the best
    One of the best podcasts out there to listen to. Story is hard but this podcast is professionally done and respectful to the victims.
  • Izby
    Good story telling but..
    The podcast is great. Great story telling, however the editing is pretty bad. There are multiple times in most episodes where the editing skips around and comes back.
  • reenuhh1234
    Maybe it's just me but... these girls are really insensitive in the way they speak about this case and the victims. It rubbed me wrong that they just appeared on this ladies porch after she didn't respond to their letter also. What normal person does this? No respect for anyone in this.
  • WCTaylor
    Awesome job ladies
    I just started listening to podcasts and this came up on a suggestion which weird I usually listen to BravoDocket or Real housewives recaps. So this was kind of outside my realm but not really when you break down it’s a really life about a family. This was incredibly research and I couldn’t stop listening. Your voices were very smooth regardless of the context. Would love to hear a podcast about how you go in and research your stories or what stories really grab you to want to tell. It’s crazy to think that List did this to his family but at the same time compartmentalize his plan and then put it out of his mind after he is done. If he would have put this time of planning and be so methodical in the business world he could have gone places or stayed in the military and gone far that way. It’s just horrible how one thought can change the lives of some many. Thank you for sharing I never heard of this story before. Can’t wait to see what you do next!
  • Bruce 7
    Has become one my favourite Podcasts. Well researched, easy to follow and very well narrated. Well done ladies, hope to hear more from you soon.
  • Gcsdan
    So good!
    I listen to a lot of true crime but this podcast sucked me in and kept me so entertained! Totally bingeable with so much jaw dropping information even if you think you know the story.
  • cin2022
    Great podcast!
    This was a well done podcast. I will admit that it was a bit off putting when they tracked down List’s second wife. She disappeared for a reason, but I get why they tried to get her input. The thing about this podcast was the victims and it wasn’t just the murder victims. He victimized his second wife as well, as well as the friends of the children and remaining family members of Helen. How the hosts handled the memory of the Helen, Alma, Patty, John, and Frederick was very heartfelt. They all deserved to have their stories heard and their memories kept alive. I never once felt sorry for List. He murdered his family and then ran away to live life. Helen, Alma, and the children deserved to live their lives as well. They deserved it just as much as anyone else. He was a coward. Again, this podcast was well done and the hosts were passionate as well as respectful to the story.
  • SaulWizz
    Powerful and thoughtful
    As a fellow journalist and true crime fan, I applaud the thoughtful way you told this story - respecting the family’s memory, being kind to those you approached, and seeking answers in a methodical and entertaining way. Your banter was great too - I hope you take on another “case” soon!
  • B4dabeat
    This Podcast is great! Very enjoyable to listen too and the attention to detail was amazing. The interviews were captivating, especially ones that haven’t spoken about the story in years or ever. This was a podcast I could binge listen to again; entertaining, suspenseful and overall enjoyable!!!
  • EAwriter
    Great Reporting
    The podcast is so interesting and the ladies do a great job reporting it.
  • Avghsg
    Volume Levels
    Unimpressive technical production. The volume levels were all over the place.
  • CrowSoundsLover
    I listened to the whole podcast. It was okay. I was kind of disturbed by how they tracked down and spoke to someone involved even though they hadn’t answered their correspondence previously. It felt weird and unkind.
  • Ceanne 11
    Father wants us dead
    Excellent podcasters! great interviews. i loved it!
  • Natokowski
    padded out.. lot of fluff..producer reacts
    quarter of the episode is adverts. quarter of episode telling you what your going to hear about. quarter episodse what you heard last week. actually show is about 15 minutes. tons of 5 stars reviews so i guess they got away with it. interesting enough but as a radio producer of 25 years i would reject the drawn out presentation. We higher standards in Europe fortunately.
  • buttons3256789
    Are we done yet?
    While the case was really interesting and it was awesome to hear from people that were so close to it, I found myself hitting the skip ahead 30 seconds button to the point where it became not worth it by episode 6. There is sooooo much repetition and they drag out what easily could have been 3 or 4 episodes.
  • CandiceNB
    Please listen!
    I came across this podcast while searching for a new one to listen to, and I’m so glad I did. I had never heard of this case before, so all this information was new to me. The way these two tell the story is incredible and I was hooked from day 1. I haven’t been able to find a podcast since that keeps me interested like this one did.
  • oldladybutnotinspirit
    I knew about the case, and the hosts did an excellent job presenting and filling in details I was unaware of.
  • schomber17
    Very well done!!
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