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Steel and Shooter are just your everyday guys that begrudgingly fell into the Bravo world only to be entranced by the allure that is Bravo TV. On this show you’ll hear their takes on the hot topics from all things Bravo. A podcast by dudes for everyone!

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  • Alexa Ibarra
    Go birds 💚🦅
    Absolutely love these guys. First and foremost as a podcast dedicated to bravo, these guys crush it. As a bravo society, we have totally been lacking the true male perception and obsession many women have either the shows this network puts out. Thank you to the brav bros for sharing their outlook, having the funniest commentary and sharing their passion, which is so relatable as a fan, with all. They’re uniqueness and true Philadelphia roots make these guys true fans, because if you know Philly people, you know we ride hard for everything we love. Thanks boys. Amazing podcast and dope group of humans
  • CourtRyan6478
    Favorite podcast
    I found the brav bros in the thick of Scandavol and I’m so glad I did!! Steele and Shooter are so funny, I love hearing a guys take on all my favorite bravo shows. They make me feel like I’m not a crazy person for being so invested in the lives of these people I don’t even know!!! Thanks guys for keeping me entertained!!
  • crimeo
    Love These Guys
    Couldn’t have imagined how two guys could add such nuance, and yet unadulterated truth to the Housewives . Especially how they call out Tamara… she brings nothing but fake friendship and lame Tres Amigas sloppy antics, and cringeworthy sex talk with Eddy and her mom… ick!Heather needs to go to BH, and Tamara needs to just go.The rest of the cast could be tweaked. Love both guys and the true camaraderie they share! Wish you much continued success.
  • Lindsey by Alene Too
    Go Birds
    Bravo fan since RHOC aired… I was a freshman in high school watching it on our tiny kitchen TV that had a built in VCR. I listen to a lot of Bravo podcasts, but love to hear the takes of the bravbros (usually much different than my own). Also, I don’t give a crap about football, but to bond with my husband I picked an NFL team this year inspired by this pod. Go Birds!
  • Caz Phets
    New to housewives=good
    GREAT PODCAST FOR SOMEONE GETTING INTO THE HOUSEWIVES! As someone who has watched the housewives for close to 5 years and has gone back and watched older seasons, it’s actually refreshing to listen to y’all come in with new takes as people who haven’t seen it. I’ve seen them but I don’t care about all the backstory, so it’s nice to listen to someone who doesn’t know it.
  • Nursenancy111
    These guys are great!
    Who knew we’d need or want our husbands opinion on our housewives shows! Excellent podcast. 5 stars
  • inla123
    Pavit did that to make his airline mileage status before it timed out. Lots of people do this, place was about the miles, and he just didn’t want to say that.
  • hippie_baker
    Is it because you hate me today?
    This banter style is exactly how my cousins and I talk to each other when talking about anything and it makes me feel right at home. lol.
  • Fun as Frick
    Caught another Boat!
    Steele and Shooter I first learned about y’all when you were guests on Kristen Doute’s podcast with Luke. I went to Brav Bros to give it a listen and I was blown away! I appreciate the time you give the shows as well as the empathetic lens you both try to watch the show from. It’s obvious that you both chose to critique the females from a place of respect, which as a female that can be tough day in and day out. I appreciated listening to you both with Kate Casey, and it was apparent that Kate respected the insight you both gave to the shows and the cast and vice versa. I enjoy Sports getting weaved in and out of the conversation. I have 2 teenage sons, Jax is 17 and a Senior and Ace is 15 and a Sophomore. We are a heavy sports watching family from football, MMA to Moto GP. My husband and son both train in BJJ/MMA, the only reality show my husband enjoys is The Ultimate Fighter. Our sons have watched some shows with me and as a family we play Fantasy Football with two other families. It’s great to have my boys listen to your podcast and realize how much Sports and docuseries are so similar to reality TV. *Caught another boat is in reference to Poker but also our boys, Jaxon Royal is our first son, middle name after (Darryl Royal, I am a Texas Alum) and Holden Ace is our second… we are big poker players and fans and after Holden was born our birth announcement said: The chips were down We went all in And placed our bets On a boy again No straight, No flush. We caught a “boat” “Jax” full of “Aces” Now keep us afloat. I know I have hit another boat with the Brav Bros. I hope my boys continue to respect friendships they have with females, and realize they can speak about sports and other shows with females just as much as they can discuss sports and such with there bros. Your podcast is not only great for me to listen too but it’s also good for the younger males and I appreciate the respect you give to all of your guests and it really is important for all of us to hear other opinions but it’s even more important for the younger generation. Nowadays it seems that there is so much intolerance shown towards others that your podcast is truly refreshing and appreciated. Thank you- Melaina Austin, TX
  • Gin 4949
    Erika Jane
    Bros just so you know this designers claim isn’t new. It’s been around a while now & him & his business were devastated when it kicked off. Btw love y’all so much! 😎
  • FIX ERRORS 2000
    No more guest hosts
    Love the show! Please, no more guest hosts. Kate Casey overtalked both of you with rambling, off topic comments. Zach Peters- he’s okay but I will listen to his podcast if I want to hear him. I want to hear the Bravbros commentary. That’s why I follow.
