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  • Mes.Ni
    Waiting Tooo long
    Love the podcast!!! We need more episodes yall !
  • Nate Rumble
    Love it
    Great pod
  • Lavish Nights
    This Podcast Is The Best
    I love this podcast because I learn so much, it has a lot of guest appearances that I don’t expect, and it just makes me laugh. Michael and Gianni are really making history. Everyone should be watching this !
  • Ant Rodriguez
    Great Podcast
    Only podcast I listen to, why they not more mainstream lol
  • og_oluwa
    The crew
    Best podcast out! Really appreciate how authentic Michael and Gianni are! Love how they explain how the industry works and hearing how a lot of actors got their start.
  • Breed513
    Sending the boys some love ! 🫶🏽
    Absolutely love this podcast , the boys are on too something ! Pretty inspiring.
  • Mamadou Ndiaye
    best podcast ever ❤️
  • walking4jc
    Best Podcast Ever
    The Crew Has It is the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. I would rate many more stars if I could. Michael Rainey Jr. and Gianni Paolo have the most amazing chemistry I’ve ever seen. They make me laugh and brighten my days when I hear their podcast. I’m a 46 yr old woman who loves the crew has it podcast. I am a huge fan. I love you guys keep doing what you’re doing. I wish you both continued success. 🙏🏼♥️🤗
  • Htx._Anthony
    Anthony Reyes
    I’m tryna be put in the show! Where do I apply
  • ohaisuxela
    10/10 love this podcast love seeing the boys off set just being authentic & giving so many people a chance to come on and really tell the world about them
  • Lotayro
    Way better than Bateman’s podcast
    This podcast is way better than Bateman’s. They deserve 80 mil. Thanks 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
  • free2bme914
    Best Podcast!!
    I absolutely love this podcast! I haven’t missed a episode. Keep up the great work guys! 🔥🔥❤️❤️
  • sauceboyk
    The Best Podcast Ever
    Love this podcast so much!! Keep up the good work y’all!!
  • George IV Jr.
    BEST Hollywood and Hip-Hop Podcast!!! Michael-Gianni are #1!
  • eddielaflare
    really the best podcast on right now they deserve allat love! the crew has it and you have it
  • Keeramarshall
    They don’t wanna see the boys win!
    Watch them every week! They are killing the game right now, yet they still don’t get the recognition they deserve 🥴 why is that?
  • Sheloveshaun
  • Tinydivax3
    This podcast is not only hysterical but it is so informative for future actors who want to learn, hearing the origin stories of the actors, writers, crew and entertainers along with relative information is what makes this podcast amazing!!! The power universe and all the offshoot of guests that support these shows and actors is great to see, along with the internal support of all the shows within the universe Keep going 💪
  • apissedoffsnapper
    One of my Faves
    I really love this podcast as much as I love the Power Universe. Seeing the brotherly dynamic of the show carry over into the actual lives of the hosts warms my heart and make the podcast even better. I also love the guests they bring on and how they continue to highlight, lift up, and bring more awareness to their peers (even beyond their own show/universe) even during the strike and this trying time is outstanding, admirable is truly one of a kind.
  • MeekNMild202001
    The Crew Has It Baby!!!
    One of the dopest podcasts out!
  • Labrell
    This podcast gets better every week as Gianni and Michael get more comfortable…great conversations and great laughs
  • carlito650
    Best podcast in the game!!!!
    Love the podcast keep it up!!!
  • Skslsnksk
    Why are we just now getting this series
    We been needed this !
  • On the move!!!
    Gianni….chill my boy
    I love listening too the podcast, however, I find myself getting annoyed when Gianni screams and over talks the guest. Other than that, I love it!
  • Gina Ferraro Stults
    Wish I found sooner
    So good, wish I found this sooner. Love to hear their banter and all the behind the scenes
  • jaymariee3
    They have a great dynamic and I cant wait to see them do bigger and better things!
