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Welcome to Net Positive, a comedy podcast hosted by comedian John Crist. This show is your primary source for quality conversation, bold takes, emotionally-charged rants, questionable advice, incorrect statistics, and more. New episodes drop every Thursday on all podcast platforms, and you can catch full video episodes and more on YouTube. This podcast won't solve all the world's problems, but on the's a positive. Catch the video podcast on YouTube, and follow us on social media (@netpositivepodcast) for clips, bonus content, and updates throughout the week. Produced by: Alex Lagos / Lagos Creative

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  • SewMegaJoyful
    Interesting Guests
    The variety of guests is really interesting. Though it’s a comedy podcast, the subjects often turn deep and somewhat educational. Overall, John and his guest make an enjoyable combination of deep yet funny conversations!
  • Landon LAN-DAWG
    Love it
    Hey l love the pod but nevadas capital is Carson city!
  • Billiamdaniel
    Great entertainment, riding the line of borderline chaos. Remarkably witty and bias free which is more than a breath of fresh air.
  • HeyyyMaddy
    World needs more of this
    Just found your podcast and binged the last several episodes. LOVE it! Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see you in Vegas in June. ❤️
  • Mom2Nate
    Loved the Podcast with MWS!
    I really enjoyed your talk with Michael W. Smith. He was the first Christian artist I discovered, as a teenager. Thank you!
  • paul butt
    When the world is mid
    You are gas, you are gas. Truly beautiful words John.
  • Mel5275
    Allergy or preference
    I think the reason they ask allergy or preference for gluten free is because if it’s an allergy, they will change their gloves and use a new tray with no crumbs that might cross contaminate. If it’s just a preference, they will still give me the gluten-free bread, but they won’t go through the extra steps to make sure there are no little glutens floating around.
  • Forever a follower
    You should be number 1 !
    Love your podcast . You always bring a great show. Look forward to it every week . Keep up the good work
  • misskrisj
    Funny content but
    Annoying to listen to because you’re always talking over your guests. Let them finish and don’t be starting mmm-ing and ahh-ing so loud while they’re still speaking. Doesn’t sound good.
  • Amh212610
    No for me
    Every man with a passive thought doesn’t need a podcast.
  • jessica4america
    Love the show
    A great listen on the way to work ! Always brings a laugh.
  • Jay Hos.
    Joe mama
    I love your pod so much 🤪😜😜🤪🤪😜🤪😜🤪😜🤪
  • brinkley1230
    Of course John uses Facial Cream
    Hey brother. Heard the new sponsorship plug this week. I mean… You do you. I get it. Great sponsorship, well respected company and they are willing to give you money. I GET IT. I would say this, and, to be honest… when we look at the before and the after pics of you, it’s a net positive. Love the pod. Love y’all. You honestly bring laughter and joy to my soul in a world that is so otherwise broken and divided. We need more of what you do on the inter webs. You are doing Kingdom work. Keep it up! Brian
  • gfxhgehbhi
    Mindless Activity
    Best mindless activity of my week!!! Thanks for the laughs and can’t wait to see you in BOISE!!
  • KatSilman
    Truly entertaining but…
    Love the podcast, truly entertaining, relatable, and funny but felt really gross during the “My Bizzle” episode when y’all opened w the Nashville shooting. Way too much sympathy for the shooter and not the actual victims. I understood your sentiments & know it wasn’t your intent but ugh, the “poor shooter” thing I just can’t get on board with.
  • James St. Cloud
    Just wanted your attention. Big fan. Love the pod, your special, the videos, saw you in Spokane, and at zanies in Nash.
  • Adie L
    Could be my bro! Homeschooled 1 of 9 AND former missionary.
    Just bought the book because my therapist (yes I’m in therapy now!) recommended you for being relatable to MY life story. We’ve had pretty much a parallel life—it’s a little scary. Love comedy & humor, sarcasm is my love language…but wondered is it to hide the pain from the past? Or is it to appear “normal” or the “fun one” when you don’t quite fit in to your average age demographic? Anyway at 41, married with teen boys (how did that happen?) life is starting to settle down as I learn more about how God views me, made me & loves me. Keep up the great work! Your story is inspirational.
