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On the New York Post's baseball podcast "The Show with Joel Sherman and Jon Heyman," the veteran MLB insiders and longtime friends and combatants go toe-to-toe on the latest MLB news and issues of the week.
The Post columnists have been arguing about baseball since competing as New York Yankees beat writers in their 20s (Yes, a while ago!). Now, finally on the same team, they get to take their three decades of baseball debates public, showing off their knowledge and revealing rumors and inside info from around Major League Baseball. "The Show", the best baseball podcast around, is released every Tuesday.

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  • RE9410
    Jon Heyman should retire in shame he is the ultimate hack writer and he’s a perfect fit for a rag like the embarrassing NY Post. Sherman is also a clown but he’s not as bad as that cheap tan donkey.
  • NJZ3D
    Great show….but if you interrupt you won’t get your $20 tip
    I thoroughly enjoy the interaction in discussions between Joel Sherman and John Heyman. Their different personalities work well as they bounce their opinions and ideas off each other.
  • mago243
    Busssssiiiiinnnnn podcast
  • mjk9825
    The show
    Great information about all things baseball. I look forward to each episode
  • Oz Q
    Best in Class
    If you’re a baseball fan you have to listen to this podcast. It is by far the best. Great commentary, great analysis, and great guests. They’ve been in the baseball business for a long time and they know their stuff.
  • P. 👨‍🦲☘️
    Excellent presentations on all fronts. This podcast is going to be super successful as the hosts are true professionals and come across as decent gentlemen.
  • winapieforit
    Great duo
    My only gripe is that there is only 1 episode a week.
  • bigvig5656
    Great match
    You guys are a great match together. Great interviews so far I’m enjoying the show
  • Ken gut
    Work well together
    Great interviewers ,all the topics are very relevant. One of my favorite podcasts I listen to listen , and I listen to a lot
  • FrankyPop
    Is boring
  • aefpa
    Dynamic Duo
    There’s a lot going on here- years of experience as baseball journalists which leads to story after story about all of the games, the seasons, the characters they’ve covered, the controversies, the changes in the game, their ideas of how it should all be done. Fast moving conversation fueled by gallons of coffee, and plenty of zingers. Impressive roster of guests. For anyone who loves baseball.
  • stratm3
    What a Duo!
    This pod is hosted by two preeminent journalists of the New York Baseball scene. It’s truly a gem of a podcast!
  • Baseballdog07
    Great Podcast
    What an outstanding podcast! So nice to have a baseball podcast with hosts who are so knowledgeable and are not plugging only their network related baseball games/topics while ignoring all other MLB news and notes. Now I have a reason to look forward to Tuesdays.
  • writetobryce
    Pragmatic - Measured - Expert - Good Guys
    I’ve always appreciated Jon Heyman for his self deprecating humor and his not too serious take on baseball. Joel Sherman is a pretty good foil as he’s a lot feistier but doesn’t have stupid hot takes or go on silly rants. Bottom line is these guys are fun to listen to and they never stray too far from the subject of the show which is baseball. Also, they’d be great to have a beer with. I hope this show lasts a long time.
  • PeterParkerNJ
    Love it!
    If you love baseball you’ll love this podcast! These guys are fantastic 👍🏻👍🏻
  • zardoz790
    Finally: a terrific baseball podcast
    Sensible, informed, topical. No hot takes. Just great sports reporting.
  • CrownMeSteven
    Great insightful podcast from two of the best in the Media!!
  • MoniRuffles
    The BEST baseball podcast!
    Insightful and interesting. Never miss it.
  • julianoleo
    My only issue!!!
    We need this podcast at least 2-3 times a week not just every Tuesday!!! Great show guys!!! I would love a shoutout!!!
  • Cheese60
    Great info and entertainment for a baseball fan
  • WP Cat Lady
    Excellent Baseball Insights!
    I’m not a “podcast” fan, but these 2 longtime baseball journalists are so knowledgeable! It’s a pleasure listen to them both. They complement each other very well, and each have their own unique perspectives! They bring their own personality, but it doesn’t overshadow or interfere with the actual “baseball reporting!” (So many podcasts waste time on irrelevant “banter,” an immediate turn-off & unsubscribe from me.) Huge fan! 💗
  • RJ from NJ
    Excellent listen
    Two very knowledgeable baseball columnists who are easy on the ears. Great job!
  • nimsy nomura
    This is so perfect and impossible to duplicate: two of the very best baseball writers who are also the very best of friends sharing with the world what a lucky few of us got to overhear in press boxes since they first met on the Yankees beat 30 years ago. Their knowledge, information, intelligence, and wit is surpassed only by their authentic chemistry. If you’re remotely interested in MLB today, this absolutely should be No. 1 on your playlist.
  • Downtownhb1
    Terrific baseball cast
    This is the best baseball podcast out there from two no nonsense seasoned pros. The best insights on the game. I do wish it were a little longer but for baseball fans this is an absolute can’t miss!
  • Lou.V7
    Must listen for baseball fans!
    I was excited to hear that my 2 favorite baseball writers are doing a podcast. After only 2 shows I can say they did not disappoint. Hopefully the podcasts will be a little longer as they go forward. A must listen if you like great baseball talk!
  • baseballfan1918
    Just listened to the first episode. I wish this was more then once a week. Love following and reading these guys. This is definitely a must listen. Keep up the great work!!!
  • Samba Simba
    My Tuesday Must Listen! Two of the very best
    Jon & Joel are two of the most insightful baseball writers out there. I am thrilled to hear them on this platform. If you are a baseball fan, this is a must listen!
  • JoeyGebbia
    Joel and Jon
    can’t wait!!! love these two from the MLB network
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