  • LCC329
    Mostly a big fan
    I really enjoy the brav bros show. they speak about bravo with the same veracity and enthusiasm that my male friends speak about sports - except this time they’re speaking my language. my only complaint is that their takes on the long standing shows lack context. I love the fresh perspective on the newer shows like Summer House and new RHONY. but their “lack of research” on very long standing shows like RHOC and RHOA shows. there’s a reason everyone hated Atlanta this year - it was such a departure from the show we fell in love with 14 years ago. the opposite with OC - it finally feels like a return to form with ladies who we’ve watched together on screen since almost the very beginning. Like them or not, I’ve been watching the Tres Amigas and Heather, even Emily and Gina for years. We’re invested. The Brav Bros are not. There’s a reason the fans are calling for a complete reboot of Atlanta and that the fans/other pods (danny, ryan, watch what crappens) are all loving OC. I will keep listening because for the most part I really enjoy their takes. But I wish they would take the time to go back and watch old seasons so they’re more prepared and understand the dynamics better. side note - you can’t tell me that Steele doesn’t sound exactly like Craig Conover.
  • MegMKE
    It’s ok.
    It’s not my favorite Bravo podcast. It’s not my least favorite. I appreciate the guys banter and their fresh take on things. However, they sometimes get facts wrong. Or since they haven’t watched since the beginning they don’t understand some of the back story or history of the ladies and how it plays into what’s going on now in the shows. And I get it, it’s hard to go back and watch it all.
  • Betsymcmane
    Hi, my name is Dana, and I am an alcoholic.
    Thanks for sharing your story. I am also celebrated 5 yrs in Jan. The 1st to be act because I had to wait until New Year’s Eve of course ! Drinking really did change my life for the worse, when I was struggling with DUI charges, court appointed rehabs, probation violation, and it seemed like a never ending loop of lawyers fees. Somehow I managed to make it through a good job, until 17 yrs in and my warning was up as part of a layoff. I am 63 yrs now, and deal with ascites as a scar. Abdominal fluid removal was a process of temporary solution, but definitely not a fix. As a result I deal with looking like I’m pregnant on a bad day because my liver can’t make enough protein for proper fluid balance. Water pills for another temporary solution. Anyway, I’m so happy you got it together at such a young age. I ramped up my drinking in college, and I think since I was forced to go to the rehabs, two 90 day ones, I always rebelled since it wasn’t my choice. I was almost at 5 yrs a few times in between, but always thought that I just needed to cut down next time. I love you and shooter on YouTube. You all have such a great chemistry, and tell it like it is. Look forward to many more❤️
  • LenoChall
    Love these guys!
    I really enjoy the male perspective and I appreciate your transparency!
  • BlackHistorian
    Kenya Moore is an Icon
    Every black person who was born in the 1990s knows who Kenya Moore is! She is as important to our culture as Vanessa Williams. Her fame pre-dates RHOA.
  • Rachael Christenson
    I love RHOC
    Even though neither of you like RHOC, thanks for covering it for people like me that really enjoy the show.
  • S E Cullen
    Love these guys
    Found them during the scandoval of it all, but stayed because they crack me and my husband up! They are funny and vulnerable at the same time, which I love. Thank you for the content.
  • KarenVD
    5 stars
    These guys are a good time! Loved the collaborations with Zack Peter and Ryan Bailey. Keep up the good work boys! P.S: Would love to see you recap the new season of Love is Blind coming out in September.
  • KittyKimmy666
    You guys are my new favorite podcast! I binged every episode while I was sick in like 2 days. ❤️❤️
  • Kat170423
    Something special
    This podcast is always one to put a smile on my face, give me a good laugh, and the feel that I’m chatting with some buddies about the shows we love or at least our guilty pleasures. But Steel’s story is probably the most impactful podcast episode I’ve ever listened to in my life. Thank you for your vulnerability, your courage, and for hopefully touching the hearts of many folks out there in a very profound way.