  • Meicpcg my
    Dear John Love the podcast, and making laughs from reality I am 15 and like to do the same and live a life of sarcasm, thanks for making clean comedy, my uncle loves your podcast so if you would make a shout out to Mike Hoxie in one of your next podcasts would be awesome!!!
  • StayseaLee
    Put this podcast on your weekly to do list…
    I’ve been a fan of JC before he was cancelled, never disappointed in his comedic relief. This Pod is full of laughter, insight and sincere moments of truth. Amazing dialogue, fun banter and no cringe concerns. The only thing you will find outside of laughter is yelling out a word they can’t think. Sure, people may stare at you at a red light because you are laughing hysterically by yourself in the car. But you know what? Do what you want when you’re poppin’!
  • bethjan78
    Andrew’s laughter
    There is nothing better than hearing Andrew’s laughter in the background when he just can’t help it. John, you’d better watch out. Alex may be coming for your job. Love the podcast! Your advertisements are more convincing with the way you talk about the products and go off-script. I don’t need sheets, but I still ordered some Miracle Sheets.
  • Delores P
    Scott Stapp
    The Scott Stapp episode was so incredibly good! Just to hear all of y’all being so vulnerable and real was so refreshing ! The laughs are so fun, but this episode had me in tears, yelling amen in my car and now listening to Creed on repeat 🙌🏼.
  • Jesus___Freak
    Did not respect AA
    Episode 40 has the team sharing details shared by other people they’ve met at AA meetings. While they did leave out names, there are enough details in some of the stories that someone could be in serious jeopardy of being outed in their personal or workplace lives. They even mention that the second A in AA means “anonymous”, but proceed to share the stories anyway. Those were not your stories to share publicly, guys. They certainly were not your stories to monetize.
  • Jack, follower of Christ
    Good pod
    Good job guys
  • BJane68
    So refreshing!
    I just love your podcast! Every time I listen to it, I catch myself shaking my head in agreement with so many things that you say out loud that I think in my head! Not only is it refreshing to hear your opinions and comments but you and your entire group and are so hilarious!
    KEEP IT UP!!!
    This is amazing I love listening to it, I think you guys should make more episodes more often… I think you should have Nate Bargatze on the pod too. And keep up the good and very funny work.🤣😂🤣😂🤣
  • kklovesJesusandavocados
    I enjoy it, as a podcast editor, meh
    I really enjoy this podcast simply because I like having noise in the background. He also reminds me of my brother in the way he verbally processes things so it makes me feel like I’m with my family. As a podcast editor myself, I’d take out some of the um’s and empty spaces, but, hey, it’s a style and I don’t mind it for all “intensive purposes” lol.
  • HP4Freedom
    Let’s GOOOOO!
    I LOVE this pod! I lived in Nashville for years and I love all of the Nashville references but I also love how real this show is! Seriously love the positivity!! Let’s GOOOOO!
  • Adam1llion
    Crushing it!
    This is my new favorite pod. Love the conversation and takes on stuff. Def needed right now because this cubicle is getting small. You guys make me laugh throughout my day and it’s needed.
  • Squidthorn
    So funny
    Great podcast, love John Alex and the guests so far. I listen every week and laugh in my car constantly. Saw you in Maryland a couple years ago, please come back to PA!
  • tacituspiles
    Great show. Why ain’t Alex considered a host?
    Only John is labeled as a Host on ITunes. You being selfish John? The Pod is not inclusive! CANCELED!
  • LJ373
    NP- Love it!
    Hey John- Just caught your show in Irvine this Sat! Love your humor and your Podcast and Alex your partner in crime! Keep the banter coming! After a long teaching day it’s the best way to decompress and be entertained! I started cracking up on my dog walk today when I spotted a mini library in my neighborhood! Suspect!!! ;0)
  • ElyMueller
    Great Listener
    I love this podcast and listening to the topics and their point of view in hit topics! However, I DO like to hear what the co-host has to say too! John! Please let him speak. You dominate the conversation. It’s more interesting to hear others too! Thanks!
