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Can You Don't? is a weekly, comedic podcast where Joe Paisley and Bryan Albrandt delve into the depths of the Internet in order to retrieve the best and worst examples of humanity, while openly mocking themselves along the way for being complete idiots.

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  • YoullThankMeLater
    Needs something…
    A little low-brow & bro-y. I wish Joe would get a female co-host in there. Him & Bryan are too much alike. A different perspective would add a much needed edge. But, it’s still funny & I look forward to new episodes. I can’t believe people are leaving bad reviews based on Joe’s bad behavior. It’s none of our business! It doesn’t affect your life. It doesn’t affect the quality of the podcast. Look in the mirror. You’re not perfect either, you judgemental hypocrites.
  • mrscaptainamerica01
    Can’t support this
    Can not believe what joe did to his friends, family and coworkers. Get help and stop being garbage
  • Billy_The_Badass
    Hot garbage
    Yep Joe good luck with your life you F everything up sorry Brian that you co host cheat on his wife
  • Jenny Lynn Johnson
    Wow, never thought I’d do this
    Long time listener of Bad Magic. This show just doesn’t compare to IWD. From the first episode (of CWD) the jokes are cringey, some are even disparaging/degrading towards women. Came to the reviews to see if others felt the same.. to find that Joe cheated on his wife and betrayed Dan/Lynze and whole Bad Magic team in a way that’s just unforgivable in my eyes. As for CWD - The humor just isn’t there. It didn’t make me laugh once. The show’s all over the place and goes on tangents that aren’t nearly as enjoyable or charming as they were with Dan on board. After what was done to Dan and Lynze, nothing could make me listen to CWD.
  • JinKurosaki
    Just not good
    Came from IWD and it’s just not the same. CYD is just forced vulgar nonsense. Dan pretty much carried IWD and it shows. Plus I can’t bring myself to support Joe, a guy who thinks it’s okay to cheat on his wife multiple times with multiple women and emotionally abuse her. If you have a soul, don’t support Joe.
  • Runnerrunningwild
    Not terrible but not great
    Followed from IWD and really wanted to like the show. Definitely not as cohesive conversationally or the comedy element. The jokes are forced and very repetitive week by week. I will probably give another chance later, but I am having a hard time staying tuned in and wanting to listen.
  • DannyD230421
    It’s all good.
    Love the show!
  • Fantom Ninja
    Just don’t
    After what Joe did, I can’t feel morally right supporting this pod. BUT, I can’t go without it so keep it up you idiots!
  • logboat rep
    Some hot garbage
    Cheap copy
  • ahhhjhhhhhhthgl
    Joe, you did something that will never be forgotten. I still believe you can dig yourself out of this hole. Keep going. Check for shoes. Your forever fan. Ps, You need to wake up bc there’s a gas leak. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Taranmarr1227
    Don’t even bother
    If you came here hoping to replace IWD, don’t get your hopes up.
  • B dubs12345
    Just Don’t
    A frat boy will always be a frat boy.
  • J1ape
    Hey guys!
    Keep’em coming till I pass out. Been listening since IWD and I’m emotionally involved now so I’m always going to listen. Love you guys.
  • KrissiPA20
    It’s all up from here
    I was worried when IWD announced it was ending. You can ask my husband, “you would’ve thought someone kicked my puppy” as he would define being severely bummed! I was pleasantly surprised with the new avenue in Can You Don’t! You guys get me through rough days at work with a smile on my face. The best is when I am LOL as a co-worker passes my office. I’m pretty sure they think I’m crazy… oh well! Don’t listen to the haters! Keep up the good work Bryan with a y and the good Rev. Dr. Joe! Love you guys!
  • doss14
    I loved IWD and I really wanted to like this podcast. Turns out the show was all Dan but I thought hey why not give it a chance still. Maybe it will get better in time. And then everything came to light about Joe. I can’t support a person who does that to his family and to the bad magic family. If you still support this show that’s on you but I can’t do it.
  • aubrey811
    Passes the time
    Sometimes immature trash humor is what you need to get through the day.
  • DankRan
    So glad y’all are back!
  • Dr. Richard Nygard
    For the 5 star reviewers
    If you give this show 5 stars- you’re the same person that leaves their shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot. You’re not playing cards with a full deck. You were likely dropped on your head before you were 2 years old and your brain is shaped like a pile of wet wash rags
  • Jenn(noLeo)
    Love you guys!! So happy you are back!