  • Zinzoval
    Congrats on 5 years
    Thanks Steel! Love your vulnerability and I know it’s scary to put yourself out there like this. You brought depth to the person who talks about all the whacko TV stuff that we all love. Hope to see you as you trudge the road to happy destiny.
  • YoginiHuntie
    Making the gym a happier place
    I’ve started listening to BravBros on cardio days at the gym, and you guys make my least favorite activity 1000% better. It’s really cool to have actual thoughtful insight and opinions about my favorite shows, and I always look forward to your new episodes. Thank you for making my newly developed gym rat life actually enjoyable. Cheers!
  • bravoluv
    Great dynamic and very entertaining. And, thank you for sharing your story, Steel. I was very moved, and I know you’re going to help people.
  • mamazuck
    Thank you for your vulnerability! 💜 Sharing your story to the whole world is very brave. Congratulations on 5 yrs! xo, from Iowa
  • cgilmartind
    Prime recaps!
    I don’t rate podcasts but I have been meaning to rate this for awhile. Think you guys bring a really cool perspective to bravo shows with recaps that are pretty funny. Can’t write this review without mentioning how this past episode was especially meaningful. I really appreciate the enormity of being vulnerable about something so personal and the importance of giving grace to someone struggling. Congrats on 5 years, it’s certainly a huge accomplishment!
  • JonnyJevans
    Thank you!
    I love you Steel. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. You brought me to a lot of tears. Your vulnerability really helped me reflect on my relationship with myself and everything that goes with that. Both of you really help me feel “normal” in a Bravo universe. My wife was my bravo gateway and sadly I don’t have any male friends to bounce bravo opinions off of but I always look forward to listening to the bros twice a week to get my drama fix. Thank you again and cheers to five years my friend. Sunny days ahead.
  • Treeeeeee^
    You guys are so amazing
    I saw a similar post recently but this podcasts had helped me get through some of the toughest times of my life. Just being able to have something to share with people in a world that feels so small, when you’re feeling so small, having an escape feels like more than the world and that’s exactly what this podcast does. The realness, the authenticity and feeling like you share something with people who in your close circle may not be as familiar with feels so so special when you’re going through tough times. With Steel’s story especially, it’s nice to know that behind the podcasts there’s people who have real stories that you can relate to and it helps make the world feel a little less small and while you guys may do this for fun, these episodes really mean the world to some of us more than you can even know! Thank you guys for everything, this has helped push me past through some of the rely jets times of my life and this being the light in it means more than anything!
  • Crlyn324
    I’ve been listening to your pod for several months now. Love your takes back and forth. Steel, I listened to your story today and it must have taken a lot to share that, but thank you. I cried. You’re an inspiration. Seriously.
  • Sally13657
    Day 1 listener
    I have been listening Brav Bros since the beginning. I have laughed along and enjoyed listening to you guys! Steel, for the episode you just dropped on your sobriety was so touching. Congratulations on 5 years sober!
  • listener 4good
    Just finished listening to your journey with alcohol and rehab. I am so happy for your daughter, parents, family and friends that you worked through this…and continue to work at it. Most of all I am happy for you, for doing what was needed to turn it all around, and in that process you learned to love yourself and be grateful for those around you. Your story is a great reason to cite that “it works if you work it”. Hugs
  • Rachel B. NCMG
    Good Stuff
    I actually look forward to their podcasts - I really like their take on their discussions about all things Bravo and hope I can catch a live soon - or they can travel to Rochester Ny and pay me a visit! Lol keep up the great work!
  • Jeans4Christine
    Hi, My name is Steel
    Steel killed this podcast! I am a 50 year old mom of 3 and have listened to this podcast for a long time now as a way to help entertain me and recap my shows on bravo. I loved this backstory and think every podcaster should share their backstories just like Steel and Kate Casey, it helps all of us stay centered.
  • Stenomaster
    No words.
    This past episode was so thought-provoking and vulnerable and so very beautiful. To many more years! 🫶🏻 Heather
  • bugbusch2
    Oh steel
    Congrats on five years and I think you’ll be getting so many dms you wont know what to do. I was trying to take a nap and instead was just crying. So grateful for your sharing and so happy for you to understand the gift you’ve received so young. You two are the best- salt of the earth.
  • dianna nicole
    Said I’d unfollow…
    Which I did. But I’m still listening. Keep doing what you’re doing!!
  • venus1217
    Get a clue
    The Brav Bros really needs to watch old seasons of housewives so that you can have an opinion.