  • Ascotfriday
    Best POD on the internet.
    Thankful for the weekly hour of laughs and smiles.
    Do whatcha want when ya poppin
    So I listen to Net Positive while at work, however the rule is we can only listen to music (they think we can’t multitask with podcasts on 🙄). Let me tell you, the jokes and giggles that come from John and Alex have me LOLing at my desk. I try my best to hold back the laughs so I don’t get questioned on what I’m actually listening to 😆 Their laughs give me life and the jokes are funny too!
  • ashvolker
    Goodnight Lucas
    Do what you want when you’re poppin’!
  • Kmb102600
    I didn’t come here for a history lesson! There’s plenty of podcasts for that. Do better!
  • Kitkatsparks322
    I’m only a few episodes in. But y’all joke about being a “relationship” podcast or a “gossip” podcast, etc and still finding your way. That is what I like is that y’all talk about anything and everything! Y’all remind me of my guy friends from college so it makes me feel like I’m hanging out with them. Keep doing what you are doing!
  • konner loewn
    Absolutely great
    Very funny and entertaining which is why I gave it 5 stars
  • Hkoirdv
    Great start to my day
    I listen to this in the mornings before my kids wake. Puts me in a good mood the rest of the day!
  • wheresmycuppa
    Goodnight Lucas
    I’m just glad that I can listen to Lucas’ bedtime stories.
  • margueritawhitby
    Best thing since Polynesian Sauce!
    Hysterical takes on hysterical (literally) people and all things worthy of being mocked! Great energy between hosts, engaging and topical topics sweeter than tea from the Alabama tropics! The ONLY time you shouldn’t listen to this podcast is in church…you WILL get busted for busting out in laughter! No cap! My Chick-Fil-ationship with this comedy genius is as deep as my love for all things snarky - get ready to get real about the ins and outs of being a PK and a Christian… as a PW, it’s a 10/10 - can confirm!
  • Carrier3
    Taking out mini libraries one rant @ a time
    I’ve long been a fan of Jon and his comedy. During Covid I loved the “One-Take” rants on YouTube and was disappointed when they stopped. Fortunately, he had something better planned. If you are looking for clean, hilarious commentary along with some despicable hot takes, and possible some life lessons, you need to add this pod to your weekly listen. Thanks for all the laughs Jon. From a semi-stressed dad of twin boys.
  • Anne Marie Tipton
    I listen to you while I am at work (in an extremely quiet office) on ear buds. Catch myself laughing out loud. Heard about you from Facebook then on Bert’s podcast. (Also very funny) On Bert’s podcast- that was awesome. I took a lot away from that one. Made me think about things I wouldn’t normally think about but now I do. Thanks for that.
  • geis3234
    John kills it in each episode. One of my favorite stories was the one with Molly and loved hearing your friend Victoria’s opinion on the Molly situation.
  • KLY72
    So good!
    Loosely followed John from before he took the break. This is just a good Podcast - regardless of faith beliefs, politics etc - it's just good.
  • jeffersonbb
    Great podcast and thank goodness it int 3 hours
    The reason I’m glad this podcast doesn’t go on for three hours is it because it always leaves me wanting more. John Crist and whatever guest he brings on is always super funny relevant to the world we’re living in hilarious and did I mention funny. While it may ramble and never rambles on so long you don’t understand what you’re listening to there’s always a point to the story he always comes back around to bring perspective to something that’s funny love his stand up in lovers podcast
  • isaacCD
    All time GOAT
    Yo, this dude is dope. John, I’m a day one listener. I found out about you through Tim Hawkins, another GOAT, and through you i found out about Trey Kennedy, a third GOAT. So thanks for introducing me to GOATs and never stop the pod! 🤙
  • Darth Mask
    Hi Tim Hawkins is my favorite but your good too. 👍
  • Meresman
    Beautifully executed podcast my man!
    Love this podcast. John Crist won me over! I’m a convert! Thank you for being so real!
  • lvc22
    A highlight of my week
    This is one of my favorite podcasts! Easy listening and the guys always bring up interesting points and conversations that we’re all thinking!
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