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Join the host Cardiff Garcia as he speaks with best-selling business authors. Each episode will focus on an essential work in our guest’s career and culminate in a look ahead to their next chapter. The series will offer inspiration for those looking to expand their business or elevate their career. This season, our guests will include Maria Konnikova, Mashama Bailey and John O. Morisano, David Epstein, Susan Cain, Julie Zhuo and James Clear.

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  • Oscar Mike Guy
    David Epstein’s Range is Amazing
    I have listened to the episode on Davis Epstein’s Range at least six times and have listened to the audio version once already. I’ve shared the podcast co-workers and they have enjoyed it as well. Range spoke to me in a way that no other book has. It helped me realize that I am not a specialist, but rather a generalist that can work with a range of talented people and get things done. That the creative spark I have is what has allowed me to be successful in a broad range of pursuits, both personally and professionally, when others have said that I should “stay in my own lane” (that’s not who I am). I am a more confident person in my abilities as a result of reading Range.
  • rickyv44
    A true gift!
    This podcast has become a favorite and so helpful in giving us perspective and opportunity to reflect on ourselves and we might improve our interactions with those around us. Thank you!
    Spot On
    Stumbled across this Podcast and now cannot get enough. Keen and unexpected Insights couples with great questions and useful responses! Thank You for getting this out there and pls keep it going!
    Excellent chemistry, content, and production
    First podcast review I’ve ever written but felt compelled - excellent chemistry, content, and production. Hard not to binge; expecting several repeat listens to fully comprehend each conversation.
    Intelligent, enjoyable, and thought provoking.
  • gradyladie
    Don’t stop, what’s your next chapter?
    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to all the episodes; they were thought provoking and insightful discussions. I have increased my Audible wishlist after hearing each interview. I’m hoping that you plan to continue this format.
  • kk2king
    Please keep it going
  • Nickname73749664
    Please Change Your Advertisements
    Hello, I know you’ve worked hard on this podcast, so please change your advertisements. It’s very weird that you give examples of authors you’ve interviewed and then insert audio clips from those conversations but the clips are only audio of you talking and greeting your guests. Just name your guests or use audio of the actual guests, your audience is capable of imagining what it sounds like for you to greet someone. Best of luck to you and your podcast.
  • A. Maks
    Great podcast
    Great podcast. Already learned a lot! Go Cardiff. You are the best!
  • legitizzie
    Worthy Listen
    American Express making a podcast is not only useful but genius. Love the book/author podcasts like the Grit episode. Give it a listen.
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