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Introducing Cocktails and Gossip, from the creators of the wildly popular @BravoandCocktails_ Instagram account and website. The podcast where cocktails are sipped, but you better believe tea will be spilled. Join co-hosts B and Amanda as they chat Reality TV, Celebrity Blind Items, and exclusive tea that’s only shared here on the podcast. Thank you to the Cocktailers community for 200,000+ downloads so far - that's what's helped us get to #1 on Apple Podcasts!

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  • nurses from nyc
    First podcast I’ve listened to
    B & Amanda keep it real & I enjoy that.
  • RLW_NC
    Cocktailer For Life
    Love this podcast so much! It is one of the very few I listen to consistently every week. B and Amanda are hilarious and the tea is ALWAYS piping hot. Highly recommend adding this to your weekly podcast list if you want to laugh and hear all of the hot gossip!
  • HillaryMcG
    Best Bravo podcast
    I have been a Cocktailer since day one. These two ladies give us the facts and tea without pushing their own opinions on us. Any review that says different is a bot. No politics which is a welcome break from the news of the world. B and Amanda do a fantastic job and I love listening every week! Keep up the amazing work ladies!!!
  • Hilariosa
    Great podcast
    B and Amanda have created an amazing community with this podcast. What I appreciate most is they are typically fair and balanced and allow for differing perspectives, which engages the listener to think about the situation differently and not immediately fall into the group think category. I have listened since day 1 and been a Cocktailer from inception. There are no two podcast hosts that do more for this pod then B and Amanda. The community is respectful of everyone’s differing opinions which is refreshing and they keep it classy! Amanda is an amazing support regardless of what’s happening in her life and B is always coming in with the hot tea as soon as she gets it. Can’t wait to see what’s next for them and how this community grows!!!
  • SG00167
    My must listen weekly. Best bravo pod!!!!
    I love this podcast so much and it is a must listen weekly- been a fan of bravo and cocktails on instagram for years. Great takes across what is airing currently on Bravo and so much gossip shared. A few weeks ago a couple pods had minor tech issues and it was really no big deal. People have to remember this pod isn't a full time job and is a side hustle so have grace when 100+ shows have had no tech issues…have patience people.
  • Gmaxbeaudry
    YOU ARE SO CLOSE TO THE RIGHT INFORMATION!!! Just missing how long they’ve been “separated .”
  • clikert123
    Just Food for Thought…
    I love your podcast even when we disagree especially on RHONJ I’m not a “Tre Stump” lol but definitely a fan of hers…I understand this podcast is fully your opinions, however I really love when you both give an unbiased take, it would be great to here more of “this is our opinion but make your own judgements based on the information”. Again it’s your podcast which I love and thoroughly enjoy, but as a listener it would be great to be provided the tea without so much speculation without context and remembering that we all approach things differently and don’t always have the same viewpoint on a particular housewife or bravoleberty.
  • smrblingqueen
    Update & warning for new listeners: this is a pro-Melissa podcast & platform, so don’t expect for them to be unbiased when recapping or posting about RHONJ. Melissa Gorga is their “source” so take everything with a grain of salt (just bc it’s a source, doesn’t mean it’s reliable 😂) Also expect them to delete and not post any “pro-Teresa” comments to any of their blinds. Lower your expectations during RHONJ; trust me, your blood pressure will thank you later 🤍. I appreciate that this podcast takes into account listeners feedback in dropping the podcast faster, but for some reason their content still seems delayed. Maybe it’s because most other podcasts have multiple episodes a week, but I no longer view bravo & cocktails as the “ultimate” source of bravo gossip and sometimes surprised they haven’t reported on certain topics. Like other listeners have mentioned, I don’t really care to hear about their personal lives either, especially considering they’re anonymous.
  • nikkim90
    With all the Amazon endorsements B posts on the IG page, you guys should be able to afford better WiFi or an IT person to assist. The last two podcasts were frustrating to listen to. I understand things happen, but it was laziness. I look forward to these podcasts all week and hope more effort will be put in to avoid technical issues. 🤍🤍🤍
  • KIPHazel
    Your bumper music is way better! 🤩Doesn’t blast 💥 out. B you were canceling out when Amanda talked at the same time this last cast. LoveLoveLove your cast! You have great content and it’s FUN 🥰 Thanks Kellee in Oregon.
