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Host Yung Miami (of City Girls' fame) welcomes the biggest names in Hip Hop and entertainment for wild and unfiltered conversations about their lives, careers, relationships, and much more. Caresha Brownlee (Yung Miami) is a famous singer, musician, entrepreneur, model, social media star, and Internet sensation from Miami, FL. She is sure to get people talking and bring some surprises with fun, no holds barred interviews.

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  • Iesha0725
    I love it !
    I love Miami and the guest she has on the show . She gets the real tea 🤣 looking for a laugh ? This the place to be !
  • royalbagder45
    Great podcast. The guest that be on the podcast is amazing and it shines a different light on artist. Also to get to know them better.
  • Mystic TR
    Act Bad😜
    Real time~No 🧢~ Aquarius Rules👑
  • nasty narrator
    If you are a ghetto woman then this is for you
    Ghetto mess galore
  • EssieMessieG
    I love you Caresha 🫶🏽! Definitely could use less ads but besides that it’s great to see/hear you in your own little environment where you can totally be yourself and show us a glimpse of your true side. I have definitely listened to a fair share of podcasts and yours is definitely like the most fun I have came across. Super intrigued by it and always just look forward to your next episode. Keep it up ♥️♥️
  • janiyah paris mayfield
    I love it, no fake vibes or interactions.
  • Zamalama69
    Well I tried really hard to like it but it was really ghetto. Poor sound and bad production of proper English.
  • CCthe great
    It’s ok.
    It’s ok. I really enjoyed her interview with Meg and Diddy. Blac chyna’s interview was flat.
  • brinaouag
    Love it
    Loveee it gworlf make more
  • DC876lol💋😅
    Love it
    This has to be my fav podcast I been trynna find something I like for so long
  • 143rf
    Love it!!!
    I love how she just keeps it 100! She asks questions that you aren’t expecting so it’s pretty dope!
  • Mz Imman
    Caresha please keep this show going!!! It’s the tea spilt!
  • LoveFromLouisville
    I love this show! How often will you be recording? Weekly? Monthly?
  • Maggie Maggz
    I really love this podcast. I listen while I workout. I wish the interviews were more uniform in time (60 min or 90 min) so I knew when I could finish one in a sitting. The topics covered are great. I love the amount of laughter and support for other women there is. I wish there was less background noise (especially on Trina’s episode). Overall, it’s fanatic. Literally laugh out loud while working out.
  • BriBriMe
    The excessive use of “Like”
    Caresha, please stop using it. Great discussions, but the overuse of that word makes it soooo immature.
  • Crazythingyeah
    Less ads
    I do love this podcast but how you gonna have 15 ads on a 45 minute episode 😭
  • Not pleased I am
    Racism creator
    Creator is allowed to be openly racist against Asian people on Twitter… remove this podcast
  • novazx3
    Good but…
    We want more episodes!!
  • Jbug🫶🏽
    Please read
    I listen to this podcast at work so I can’t see who is physically there. When you have guest on the show other than your guest star(like latto), I have no idea there is another person there. Could you pretty please introduce everyone one there? 🫶🏽
  • drumzin
    Needs work. Constructive criticism.
    The show is a great idea . You have big time artists coming on show, you have to think of the guest, most of all the listeners. Starting out I get it , trial by error. All you need is a better mic , or if you’re traveling maybe get a decent recorder with a good mic. If you spend some bucks on the right recorder or mic , it will take away the phantom sounds . And all that background noise and all the buzzing . Put a little bit of work in introduction as well . Maybe a little music, maybe talk about what the show is gonna be and who the guest is . Also it’s not so great when your ads have better production then your show. And they pop up randomly in middle of conversation, maybe time it. So you can say “after this short break we’ll be right back “ or something. If you just maybe use your phone memo recorder and like transfer to your computer. ( idk it’s just not good sound atm) your saying hey listeners, I want you to listen , but I’m not giving you a great experience. Just food for thought . Some things to maybe consider. Because I believe this show has potential to be even wayyyy better! Good luck and please don’t take this the wrong way .just trying to help ya out ..