  • Eoliz
    The perfect balance
    I discovered the BravBros earlier this year and have been hooked ever since. The latest episode solidified Steel and Shooter as all around good dudes. Since they don’t usually cover Below Deck, I wondered if the latest episode of BD DU would be addressed at all. Thankfully, the Bros didn’t shy away and tackled an incredibly sensitive and triggering topic on what is normally a lighthearted and funny pod. I can probably speak for much of the audience when I say that the episode hit too close to home, and to hear the Bros take a moment to advocate for victims and openly condemn the behavior of L and L (their names aren’t worth repeating) made me love them even more. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! Not only that, by the end of the same episode, they still had me laughing out loud. How they’re able to navigate serious topics while still enjoying the lighthearted entertainment that Bravo brings to all of us is the perfect balance!
  • Chan2124
    Rose: I found this podcast! Thorn: why did it take this long 🤩
    I’m constantly nodding my head as I listen to this podcast. My hubby probably thinks it’s a church podcast 😂! A top of the (Royals) cap to you both, this is my new GO-TO pod!!!
  • Irinmom71
    Bravo BROS
    I absolutely LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! You’re both hilariously honest and keep the reviews on shows so real! Thank you so much and keep killing it! 👍🏻❤️👏🏼
  • EmilyGG17
    Worlds Collide
    The first Bravo podcast to mention my other favorite trashy obsession - betting on MACtion.
  • MegsKayeS
    Make your drive time enjoyable!
    I’ve been listening to the Bros for a while now. Their hilarious banter is like the perfect seasoning on an already delectable reality TV feast. They serve up hot takes and roasted moments like a top chef, leaving me agreeing with allllmmosstt all of their opinions. And the best part? They don't take themselves too seriously. It's like having a convo with your two of your best guy frieneds who happen to know everything about the Bravo-verse. But wait, it gets better! I'm a new mom, and before discovering this podcast, the only thing my daughter tolerated was subpar kid music. But guess what? Apparently the little one's got taste! She's absolutely enchanted by either Steel and Shooter's voice. Not sure which one yet. So now, I get to enjoy my Bravo time with a baby who happily listens along. To sum it up, "BravBros" isn't just a podcast; it's a mood booster, a laughter generator, and a travel buddy for my car rides with the tiniest, giggliest Bravo enthusiast. Steel and Shooter, keep doing what you do, because you've won our hearts (and our ears)!
  • december carr
    I love the the brav bros
    I like the brav bros. Really i do. I just want them to curse less. I feel like I’m on a boat with foul mouth scurvy spitting sailors.
  • Sids1Mom
    I tried, I can’t
  • kaitlin1986
    Sounds bath
    I agree sound baths are stupid! I would probably laugh the whole time 😂
  • TangyBeeDC
    The Goldilocks of Bravo pods
    I started listening early this year and was psyched to get a different perspective -- from two “regular guys,” but also as two fans new to many of the franchises – wow, fresh views! And they base their views on what’s happening, not long baked-in biases. I stick around because the banter between Scooter and Steele is just right – a peek into their lives and friendship, but no too much. Some podcasters just yammer on and on (and barely talk about the shows). Don’t know how they do it, but the Brav Bros are the Goldilocks of Bravo podcasts – it’s just right! (Trying to get all my friends to listen as well!!)
  • Shamy310
    I know these guys.
    Like I got to tell them last night at their live show in NYC, listening to Brav Bros makes me feel like I’m sitting down and chatting with my friends. These guys are so fun to listen to, and they somehow keep it light without trying. Please quit your day jobs and do this full time and watch all of the franchises from start to finish!
  • angelarami4
    Peanut Butter & Jelly
    Love them both. They balance each other out and give great perspectives. 👍🏼👍🏼 thank you for all the time you put into providing content!
  • bri-anax28
    love you guys
    I sent you guys a review not too long ago, it may of came off negative but it wasn’t meant that way and I want you guys to know I listen to you on my way to work, and even on my way home if you guys post anything! You’re the only male based podcast that I listen to and you guys are like my big brothers! & I just love that for me 😂❤️
  • Texas_Girl _go spurs go
    ❤️ Snap back caps ❤️
    I love listening to you guys! I constantly tell my husband listening to you two is like listening to him talk about my favorite subjects, Bravo! I often give him several examples to which he usually tries to roll his eyes. (Side note he CANNOT roll his eyes without moving his WHOLE head.) Yesterday when you discussed your cap journey, I was laughing my butt off! I kid you not my husband has raged about the same thing more times than I can count. Finding snap back caps is the bane of his existence! I sent him the clip and I finally got a laugh out of him. Followed by a 20 minute rant about how grown *ss men have no business wearing fitted caps. Btw GO COWBOYS!!! Love you anyway!
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