  • Traci Gallagher
    Totally agree with you ladies about Janet. Total weasel and social climber. Let’s not forget how she screwed Scheana by going behind her back to have a threesome with Max and Dayna and Scheana had issues with both of them. She looks for the weakest link in a group and then attempts to divide and conquer. She’s also a total bore on TV. No thanks.
  • ARMV4
    Now On My Top 10
    These ladies are really easy to listen to. They are short and sweet. Impersonations are fun, but this podcast gets right to the points, catching you up with celebrity and bravolebrity antics. This podcast is now one of those must listen to in my library. Sometimes they are young and fun, and sometimes they are like two crazy old ladies. The podcast is very different. We are lucky to have this one!
  • Mila2mike
    Sounds like you think that if you are a Republican, you are a racist? That’s appalling and totally ignorant on your part. Started to listening to you but after hearing that, I’m done.
  • SweetD1
    Best Podcast In Existence
    I've been a fan of Cocktails & Gossip for the longest time, and love the podcast so so much. I've tried to listen to other Bravo-related podcasts and those for celebrity gossip but they never kept my interest. The hosts are either too young, say "like" too much, but not B and Amanda. They give great perspectives, always have the latest and hottest tea, and are seriously 2 of the funniest people to exist. I live for Saturdays when the new episode drops!
  • lpdel82
    Fun listen!
    This show is like sitting in your living room with a couple of girlfriends enjoying a drink and talking about fun things. Great show!!
  • kpsug
    Stop with misnaming people/things
    Going to have to quote Cookie here. Podcasts should be fun! Amanda? Not fun! Stop pretending you can’t remember people’s names (eg Rochelle) or shows you are reviewing (eg The Village). The schtick was old a year ago. And just state your actual opinion like B does. B isn’t afraid to say what she thinks. You allude to so much but want to ride the fence and flip flop so much. I get why Sheana is your BEC…you’re just like her!
  • KellyP79
    Love this podcast!!
    Been listening for a while now and this is my go to for all of my bravo gossip!! Love you ladies!!
  • Borundaa
    Check ur facts
    She revealed on the show that she had a dui before
  • NJlistener08033
    I want to hear more interaction and what Amanda thinks. B, you may not realize, but you interrupt her frequently. It's frustrating to listen to.
  • Strunce
    Lower the volume of the commercials!
    I’ve listened to every episode since you guys started, the last episode’s commercial volume SO much louder than the podcast. Ironically, I’m less likely to listen to the commercials when they’re that loud than when they were regular volume.
  • Zoemae247
    Used to be good
    Used to look forward to this every week, but so sick of hearing about the personal lives of two women who are anonymous. I simply don’t care. More annoying that I pay a subscription for bonus content when 50% of the content is discussion of their mundane lives. Reconsidering that subscription. Stick to the bravo gossip, no one cares about your love life.
  • Dibdabjibby
    B is delusional
    B going on and on ad nauseum about how she breaks all the stories is just laughable. B get a grip
  • Vkasmik
    I love this podcast and the Instagram page! B and Amanda are great. I want to be personal friends with them. 😊 Also, B and I have 99% of the same thoughts and opinions on everything! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Theo’s Nana
    I can’t!
    Amanda is slurry & slow. B is so aggressive. Content is late. Unsubscribing
  • Never-againnnnnnnnnnnnn
    Listen if you want to suffer
    They talk about unverified “tea” and it’s honestly embarrassing that these are two grown women. “B” might have the most annoying voice on earth. Huge pass
  • LA111700
    Good Pod
    Good podcast but ladies you have to lower the volume of commercials - it blows out the eardrum
  • whit_martin
    Pleaseeeee figure out the audio!!!!
    Love you guys and the content but the audio is a DISASTER! The latest episode was impostor listen to because of an echo. Had to turn it off - it was so overwhelming. Side note- yes Charleston, is a SMALL town. Especially downtown. And the College of Charleston is NOT a women’s college… it’s a public state school, co-Ed. A ton of grads end up living/working here post collegebc they don’t want to leave and Chs also gets a lot of USC and Clemson grads relocated here post graduation. Anyways… the downtown scene is SMALL. If you spend a lot of time dt, you see the same people all the time. Everyone knows everyone.
  • BeKewl
    Bad Audio
    I’ve been enjoying this podcast every weekend. Unfortunately, the episode that aired on 1/6 had such terrible audio that I couldn’t finish it. I understand this was the first time they are podcasting together but the audio should have been tested beforehand.
  • Avidreadertdm
    Great podcast for Bravo Tea! B and Amanda are great!
  • Elizabella1975
    Don’t ever disagree!!!