  • Jacquie307
    Hugs and Tugs
    Such a great escape.
  • billybobone
    Poor Bryan. Poor Erin. Poor kids.
    Amazing how your little head can ruin the lives of so many people.
  • anon danlevi
    Just not the same
    Dan deserved better
  • Berskee
    If you record it, they will come.
    Love the show. Miss IWD, but excited to see where this show goes. Joe’s personal life behind the mic isn’t any of my business. So keep up the great work. Excited to have Bryan. Keep those episodes coming! For the CYD’s!
  • nikarish
    Really glad you guys are back
  • Doestmader
    Awesome sauce!
    Definitely so happy to hear the new episode!
  • "the Right"
    Was disappointed
    Was very disappointed to hear what happened at bad magic. Was very disappointed in joe and his action when he cheated on his wife with another employee at bad magic, Getting her fired also. But when he said he’s not gonna fight to work it out for his family! That’s how I knew that couldn’t support this show. Joe, be better.
  • tailz269
    Enjoy this show so much. Keep up the good work.
  • radbmxguy43
    I enjoyed it.
    Good job guys can’t wait to hear more!
  • Accutane Babies Podcast
    Started out good. Joe’s personal life isn’t any of my business. Back to the laughs don’t leave us hanging.
  • Lady Perseverance
    This show is hilarious & I look forward to every new episode! Great job guys!!! 👏👏👏🫶
  • Koolaid guy
    Poor Erin and the kids
    Cmon man
  • Jake7776
    Not Good
    I have this show a chance after I started IWD and this show at the same time so I don’t develop a preference and give both shows a chance, I like dark humor but it just doesn’t click for me.
  • missamandasolis
    LOVED IWD, but this isn’t close to cutting it.
    I thought I liked Dan and Joe. Turns out I just liked Dan (this realization was before the Joe drama came to light). He lost it when he lost Dan, and now Bad Magic. Unfortunate cause I had high hopes. Good thing Dan is everywhere, phenomenal, and faithful.
  • kyle the pats fan
    Joe is just a perverted jr high boy. Seems like this podcast just tried to be as vulgar as can be. It’s not even funny like is we dumb was. And not to mention the host Joe cheats on his wife so I can’t morally support this show
  • wendy in wonderland
    Not as good as IWD
    I was hoping to like this as I was a big IWD fan. Joe is constantly talking over Bryan and it’s extremely annoying. Joe reminds me of a perverted little jr high boy.
  • thevailvalleyconcierge
    Joe did Dan wrong
    Had to unfollow, there are enough bad actors in podcasting. I’m sorry Bryan hooked his wagon to this guy.
  • Mjleonard89
    Good show
    This is a funny show where you can laugh at people making dumb decisions. Hopefully everyone can learn and grow
  • Jhopp2313
    Just don’t.
    3/5 stars wouldn’t change a thing….well maybe one thing……next time joe…just don’t.
  • T-ravG from the bu
    3 out of 5 stars!
    Does Logan’s back hurt from carrying this show?
  • Batman9145
    So sad
    I can’t even believe what I’m reading and seeing online about Joe, I encourage everyone to look into it if you even care about Timesuck or Dan and Lynze Cummins. Joe doesn’t deserve a podcast or anyone’s support.
  • sadday21
    Oh well
    so much for the show
  • Skyywalker7859
    3/5 Stars
    Hilarious!! 3 out 5 stars. Wouldn’t change a thing!
  • stef w.
    Where is my favorite show this week??
    Homie really messed up I can’t even listen to the show anymore
    Bro I can’t believe that happened
  • Rwp0611
    Missed week?
    It is Wednesday and no new episodes?? What’s ip
  • MarloMiaRoscoe
    Awesome show
    Joe and Bryan are hilarious. Sad to see the negativity not at all related to this show. Some things are unforgivable as a listener but what Joe did is not. Still the highlight of my week
  • dominiminik
    Annnnd the downfall
    Yikes joe, gosh dang! Dippin your little noodle in other peoples fish soup? 🤢
  • Lil.Eddie3
    Love you Joe!
    Great show! Hilarious and makes my drives enjoyable. Bwyan is funny as can be. I still laugh at the fart story in the car! Keep up the great work
  • AMB.DRfan
    sounds like a coked up morning dj show in a grade D market…
  • Sad Fan 101
    You are awful on your own and the dude you brought in is the most annoying guy I’ve ever listened to. Worst podcast on here by far. If I could leave zero stars I would.
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