I Hate The Homies


Ask Yourself..... Why do "I HATE THE HOMIES" Podcast? After listening to ONE episode of ROCK-T, "GRIFF" and SUPA DAVE express their opinions on your favorite topics... You will get your answer. 

Every week these guys discuss the top stories in the world of Entertainment, Pop Culture, Sports, Relationships, and any other random topic. They tell it like it is and can care less whether you like it or not. So Buckle Up and get ready for the "I HATE THE HOMIES" Podcast.  

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  • jsdubb
    All of Em
    Hey guys..just wanted to send a thank y’all for making me crack up. I have been in a funk missing my mom who passed last August and y’all had me cracking up 😂 so much I had to leave my desk at work. I appreciate the laughs. Griff I get a double dose of you which is a blessing for my soul…the jokes keep coming. Plus y’all keep me up on the sports so when I do get blessed with a husband I’ll be knowledgeable. Keep it up brothas!!!
  • fashionred
    Love These Guys
    Great chemistry among the 3 three. Enjoyable and I love the debates.
  • htxwnba214
    Podcast rocks !!
    Great Podcast! Chemistry between the guys is definitely genuine. Supa Dave is hilarious.
  • Taurus42574
    Three the hard way!!!!
    These three guys keep me laughing all day long. Different vantage points from three different perspectives. Great Chemistry between Rock T, Griff and Super Dave. Keep the episodes coming fellas!!!
  • Tbailmuzic
    My top 5 podcast
    I hate these homies lol
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