    They’ll block you! Funnily enough, they earn their living on cowardly, unverified blinds but when asked to actually do research on a topic, they block and insult THEIR OWN listeners. B and her voice is hard to listen to. I’ve been back and forth on listening because she is literally like nails on a chalkboard cringe.
  • trac1118
    Their Blinds are Lies
    And they stan Heather McDonald. That was it for me. Unsubscribe 1 star.
  • JulieAnnSoeataertKing
    Thanks for telling the truth about HmD - love you guys!
  • samtha3133
    HMD supporting women? Ha! What a Joke
    Did you guys get paid to spend all that time actually praising her? HMD is farthest from a woman supporter. She only supports women that help her and raise her podcast views. Yuck…way to support a toxic narcissist who always plays victim, and you are just spreading her victim mentality. you two lost all credibility …way to sound ignorant and get a lot of the facts wrong when telling the earring story. Podcast wise—you have way way too many ADS.
  • Hobo longhouse
    Love this podcast!—CHUMPS-how it happened
    So glad I found you both! I agree with all your opinions and even though you don’t verify blinds it’s great tea and always spot on! David (Shannon’s ex husband) called Jeff & his podcast friends “a bunch of chumps” a couple years ago. Jeff took it and ran with it and calls his co host and listeners chumps and they love it-listeners call themselves chumps when they call in or go to other co hosts shows that Jeff promotes on his show.
  • greengirlsix
    Top 5
    I’m so happy I found this pod!!! Absolutely love the banter between the hosts. Look forward to it every week. And thankyou for supporting other women in the podcast space. We need more of that.
  • Babs8645
    Your ignorance is infuriating.
    Mauricio’s objections to tattoos are NOT due to control issues. There is a long standing aversion to tattoos in the Jewish tradition…including and especially secular Jews of Mauricio and his family’s ages. Trends have loosened up the acceptance with the younger generation.
  • singer22
    Very entertaining!
    Smart, funny, and always entertaining. One of my favorite podcasts!
  • keaterf
    I hate when y’all have guests it just doesn’t have the same effect
  • twargo
    Juicy tea
    Always coming in with the juicy tea!
  • MalissaLovesSunshine
    Bravo & Cocktails best podcast ever.
    Bravo & Cocktails podcast is one of my favorites. If you love Bravo & love to gossip this is the podcast for you. B & Amanda feel like you're talking with one of your girlfriends. The amount of tea that B gets to discuss on the weekly podcast make this such a fun podcast. You can listen while you're working on the computer and it makes your day go by so much quicker. This podcast makes me have all the feels, Laugh, cry, gasp, spit my drink out. It honestly feels like they're talking as if you are meeting your girlfriends for the best happy hour! Easily one of my top 5 podcasts to listen to & honestly look forward to every episode dropping!
  • Jesslovesbravotea
    I saw all that to say - best ever
    Bravoleb gossip, breaking pop culture news, two girlfriends with the best energy and constant laughs! It feels like I’m listening to my girlfriends discuss all the tea over happy hour and I love it. As a mom of 2 young boys, it’s the best outlet for me to keep up with all things bravo while I workout. I say all that to say, love this pod - Thanks B and Amanda!
  • Em32890
    Love this pod!!
    Started following on IG for all things Bravo and finally got into the pod. I love hearing B and Amanda’s take on what’s happening in the bravoverse and more!
  • sullyhussey
    Love this pod
    I feel like you’re my friends, except with excellent gossip! I love when B talks about intel!!!! The way they jump in and out of conversations makes me believe they truly are friends!
  • absdancea
    Best Bravo pod
    The best Bravo podcast! I’ve been listening from the start! Keep killing it B and Amanda!
    Love this podcast!!!
  • GWB1244
    The best podcast😍
    Love B and Amanda!!!💜
  • mermaidsnbows
    Pandering to political correctness
    I like the tea but can not stand the bias liberal woke viewpoints of these hosts
  • Camifern
    This is where I get my daily fix of the Bravoverse , because I am, indeed, a Bravoholic. Love that B and Amanda are always so spot on with the tea and the first to share with us. Top notch tea service!
  • Rachnagrow
    Found my people
    This pod makes me happy! I drive a lot for work and this makes the time fly ! Bravo is my drug of choice and I can never get enough of these hot takes !
  • Stephw1123
    Fave podcast!!!!
    My fave podcast! Amanda and B are now my best friends!! Best bravo podcast IMO!
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