RebuildEd w/ Tim Grover and Eddie is a Barstool Sports Health & Wellness video podcast featuring world renowned trainer Tim Grover who has worked with the likes of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and more. In this podcast Tim will shift from working with world class athletes to working with a common man overweight podcaster to help him achieve his goals while expounding his knowledge/experience about not only winning with your health, but winning in other aspects of life.

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  • Jeff D Lowe
    Go Ed!
    Best of luck to Ed. I recently lost 100 pounds and it was the hardest/best thing I ever did. Rooting for you pal.
  • Tim656565
    Great start
    First episode was awesome. Tim and Eddie are a great combo and I can already tell this is going to be dope.
  • AWL josiah
    Love this
    Incredible idea for a pod Eddie. Keep up the great work
  • AightBetMoney
    RebuildEd brick by brick
    Such a relevant topic of health and wellness, especially in today’s society. Just know it’s a process and not something built overnight. I’d imagine this podcast will have the same success with that mentality.
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