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This podcast will be about hunting dogs.

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  • Dutchmantell
    Awesome Podcast
    I don’t even have any dogs and I enjoy listening. Good flow to the conversations and makes me want to get into dog hunting! Keep up the good work!
  • Rebel Hound
    Rabbit dawgs!
    Just listened to the rabbit dog episode! Thanks for shining some light on the beagle hound community! I can’t wait for y’all to dig up some more houndsmen from the rabbit world!
  • bushytail killer
    Keep it going!
    I’ve been looking into getting into squirrel dog hunting, but didn’t know I was going to get to hear good preaching! Episode 21 hit me just when I needed it! I’m always looking to kill a bigger deer, more squirrels or a limit of doves, but I just keep wanting more. God is the only thing that can fill us up! Thanks for the reminder and keep the good content coming.
  • #farmjunk
    Great podcast
    Awesome job talking dogs looking forward to the next one…keep them coming
  • seespothunt
    Fantastic Podcast!
    This is a great podcast to listen to, great stories, great dogs and great people. Highly recommended*****
  • Buzztastic
    Great Dog Hunting Podcast!
    Great Dog Hunting Podcast! Keep it up guys.
  • Nate R Spence
    Always a great listen.
    If you love tree dogs, curs and hounds this is your podcast Cody and Kris do a great job bringing on top notch guests.
  • JD 20/20
    Best Podcast You’ll listen to!!!
    By far the best podcast out there. These guys knew what us squirrel hunters wanted to hear! Great job guys👍🏻
  • A- Stamey
    Very great podcast !!
    As a avid squirrel hunter excited for this podcast keep up great content..
  • Likethebears
    Hardwood kennels
    I have had the honor to know Danny (pooley)and his family for over 25 years, and he had some first class dogs even seen a guy offer him a brand new pick up for Hardwood Sassy (Dixie daughter)! Lol His last Hunt was in 06 Jamestown Tn. He finished out Molly 1st and sissy placed 2nd! I hunted with lucky-E-hank ,Rowdy ,Dottie !Man this was a great pod cast that brought back some great memories!
  • Hardwoodkennels
    Danny W
    These guys are doing a good job talking to tree dog men all over the country
  • Jac405ob
    Keep it up!
    I’m new to squirrel dogs. Finally got a pup after 2 years of really looking into them. Not many podcasts out there talking about them. Really enjoying your show! Would love to hear some episodes on general training and hunting techniques. Would also love to hear an interview from any of the Barger Feist guys.
  • B.Sheets
    Keep it up!
    Really been enjoying these every week! Keep up the good work
  • Cdoss193
    Great Poscast
    I am an avid podcaster and this one is off to a great start. I have already picked up on some tips. I appreciate the effort to keep the content clean. I look forward to hearing the rest of them.
  • deerkiller45
    Great podcast
  • Snellgrove Outdoor Services
    Great podcast
    Great podcast a lot of great stories and hunting dog info keep it up guys !
  • Lynnmtncurs
    White dogs
    Great podcast guys glad to see you all talking squirrel dogs 2 great episodes keep it rolling!
  • lil'Jones
    Great job
    Really enjoy the podcast looking forward to the next episode
  • PAYSON12345
    Awesome podcast
    A great podcast talking about dogs!!!
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