  • y2kitten
    Huge Fan
    I’m a huge fan (since day 1) and love what these young men are doing! Keep going! Keep climbing! Mad love!
  • SiBrown42
    Couldn’t Ask for More
    As a Day 1 Power fan, this podcast is a DREAM!!! As hosts, the boys are so hilarious while also so loving and knowledgeable. I’m not in the industry but still actually enjoying learning so much about it. I never miss an episode and you shouldn’t either. I am so proud of the boys!!! It’s only the beginning.
  • Fido031615
    TikTok brought me here. I went all the way to the beginning to listen to everything and it was fire. I love the guests and the detail of their lives. I’m always looking forward to future episodes
  • Beeshee17
    Love it
    This is the best podcast out. Like I love it
  • bossedupkim
    Love you guys
    Thanks for giving us something to look forward to after watching Ghost!
  • Steflova23
    Great Content
    I enjoy the episodes and getting the behind the scenes information.
  • Jermine A
    One of my fave podcast it gets better with each guest and you truly feel the love and respect for their counterparts and crew. The crew truly does have it
  • Sadittyscents
    I love y’all and the podcast I just want one of y’all to see my dms so I can audition I’m trying to be woody girlfriend or Gianni’s on the show lol keep up the great work
  • Funsizedtreyy
    The crew has it !
    Besr postcast ever ! Amazing guest stars & all things power ! They seem really down to earth , i love watching/ listening in to the boys
  • Gabbyy Niquole
    I love this podcast!! I love hearing about the other people in the Power Universe backgrounds, experiences, etc and just getting to see them outside of the characters they play. And let’s be for real….WHO DOING IT BETTER THEN THE BOYSSS?? I’LL WAIT🤫
  • TazzTheAssHole
    Best podcast out
  • NothinButPressure
    The boys.
    Love the podcast. Y’all should try to get the actress that played Angela and the original jukebox on here. Also the actor that played Dre on here too. Keep doing y’all thing.
  • AMT0126
    I love how we get to know the characters personally and how they feel about their character and other characters.
  • christiejade824
    This is the best podcast and can’t get enough of it!
  • Tahlz_Iam
    Love it
    Definitely 5 stars! Love the show, love the guests! However you need to reduce on talking over each other & cutting guests off!! Also enough with the Micheal praise, it’s not all about him! Otherwise it’s still 5 stars from me!!
  • Dcausey
    One of the best podcast
    The crew has it has became one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. Keep killing.
  • TheSneakerDon
    The CREWWWW HASS ITTTT 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • drulily
    I love everything about this podcast!
  • aviiletters
    STRAIGHT FIRE!! Loving EVERY EPISODE!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Queen Blaize Knight
    You Two Have It!!!
    I am so just happy to see you young men doing what you love and living life as “normal “ as you possibly can. Keep up the GREAT work you all are doing and keep your head up, so your crown never falls off. THE CREW HAS IT!!!!!!
  • BODEEZY11289
    Day one day one!
    Crew has it and you have it to!
  • Christopher Castro
    Love this show!!
    Tariq & Braydon in the house!! 🙌🤝
  • MrWright323
    It’s a must show
    Guys I’ve been a fan of power since day one. Honestly it’s my favorite show well no cap power book ghost is my favorite. But I love what you guys are doing with the show and the podcast. We need to Ghost on the show. Love the show. Big fan of all the shows. Looking forward to season 3.
    Gemstones & Laughter
    As a Day 1 Power Universe fanatic,I followed to support and I watch to learn. This podcast gives everything from acting gems for aspiring actors who are looking to get in the game, to personal audition stories, to getting a glimpse of the actors’ IRL personalities aside from their character’s persona. Not to mention it’s hilarious! One of my favorite episodes was with Enrique Murciano (aka Felipe Lobos). I’m tuning in to see if he gets a spin-off since he’s ready, willing, and has a profitable market audience. Love this Podcast!
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