  • RTT08
    Love it but…
    Love the show, the laughter, the banter and the questions! The only thing that grinds my gears is the transitioning to the ads/commercials. It’s not smooth, at all. And it’s quite distracting. Otherwise, I really enjoy this podcast.
  • Winter's Mommy
    A breath of Fresh Air
    I just love everything about Caresha! She really is a breath of fresh air & so is her show! This type of show was much needed. I Love it!!! Black Women really are THEE STANDARD!! I love us!!
  • Teetee098
    Great show
    Love to hear things from a young black woman's point of view
  • LizzFoss
    One and Done...
    Why is this podcast rated so high, are these fake reviews? I heard the first episode and it was very hard to finish. To be fair, I listen to the Joe Budden Podcast, Need To Know, Here's The Thing, DCMWG, The Read and Daddy Issues and they have all been around for a while with the exception of DCMWG. It's cool Yung Miami trying something new, thats very brave of her but I not gonna continue to listen just because its Yung Miami, you gotta put in work MaMa... Good luck
  • DDMT1021
    Love This
    Keep doing yo thing cousin ❤️
  • Tokyo De Plug
    Tokyo De Plug
    This show I literally everything !!
  • Gennesy_Lpz
    Just 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Obsessed that’s all I gotta say keep the episodes coming and the episode with Jt and Santana was just everything
    I love it here 😘
  • finewyne
    A female OG!
    Screwton, Tx
  • Pitbullmomof4
    My new bffs
    Omg I have enjoyed these shows!! I feel like every topic has been relatable.
  • pjthedogman
    As a man
    As a man a thug street dude I even have to tune in to this show it’s really original and real made me look into yung Miami at a different level I love that woman
  • mama juine
    This show helps me get through the day and i learn so much about my faves. This is cool because Mimi we get to see u in a different light and I could see this being better than Jay Leno
  • TINA🍑👏
    My thoughts
    So far on the 3rd episode I’m in love with caresha and I’m so glad she’s not doing like a weekly thing which keeps it more interesting. Her spark with JT and just everyone she’s interviewed so far. Is just a 5 star rating and not just saying that because she’s Caresha. Only thing I’d say is when her special guest gets off topic get them back on topic. Otherwise LOVE YA
  • Simpliidanni
    Caresha/Gates Interview
    Caresha’s interview with Kevin Gates was the best exchange of energies I’ve seen in a long time. I love that they are candid and raw from the greatest places and extremely funny. This episode was true to life.
  • cortjytr
    Keep this podcast coming
  • iLiFE620
    Door episode with JT and Santana!
    Yeah reesh!
  • SosoD 29
    Love love love this podcast
  • Swaggasogood
    Heyyy beautiful!!! ✨💕 I just wanted to say I’m so proud of your show and I have my notification ON so I won’t miss it. I love the podcast and I think it’s super raw, authentic and of course so YOU!!! Continue doing your thang my love because it’s working. Period A fan 🥰 IG: @Swaggasogood
  • fatboysdame
    Is that girl! I love this for her 🥰
  • ms s nelson
    She’s a bird
    She’s such a bird
  • multi millionaire Amber nicole
    Caresha Please
    I love young Miami. Period lol
  • mblsides
    She’s funny without even trying
  • Erilyn🥰
    I love This show ❤️
    I loveeee this show it’s so raw and uncut and I also learned from this show 🫶🏽❤️
  • Robin Jones 2014 $$$$
    Very Real && Rare Podcast
  • 1234zreqgujcvuojbcfhd
    Love this show
    It’s raw and uncut. I love it. Caresha is hilarious.
  • lailaitrikin
    A great podcast!
    This is what ive been waiting for since she started doing IG lives, Too Real & Too raw and uncut. A true aquarius 🤎 both interviews were so great!! next you should do Rod Wave!!
  • Asia Jae
    Caresha please! Give us more!
    Love her, so authentic and raw. I love this for her.
  • Twaana
    Love this podcast.💜💜
  • 🇯🇲Libra bestie 🥰
    Let me just give you your flowers now boo 💐💐💐💐💐🥰🥰💯💯💯💯🎉🎊🎉🍾🍾love the keepin it all the way real ALL the questions we want asked and more ,,, so excited for you ,,, keep it coming 💐💐💐💐💐
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